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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 8,333

Journal Archives

fuck this station

and the people that run it. And I see CNN and the rest of the MSM still haven't mentioned this story or retracted their based on this story/station's yellow journalism. But then I am not surprised in this day and time in amerikkka.

we've have all been offended

by the backdoor racists that sooner or later end up showing their true colors. This place is just like the demographics of the rest of amerikkka, and fear of losing white privilege is usually at the bottom of a lot of racial defensiveness and slick offensiveness.....no change in that element since I started fighting white ignorance, stupidity and racist hate in the 60's. Take it as a badge of distinction and affirmation that you struck a cord of truth that hurt the undercover people always denying when their denial consistently rings so hollow and fake. The day I leave this site, is the day I will put all my suspicions of just who they all are. Hang in there.

what you just wrote

goes for you, also. I'll just wait for independent reliable information. But with the uptick in racist police shootings and chokings, this look like another one.

well him standing up for humanity and compassion trumps the 'fascist', "our way or nothing",

mentality. Yep, the cops are being silly and that 'mouthpiece' for their union is just agitating. Leave the mayor and by rote his family alone. Angry for the benign reason that the mayor had that talk of real streets, where the father told his mix raced son about the streets how out out of control cops could be, for no other reason than the melanin in his skin.. When our policing system can't be 'protect and serve' and is just about urban warfare suppression, with serious suppression gear/technology available, when a mayor recognizes how out of balance and capricious upholding the law has become, they get pissed. How ludicrous. The mayor understands what's going on, the real danger, alerted his mixed raced son with huge afro, mine was that long in late sixties, well maybe half that size. His son HAD to be told and us too. That's what has pissed the nypd off. That our fears are confirmed. We now know how corrupt, mean and vicious the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association is at this time.

These show funerals coming up, great PR, all politics by the PBA. The PBA in NYC are not so benevolent against the average person of color, be that men, woman and children.... It has become very tedious wondering if some asshole hiding behind a badge, looks at you and just starts hating the face, race whatever. Doesn't happen you say? Garner, Crawford, Brown, Rice, most prominently, lately, proving that fact. It's much more on the streets. It seems if undercover cops of color can't trust their brethren white cops then it seems they are that out of control. Are black cops killing black people or white people in numbers the whites are racking up. This begs an answer. This society is breaking up into factions, it's fitting that it is starting with the the largest police force in this country, with 4 divisions of armed to the teeth uniforms using the badge in a face off with the city administrator with a show of power and intimidation. Then we'd have the guard go in and destroy the blueshirts. The green fatigues will win, eventually, especially if something like a violent insurrection ensues.

The factions mentioned above cover the complete political spectrum, liberals, progressives in the FDR, John Kennedy, Barack Obama Truman, "the buck stops here" defiance style democrats. The RW is full of racists shamelessly agitating, through their network of hate media, sowing dissension and mistrust among their adherents of the 'others'. Hate against the 'others'. It seems the black man woman and child, unarmed, has become fair game for individuals and gangs of thug police with the power of their gun and badge to harass, intimidate and kill, unarmed citizens of color and walk away without censure of any type.... it is tedious as mentioned above to have to wonder if the 'officer(s) are 'normal' or just haters of race, face, race, just look at you and start hating. The police are out of control, NOT the Mayor.

He knows it, the union knows that he knows, and the trust in the toilet. Who's way...draconian robocops on the streets, hardline fascist, observing a curfew with the death penalty for wrong or no papers, wrong place? The leading ELECTED authority, the Mayor, the political, is against happening in NYC, is seems. Fair is fair. New Yorkers voted him in, deal with it NYPD....modern Orwell IS here or coming very soon to a town or a burg near you.

I'd love to see this coward

out there with a pipe in his hand.....easy to incite others to do your evil. We've got to email, call whatever and tell these idiots to step up, let's see you do what you're calling on others to do...savage, rush and the rest on hate television and radio. These are cowards.

sign of the times

and of what the history of amerikkka is replete with. Brutality to others with melanin in their skin. Red, brown, black, yellow, all have been subject to the brutality of Manifest Destiny.


Okay, they were executed and the pigs that did it walked free.

I'm not looking for credibilty from you

I could care less about what you think of me and my opinion of these racist clowns killing, murdering, executing people. One of these days your privileged mind might understand that. Any person of color that is alive in amerika understands where I am coming from. I don't need your grace to say what I feel and you definitely cannot tell me how to feel or express my feelings about certain issues in this society that just won't go away and the KKK mentality that has arisen anew in the last 6 years is one of them .

IF, that happened, true

very simple. Not proven he did, at this time.


I would really like to see/hear/read what you think after and if you look into this latest officer involved shooting incident. Yet the question arises, does not the original call for EMS, since that are such close allies, carry with it a description of who has been shot, officer or alleged perp and that could be a real reason that EMS MIGHT slow down? Just a question. No indictment of EMS. They do always seem neutral.
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