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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Austin, TX
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Sep 18, 2012, 04:36 PM
Number of posts: 9,621

About Me

I have been on DU since 2006 under \"SteveM\" and later \"SteveW.\" Due to an account mix-up and a computer crash, I have \"rejoined\" as Eleanors38, but my history at DU includes the names cited.

Journal Archives

Whitetail doe taken during extended "antlerless" season

in upper Uvalde County, just below Camp Wood, Texas. Beautiful country, where all cell phone service blacks out, and sunsets light up the mesquite like a movie set. Went on 4 separate hunts the second week end of January during Texas's extended antlerless season. This allows for 2 additional weeks beyond General Gun season, and encourages thinning of the herd.

I got in my favorite area, sat against a mesquite, and didn't move from that position for nearly 3 hours. Saw jack rabbits and 'dillos cavorting nearby (they didn't seem to notice me) and kind of tranced out. Then she was there. A yearling and a young buck accompanied her (perhaps the buck was still checking her out as the rut is skewed later in South Texas). But my focus was on the doe. I froze her with a short quiet "b-a-a-a," which immulates a lost fawn. Made the shot, and recovered her 80 yds away. Field dressed her by LED, then fetched my hunting buddy to get the pickup.

Have chili ready for Stupor Bowl, and more ground steak on order from the butcher. A very productive, enjoyable and busy season for which I am grateful to my friends and hosts!

Everyone fired up for the Stupor Bowl?

I figure the mile-high boys will roll up some passing yards before the Seahookas light a fire that'll toast Deefer. The FAA has already issued an order to all aircraft entering NJ airspace to fly on radar.

GD to allow shooting incidents involving children to be posted?

According to DU mail I received today from another DU member, Skinner will allow gun incident postings involving children. Expect a spate of these, along with other gun OPs that meet GD's crumbling "exceptions."

An MPG tip for your car: Use defrost sparingly.

The "defrost" setting on your car works well to quickly defrost your windshield by "reverse cycling" your A.C. compressor to provide warm dry air to clear condensation, but leaving it on (either for defrost or heat) means you are giving up 2-4 mpg because you are using the A.C.

Try using the "vent" settings, adjusting the heat as necessary, after the windshield is clear. This employs only the fan and the heater core, not the A.C. Check your owner's manual to see how your settings work. If unsure, open the hood of your running engine while the heat or defrosy is on and see if your A.C. is cycling on -- a pulley clutch will be click & start spinning, stop, then resume. This means you are using the compre$$or!

Another wasteful, polluting and unnecessary practice: Letting your car idle to warm up. God! this is awful. Start your car, put it into gear, and start driving slowly without revving. Use your A.C. defrost at this time, then go to vent. Your car will warm up faster & use less gas, & suffer less wear. And you won't pollute as much. Damned urban legend was dead by the 1950s. I've driven cars 50+ yrs old immediately after starting on cold days without problems.

I wish to commend hrmjustin for his good work in a contentious setting.

Time for this Group to return to Forum status?

A DU member has suggested that all things "guns" be returned to Forum status in hopes of enlarging discussion from the 2 present groups without visiting upon DU membership the kind of hostile dynamic when gun issues are pushed into GD.

This could reduce the possibility of people being banned if mods are "split" between Pros & Antis. Further, other gun topics could be included, including shop talk, the shooting sports, SD, and hunting. There will be the danger of the continuing mantra-chant of animosity and denigration, but a serious effort to curb that could be made.

Such a return to Forum status with a wider range of topics might educate the wider DU membership to the much-touted "Gun Culture," and help clean up GD. Personally, I have no objection to retaining the "activist" group. Whatcha think?

Locavores? Women in the field? Economic dislocation? Hunter numbers Rise.

Data compiled in 2011 indicated that the number of hunters in the U.S. continues to rise slowly, perhaps ending a 35-year-long decline. In an excellent piece, Patrick Durkin of the greenbaypressgazette.com speculates on whether this is a long-term trend, and on why this is happening now.

"If you’re hoping for simple answers, forget it. It’s likely a combination of several social and economic factors, such as more free time for some to hunt because of higher unemployment, and more opportunities to hunt for those with more expendable income. Perhaps the most interesting factor, however, is a noticeable increase in people who hunt “to obtain a natural or ‘green’ food, as well as to supplement food budgets.”

Silver linings can be thin, but Durkin references Michael Pollan’s 2006 book, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals” as a great molder of the "locavore" movement, then juxtaposes this with Stephen Kellert's Yale University study on the motivations of hunters, showing "meat" as the second biggest motivator of hunters, behind "sport and recreation." (Some years earlier, it ranked last in the Kellert's list of motivators.) And the profile of the hunter has changed. Other research indicated "today’s new hunters are slightly more often female, younger, suburban and in college or the military." (my emphasis)


This article confirms the changing face of hunters in the United States that has been going on for several years. Other studies and anecdotal evidence indicates that females come to the sport at older ages than males; the latter being inculcated at a very young age by (usually) the father; the former as a teen or young adult, through the tutelage of a male family member or SO. But to this has to be added the growing number of single head-of-households where the mother may be taking on the socialization duties.
The Hunger Games has a basis in reality after all.

Off to Uvalde Co., Tx tomorrow for a deer hunt!

Got a good buck early November in Coryell Co., and will try to add to it over the holiday. The area along the Nueces River is lousy with turkeys, so I'm taking an 870 and a box of #6s as well. Beautiful foothills of the SW Hill Country is a game corridor. The folks at Bouldin Creek Cafe (vegetarian restaurant!) in Austin have already placed their "orders" for any excess, horns & turkey feathers. My freezer is already loaded up, so late gifts are in the offing! Have a good Christmas, everyone.

The NFL's ban of a gun ad brings up a constructive proposal:

Run ads by gun safe/lock box companies.

Millions of folks can tune in and get a message that can "save lives" by encouraging safe firearm storage. Some DU gun controllers have advocated laws requiring safe storage. But why wait for the machinations of politics to run its course state-by-state? In effect, a national campaign can be started, appealing to a huge demographically viable audience with little delay and zero -0- cost to taxpayers.

What do you think?

A Major First in the Political History of the U.S.?

The top two major-party candidates for state-wide office of any state are women? It's happening now.

In Texas.

Can anyone think of another instance?
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