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I write a blog of dark humor - Goblinbooks.com

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Half Of Hillary Clinton's Top Donors Supported Romney

You've no doubt seen the list of Hillary Clinton's top donors (over the course of her career) compared to those of Bernie Sanders. Information on those companies is available at OpenSecrets. But the same source shows that half of her top 10 donors supported Mitt Romney over Barack Obama in the 2012 race.

I've presented the figures here, ranked in order of amount they've given to Hillary Clinton. I've bolded the ones which supported Romney and provided the ratio of money. Her top two donors supported Romney by a wide margin.

1. Citigroup, Inc. (Romney money/Obama money, rounded off to thousands): 491K/209K
2. Goldman Sachs: 1,045K/210K

3. DLA Piper: 151K/415K
4. JP Morgan Chase: 836K/306K
5. EMILY's List: 0/5K
6. Morgan Stanley: 913K/238K
7. Time Warner: 28K/448K
8. Skadden, Arps: 148K/282K
9: Lehman Brothers: NO FIGURES GIVEN
10. Cablevision Systems: 33K/11K

UPDATE: A lot of people seem to be responding by sticking their fingers in their ears and going, "La la la la, I CAN'T HEAR YOU! La la la la la!"

UPDATE: I got the flamey icon. Whoo!

UPDATE: The flamey icon continues. And many people seem to be saying that because I haven't investigated every facet of Hillary Clinton's fundraising that we should ignore this completely. "Come back when you have more, Bibeau!" That's what they're saying. And to them I reply, "Don't worry about that at all. Oh, you can be fucking ASSURED of that."

UPDATE: The flamey icon burns brightly, and many of you are daring - absolutely DARING - me to write further about Hillary Clinton's relationship to donors who thought it would be a good idea to back a guy who wanted to write off half the country. Okay then.

UPDATE: One line of argument is that I am comparing apples to oranges - Hillary contributors over the course of her career against how these companies tilted in one specific race. That's an important caveat. It does mean my data here isn't the absolute last word. But it should give progressives some real misgivings. The top companies on her contact list - the people whose calls she must absolutely answer - backed a heartless plutocrat who wanted to write off half the country, and they did so by wide margins. That's something to chew on there. The other line of argument is that the donations coming from these companies are actually coming from the individuals working in those companies, and therefore not necessarily representative of the companies themselves. That line of argument depends on pretending that everything we know about campaign donations somehow doesn't apply to Hillary Clinton and all the people at Citigroup and Goldman Sachs lack the ability to coordinate their efforts to maximize a return on their investment. I like to pretend too. Sometimes, I imagine I'm a fucking Jedi.

UPDATE: I've started trying to find articles talking about the companies which backed both Romney in 2016 and Hillary Clinton over the course of her career. I will post them here.

Mother Jones has a piece on the ties between Goldman Sachs and the Clintons. That one is kind of an easy score.
ThinkProgress has a piece about Mitt Romney's ties to Goldman Sachs.

The Washington Post has a piece that mentions how Mitt Romney's energy plan was substantially copied from that of Citigroup. And here's a bit from Bloomberg about Hillary using the Citigroup corporate jet, along with the jets of other companies of course. And here's a piece from the Nation about how Citigroup wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Bill Clinton.

Business Insider's article about Wall Street firms backing Mitt Romney. Hey, those names seem familiar, don't they? And here's a piece from Politico called "Why Wall Street Loves Hillary" and gosh, there are those names again! Huh. Here is a CNN article about why Goldman Sachs supported Romney in 2012 - basically that the company originally supported Obama in 2008 by a wide margin and then turned against him, because his administration hit them with SEC charges. He was essentially an investment that didn't pay off, the article states. This matters because the CNN article was in 2010 and the piece about Wall Street's love for Hillary was in 2014. It's evidence that these firms still see her as reliable.

And Yahoo News has an article called Hillary Clinton Is Bashing CEO's - While Taking Their Money. And look at the companies those CEOs run. That's just... odd. It's almost as if, as if all of this were some kind of undeniable pattern that you could only ignore by an act of willful blindness so intense it might actually physically hurt you.

The NY Times has an October 2011 article about Romney's campaign lining up top JP Morgan executives for his financial team. Here's a NY Times article about how JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs "showered" Hillary Clinton with "lucrative speaking fees" after she left the State Department.

