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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 6,539

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Your point???

Obama should have been more like FDR???? Tell that to the 'bluedogs', I call them undercover racists of our Party..... Tell that to the Tea Party and RW racist pigs that have denied him any leeway to move politically to accomplish anything of true worth for the american people. Tell that to Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein, and the rest of the cowardly leadership of the Democratic Party that has hidden under their desks, for the last six years, whimpering when the RW 'gets angry'.

This is an attempt to cover up the FAILINGS of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY in protecting and showing true loyalty to our POTUS. I can't wait to see what all of you do to Hillary if she wins and if she doesn't, the Democrats in party leadership positions and people who post bullshit like this SHALL be responsible. I really don't care how many disagree or want to whine about anything I have written. It will stand the test of time and history. All this about our POTUS not being an FDR is BS that denies the reality of modern politics and the true RW and 'bluedog' racism that has dictated the non movement of politics for the last six years. You want a goddamn FDR, dig him up, you'll have one.

the presence of

all the deniers of MODERN political reality just makes me laugh out loud in the unbiased hate of BHO I've watched for the last six years coming from the LEFT and RW. FDR faced immense opposition, true, yet his Party mainly backed him and the 'bluedogs' were not snipping at his heels constantly while his race was not used as a weapon and issue against him by the media, in agitating the unwashed ignorant, both in Congress and in the streets, to hate his color. False equivalency is an art form here. Truly disgusting what Democrats have done in their deflection, distraction and false equivalency to this POTUS for the last six years. It borders on treason and is COWARDICE and racist in the highest. No matter how you dress you pig, it's still a pig. Transparent and obvious BS!!!!

I hope he lambasts the cowardice of this Party and it racist 'bluedog' supporters once he's out of office, although decorum will probably prevent that from happening.

Also the 'bernies' and 'warrens' have not mentioned the racism rife within our Party. The Party's leadership have not mentioned the upsurge of racist ignorance and stupidity running rampant in the streets of america and the halls of congress for the last SIX years. Who do they think they are hiding the truth from? Me, the world? Nope.

well, bryant

in name only are we one nation. Culturally we are many nations and races and act like it. It's not 'official' yet, but with the polarization currently at work amongst the people in this country, religiously, economically, racially, politically, It's just a matter of time unless we get our shit together and start respecting each other and addressing the disparities tearing at the already worn fabric of american culture. I know what it meant and we're heading that way, and truthfully, I give a damn less. We only have racism, stupidity and ignorance in our people to blame.

make a list

for hillary also. We need a leader that cannot be compromised. If Obama had really stepped on some white PTB nuts or ovaries, he'd be dead now or extremely marginalized as the angry black POTUS'. Our cultural history bears that out. Any black man showing any defiance to any white, no matter the station, is deemed 'angry' and marginalized if he cannot be shot down in the streets openly. History, contrary to popular belief, was not and has NOT been on his side. The regression of this culture, for the last six years, into it's racist origins, is all the proof I need. Get real with your bashing. What's Hillary going to do? Continue bill's bullshit corporate kowtow? Yes. In this compromised and corrupt political system, nothing will help because we have a Democratic leadership that is just as corrupt as the republicans. The system is corrupt. I expected more from our POTUS yet with 'blue dog' and RW obstruction, he never stood a fucking chance and that was from the first goddamn meeting of the rethugs at the first goddam inauguration. Get real with your bullshit criticism and point the finger where it fucking belongs, at obstructionists from both goddamn Party's.

Democrats never would have supported Obama coming out against ANY of your BS list. Oh, the list is true, no doubt, history records it, but Democrats did not support this POTUS at all. They cowered in the corner every time the rethugs or tea drinkers raised their hands whimpering, "don't hit me again".

Fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time.........well you should know the rest.....you can't fool me with your BS list. The truth speaks for itself and it ain't your 'truth'. Period.

