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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 12,134

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don't have to

they have pointed themselves out. All anyone has to do is read all the comments concerning this and other recent incidents. Nothing to do with "inconvenience" either. Look here "a malignant ape has been let off his lease" by the Tea Party, the republican party and RW americans and that malignancy is infecting americans of all stripes and Party's. Those video's wherever they are released are obvious in their intent and personally I don't care how much you or anyone else here denies it, america has shown it's ass these last few months with the rise of the malignant ape as a candidate for Reichwing america and for the last 7+ years because a man of color, a good man won two elections. Have a real good one, yah heah.

god bless america, 2016

I been sayin it and sayin it, these ARE the foot soldiers of the new fuhrer of the New Nazi Party of amerikkka. They will, IF, be the worst of the worst of the trumpshirts. America, will you ever recover from this opened box of Pandora's hate and racism?

I never fear the outward or gun in hand hidden coward

and that is what our "political/cultural/racial "enemies" are. Gun in hand or not.


given these days and times. The 'usual suspects' disparaging and diverting with the usual victim blaming. Posting videos with a purpose that's obvious to any critical thinkers who knows this culture of whites vs blacks. Typical here for some, when it comes to AA and alleged crimes when they are executed by white police officers or citizens.

This case is cut and dry as to action and reaction and those home invaders got the surprise of their life, one his last surprise. So be it. They got what they bargained for. The posting of this video is closely tied to other cases these days, I feel, that are troubling because of statements given and message(s) implied. In the murder of another AA, Oh he was a felon, he had a gun(in an open carry state, he just happened to be black in a open carry state), he was rolling a joint. He was big and scary. All excuses of a self delusional sub group trying to justify egregious actions by those who are outwardly racist executioners of the state. It was racism that drove these people to kill. NO DOUBTS since I live in an openly racist culture/nation of which fact I have no doubt. And to you who say leave, I put my life on the line for this racist nation almost 50 years ago when racism, as is today, was openly practiced and I'm still in danger of being killed by the racism of white supremacists of ALL stripes and political party. That is the point here. The only crime that led to this execution of Mr. Scott was a black man with a gun. NO DOUBT. So all you murder apologists here and elsewhere, you've had at it in this thread and the other thread and your motives are understood without any doubt by this AA.

This woman exercised her right to defend herself, her family and property. I have no problem with that. The posting of video in these obviously racist times I do have a problem with and understand motives for such.

I bet

those murdering cops who have no conscience, when it come to executing non threatening and unarmed AA people in the streets, sleep fine at night also.

oh please

spare me. You've said everything needed to prove my point about "usual suspects" coming out of the woodwork to cast their dispersions, "violent suspect" ect. ect. and you even managed to get your hate of BLM in your response. BRAVO!. Sorry, you're transparent.

distraction diversion coupled

with a wilful social blindness leads to all your answers being a sad commentary on those who have a vested interest in using their social privilege to try to drive home a bullshit point.

you have no real threat

BECAUSE you are in a catagory where you are relatively safe. You're just arguing for arguments sake and that's that. Not worth anymore of my time.


I just don't believe it. No doubts about my living reality in america. White are more of the population and whites ARE more than likely to be disarmed and given EVERY benefit of the doubt before lethal action is used. NOT true in cases involving AA. I know, truth can be uncomfortable to many here. As my daddy used to say, "deal with it"!!

okay, anything you surmise

is all you need. I live in the real world, numbers can be embarrassing to a nation where those numbers can be easily found by anyone in the world and because of that and not wanting to look racist and biased as this nation's policing is, those numbers put up can already be skewed in favor of putting a better face on policing in america. Have a good one. Any person knowing how things REALLY work in this country could figure that out. Geez .
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