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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 11,501

Journal Archives

I thought

you wanted to be a delegate to our "corrupt" Party? Which is it? Make up your mind!!!!

if the trumpchumps prevail

and see their cadidate ascend to godhood as POTIUS, the gop will rally around this terrible human being.


I think you are responding to a backdoor trumpchump. I talked with one last sunday. He kept saying his candidate had his own money so he wouldn't be subject to corruption. I asked what about the wall? He shrugged. What about his comments on minorities, the mexicans as a statement on point. What about his comments and newspaper ads in the controversial 'Central Park Five' case of 25 years ago. A serial rapist confessed and DNA corraborated his confession. What about the racial violence directed toward men and women of color at his rallies? He said, "those people were agents of the left sent in to create problems". I said, "some didn't even say anything, just showed up while being black and were attacked". He shrugged his shoulders. I finally said, he's a racist fascist that bodes ill for this country. He smiled and walked away.

blue dog obstruction

total disloyalty to our POTUS and just as hateful and virulent in their racism. I will always have contempt for the Party leadership not rallying around our POTUS and showing more courage instead of their bellies to the RW racist hate machine for 7+ years. Moral cowards, ALL. And I am so glad the world got to see us in our true form instead of the shape shifting that's been going on for generations hiding the racism, ignorance and stupidty of way too many people. Couldn't hide it this time. Thankfully.

the hate toward them

will never end, as has the continuance of racial hate based on the superficial criteria of skin color has continued, in this country specifically, for generations. Thats's generation with an S!

let them live in their ignorance

live low and smell the shit they are adding to the sewer dwelling they reside in. No better place for them, for eternity.

they always have been

they always will be racist, lowlife "cretins" that have with their mindless and intentional racism, shown the world how deep this sickness of racial hate runs in our culture and society as a whole. SHAME amerikkka!!!! Glad they went "high" because they were faced with people who will always live low. Strongest POTUS and FLOTUS this country has produced. Had to be with ignorance and hate they faced in the halls of our democracy.

bill c

used drones a lot during his 8 years. Seems we(dems) drone em to death and they(repug) bomb them openly and without conscience or concern for the innocents. Both continue war and suffering. Will human beings ever find a better way to solve our difference between the haves and the have not?

if you don't vote

you will get what you deserve, voicelessness. To vote on principle, regardless of the shameful state of our CORRUPT political process, is a personal victory of conscience to me. Yet don't get me wrong you are very entitled to do or not do the right thing.

oh yeah

money takes care of everything in this society except bring back the dead to living. This has not solved the racism of those two cops that killed this child. What bullshit!!!!!!!!! The only true justice would be to see that cop brought up on murder charges, convicted and put into general population of the meanest, lacking in diversity prison in the state of which there is one, I'm sure. Thank you to a prior POTUS for the truth of last sentence.
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