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Member since: Wed Jun 20, 2012, 02:49 AM
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Bargain hunting at the Bernie Store!

I don't always shop, but, when I do, I hunt for bargains.

So, I've been cruising the Bernie Store for the best deals.

The Bernie Store is not only about getting yourself a hat and/or T-shirt, nice as they are. What are you going to need to campaign for Bernie? And, remember, you must allow several weeks for delivery.

General rule: Buying in quantity gets you a better deal, as does buying a package.

You can buy FIVE Bernie lapel stickers to share/hand out for only FIVE dollars. https://store.berniesanders.com/collections/events/products/bernie-sanders-3-round-blue-roll-labels

Union printed in the USA at only a buck a pop. What a deal!


You can buy a roll of 250 stickers for only $40, not $250.

OMG, that is a savings of $210 right there. (You're welcome.) Which self-respecting shopper can turn down a bargain like that? That is 250 people you can enlist to be walking ads for Bernie.

Who would not say no to a handout of a free lapel sticker? And, when your passerby says yes to a free Bernie lapel sticker, pass him or her a leaflet along with the sticker. Not so much a bait and switch as a bait and educate.

The small organizing pack, also a mere $40, contains--wait for it--ALL of the following:

25 lapel stickers, as discussed above

6, count 'em, 6 placards or rally signs (being sold individually on the very same website for $5 each, or 5 for only $20),

10 campaign buttons (being sold elsewhere on the website at 3 for $3)

10 bumper stickers ($5 each, if sold alone, I think)

As anyone can tell, the small organizing pack is a YOOGE value, surpassed only by the $80 large organizing pack, which includes all this AND yard signs and more!

All union made in the USA! Bargain hunters, you just can't go wrong at the Bernie Store, especially if you buy in quantity or choose a pack of some kind.

Attention, Bernie Store shoppers, DO NOT pass up this opportunity.


Ya gotta start off each day wid a song. Today's Bernie Sanders song: Hey, Bernie Sanders

As a city dweller, I covet the view from this guy's family room!

Countdown to the September 8 Bernie Birthday Money Bomb Begins Today.

He's a real tough cookie, with a long history. So, get ready to give September 8 your best shot.

Be a Caleb! Bernstorm! Remember Sanders Saturdays!

BOONE, Iowa —


“Senator, this week alone Caleb made 2,016 calls,” a campaign organizer said, introducing Mr. Humphrey.


“I haven’t felt anything like this in the three years I have been out of the Army,” he said of Mr. Sanders’s unlikely and rising campaign for the Democratic nomination. “I feel a part of something.”


The Sanders campaign made its first hire here on May 18, an advance director with a history in student organizing. A field organizer came on next, followed by an administrative staff member, all in the campaign’s one office in Des Moines. Then, as Mr. Sanders became a national phenomenon over the summer, his Iowa operation bloomed.

It now has 53 people on staff, with a “robust hiring plan” made possible by Mr. Sanders’s fund-raising success with small donors, according to his campaign manager, Jeff Weaver. This past weekend alone, he said, the campaign’s 1,700 volunteers marched out of 15 campaign offices throughout the state to knock on 17,000 doors and make 10,000 phone calls.


Ya gotta start off each day wid a song. Today's Bernie Sanders song: Give Bernie Sanders Your Vote.

That's nothing. Democrats began 2010 with massive control of both houses. Kaine got a Senate seat.

Before that, Dean, who was a huge success at the job 2005-2009 got booted and replaced by Kaine. The rewards and punishments seem to vary inversely with results at the polls. Kaine's midterm strategy was--and I quote---"Don't give 'em back the keys." Even Dem loyalist Jon Stewart could not believe his ears and correctly predicted disaster at the polls.


Debbie Republican Shultz's 2014 midterm strategy was "Since Obama seems to enjoy singing, let's see how he does belting out 'Say My Name.'"

It's not only DWS who needs to go. The DNC leadership needs a shake up. Third Way is not selling and their reaction to the 2014 rout was to double down.


Am I the last to realize that Firedoglake became Shadowproof?


FWIW, I thought Gosztola and Wright were the best columnists at FDL. I always smiled at the references here at DU to "firebaggers" because, in the end, Hamsher and the regular columnists were all, worst case for the Democratic Party, advocates of LOTE voting. They were simply more critical than some. I don't think a Stepford citizenry is a good thing.

Obviously, I much prefer DU. However, I wish Shadowproof and its contributors the best. The more leftist and leftish voices on the internet and elsewhere, the better for humanity in general, IMO.

Bon voyage, Shadowproof!

Sanders Group Appreciation Thread

Thank you to our group hosts, to those who start so many great OPs in this group and to those who post such great and thoughtful replies and/or such enthusiastic, encouraging replies. And, to OS, who has been doing such great work making sure this group donates to Bernie.

You are all the best! I wish I could give each and every one of you a big hug and big kiss on the cheek.

If the hosts think this is meta, I'll understand. 'Cause it is!

Good ole NPR: "Exactly what kind of socialist is Bernie Sanders?"


The kind who wants Medicare for all and more humane Social Security, motherfuckers!

See also: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2015/aug/26/bernie-sanders-socialist-or-democratic-socialist/

The NPR article is not that bad:

"It's a relatively mild, I would say a vanilla socialism," Nelson said Sanders told them. "It's basically focused on big businesses, and capitalist inequalities."

Eric Davis, a retired Middlebury College political scientist, agrees.

"In Western Europe, these are mainstream political parties that are in and out of government all the time," he said.

Of course, Sanders is not running for president of Sweden. And for many U.S. voters, socialist sounds a lot like communist.

The bad news for the red baiters: 47% of Americans polled (ALL parties, mind you) would have no problem voting for a straight up socialist AND more young voters approve of socialism than approve of capitalism.

Deal with it!

Who ya gonna believe, pundits or your own lying eyes? Okay, Bernie did not say that.

But he came damn close!

The pundits cannot believe — it’s beyond their worldview to believe — that somebody who is not part of the establishment, somebody who does not have a super PAC, somebody who does not have connections with George Soros and all the other billionaires, can actually win,” Sanders said. “But use your own eyes and see what you can see.


Not to argue with Bernie, but they do see it and that's exactly what made them run to Biden and Gore. Senator Sanders, you're the last one the establishment, Democratic or Republican, wants in the Oval Office. They don't even want Americans hearing what you have to say.

Keep calm and campaign on, Senator!

One of many things he is up against:

Roughly one-fifth of the delegates who will pick the nominee at the Democratic convention are superdelegates — elected officials and other party leaders who are not bound by voting in their states. So far, those superdelegates have sided overwhelmingly with Clinton.

After this election, we should focus on eliminating super delegates.

Beware of bs like this though:

The senator also will appear with other White House hopefuls this week at a meeting of the Democratic National Committee and will urge party leaders to embrace him as a candidate who can attract new voters and energy, just as President Obama did eight years ago.

Nine years ago, in 2006, party bigwigs approached Obama to run. Daschle said as much on TV during the 2008 primary, claiming Obama thought it was too soon. Daschle went on to say that he had told Obama that a record could go against him (Obama) as had happened to Daschle. (As if Obama didn't know that?) And Daschle said he had told Obama "This is your time."

See also: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0110/31318.html
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