Truth-Out's article, "Five Reasons No Progressive Should Support Hillary Clinton" lists JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup as some of her top political donors, quoting the info from OpenSecrets - but also mentioning their support for the Clinton Foundation and stating this: "In October 2013, Clinton received $400,000 to speak at two Goldman Sachs events and delivered what was described as a "reassuring message" to the assembled bankers. In all likelihood, a second Clinton administration would involve the appointment of industry insiders to regulatory posts in the perpetually revolving door between Wall Street and the federal government." And in addition, it links to a ProPublica article on donors to the Foundation, which includes - and I am not kidding - Blackwater.

Hillary Clinton will be the best candidate in the GOP Primary of November 2016

It would be nice to put a couple of Democrats in the race before then, just to make things interesting.

But if we don't I'll still vote for the least insane choice.

Assuming that's all there is.

I'm going to spend the next year criticizing Hillary for not being liberal enough.

And I'm going to try to convince people we need someone more liberal. And then, assuming Hillary gets the nomination, I'm going to go down to the polls and vote for that corporatist warmonger, because she will absolutely be the least insane choice. And after she wins - and she will win - I'm going to spend the next 4 years criticizing her, then vote for her again, and then when she wins again - and she'll win then too - I'll spend 4 years after that criticizing her some more.

That's it. That's the best option.

As a liberal I will do what I can to change the discussion in this country. About the use of military force. About civil rights. About the security state. About protecting people from big businesses. There is a lot I don't like about Hillary. Hell, there's a lot I don't like about Obama.

But there is still a difference. Right now, Barack Obama continues to chase after whistleblowers and prosecute a drone war. But he's also trying to change our relationship to countries we've been enemies with for decades. The response of the Republicans has been clear, and very, very instructive.

Yes, there is a difference. And you can't pretend there isn't.

Also, it will give me some satisfaction to watch conservatives across America absolutely lose their minds when Hillary beats them. That's not the reason I'm voting for her, but it will be fun.

UPDATE: I wrote an OP that was - I thought - a series of completely noncontroversial statements, and now I have the little flamey icon. Oh well. Some people seem to be criticizing me not for the statements, but for actually writing those statements. The idea is that you shouldn't write or say certain things even if they're true, because that might "hurt the cause."


That's how you become Republicans. GOP candidates get up on stages, and they have a problem admitting that evolution is real, and that women are generally pro-choice, and that their party has a problem with people of color, and climate change is actually happening, and that regulation is sometimes necessary. This is the result of YEARS of not being able to admit simple, obvious truths to themselves. It is a MONUMENTAL strategic disadvantage, and one should do everything one can to avoid it.

The truth is the truth. It's easier to remember, and it doesn't collapse under inquiry. It's the greatest tool you have.

New Update: Just wrote an OP about how HRC was Republican Lite. Here is the response:

Oh my friends. Oh, the fun we're going to have this year.

Fuck Them: A Balanced And Considered Approach To Social Conservatism

I grew up among social and religious conservatives - the kind of people who like Duck Dynasty and Chick-fil-A. Many of them might have been supporters of Santorum or Huckabee, and the older ones might have grown up with Pat Robertson. As we discuss cultural conflicts in America today, I really feel like I can give many of my readers some insight into who they are, and how best to approach the delicate task of negotiating the parameters of our civic and economic engagement.

My position, in short, is this: Fuck them. Fuck them all. Those people are assholes.

Allow me to elaborate. And when I say "elaborate" I mean "repeat myself." Fuck them. Fuck them all. Those people are assholes.

Seriously. They are awful. They are the worst. Being fair to them isn't something you need to worry about.

I can guess your objections. Don't people have a right to be terrible to others? Absolutely and truly terrible? What about that Voltaire quote about defending to the death and somesuch? That's a good point, and I could understand how that might give you pause. So let me address it by saying you should almost never hunt these people for sport. I think that's going too far. You shouldn't hunt them for sport or lock them in a warehouse and force them to struggle with a series of lethal traps while being menaced by a clown puppet.

Yes, of course they do have the right to believe gay people are inferior. Everyone has that right. Just like everyone has the right to believe people of other races and religions are inferior. And you could argue about this in a theoretical way, which conservatives like to do, because a theoretical discussion distracts us all from the facts of our shared history in this country.

But the facts are clear. Social and religious conservatives have a well-documented record of denying rights to people. Of throwing people out of communities, refusing them service at lunch counters, and bullying them everywhere. Homophobia, like racism, and like sexism, has a death toll associated with it. It also has centuries of oppression and misery associated with it. These aren't theoretical considerations. This isn't a free speech issue. At stake is whether we give social and religious conservatives the power to continue marginalizing everyone who doesn't agree with them. Because yes, they will absolutely do anything and everything they can get away with to make life miserable for people who don't make their list. They have, they do, and they will. So it was in the beginning shall it be in the end.

