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Member since: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 11:50 PM
Number of posts: 3,855

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Obamaís SuperMajority? for how long?

Sure, Iím upset with President Obama over many matters.

But the fact that he could have rammed shit through is crap!!


Jeff Merkley, Oregon Senator.?

We have so few good Progressive Senators..
Been following this guy a little..Seems like he could be a rising star in our attempt to solidify the Progressive Wing of our Party, while dumping our moderates who seem always to be negotiating with the right..You can find a list of these useless Dems who voted for the spending bill yesterday ...

Anyone else been following Merkley?

Could this guy be someone we should push for Pres.in the future?

Here the Fuck We Go!!

Texas Mother connected to Open Carry Activist charged with shooting Ex Husband and Stepdaughter

It never stops.... And no matter what havoc these idiots reap upon our country...There is no sight of real push back by the general American populace.....YET.


Scott Walker: To The Jews of Wisconsin..

ďThank you again and Molotov"....

Hysterical! except that is is absolutely frightening to realize that this guy is a Gov....

Remember your dumb white friends in high school who somehow ended up being successful?

Somehow?.. Walker is a great example ......Smooth, Stupid and Sleazy!!!


Saw Whiplash Tonight...No Spoiler but..

I thought it stunk...Crazed Music Professor Relentlessly beats the shit out of students at Music Conservatory School, mentally and physically..Weíve seen this story forever..PLatoon, Sport Coaching Films, etc.

But the thing that pissed me off was how well it was shot and how great the music was.. almost to the point that it distracted the viewer of the lousy message it sent.. To win at all costs no matter what kind of pain and inhumanity it costs.. Itís all about the Fame, Power and Money in this country and this message was disguised well..

Thats my take and Iím sure many will tell me Iím nuts...

Last week I ranted about Chris Hayes and his pathetic interview with Mo Brooks..

Well here is a part of it..It sickens me how smart our left wing friends (Pundits) are ..yet.. but boy do they stink in the ring...I cringe when stuff like this makes the airways..

Jesus Chris, itís your show fucking control it!! Cut the fucking prick off and tell him you're not continuing the interview unless he shuts the fuck up and answers the questions you are asking him..


Breaking: Wilson Resigns...

This is True...

Rose Giuliani hires him as head of personal security... This is not.
Fuck both of them!!


Whats wrong with Rachael Maddow Show?

She needs to make a big deal concerning the fact that Right Wing Asshats wonít come on her show..
Every day I feel that she should have a segment entitled...Why wonít he/she appear on my show..In this segment she challenges the Republican Idiot on a specific issue, calling he/she out and inviting them on the show for their responses..If she does this enough, (keeps Pressing) in my opinion, it would eventually get national attention. forcing replies from these dumb and cowardly right wing politicians..

Right now I get the feeling that Rachael just preaches to the Choir.. Yes ,incredibly informative and well put together, but it is missing the tension of confrontation... And she could do it and do it well..

This all came to light after the horrendous job Chris Hayes did with Mo Brooks last week.. Really pissed me off that Chris let Brooks run all over him..

Darren Wilson typifies the stupidity, ignorance, and racist views..

that makes up at least 80% of our police forces today.. If your dumb, not motivated, have lousy Grades and SAT scores, your local police want you.. Qualifications needed. Your a tough guy...who never had it easy with girls.
So you need to show us just how tough you are..And even though you had a few close black friends you always knew they were nothing but trouble.. Go Fuck Yourself...

The reaction tonight couldnít play any better into Republiracist's hands.

They have only one political card that they play... The fear card..Fear of thuggery, Illegal aliens invading our homes on their way to to stealing jobs from our good young men, Fear of the LGBT community gaining controls of our schools so that our children will be forced to accept their life styles. Fear of Liberals taking away our guns..

The list goes on and on and Iím sure you can add to it.. But the sad fucking fact is that Republicans won the the midterms simply because so many so called independents run around with tails between their legs in absolute fear and republicans know how to stoke their fear by using millions upon millions from corporate 1 %ers to run ads which highlight why Americans should be frightened.. Of Obama and his minions..

Thats the sad truth..
And tonight CNN and other MSM outlets will do nothing but show fires through the nite and ask passerbyers what they think about the violence,, It just goes on and on and on.

Things seem just to be getting worse... I am sad to say, that Racism is as rampant today as it has ever been..
And the Republican party is just fine with that...
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