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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 12,255

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a song penned by a racist slaveholder was never written with all americans in mind. Just the privileged. No one with brown skin, ever.

American justice

shameful how with brown skin you are guilty until proven innocent and with all others, especially the privileged ones, it's the exact opposite. And it has ALWAYS worked that way in this country. North, South East, West.

are you saying

race is not an issue in this election? The white supremacists have made it an important issue with me. Yeah I weep, for sure. Then I dry my tears, wasn't many in the first place really and stand prepared to prove this is my country also.

we must continually

be vigilant to repudiate, as decent human beings, the hate this psychopath has brought into the open. . Many, many people living, born and raised here in america would love their own 21st century hitler. That is the most obvious point proved to me by this election season. And I still can't get it out of my memory how people were laughing at this dangerous psychopath during primary season saying he had no chance. This was the same thing that was said about "that little Austrian corporal".

I was not surprised. American society/citizenry has ALWAYS had a very hateful, mean and racist streak, citizenwise. Well I have had no problem returning the hate to people who are obvious trumpenfuhrer supporters with disdain and derision, openly, if they don't listen to their own heart and conscience. Very mean civil society these days and the whole world is watching. I think there will be fallout about our society and its presidential choices for quite a long time to come after this election.

I am watching

while reading this OP, 'In My Country', about the South African reconcilliation hearings after aparthate ended. I shifted to this reminder above of how Trump would RULE our country. He is a psychopath that is trying to instill this aparthate mentality in his legion of followers for not only AA's but all 'others'. This sadness tacitly approved by the republicans in society and their leadership tells me exactly where they would like to take this society. And what is also sad to me is that all those screaming, adoring women at his rallies would be part and parcel of the treatment 'others' would receive in a trumpenfuhrer administration.

in those areas

let those people try. There will be trouble.

so this repug clown

says, "there has never been a movement like this in history". I beg to differ. 50,000 klan members marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in the 20's was a viable movement of racist excreta, like has has energized again, that has maintained its foothold on the scummist factions in american culture for generations. This asshole is really blind in his narcissism. He hasn't created a movement, all he has done is bring the scum back out into the open to hate and divide our society of diverse citizens. May this POS slink into obscurity, quickly.

the 'media'

and its pundits always knew what a SOS this clown is. Money was the driving force in making this buffoon a viable candidate for POTUS. The love of money is destroying the integrity of our electoral process and along with ALEC, law of the land, ensures controversy in all upcoming electoral processes for the foreseeable future.

I'm not worried

about the hitler clone not conceding, his ignorant, stupid, bigoted, racist self hating followers bear keeping an eye on. Even one can make headlines. Hell, three already have.

HRC is prepared

to lead our nation, wisely and sensibly. Has been studying for 30 years. And along the way she was a confidant of a sitting POTUS, senator, secretary of state and immersed continually in the science of politics. The other? Enriching himself while bilking others out of their livelihoods, paychecks and money. He was denying people, who could afford them, places to live based on skin color, has taken people of color off his casino floors when some racist 'high roller' complained about having PoC as dealers in his casinos, he would order PoC hidden when the emperor and his queen walked through and I hate to think what he might have done to any female employee he happened to corner in private from maid to aide. And he did say the other day, he was "the least racist person someone may know".

And the scum in this country want to make this 'man' a POTUS. It just shows me what and who I have been living among for 68 years.
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