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Member since: Wed Jun 20, 2012, 02:49 AM
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Oh, no, not again. Bill Moyers retiring from PBS Moyers & Co.

The third and final year of Moyers & Company comes to an end on January 2 and I am writing to assure you that this time it’s the real deal. You may recall that we had originally raised the funds in 2011 for a two-year series but when I announced last fall that the end was near, thousands of you wrote imploring us to reconsider. My long-time funders came forward with a renewed commitment to a third year of support. How could I say no?

But as the end of the third year approaches it’s time finally to sign off.

I do so as the luckiest fellow in broadcast journalism for having been a part of public television for over half of my 80 years. I never expected such a full and satisfying run at work I could love so much, and I am deeply indebted to everyone with whom I have been associated on this long and rewarding journey.

As President Lyndon Johnson’s domestic policy assistant I was “present at the creation” when we held the first meeting at the Office of Education to discuss the potential of “educational television.” The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 became law the year I left the White House to return to journalism. I believe in our mission as strongly as ever, and if you want to be reminded of the importance of what public television does, watch the statement President Johnson made when he signed the Act.


It's been a good run. http://billmoyers.com/2014/09/29/good-run/

Nope, Mr. Moyers. It's been a great run. Thank you so much. I cannot imagine who can fill your shoes, but this country sure needs him or her.

Jon Stewart & President of the Syrian Nat'l Coalition

Once again, the Daily Show provides better info/interviews than many news shows. (Imagine how encouraging and discouraging Stewart must find that.) Then again, a lot of news seems like comedy anymore


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As with Scott Brown first run, Baker's side is using ads

that try to give the impression that Democrats will be voting for Baker--and also that some Democratic votes for Baker are significant.

Worked for Brown. Hope it doesn't work for Baker. Brown at least found to endorse him several officials who at some point had been elected to office as Democrats.

The PAC ad showing Coakley floundering when asked about the gasoline tax, then missing the right answer by a lot does not cheer me up, either.

I don't much care about day to day stuff because the legislature can override as many gubernatorial vetoes as it wishes to override. But, there are court appointments and filling vacancies, which makes someone an incumbent and therefore harder to beat.

I wish Democrats had put forward someone other than Coakley. I think her heart is usually in the right place and obviously want her to win. But, she can't win unless she is a good candidate. She made an awful candidate against Brown. While I think she has learned a lot since, I am still uneasy. And Baker is ever so slick. Much like carpetbagger Romney, Baker will make a good candidate and, if he wins, a lousy governor.

Daily Show exposes drug misdeeds of the Food & Drug Administration.

To paraphrase Colbert, "It's not funny, 'cause it's true."

I usually LOL at the Daily Show. However, through no fault of the Daily Show, this is did not make me laugh.


I don't know if any other network, besides the Comedy Network, is doing this story. If not, what a commentary/condemnation on our msm!

Despite the childish memes, I am an adult, realistic, and have no place to raise a pony,

even if someone gave me one. Also, I am very clear that no one is going to give me one, let alone the exact pony that I would choose if I were the pony picker/breeder.

I know there will be deviations from what I would love to see happen in D.C. so I don't have a checklist that I place side by side with a list of anyone's votes and speeches and cross people off my list when I see variances.

Although I am always leery of kabuki, I believe that Elizabeth ia smart, hard-working and honestly gave her very best shot at making student loans more affordable. Additionally, she speaks for the 99% against big business often. For me, those things alone will take her a long way. (Perhaps that is more a sign of my resignation than it is of my realism. Fine line.)

I do wish that we did not have so many barcalounger warriors in D.C. I also wish that Democrats and Republicans did not seem so bent on filling Congress with veterans as seats in the House and Senate open up. But, it is what it is.

IOW, no, this vote alone does not turn me against Warren. On the other hand, if I ever smell a love of kabuki theater, or chronic insincerity, or corruption, she will be toast in my mind. So far, I don't.

Agree. I have criticized Obama plenty, but never said he was just like Bush.

Then again, I have never compared Hillary to him, either.

I would not even compare Dimson to his father or Reagan.

That fucker and that whole fucker of an administration was in a class by itself.

At least I hope and pray so. Never want to see their like again.

I typed that post without refreshing my recollection and it was six years ago.

Supposedly, you remember things better when a strong emotion accompanies them. And my emotions were indeed strong. I was aghast, horrified, heartbroken.

After a few of those "gems," I heard from a source close to Ted Kennedy that he called Bill to tell him "One more race issue from anyone connected with Hillary's campaign and I am done."

Second-hand info, but not inconsistent with Ted Kennedy. But, the incidents did continue and Kennedy did endorse Obama. Also, my source's info kind of fits in with the quote in Game Change of Bill telling Kennedy, "You're endorsing him only because he's black."


Fact is, people did try to get Bernie and others to run in 2012.

Fact is, you know squat about what people who post here do IRL, politically or otherwise.

Fact is, if they had succeeded, they would have faced here the same thing people who are urging Bernie to run as a Democrat in 2016 are getting now, and then some. All the bs about challenging an incumbent being certain to elect a Republican.

Also, please stop pretending that having a staff, all the political and politically inclined celebrities a call away, having billions of dollars lined up via donors, the media in your pocket and an already established organization is the same as being someone who is unhappy with the direction of the Democratic Party since it became the New Democrat Party.

You and those who pretend that same thing while knowing better. Please. Stop.

I have a vision, Autumn. I think you know what it is. You have a vision, too,

I know what it is. Not in detail, perhaps, but we know. Yet, you have very little info about me and I about you, not even a real surname. No decades of observing each other in the public eye. How much better do we know Hillary's vision than we know each other's? Infinitely better.

IMO, it's shameful that Robinson and others are pretending she's been shrouded in mystery until now, about to spring from the head of Zeus for the first time, fully developed, as did Athena. Just a cipher. No record. No history. No baggage. "Please tell us your vision." "She's going to have to tell America her vision." That's all I am hearing now, much as all I was hearing a couple of years ago was that, if Hillary runs in 2016, no one will even oppose her in the primary. Frickin' brainwashing attempts.

What has happened to journalism in this country is pitiful and, as you said, what has happened to the Democratic Party is heartbreaking to Democrats.

And, lest we forget what has happened to the Party, it was the DLC, which Hillary helped found and spread to Europe. That philosophy spread to and through other think tanks, like Third Way, the Progressive Policy Institute, Center for American Progress and No Labels. And that philosophy has permeated and altered the Democratic Party so much that it is now the New Democrat Party.

No mystery. Still the same Hillary who sat on the board of WalMart, whose full time employees needed Medicaid and food stamps. Still the same Hillary who used the Heritage Foundation plan for America's health care as the model for Billarycare--and still couldn't get it passed.
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