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Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 12:46 PM
Number of posts: 131

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who's next?

Ann Coulter?

There is no doubt

There is no doubt the GOP is in desperation mode. They have no answers to the ACA, so they trash it. They have no answers on creating jobs, so they ignore the jobs bills that have come from the Left. They are a do-nothing party that only wants to hate progress and this president. My whole family that I grew up with leans heavily to the right. My 90 year old mother watches Faux News and praises the likes of Medicare and Social Security. I have told her she is a closet Democrat and considers that an insult. All the GOP wants is to lower taxes. That's all they have. NO NEW TAXES!!! It will be their demise.

I have read this with a saddened heart

These poor people didn't know any better. Yet, business took full advantage of that fact and made a buck off of them. There was no regulation of this business, otherwise this would have never happened. I have heard many times that business should be able to regulate themselves, and that there are too many regulations. Business cannot make an honest buck with all the regulations the government has put on them.

That's a load of crap. This has got to stop. I'm sure there are more stories out there just like this one. How sick can a business owner be to take advantage of people like this and hold their head high?

State Banking

I live in Maryland. We have all the Big Banks you can think of in, and around, the Washington, DC metro area. I think the State of Maryland should form the Bank of Maryland. Follow what North Dakota has done and show the Big Banks that our state is better than to accept the corrupt practices of Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, etc. We deserve better than we are receiving from these banks, not only in my state, but the other 48 (I'm excluding North Dakota), and the District of Columbia.

What do you think?

I do not understand

Why would anyone want to shoot themselves in the foot? Just knowing who put the GOP budget together tells you enough that the budget will not have anything to do with things the Dems want. Resume unemployment insurance, SNAP, you name it. If only the unemployed would vote. That would make a lot of difference. I can imagine that some of those unemployed people in Alabama and Mississippi are Republicans and that when the next election comes around, they will vote Republican without any thought of why they are still unemployed.

My mother is this way. She loves her Medicare and Social Security but is a die hard Faux News fan and will vote Republican without even looking at who is running. It just doesn't matter to her and those in the states that vote right wing.

I would bet

that he gets the nomination for 2016. The far right will not let Jeb Bush get the nomination leaving this guy to take it. Paul is the lesser of two evils . . . . Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, both Tea Partiers.


This country is out of control. We have a majority of "Supremes" that have overtaken our country and turned it into a gambling casino. So now we can throw unlimited amounts of money into campaigns and buy our congressmen. How is this democratic? There is nothing about this ruling that shows signs of being anything other than a takeover by the elite, meaning the people with money. Since we now know that corporations are people, how much will they throw in? What about Sheldon Adelsen and his ilk? How is this fair to the average voter? I am sorry for my grandchildren and how much this will change their lives for the worse. We are already dumbing down our society for the benefit of the elite few. Now here we are with unlimited funds that will flood the airways before election time. This, hopefully, will sicken the public enough that they will simply turn the channel. But I guess that is a wish for me. Will they? I hope I never see a campaign where everyone running is bought. That hope is weak because the Supremes just ensured it will happen. It makes me want to join a GOTV campaign to show that money can't buy all votes.

Aristocrats versus Plutocrats

Are aristocrats plutocrats? or, Are plutocrats aristocrats?

He's a loser

The senate may have passed a bill to re-start unemployment benefits, but Boehner has the ACE in his hand. He can do nothing and he wins. If his district is overwhelmingly to the right, he has nothing to lose because, like lemmings, they will follow him everywhere. There may be people in his district that are hurt by this, but so what? His re-election is assured. It doesn't matter. He will do nothing. He and the Tea Party ARE the do-nothing congress.

Wall Street

I just wish that our Justice department would work more closely with the New York State Attorney General and start putting some of these banksters behind bars. This is pathetic. Spending less on the streets of LA because the city has to spend more? Invest on Wall Street and you are sure to lose. The system is rigged with high frequency trading and the only ones who win control the switch.
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