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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 10,791

Journal Archives

How many really think this way?

This is truly why amerikkka can't ever rise above it's racist past and present. If she has kid, the includes the future also. This makes me angry, but also very, very sad, the person in the booth has to listen to this. At least the other person did try to stop the racist diatribe. She did comment.

I'll delve deeper on that.

Not saying I don't believe you and your state/a couple of cities(I really do want to visit San Diego, Oakland/LA/Watts, SF) is on the 2do list.

Is HRC or isn't HRC

accepting money from these clowns that were enabled in the late 90's? Is it true or not? Simple answer will do.

they would not

ride up on adults with the same armament. They really are cowards, who have ridden in the night, killed unarmed POC, children women, men and still are. BUT...have a weapon and tell these lowlifes you're going to take a few with you, they will run. I know.

I laughed heartily

at dt's discomfort. And I was so happy a POC did it to him and this trump POS couldn't say a word.

again, very helpful

for the 'average' citizen.

helpful, but.....

this is only a small part of the solution. His heart is probably in the right place, but some of this is laughable when it comes to understanding why #Black Lives Matter, more and more to POC. If a LEO has murder in their heart, none of this will matter, ask Tamir Rice...ooohh, you can't. Ask James Crawford..ohhhh, you can't. Ask Freddie Gray...ohh you can't. Finally ask Sandra Bland....can't. But helpful to the 'average' citizen..........no doubt.

I know we're considered

disposables, but what about us retired "family" members? Is she going to take care of creepublican efforts to dismantle our "entitlements"? Social Security, VA benefits for us veterans(vietnam-'agent orange') considered an "entitlement" by creepublicans? Is Medicare going to still be there to take care of us "disposables? These all beg an answer? Taking care of the generation(s) struggling with the creepublican forced hardships is laudable and necessary. Yet I hope she doesn't forget that she is part of the disposable generation, although won't be, not as a 1%er, as are not my(our generations) "family members". Really worried...

the air pollution there

would be as bad as the China/Beijing games, wouldn't it????

The political system and the candidate(s)

is all I need as proof of my statement. "Prefer" anything you please, The insulated bubble you're in is sure to burst one day, just don't be close to it....
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