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Member since: Tue Jul 10, 2012, 05:40 AM
Number of posts: 743

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I write a blog of dark humor - Goblinbooks.com

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Farewell, DU

I've had a great time mixing it up with you freaks for these several years. You are a fun, rambunctious group of people. What I've enjoyed most is that no matter how crazy, provocative, experimental, or outright trollish my posts have been... there has ALWAYS been a sizable group of readers on this site who have tried to meet me halfway as a writer. Keep that spirit alive, my friends. It's liberalism in its deepest and finest sense.

Feel free to visit me at Goblinbooks.com
And if any of my readers here want a free review copy of whatever madness I'm working on, hit me up at paulbibeau@gmail.com

Goodbye and God bless,

A Message To The NRA From A Guy With A Duffel Bag Of Guns (This got shut down on the RKBA group)

I write anti-NRA satire, and my pieces get shut down on the Gun Control/RKBA group. Below is the text...

This is the second time something like that's happened on that group. I'm not saying they don't have a right to run that group, but do we need a gun control group for, uh, liberals? It seems like that's something we should have, because gun control is kind of an issue nowadays...

TITLE: A Message To The NRA From A Guy With A Duffel Bag Of Guns

"Stand and fight." Man, I love that new ad campaign of yours. You guys are saying exactly what needs to be said now. We are under attack, and we need to defend ourselves. In your case, it's about preventing Obama from disarming people and starting his global tyranny. My goals are smaller. I just have to cleanse the demons from this shopping mall food court. But we're both working together.

You know what we are? We're misunderstood heroes. A lot of folks are saying your arguments are part of some kind of paranoid fantasy. That you're not really acting as some kind of check on government power with your opposition to any kind of gun control - you're just making people all over this country less safe so you can play soldier in the woods. Yeah, well don't believe them! Dr. Breen says I'm not a Commander of the Knights Templar. My point is that you know in your heart what's true, and you're not going to let people convince you otherwise. No matter what happens on a bunch of news channels.

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