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Member since: Thu Jul 19, 2012, 10:48 AM
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Republicans blocked all Obama economic plans, then blame Obama for status of economy

Republicans are counting on voters not making the reasoning that the reason the US economy is not performing much better is because Republicans have been blocking almost all Obama/Democratic economic measures which would have created so many more jobs because most Republicans in Congress would rather see the economy go to depression than allowing Obama or Democrats to get credit for improving the economy. Great example: The Obama infrastructure plan that he 2 or 3 years ago proposed which would have created thousands of jobs and would have put people to work repairing the country's roads and bridges, which was blocked by the Republican Congress. Democrats should bring this up every time Republicans try to say the economy is stagnant under Democratic leadership- as if Republicans haven't been in control of Congress and blocking and killing every Democratic economic initiative. I listen to that gas bag-named Rush- every day just to see what he is up to and the dishonesty and fact-free bs he spews every day is mind blowing and one of the things he harps on is how "the economy is not doing so well and Democrats are in charge of it." Yeah, right Rush.

Pres Obama should withdraw the nomination of Garland by mid Sept

He should withdraw the Supreme Court nomination of Garland by mid September and throw Republicans' words back at them.
"I did my job. Nominated this qualified man. Republicans refused to even hold a hearing saying the next pres should be the one appointing the next justice. I have given Republicans a chance to do their jobs but they have been politicizing this for all these months and they refused to even give him a hearing hoping a Republican to win the White House appoint the next justice. Thus, I withdraw the nomination of Justice Garland, as to allow the next President of the United States, to appoint the next Supreme Court justice." And Hillary should nominate, a young, reliably liberal justice who could shape the court for decades. A newly elected Democratic Senate would swiftly confirm this justice.

The Trump Titanic just added two more captains -Set to hit iceberg on Nov 08

Changing assistants is too little too late for the Tump titanic. Captain Trump is firmly leading the ship straight to the iceberg and Republicans will try to salvage the debris on Nov 08. Bon Voyage.

Rush and Fox News propaganda people must admit: They are in the minority

Rush and Fox News propaganda men -Hannity, Bill Oreilley, etc pretend like the majority of the country thinks in racist, backward way like they do. They are proven wrong year after year...majority of the country is against racist thinking like Fox News and Rush's daily ranting. The sooner they accept this fact, the better ...November will prove to them that they are on the way to being permanent minority--racism is always on the losing end of history.

Trump campaign's Russia connection must be played up until November

Trump praises Putin
Trump bad mouths NATO
Trump repeatedly said NATO members should pay more to be defended against Russian attacks
Trump's campaign chief Manafort's name is reportedly on a list that says millions of cash payments with Russian connections were to be made to him
Russian hackers hacked Democrats mostly, not Republicans --says a lot about who the Russians are trying to help

This Trump-Russian connection should be explored and made into short ads

Eric Holder for Superme Court

He is young, experienced in the law, would make lots of hate radio fans heads explode.

This is like 1996 - everyone knew that a Clinton was headed for a landslide win

At least Dole was a decent man and called Clinton the 1st to concede on election night.

Hillary and Obama should not pile on the Don to not create sympathy for him

If I were Hillary and Obama, I will let Trump, the media, and surrogates of both sides fight it out as far as his sanity, qualification etc....when the Pres of United States keeps saying "he is unqualified", to some voters that will come across as Obama is trying to dictate who should be President and when Hillary rehashes what Trump did, she will sound like she is piling on ..Trump is already defeating Trump and Hillary and Obama should jut get out of the way ..If I were Obama I would just say something to the effect of "Mr Trump's qualification to be President will be judged by the voters based on his record.."..piling on always helps the underdog, even if that underdog may be evil. My 2 cents

Obama got Osama - actions speak louder -lesson for Don the Con

And remember Hillary was sitting in the room with Obama as US special forces were being directed to capture or kill Osama.
Don the Con should know that Democrats kill terrorists --Republicans talk about them and use them for political gains for almost a decade without action--See W Bush

911, recession, the Iraq war fiasco all took place under Republian leadership

Obama and Democrats are still trying to get us out of the gigantic mess Bush and his Republican cheer leaders created.
Electing Republicans will result in unnecessary wars, recessions, decimation of middle class and poor Americans. Under Democratic leadership, economy grows, unnecessary wars are replaced with quiet and firm diplomacy, middle class and poor Americans get a break with health care, jobs, education etc...Democrats are not perfect but their intentions are always intended to benefit the vast majority of Americans who aren't billionaires and millionaires. Republican plans are always designed to benefit billionaires and millionaires and the middle class and the poor are expected to just fight for scraps of whatever trickles down from the 1% at the top. Despite FoxNews and Rush propaganda, the record reflects this fact. Look at history and the record.
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