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Member since: Tue Oct 9, 2012, 03:32 PM
Number of posts: 276

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Did anyone report this thread?

Forgot if I did. If it found it's way onto the front page where it shouldn't be.

Fine, be idiots and let this country go to hell!

I'll be in Canada, enjoy a Cruz or Trump administration, morons!! Shame the fuck on you!! Report me to the jury, you fucking idiot crybabies! I don't want this country going to Hell because you Berniebots are going to be arrogant petulant babies, and cry with your ball and go home! Fuck you if you let Cruz or Trump become President! You fucking idiotic moron idiots!

So many Freepers masquerading as Sanders supporters in here.

Can't wait until the Primaries are over.

Sure, and Michelle Obama's"Whitey Speech" @ Rev. Wright's church is still there!...

Somewhere! This could take him down his last year in office!
Eek! Beware!


Glad to see I'm not the only one lambasting this thread title

So sick of idiotic threads like this!

Then enjoy a President Trump!


Doesn't crap and piss fertilize plants


Thom Hartmann also said we should vote for whoever the dems nominated..

Listen to Mic 92.1 FM via iheartradio, they air that soundbyte all the time!

Funny you use Thom Hartmann for that cartoon.

Hartmann also said, on a 92.5 the mic promo which airs frequently when I'm listening to Stephanie Miller's rebroadcast, that we MUST vote WHOMEVER is the the Democratic nominee, because the supreme court is at stake! Thom will be on team Hill should Sanders lose, anyone else who cares about the country should also be onboard with whoever the DNC nominates!
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