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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Austin, TX
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Sep 18, 2012, 04:36 PM
Number of posts: 9,937

About Me

I have been on DU since 2006 under \"SteveM\" and later \"SteveW.\" Due to an account mix-up and a computer crash, I have \"rejoined\" as Eleanors38, but my history at DU includes the names cited.

Journal Archives

Dove hunter's second report: Another 15-bird limit.

Same field, same result. The biologists were right, 'tis a very good season! Almost all mourning dove in Central Texas; the white wings have not made an appearance as yet this year. Great time!

Dove hunter reporting in: Limited out at 15.

Got my limit at a friend's "ranchita" in Texas. This is not a commercial operation, but a small spread with a cattle lease and spring-fed crop field with a strip of sunflowers. Hot day (98), but we were in the field by 7 a.m., and I had my limit by 9 a.m. Wonderful time!

Some clarification on "hides" & censorship of material in this group.

Recently, a host of the Gun Control Activist group posted without comment some essay about an ad campaign the NRA had started to drive up the "negatives" on Michael Bloomberg and his gun-control campaigns & ads.

No example of an ad was presented.

I thereupon requested an example be posted or linked to so that it might be analyzed. Another DU member obliged.

This member had his post "hidden" when alerted on.

This use of the jury system for censorship purposes is authoritarian and abusive. If this kind of "dynamic" is allowed to continue, intellectual inquiry and critical analysis will take a back seat to whoever can set the biggest trap. I will remind DUers, the OP broached the subject of an ad campaign without providing examples. When an example was provided by a DU member, that member was punished.

I respectfully request Krispos to weigh in on this, perhaps in consultation with the Ads, hopefully with an eye to at least firming up censorship standards to prevent members from being penalized. A list, perhaps? A consumer/viewer-type warning? Or maybe a free speech zone where material (the very subject of an OP) can be openly posted and criticized?

Well, the controllers have dragged guns into GD Ferguson, MO threads...

...and there is vast confusion. One thread says that 2A is the only constitutional right left in that town (disapproving, I guess), another asks wryly where the NRA is in all this (again, disapproving, I guess). I pointed out that the liberalization of gun laws would make the NRA's presence singularly unnecessary. Christ, these posters are all over the place.

Caught between the metaphors of a panther and a house cat.

Interesting rule changes in GD re: Guns. Can't link

but I shared my thoughts. You may wish to as well.

There has not been a mass shooting at a school since Sandy Hook.

The FBI's criteria for a mass shooting include 4 or more deaths at one site, not including the perpetrator. There have been school shootings, and attempts at shootings, but none has reached the mass level as defined. This should give us pause, not so much for a sense of relief, but rather to inquire "Why?" Have security procedures at schools fundamentally changed? Which procedure was in effect when an incident was thwarted? More armed security? Fewer points of campus ingress? School pack inspection? Cameras? Safe room lockdowns? More rapid response? Many who are concerned about school mass shootings have advocated for "hardening the target." Perhaps this is happening.

To each and all, have you seen stories, or have first-hand knowledge of new measures taken at schools? If so, let's talk about them.

Wing-shooting: How valid is its nobility?

Virtually all promoters of an ideal, fair-chase hunt value taking game with practical, well-placed shots to maximize recovery and use of the animal. There is much more to fair-chase, but my concern here is with the killing practice. Typically, I sit tight, or slowly still-hunt into the wind, spot a suitable deer, and take that ethical shot. That's with deer.

Then there is wing-shooting.

Drift through the hunting innertubes, and just the mention of "ground sluicing" (practice of shooting birds on the ground or water) or "pot shooting" (shooting birds from trees) will be met with charges of "unsporting," "overkill," "market hunt practices," "poor shooting skills," and even "crippling." Are these charges valid when dove "hunting?"

Last year, I took a daily limit (15) of dove in Texas. On this wonderful hunt, I stood in a field and got most of my bag by wing-shooting; but 2 I "puffed." Though I tried to recover them, they flew off to become Artemis' share. I also dropped a few from distant trees. I put the sneak on them and shot when in range. All these I recovered.

Now, my wing-shooting is fair, but am I a better hunter or human to have taken most birds this way, but leaving 2 to waste? Better than when my Mr. Hyde crept through oak and cedar for a few sure-shot birds-in-hand? Where were my hunting skills best displayed, waiting in a field of sunflower for Mother Nature to yell "Pull!," or when slippin' & slidin' through trees, brush and cacti to shoot birds that hadn't spotted me?

Sounds like the "staffer" was a trial balloon, and went the way of the Hindenburg.

Gator Softball team National Champs.

Tonight, the University of Florida Gators defeated the University of Alabama Crimson Tide 6-3 in six and a half innings to win its first national women's softball championship, according to ESPN.

Go Gators! Class of '70

The NSA and civilian gun-owners. Some musings.

Clearly, the NSA has the rather common splitter in every advertising "spirit catcher" on social media and in the innertubes. And clearly, they have a pretty fool-proof list of gun-owners and some creative algorithms to rationalize or realize gun-owner profiles. The question I would have for Mr. Snowden:

Why the government has this data, and is it organized to serve future planning, and/or to be utilized when crisis management warrants?

Strange how yesterday's paranoia becomes today's tedious detail.
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