I've worked with these people, I've gone to school with them, and I've lived in their neighborhoods, and they are more psychotic than a Scientology video. They believe in a God who will spend eternity torturing the majority of human beings - the majority - in the worst ways you can think of, and that this God will do that hideous thing as an expression of His perfect love. They believe this nation belongs only to them, and that they have a duty to bring it to obedience. They don't respect the rights of women, because they really don't think women are equal, or that their bodies belong to them. When the cameras are videoing, they might slip and say they might feel uncomfortable with gay marriage - but when the cameras are off, they will say that being gay really should be a crime, and that God uses disease and natural disasters to punish this country for our tolerance. Hell, many of them have said such things publicly.

No, they don't want equal rights. That's a stupid thing to believe. Every election we have one or two candidates who represent those people, and they make it quite clear what they want.

I want a country where they have exactly the same level of respect as racist skinheads. Exactly that. No one gets to throw a rock through their shop windows, but everyone agrees that they're pretty vile. Gay kids are killing themselves because of the crap these people believe. They are pretty vile.

Will they look like the underdogs in my liberal dystopia? Will they whine about their mistreatment? Will they complain that it isn't fair?

Yes. Of course. Good.

Because fuck them.

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"I'm Going To Punch A Foreign Leader And See What Happens," By Sen. Tom Cotton

My name is Tom Cotton, and I'm the junior US Senator from Arkansas. You may not understand this, but Congress is a coequal branch of our government. We share some important foreign policy duties with the president. That's why I'm about to wander through the streets of the capital until I find a foreign official, and then I'm going to punch that person as hard as I can, just to see what happens next.

I bet it'll be cool.

The president can make agreements with other nations. But the US Senate performs an important role to advise and consent with him. It's right there in Article 2! Barack Obama thinks he's the only one who gets a voice. But we need to remind him he's not the boss. That's why I don't know who it is yet, but the person I punch will be at ambassador level or higher. I'm not just going to deck the export minister of some crap-bag country no one cares about. It'll be a major nation, and the guy I take down will be someone you recognize on TV. It's about respecting the office.

Plus I don't want to brag, but I have military training and I work out. If I whale on some soft, middle-aged dude who's not even expecting it, because he probably thinks I just want to meet him for a photo op or a junket, he doesn't stand a chance.

I might even do this throat-strike thing I saw in a movie once. The people who put me here don't deserve any less. We count too, you know! I want to make sure I act as a check on the president. So I'm going to put someone in the hospital, cause an international incident, and derail decades of painstaking diplomacy. Just like James Madison would have wanted.

Republican voters gave me a mandate to make sure Barack Obama is responsible to all Americans. That means he's not supposed to negotiate with foreign countries by himself. Or even respond to national emergencies or act as Commander in Chief, or any of the other stuff he wants to do, because folks like me are going to shut the government down so they can't put you in FEMA camps or force you to get gay-married to Frenchmen. I've been up since 4 am, pounding Red Bulls and reading the Constitution, and when I'm done one of those blond Fox women will interview me.

I'm from Harvard. Did I say that? That's right. Fucking Harvard, okay?

I know the law. I know my rights. I represent a major political party of a great nation and the proud state of Arkansas. Plus I've been practicing my moves in the mirror. Believe me, they are sweet.

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10 True Facts That PROVE Global Warming Is A Hoax.

If you keep in touch with your family and high school friends on Facebook, you've probably seen the report from NASA that the polar ice in the Antarctic sea is at an all-time high. It's clear proof that climate change is a fantasy. It's indisputable. The only way you could argue against it is if the earth had some kind of mythical "alternate pole," where ice was dwindling at an even faster rate to make up for the gain. We don't live in that kind of crazy sci-fi world, folks! The people at NASA know that, and that's why they couldn't actually put data from this nonexistent Narnia-kingdom in the very report your conservative friends see fit to share with you, making them all look like jackasses.

But there's more to the story. You and I know we've been gathering data about what a hoax global warming is for years now. Let's review the undeniable truths we've all heard.

