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Member since: Thu Jul 19, 2012, 09:48 AM
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Fascinating bit of info I heard on what may have saved Pres Kennedy

I was watching CSPAN's American History tonight and; the former Dallas Times Herald journalist (forgot his name) who wrote a book on JFK's assassination. He said the back brace Kennedy was wearing might have been what basically killed him. He said the first bullet that went through Kennedy's neck and came out through his throat and hit Gov Connelly who was sitting infront of him made the governor slump sideways to his wife's lap. Kennedy would certainly have slumped sideways after taking the first shot thus would have missed the following shot that killed him. His back brace, which doctors later described as being very thick, prevented the side slump and held him in position to be the perfect target for the second fatal shot from Oswald that destroyed his brain. Had the brace not been there he would have fallen sideways onto Jackie's lap and most certainly would have survived that first shot just as the Texas governor who was hit by the same bullet had. It is tragic and sad that something that was there to support Kennedy's back served unintentionally as a target holder for Oswald. Painful to think about it.

Deluded Republicans excited at this junk model predicting a Romney win :)

To begin your day with a smile at their stupidity and the bubble they were in until their rude awakening on election night, just go to google and search 'model predicts a romney win' and see what comes up . Here is a snippet from theblaze.com playing up a predicting model designed by 2 university of colorado professors which predicted a romney landslide. Who needs facts, reality, and the tested Nate Silver's model when you can have Dick 'always wrong' Morris' prediction of a Romney landslide right out of his fat ass, Peggy Noonan's 'feeling', and these two nut professors who can design a model to show their guy Ronney will win big, right??? I even heard a local right wing radio nut masturbating while interviewing one of these professors and agreeing a certain Romney victory, facts and real polls be damned . Here is a quote:

Their 2012 model made headlines two months ago because, despite polling, it found that Republican presidential candidate Romney would win 320 Electoral Votes, stealing the White House away from President Barack Obama. Now, an updated version of their study has come to the same conclusion — but it intensifies the numbers behind a predicted Romney win.

Despite the fact that polls still show a dead-heat race (Obama is currently at 48.2 percent, with Romney capturing 47.3 percent of likely voters in the most recent Real Clear Politics average), an updated election model shows an even larger gap between the Electoral College votes that Romney and Obama are projected to win. According to Bickers and Berry, the Republican challenger is projected to take 330 of the 558 votes, while Obama is expected to capture only 208 of them.

Republicans love America ONLY when they win elections

Republicans love the United States only if they are in power. If the American people hand them defeat at the ballot box, well then their reaction is "we want secession," "America is going to hell". Well dumb fucks you lost the election. Learn to live with it and enough with your childish tantrums. I bet you if secession was put on the ballot it won't get even 10pct of the vote.

Companies downsizing because of Obamacare hurt themselves and help the competition

Companies laying off employees and cutting on working hours just because they refuyse to adapt and allow employees to have healthcare will significantly hurt their bottom line and give their competitors to produce more and eventually knock them out of contention. We should identify and support companies that value their employees as much as their profits. Obamacare helps companies save a lot on healthcare because of the many prevetatve provisions in it in the long term and you would have to be a short sighted, fox-brainwashed nut to thinkl it will hurt your profits.

Democrats are white, black, Latino..Republicans are just white

Democrats represent all of America's diversity and Republicans represent white millionaires and southern racists for the most part. What a contrast. Democrats have a winning coalition for national elections.

With Obamacare's benefits fully kicking in, Republicans will lose House

As Obamacare's implementation is completed and people start to see its full benefits, Republicans will be exposed as for their lies about it and for standing up for insurance companies instead of the middle class. Republicans not only have a demograophics problem but a growing class problem which will lose them many elections if Democrats don't let up and expose them to the voters.

Listening to NPR is painful

From hosts that try hard to make Romney look competitive (against all evidence to the contrary), to reporters that want to sound so dramatic instead of just reporting the news. Can't spell her name but their noon time/1pm news reader, Lakeme Shmith (sp??_) is really horrible because she tries to sound dramatic about every news piece...she even pauses between words in a sentence to make herself sound so special. Whatever hppened to just reading the news??

FL , CO, and NC are the only toss up states if you look at the evidence closely

Putting aside the medias horse race and close race bullshit, if you look at the many objective polls released repeatedly over the last 2 months up to today, it is clear that Obama will easily carry OH, NV, WI, NH, IA, and Virginia and they will be called for Obama fairly early on Tuesday. The illusion that these states are close is created by Romney's team to give themselves a fighting chance but most likely their internals confirm to them that these 5 states are solidly trending Obama's way and unlike ti revert back to Mitt 'ship jobs to China' Romney. They proably know that NC is trending to the blue team as well because of Dem GOTV efforts.

Rush the bozo said the voice in his head told him that Romney was ahead

Listening to that gas bag is pure entertainment for the reality-depraved musings (farts) he sends through the airwaves each day.

Romney campaign suffers a devastating fatal blow

I saw this on Daily Kos and thought it was too funny not to share. I paraphrase...

"In a fatal blow to its chances, the Romney campaign got a prediction of a land slide victory from Dick Morris. In an appearance on Fox News, Morris said that Romney will carry all swing states plus PA, MI, and MN. Since the exact opposite of Morris' delusional predictions happen almost all the time, the Romney camp is devastated at this development. " ,
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