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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 6,486

Journal Archives

there is no what if

zpig is a murderer released back into society by a jury of HIS peers ans since then has continually come to the attention of the police for domestic abuse, weapons in cars in Texas, so he got a pass and now road rage stalking. Poor mentally ill zpig. My heart goes out to him for being such a misunderstood murderer.

Doesn't make you right

or the 'hide' right. You've got your moral victory... yet you're still wrong in trying to make yourself better at someones expense when you haven't walked in their shoes. When my sister was murdered, if that clown hadn't committed suicide, I would have pulled the switch myself. Does that make me some kind of monster to be hidden and shunned? You are entertaining, just in the fact of your passing sentence without all the information being scrutinized. But you are always that way, so no surprise. Proceed.

IT...now wait for it........?????

would never have happened, today, in this political climate,to a RW potus. You are only fooling yourself. Realist know. YOU DON'T or won't or can't accept the truth of this matter. America is racist all the way up to how it treats and for the last 6 YEARS, treated it's current POTUS. No, it's the depths of racist depravity. No heights to this.............


I think the 60's fight for the right to vote and the right to be seen as a 100 per cent man/women, compared to white people and not just 3/5 of a man/woman was in principle the right fight/thing to do. Yet what have we ended up with? The ability to vote in a system where the most power/money/influence is in the hands of the few and the crumbs thrown to the fux news crowd keeps them happy enough to continue to defend this corrupt system that favors their skin color over all others, still. They have the RW media reminding them continually of that privilege system with photos of blacks shot down in the streets by state sanctioned execution and agitating the hate of those 'others' that are destroying their country of blatant bigotry and racism of all kinds.

All those murders I witnessed for this right to vote? Damn near meaningless. As seen today, those rights, hard fought for were nothing more than a placation tool for those brown skinned people. Nothing more, nothing less. Given that those crumbs are being taken away, again today in 2014, by our politicians and high court, I am truly disillusioned more than ever now and highly distrustful of a certain element vying for power and rule in this country.

at last

thank goodness for these implements that can record 'truth'. All those who want to defend wilson the executioner/murderer take a go at it.

there are no civil or humans rights anymore

the bushieboy/darth 'Patriot Act' allowed these people to just go crazy in their power to harass, detain and murder. Patriot Act my ass. What a joke!!!!!! I hope to see a video soon of a predominantly black bar in a situation like this.

nothing silly

I did address it, and your reluctance to face facts. Your group on here looks silly with their persistence in defending the poor golfers who would have been inconvenienced or the poor club losing some of their members and dollars. This is truly a light shined on a lot of people on this site calling themselves 'liberals' and 'progressives" which I find to be BS. This was an obvious insult to BHO and no amount of wishing that it was not will make it any less than the total disrespect of a POTUS. Get a grip. Your transparency is showing. I'm done with all of you. "much ado about nothing"? Fine. But the light shined on this 'incident' has been revealing of the truth of the Democrats of 2014. Very revealing. Fear of being shown what a lot of people in this Party are is what is driving this denial. It's enough for me to say......well I won't say it. Good bye, I really have had a LOT of fun turning over rocks and draining the swamp on this one just to see what comes out and it ain't pretty. I'm ashamed at what I've found in my Party over this incident and for that matter, THE LAST SIX YEARS.

I just squeezed half of a small limes juice

into my coffee. Tastes pretty good to me. Different.

They know what they are doing and no, they don't care.

I woke up this morning literally thinking about the hate in this world. Racial, ethnic, gender, sexual preference, my personal hates and dislikes.... Must have been some hell of a dream. I don't remember them, so I don't know what precipitated this musing. But I trust this board so I'm going to give it a go.

