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Profile Information

Name: Michael
Gender: Male
Hometown: Las Vegas, Na
Home country: USofA
Current location: Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
Member since: Mon Jul 9, 2012, 02:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,314

Journal Archives

I 'member him...

Republican nozzle.
He lasted in Las Vegas radio for about 3 months and then got chased off the air. He also got hisself waterboarded on the air and lasted all of 5 seconds before he screamed for them to stop.
Just another loud mouthed pussy.
I wouldn't be surprised if he showed up as a special guest on that survival preppers show. With a cot and blankie so he could move in. "OK guys, I'm here. Where can I put my shit? Do you have bunk beds? I love bunk beds. I like the bottom bunk because then I can use my blankie to make a fort."

Anybody else notice this?...Re: Morgan Freeman.

I noticed recently that Morgan Freeman's left hand appears to be paralyzed. I first noticed it in The Dark Knight Returns and then in the movie Red. Now, whenever he comes on the tube I notice that his left hand is often out of camera or is holding something small and not articulating his fingers.

Anybody know what's up with that?

Does DU have a gift shop?

Or maybe a catalog to purchase things like bumper stickers, coffee mugs, T-shirts and the like?

This my next post on DU.

A little better than the last, not as great as the next.

These cherries are perfect!!...

My favorite summer fruit and they're sooo sweet and juicy and crunchy.
Except for the jawbreaker inside.
I bought three pounds yesterday and half of them are gone.
You can't eat too many cherries, can you?

Okay, one more cerealous question...

Who is MERGE?
And how did she get so popular that she gets to put her name on traffic signs so people can follow her? Or is she some politicians daughter that's lousy with directions and they put up those signs so she can find her way home?
And wouldn't a bus pass have been cheaper?
And how come nobody's ever asked these questions on here before?
These are the questions that I contemplate on Saturdays because I think that inquisitive, inebriated minds like myself want to know.
I await and welcome all responses.

Question for those in the know(s)...

What does the permalink thingamagoober do and how/why would one use it?
Sorry I'm so computerly inept, but is that some sort of NSA thingamawhatsit? I'm skeered to use it because I might tip something over or it might take me to the end of the internet and I don't know how to turn my 'puter around?
Some scholarly advice would be 'preciated.

OK, that's it. No more.

I've listened. I've commented. I've tried to see both sides. GD is not the place for calm today.
I won't go back in there. I can't handle all the drama. I'm hiding out in the lounge for the next week or so. There's just no right side to take on the Zimmerman thing.
I'm ashamed to be a Floridian.

Paging Sekhmet's Daughter!

Where are you? Haven't seen any posts in a while.

Why are there only six people on the Zimmerman jury? nt

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