+10000, thank you for uncomplicated TRUTH

and the Democratic Party leadership are cowards and have been from at least since 2000. Earlier than that really. Oh and did I mention the 'bluedogs'? Useless and without worth to true progressive movements like we are supposed to be. Did I mention Bill, Hillary, Feinstein, Reid, Pelosi, Wasserman and even with the unprecedented racial and partisan obstruction Obama has faced, it is disappointing to me that he is not speaking out and up on issues like economic disparity among americans, the continued foreclosure debacle, bankers and their greed, corporate power in influencing policy, racism and hate being openly practiced by state sanctioned executioners/murderers, politicians and the average fucking racist in the streets. This 'new' racism is only because of his color as POTUS. He can talk about it now with no danger to his administration and we better hope we come up with a candidate strong enough to weather the RW media backlash IF he should ever speak out on these issues.

This is a sick, sick country politically, racially, culturally and it is not going to be any different in the foreseeable future.

sally hemmings

I'm watching Sally Hemmings: an amerikkkan scandal. Such dressed up historical bullshit . Complete with 'beautiful music. God, I get sick of the realities of this hypocritical, backwardass country. Still that way.

nothing condescending in that response

just an understanding of your ignorance of certain REALITIES in american society. Should you gain enough to try to understand the whole fabric of american society, I guarantee, you will understand. "Uppity" has been applied to our current POTUS by some very ignorant and exceedingly stupid people in this country. So since that is true, then a black child can still be seen as "uppity" and end up laying dead in the middle of somestreet, america with ten bullet holes in him/her put there by a state sanctioned murderer who saw that unarmed child as "uppity" and a threat to white supremacy and culture. So yes it is possibly that some black parents have that word in mind when disciplining a child.

Oh, and while viewing that dead body in the street, leave your hooded robe at home.

very well written article

with good analysis of the "racial divide" in historical and modern parenting. A modern view of discipline in the black and white parenting world is appreciated for it's relevant scrutiny of modern versus historical necessity of discipline in the raising of a black child versus white child. Change is necessary in both forms of discipline used in parenting the children of different races in america, yet the articles last 5 paragraphs/reflections/analysis says it all, to me. White children outside of the abusive family have a natural inclination to believe all is possible and their parents encourage that thinking. Black children today can be told this very same thing but with reservations attached relevant to racial reality in america. Just a fact of american life. Changes do have to be made, but with an eye on the racial reality of living in a nation that does not value black life as they would a "Columbus".

Article is saved for reference.

It is a very complicated world/nation we live in and until all life in this country is respected in an equal manner and, culturally, all people are finally able to let go of their more violent and racist tendencies toward black people and black parents are able to let go of their fear for their children because of those racist, violent white tendencies to hate blacks, the necessities of racial life in america will continue to dictate the parenting norms of all parents on both sides of the "racial divide". And I add, that these types of 'abuse' will continue in black culture and not without necessity.

Finally, I noticed how people, a lot of whites I presume, jumped all over this football player. Yes his 'spanking' was over the line, no doubt. That 4 year old did not deserve that type of violence. Yet the historical precedent is there. I faced it as a child, extension cords and all. If that footballer was displacing his anger/frustration/relationship problems on this child then it was straight up abuse. If that footballer was passing on his inculcated historical understanding of parenting in a racist nation, then that is saying something about the evil of this nation's racism causing this type of 'discipline.

I lay the whole complicated issue of black parenting discipline/abuse on the doorstep of racist white america. Just my take.

#10 same for you

stereotype? mean? crabbed? cruel? NO! truth of the matter, period. The LW has been the cowards that forced him to the center with no loyalty or backup from the bluedogs and all the snipers who forced him to move to the center to get something done. I am so sick of this LW BS disguised as loyal opposition! BS!!!!

yeah, yeah

he's telling like it is again. Democrats have been COWARDS the last six years. No unified support while the POTUS has been attacked unmercifully by the RW and LW bluedogs. Rude Pundit nailed it, again.
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