The era started with me in the year 2008, when Barack Hussein Obama ascended to the presidency of the USA, and that era has been one of truly sad wonderment at how really hateful and mean some human beings(americans) are. Given my 55 years of dealing with human hate based on my mixed parentage, in the 50's and 60's, a living hell, I am not surprised nor have I ever been at the amount of hateful people that have finally been vomited out of the modern cesspool of american racism. The racists don't care to hide their hate and filth anymore. The courts are taking away voting and human rights and the RW applauds by saying we're in a 'post racial america'. I'm not fooled, there are still a lot hiding in the racist swamp waiting for their Ra Ho Wa against the "evil minorities and their Jewish masterminds". And they use Fux news and hate radio to give them their justification for that Ra Ho Wa.

America has always had it's fair share of hate mongers, race baiters and just the plain run of the mill haters of anyone 'different' than they, based on whatever critieria that 'other' fits into. There is nothing short of death, theirs, natural, that will stop their line of thinking. Nothing. I can get into the socio-psychological effect that slavery had/has on the ongoing fabric of american culture being woven. I will not. Those who do know are usually not surprised, outraged yes, but not surprised at the executions currently going on in america at hands of state sanctioned officers of the law. The courts generated this hate. Koch broths media has generated this hate. The families that have never had to touch 'dirt' have allowed this hate and that hate has festered for generations.

When Trayvon Martin was murdered I was truly saddened by the fact that the touted 'post racial society' was still a MLKesque "DREAM", African-American POTUS notwithstanding. Yet not surprised. The seeming upsurge in racist, gender and lifestyle hate has ALWAYS been here among the bundy Ra Ho Wa crowd and multitudes of others, BHO just provided, with RW media pundit agitation, the brown person needed as a focus for their manipulative and visceral hate of brown skin. The Ra Ho Wa crowd and others latched onto that manipulation with glee. They finally had justification for their hate and they did not have to hide anymore in our 'post racial society'. Not realizing that their racist hate was pre, now and post hate. Nothing new, just the openness with their hate the likes I haven't seen or felt since Civil Rights days fighting for my human and voting rights. It is realized by decent people as always having being here. Now there are good and decent people of all races, there are mean and vicious people of all races, nationalities, religions and ethnic origins. Whites don't have a monopoly on hate, crime or any other heinous activity of the human race and contrary to the racist and their apologists view, neither do minorities in america.

This constant need by elements of the white community to ALWAYS paint black and brown minorities as somehow more susceptible to crime, greed and malfeasance is just an invention of our RW extremist in this country with the help of their media pundits. Blacks have shot down unarmed whites and whites are shooting down unarmed blacks. Blacks have attacked whites in the streets and whites attack blacks. Blacks hate and fight blacks, in my opinion, because of race engendered self negativity, whites hate and fight whites. And no one race more than the other.

There is no hard truth of any race. The only hard truth is that there are racist whites and bigoted blacks and browns. Period. One has power to perpetuate hate in it's institutions and cultural systems, one is 'reacting' to that power in a lot of negative self hating and defeating ways.

Discussionist is an eye on true society member interaction. Nothing more, nothing less. It has shown me the white denial of their privilege, Du has also, but to a lesser degree. Discussionist has shown me outright racism, misogyny, cultural ignorance and downright stupidity. That is part and parcel of american culture born out of Native American genocide and perpetuated, in part, by slavery of the black race.

It and DU have also shown me decency, love, compassion and understanding and a willingness to dialog on issues that affect us all. DU more than Discussionist by far.

As long as we're talking and trying to relate to each other on a strictly human level, we people of decency, humanity and compassion are the only ones holding back the tide of RW fascism and dictatorship looming on all our horizons. Make no mistake, we are the bastion and the only ones that can fight the racism, hate, bigotry and ignorance that reeks in it's stink while degrading the society and ALL it's citizens. I better stop now.


I wish my POTUS would slap one of these uppity fucks DOWN!!!!!! Who do these goddamn people think they are? Such disrespect only because our POTUS is black. The way Toad is, is what white privilege is about. Never have I, in my 52 years of being interested in politics, seen such disrespect to a POTUS. THIS is why those fucks in blue feel like that can kill and torture black people in the streets. This is why the bundyshit crawled out from under their rocks and from the cesspools of amerikkka's racist swamps. I am so sick of this white supremacy/privilege bullshit..... Fuck you TOAD!!!!!
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