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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 8,870

Journal Archives

death winning in the end

the honest truth of the futility and waste of war, in the middle east and elsewhere in the world, yesterday, today and yes, tomorrow.


that just what the KKK and repubthugs want, locally and nationally. Everyone who is described by them as 'other' "back in their place". Underfoot or underground. Doesn't matter to them.

something in the water?

ohhh, the blood that ran into the gutter from that execution in, in, where was it? Oh yeah ferguson. Yeah that's it.

Lying SOS

huge KLAN state, always has been and he's the Grand Wizard of indiana. No doubt. They try to not be as obvious, as he is, as he tries to show himself not to be, by claiming victimization. All he did here is just end up in a deeper hole. This country is going to the repubthug dogs. Let the tea baggers in and this is what you get. Just remember, he was voted in by a majority of indiana citizens. That tells me all I need to know about indiana. It's the same example Nov 4, 2015 gave me and all I need to KNOW about america and the american voter who is afraid of losing their 'privilege' to people who are free and live it every day in having pride in their sexual orientation and/or pride in their racial heritage. A person should be able to love whomever they please and not be afraid of LWB(living while black). But SOME people just won't let it go. To hell, WITH ALL OF THEM. I am sick of them.

These clowns are trying to start a second civil war and it is all because a black man was voted into and occupies that white house on Pennsylvania Avenue. It's a much wider problem than this governor POS and the people of indiana embody. Period. At least people are still fighting clowns like this Grand Wizard governor POS.

no surprise, no shock

told me for decades, agent orange hadn't affected me, turns out they couldn't have been more wrong, and they really could care less about american service people. They just don't give a damn about us pawns on the geopolitical chess board. I ended up just saying, fuck them. Oh and by the way, bushco I and II will NEVER see a day where they will have to worry about what they did to these soldiers. They are sacrosanct to the PTB and the RW idiots in our political system.

good heart

sad that in the 'richest', for the 1%, country in the world kids have to go hungry and cold. Truly sad and a statement on where we are in caring for our own. Thank god for human beings like you trying to hold the line against the evil this county lets happen to it's own.

a dino-crat no less

I'm getting really sick of these fucking dino's. Sick I tell you....disgusting, hypocritical people with definite lack of integrity and no character. This system allows anyone to lie about what they stand for and the lies sweeps them into office. geez

a perfect example

of the repubthug base.

+ 1000 and bravo to this individual!!!!

He put it on the table and those 'commissioners' looked real stupid, actually.

A probable answer to the question is....wait for it

they were probably all or mostly black and a "threat" to 'authority' and/or were shown no concern or compassion if sick or mentally unstable. Could that be part of the reason?
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