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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Austin, TX
Home country: USA
Member since: Tue Sep 18, 2012, 04:36 PM
Number of posts: 14,131

About Me

I have been on DU since 2006 under \"SteveM\" and later \"SteveW.\" Due to an account mix-up and a computer crash, I have \"rejoined\" as Eleanors38, but my history at DU includes the names cited.

Journal Archives

Trump is a successful bully, and in charge. How do we deal with it?

He has supporters and "body guards" who physically beat down their opponents, and he does this with evident impunity, even with politically positive results; we all know this. Here is how to face the problem: The U.S. is a celebrity culture where the coin of the realm is dominating the discussion and getting all the attention. Nah, it ain't money anymore as most people now realize they aren't in that game. But any nitwit can get some kind of attention and notoriety by doing something outrageous. The "Only in America" dream is re-born in our country with a vengeance and a million formats.

Liberals, progressives and the arbiters of T.V., gaming, Hollywood, and a thousand university RTF departments have always been the assumed masters of the celebrity culture. But their exalted power over what is cool, what is not, and what can be criticized with great gravitas has fallen on its face along with the buxom hot date what they came with, Mass Media. MSM survives now chiefly as a crappy Congo Square for anyone who can sell themselves and "Win!"

And tRump is the master of Celebrity and entertainment in this culture.

We can always mumble about how he will step in it, and end on his ass. Maybe he will. But waiting for it is not good politics; passive aggressiveness is best left in the analyst's office, not promo'd in the social sphere. What we libs and progs need to do is show our stuff at what we are presumed best at: Putting egg on a blowhard's face, pulling the rug from under a tin pot dictator-in-waiting; in short where is our Swanee River Hat & Cane? Where is our ability to wreak sublime embarrassment? Where is our Guerrilla Theater?

If we can't back this punkeroo up against the wall using our strong suit, how will anyone believe we can come up with change and improvement beyond the droll jargon-jive that marks our discussion, now?

Let's hear some ideas! Let's start a series! Let's take over the stage ourselves!

tRump didn't get on SNL. He IS SNL.

After the Paris attacks, will gun sales go up?

With civilian arms sales already at record levels (nearly 2,000,000 per month), will there be another boost in domestic sales?

And what of France? Will its laws be relaxed?

General gun deer season open in TX Saturday, November 7!

Long-range forecast where I'll be going has Saturday coming off two days of rainy weather, with hi temps in the 60s, partly cloudy, -10 mph northerlies. Should be excellent on the mesa where I will post up. Quiet walking, too. Earlier, the dove season was a bust due to lack of rain and consequential lack of sunflower crop. But the browse for deer has made a comeback, esp. with the mammoth rains we've had. We have antler restriction in this county, so I may just get a good-size doe.

Nothing like being on a breezy mesa in the fall!

I informed Skinner of my support for darkangel's proposal for a SD Group in DU.

I believe that darkangel wants the group to be a safe haven to cut back on the extremely vitriolic expressions in opposition to self-defense discussions. This does not look like another gun group.

Question submitted by Eleanors38

The text of this question will be publicly available after it has been reviewed and answered by a DU Administrator. Please be aware that sometimes messages are not answered immediately. Thank you for your patience. --The DU Administrators

Heh. Pretty good.

"Carry... in case of a conflict with another person."

Countering the pronouncements heard that "bear" arms is only used in a military context, thereby restricting that portion of the Second Amendmen, is this legal opinion:

Surely, a most familiar meaning is, as the Constitution's Second Amendment (" keep and bear arms") and Black's Law Dictionary indicate, "wear, bear, or carry... Upon the person or in the clothing or in a pocket, for the purpose.. of being armed and ready for offensive and defensive action in case of a conflict with another person."
-- Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Muscarello v U.S. 524 U.S. 125, (1998) (Ginsburg, dissenting)

This case narrowly decided that "bear" included an automobile's glovebox, and qualified thereby for mandatory sentencing. (Evidently, the plaintiff had been sentenced for illegally "bearing" an arm.) Ginsburg dissented from this broad definition, believing that "carry" was more restrictive as per Black. She did not object to the widely-held notion that such carry was for more than military purposes.

Strange, Randy, that the RKBA has been strenghtened so minorities can defend themselves...

using firearms. Surely, you would not want to go back to the Jim (large, black raucous bird) days when blacks were line-itemed out of their states' constitutional protections, including the RKBA. The Deacons for Defense would probably not want to: They had to deal with the KKK.

Noted a lot of local police blotter stuff in GD, all gun-related...

I don't know how far these OPs will go, but be aware that GD seems to be undergoing a de facto rules change, imo. The dumping of these posts (I saw 5 this a.m.) contribute to what I think is a Rolling Exception whereby gun controller/prohibitionists are skirting the intent of GD and thereby get all their posts in all the time. So, if you wish to engage these Guns Discussionists, you will have to go over to GD.

"Summer time and the ammo's expensive."

Come Labor Day, and dove season opens in the Central & North Zones of Texas.

"Prospects are good and the birds flyin' high."

Hopefully, the sun flowers are blooming in the field where last year I limited out twice. Wishing for lower temps (we are beginning to drop from 102 back to the mid-90s). I have 150 rounds of 4 different brands, an IC screwed into the 870, and a stout 5 gal bucket to stow my stuff and put my bo-hind on in the field.

If I limit out early, I'll trudge up onto the mesa and check for deer sign and acorn prospects. I'll be on 125 acres of good land for dove and deer, with a year-round spring, and a shot farm house (are there any other kinds of hunting cabins?). Looking forward to pork steaks over an open fire!

Apologies to the Gershwin Bros & Heyward.
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