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Anyone else feel like this?

I need this framed over my desk.

Idris Elba (Mandela) on Charlie Rose, right now!!!!!

Idris Elba is on Charlie Rose talking about his role in the film on Mandela that opens in theaters today.
I am sooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check listings in your area.

"jumps out of the water and uses those teeth to break nuts"

Everybody, hide your nuts.

Senhor Testiculo in better days

I have some very disturbing news

It seems Senhor Testiculo has fallen on hard times. His life is in imminent danger.


Wow. I didn't expect that comparison

Ladies, listen up

No more posts from Jezebel making fun of MRA types. No more making fun of "misandry," the word that even spell check doesn't know. You "in your face feminists" are a royal pain because you make some men feel bad. The most important lesson for being a feminist is that you must never under any circumstances make a man feel bad. So if you post about far right-wing MRA ideas, and some random DUer can't be bothered to read the article or figure out the context and therefore takes it as a condemnation of all men, that's just your fault. Don't recommend threads because if they end up on the home page or greatest page and someone can't be bothered to read the OP or see which group its in, that's all your fault.

So here are the lessons for proper "feminist" etiquette:

Don't broad brush. Now one might think broad brushing means leaping to conclusions about all men are this or that. However, as has been pointed out to we slow learners of HOF, broad brushing also includes any discussion of sexism or patriarchy or any critique of MRA Groups. What is not broadbrushing, however, is when a man uses an example of his ex-girlfriend as evidence of what is wrong with all women. That's okay because he's a guy and you're just a woman.

Stick to the ERA.
Acceptable feminist "tactics" involve limiting your speech to what men find acceptable. So rather than talking about social norms, sexism, and misogyny, keep it simple, focus on the ERA. We were told that at least three times in a recent thread, so we must learn.

Don't talk about rape: Rape is a big bummer, unless of course it's the subject of porn, then it's totally cool. Discussion of real rape bums some guys out. Remember that rape really isn't that big of a deal because it's numbers are in decline. So no "haranging" men about how to prevent rape. The only acceptable rape prevention campaigns are those that lecture women on their behavior. Men have absolutely nothing to do with rape. Rapists have absolutely nothing to do with rape. Rape is entirely a function of how much a woman drinks, what she wears, and where she goes.

Don't talk about violence against women. If you aren't talking about violence against men, you have no right to mention violence period.

If a man claims to be a Democrat, he is your ally. What he says or does is inconsequential. That he claims to be a Democrat is enough. You have no right under any circumstances to suggest anything about him is anything other than perfect.

So final lesson: Focus on the ERA. Be nice. Smile. Don't be overly forceful in stating your opinions. Don't talk about stuff that bums guys out. Work only for those rights men agree are necessary or acceptable. Remember ladies. This isn't the Congo or Saudi Arabia. They let us drive and wear clothing that shows our legs. Remember how lucky you are. Above all, stay in your place.

No, of course not!

The Minimum Wage in America Is Pretty Damn Low

Below is a chart that compares the minimum vs. median wage in several countries. The low minimum wage is costly to tax payers because we end up paying for subsidies through food stamps, child care credits, health care, etc. . . That is essentially a form of corporate welfare to companies who yield profits by paying sub-poverty level wages. A living wage would therefore actually save taxpayers money.

The Minimum Wage in America Is Pretty Damn Low
óBy Kevin Drum| Mon Dec. 2, 2013 12:21 PM GMT

Everyone's talking about the minimum wage today. I'm in favor of raising it, and I always have been, but a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a picture for you. Courtesy of the OECD, it shows the minimum wage in various rich countries as a percentage of the average wage. The United States isn't quite the lowest, but we're pretty damn close.


I decided Nina Simone needed her own thread

Nina Simone, Four Women

A powerful song.
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