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Member since: Wed Jun 20, 2012, 02:49 AM
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I have a vision, Autumn. I think you know what it is. You have a vision, too,

I know what it is. Not in detail, perhaps, but we know. Yet, you have very little info about me and I about you, not even a real surname. No decades of observing each other in the public eye. How much better do we know Hillary's vision than we know each other's? Infinitely better.

IMO, it's shameful that Robinson and others are pretending she's been shrouded in mystery until now, about to spring from the head of Zeus for the first time, fully developed, as did Athena. Just a cipher. No record. No history. No baggage. "Please tell us your vision." "She's going to have to tell America her vision." That's all I am hearing now, much as all I was hearing a couple of years ago was that, if Hillary runs in 2016, no one will even oppose her in the primary. Frickin' brainwashing attempts.

What has happened to journalism in this country is pitiful and, as you said, what has happened to the Democratic Party is heartbreaking to Democrats.

And, lest we forget what has happened to the Party, it was the DLC, which Hillary helped found and spread to Europe. That philosophy spread to and through other think tanks, like Third Way, the Progressive Policy Institute, Center for American Progress and No Labels. And that philosophy has permeated and altered the Democratic Party so much that it is now the New Democrat Party.

No mystery. Still the same Hillary who sat on the board of WalMart, whose full time employees needed Medicaid and food stamps. Still the same Hillary who used the Heritage Foundation plan for America's health care as the model for Billarycare--and still couldn't get it passed.

Why is Robinson pretending we don't know what Hillary stands for?

We do. She doesn not get to write on a clean slate, no matter how many tools try to make us believe that is what is happening.

She lost in 2008. Besides, since then, the national conversation shifted from Obama vowing the to WAPO that he would cut entitlements to when are the 99% finally going to get anything?

Of course
, Hillary will try to re-brand herself. All the usual suspects whose livelihood and/or well being are predicated on Democratic politicians are trying, and will continue to try, to pretend that we have no idea who Hillary is; no idea what she believes in; no idea what she wants. They want us to believe that she can, at long last, finally tell us who is she now, like a virgin for the very first time.

Sorry, no mulligans. We've known her a long time. We know what she has done and not done, what she has voted for and not voted for.

Don't buy into this mythology.

Anyone else watching the anti-war protestors at the US Senate hearing?

I am watching them on MSNBC. Very interesting.

Ed Shultz Show Tonight: Ed Interviews one DUer after another.

About every other other day, I read on DU how the population of DU does not reflect Democrats in general. So, I guess everyone Ed Shultz showed or interviewed on his show tonight must have been a DUer.

Let's start with Senator Harkin, who said that there is a general feeling that the "center" has moved too far to the right. Who knew he and all the people who gave him that general feeling post at DU? Wonder what his screen name is.

A few other Iowans, not famous (that I know of) who Ed interviewed said they wanted a real primary. One's face lit up when said he really wanted to hear more from Bernie Sanders (after Ed had named Biden and a few other Democrats). One said he wanted as many people as possible in the primary. Several said Hillary had to be taken left.

I don't know how Ed knew all of them were DUers. They weren't wearing signs or anything. They never said they were DUers. However, every single person Ed approached sounded just like the supposedly highly atypical population of DU. Ergo, they all just had to be DUers, right?

Some of the mixed reviews from Iowans can be found here: http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/14/politics/hillary-clinton-iowa-hamby/

What do you want from government?

I want these things.

Drinkable water

Breathable air

Good health care that everyone who needs health care can access, including appropriate, humane care and facilities for segments of the population with special needs, like mental and emotional illness

Our Constitutional rights, no word games, just our rights

Clean elections

People in office, including in federal agencies, who actually represent voters and the general public, not lobbyists and big business


Jobs with safe working conditions and fairness to employees for everyone who wants a job

Protection from retaliation if we want to unionize

Affordable, safe housing and efforts to end homelessness

Affordable, good education

Safe cities and towns, safe from criminals and safe from rogue law enforcement

Did I mention jobs?

A fair, progressive system of taxation

An honest, reliable banking system

Maybe a couple of frills, like some safe, well maintained national parks and something like the BBC

Oh, and jobs.

What do you want from government?

Are mainstream media conspiring against unions?


(Thread in General Discussion).

Are mainstream media conspiring against unions?

As you all know, unions are among the strongest supporters of the Democratic Party, in both donations and person power. But this past Sunday alone, I saw on TV two pot shots against unions.

The first was in the MTP (NBC) interview of Senator Sanders by Chuck Toad. Perhaps less noticed than other things in that interview was Toad's attempt to get Sanders to disavow union support.


Shortly before I watched that video yesterday, I had watched an interview of Seth Moulton, who defeated long time U.S. Rep. Tierney (D. MA) in a Democratic primary. The Moulton interview was on a Boston station (same one that employed Scott Brown's wife before he ran for Kennedy's seat) that is an ABC affiliate. The hosts of that show also tried to get Moulton to discredit union donations and support.

Was that sheer coincidence, or is there a concerted effort to shame Democrats about accepting money and help from unions?

If so, how do they justify that in the wake of Citizens' United? It's okay for billionaires, American and not American, to spend whatever to buy elections and politicians, but not okay for US workers and their unions?

If it is some kind of concerted effort by the msm, I hope Dem candidates get some piercing answers ready.

Encourage Bernie Sanders to run for President (link)


It's a petition to encourage the Senator to run for President as a Democrat.

There is also a facebook link.


From Senator Sanders' wiki:

Possible 2016 presidential run

In a March 6, 2014 interview with The Nation, Sanders stated that he is "prepared to run for President of the United States" in 2016 but did not officially announce a campaign. When pressed on the issue, Sanders said, "If the question is am I actively right now organizing and raising money and so forth for a campaign for president, I am not doing that. On the other hand, am I talking to people around the country? Yes, I am. Will I be doing some traveling around the country? Yes, I will be. But I think itís premature to be talking about a campaign when we still have a 2014 congressional race in front of us."

TheNutcracker started a thread today on Sanders' appearance on Meet the Press this morning.


On the thread, in addition to a lot of praise for Sen. Sanders, is a clip valerief was kind enough to post.


Regardless of how you intend to vote in a primary, if you can watch that clip and be indifferent to having Sen. Sanders in the race, even if he loses, this post is not for you.

For everyone else, please show your interest by clicking on both of the links at the beginning of this post and show Senator Sanders and everyone else that we do not appreciate oligarchy.

I believe that, today, at 11, Moulton will be on WCVB

On the Record, or OTR is the name of the show.

This may be a chance to assess him better.

Also, it will be time NOT to watch Chuck Toad, so it's a two-fer.

Does Obama really buy into John Yoo's view? (Or Bybee's?)

In 2009, two days after taking office, President Barack Obama in Executive Order 13491 repudiated and revoked all legal guidance on interrogation authored by Yoo and his successors in the Office of Legal Counsel between September 11, 2001, and January 20, 2009.

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