10. I had to put a jacket on. Yesterday.
9. It was snowing at that one place where it usually doesn't snow, and they showed it on Fox, and Steve Doocy seemed really surprised. He raised his eyebrows in that way he has of letting you know this is not what he expected.
8. There are bloggers following this stuff on the internet in places where they'll also sell you gold and gas masks, and they can show all kinds of stuff the scientists said would happen, but then didn't happen.
7. Every time they have a guy telling you it's true on TV, or in an article, they have another guy telling you it's false. Every time. What does that say?
6. Some of those bloggers have degrees that sound technical.
5. You could see your breath just last week.
4. Also on Fox they had that guy who used to play that character you liked in that show you watched, and he was not convinced at all about this.
3. The senator said so, and he's spent his life talking to experts from energy companies who study this kind of thing. They come to his office when they bring the money, and they leave really impressive Powerpoint presentations about it.
2.This one time my friend Steve was out at the lake house, back when we were both 12, because Steve's friend Troy found a Playboy there, so we were looking for it on our dirt bikes, because Troy said it wasn't even torn up or anything. But it was really hot, and that was like, years ago. So I went back last summer, and it was much cooler.
1. Jesus just wouldn't dick us over like that.

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Ben Carson's Most Impressive Achievement Is Why You Shouldn't Vote For Him

Ben Carson has gotten into trouble for saying stupid things, but the man is not an idiot. He's a brain surgeon. The potential Republican presidential candidate is a renowned doctor who was director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins. His extreme religious and social conservatism - he rejects Darwin's theory of evolution - is not the product of ignorance. He's too gifted for any of us to say that. In fact, back in 2004 he performed an operation so complex and difficult it became famous. Dr. Carson separated conjoined twins attached at the head.

"The surgery would involve 11 intricate steps each one ranging from one to five hours, each one more difficult than the previous step," according to the article about it in Johns Hopkins Magazine. The children shared an intricate web of blood vessels which needed to be carefully divided in a grueling procedure. It is a powerful testament to Carson's intellectual gifts and his determination to help people, and it's exactly why you shouldn't vote for him.

We now know - scientists from a variety of disciplines have gathered a mountain of evidence, and no responsible person can deny it - that life on earth has evolved over the course of billions of years. The processes that created our genetic variation involved countless random accidents, and only through an often cruel process of natural selection could order come from this. Nature is obviously, heartbreakingly indifferent to us and our to happiness. But we can use our incredible intelligence to improve our lives if we face our world squarely.

You know a perfect example of this sort of thing? Twins conjoined at the head.

Anyone who argues that a Supreme Being is up there designing every living thing perfectly and directing all the births and deaths, really, really needs to ignore stuff like twins conjoined at the head. That doesn't add up. It's either an awful error by a blind, motiveless system that depends on error for its dynamism, or it's the product of a malice that approaches Cthulhu levels. My intellectually honest, thoughtful Christian friends admit all this. Natural selection is at work, the world is baffingly cruel, and who knows why it happens? The problem of evil ultimately doesn't have a neat solution. They have faith. Fine. Fair enough.

But if you can spend as much time as Dr. Carson did using the tools of science to save two children from a sickeningly cruel flaw in their own bodies, and you can still say we were all designed perfectly - just a few thousand years ago in a flash of impossible brilliance by a Being who doesn't want us to question whether His scripture matches up with what we can learn about the universe - well, that's worse than ignorance.

That's denial. That's crazy, industrial-strength denial.

Dr. Carson has demonstrated talent and intelligence, and also the ability to look at two and two and actually see five. And that has important repercussions for how he will make science and education policy for this nation. Hell, I wouldn't trust him to enforce tax laws knowing what we know. I say this with respect for his professional accomplishments: He is not qualified to run the executive branch.

He'll definitely fit in with the rest of the GOP candidates however. I have great faith in that.

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A Message To The Ferguson PD From An M. Night Shyamalan Movie

Wait. Wait just a minute. You gotta give me a second to wrap my head around this. I mean, I'm kind of the expert on weird, completely unexpected twists, but this is too much. Just too much. I got that report on your department, and I'm still trying to process it.

Okay. Tell me if I'm wrong on this, but does this mean that you guys were a bunch of racists from the very beginning?


At first I thought I had to be reading that wrong. Crude bigoted jokes around the department - really nasty stuff - rampant harassment on the street, and a cop releasing a dog to bite some 14 year-old kid. It just didn't make sense. It wasn't the story I thought I was following, you know?

Man, that reveal was incredible. The cops were actually racists. My mind was blown, man.

But now that I'm thinking about it, I guess the signs were there, weren't they? I didn't see it at first, but now that I know what the end is, I can go back and piece together all the telltale details. Like the fact that there were almost no African American officers on the force. That slipped right by me, but it was like a great big steaming clue. Also, when people protested in the street, and the cops turned out in military gear like an occupying army and harassed every journalist? Yeah, that seems clearer to me now. Wow. I totally missed that.

Also the dead guy. I mean, that's really the biggie I guess.

In fact, the more I think about it the weirder it seems that I didn't get it right then. The officer shot him multiple times, and they just let the cop walk almost immediately. I really should have assumed that was kind of the key to the whole thing. The only problem is that it's kind of... common. Cops are out there killing black people all the time, you know? It's been happening everywhere.

Wait. Hold it.

Holy crap! Hold on a second here. Because if this is really the sign, then that means this racism - this crazy, absolutely unbelievable account of racist cops - it might not only be in one ass-backwards town out in the Midwest. This racist cop thing might be... it might be all over the place.

Is that it? Is that what this is about? Did I get it? Wow. That's a hell of a story.

Jesus, what if it were true?

THE BLACK BOOK OF CHILDREN'S BIBLE STORIES is about faith and loss, and a haunted house hidden so well you didn't notice you'd been living there your whole life. BUY IT HERE.

We Have To Stop Rogue Nations. Like Iran.

I worry about Iran. I really do. And I'm glad at least some of our leaders see it for what it is - a lawless nation. It's a threat to peace. Anyone who pays attention knows that.

Iran, let's never forget, was the only country ever to use nuclear weapons against civilians.

Sure, that happened a long time ago. But they've continued to spend billions of dollars every year to support the only country in that region with a secret nuclear weapons stockpile, a country that commits war crimes and actually tried to spread its atomic arsenal to evil regimes like apartheid South Africa. That record is clear.

We can't make false equivalences about this - as if Iran were just like any other nation that wanted to defend itself. Iran is an aggressive power on a global scale. It has a network of military bases around the world. It backs bloodthirsty authoritarian states and then uses them to torture prisoners for information in a hideous "rendition program." It simply destroys governments it doesn't like, covering its actions with lies and phony excuses to its own citizens. This pattern of destabilizing other countries to break them apart and create puppet governments goes back a century. And the pattern continues to poison our relationship with Iran. How can a country make a deal with a government that constantly shows it wants to topple it? How can peace be possible with such a nation?

The country has never been a responsible player in the region. Who can forget how the Iranians supported Saddam Hussein as he committed atrocities with chemical weapons, only to topple his administration on a ridiculous pretext of hunting for WMDs several years later? Who can forget the civil war and terror that followed as they occupied that country? The torture that went on in Iranian detention facilities? The constant stories of Iranians killing civilians?


Fox News Studio Wandering Monster Table

One Level Below Ground
Die Roll

1 Kobolds (3-12)
2 Goblins (2-8)
3 Hobgoblins (2-5)
4 Steve Doocy
5 Berserkers (1-4)
6 Brian Kilmeade
7 Gelatinous Cube (1)
8 Racists (2-5)
9 Angry Racists (1-12)
10 Stirges (1-2)
11 Bandits
12 Skeletons/Ann Coulter (1-6/1)

Two Levels Below Ground
Die Roll
1 Ogres (1-6)
2 Thieves/Footpads (2-5/1-2)
3 Ghouls (1-4)
4 Lawyers/Lobbyists (1-8/2-5)
5 Carrion Crawler (1)
6 Karl Rove (1)
7 Ettercaps (1-4)
8 Giant Ticks (1-2)
9 Orcs/Interns (5-20/5-20)
10 Drow Elves (3-18)
11 Racists who say they're not racists, they just believe in old-fashioned values (1-4)
12 Ochre Jelly (1)

Three Levels Below Ground
Die Roll
1 Wererats (1-10)
2 Bugbears (2-8)
3 Bill O'Reilly, naked, chasing a terrified hooker with a chainsaw (1)
4 Dopplegangers (1-4)
5 Gretchen Carlson, trying to tunnel her way to freedom
6 Wights (1-3)
7 Displacer Beasts (1-2)
8 Rupert Murdoch's animated skinsuit (1)
9 Umber Hulk/Sean Hannity (1/1)
10 Harpies (1-3)
11 Tour group of racists (1-10)
12 Balor/Dick Cheney getting into makeup (1/1)

THE BLACK BOOK OF CHILDREN'S BIBLE STORIES is about faith and loss, and a haunted house hidden so well you didn't notice you'd been living there your whole life. BUY IT HERE.
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