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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 6,875

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glee here!!!!


"everyone, whether white police officer or poor, inner-city minority youth, is innocent until proven guilty". The former is true, the latter IS NOT. Time after time this has been proven true. From the trumped up charges to the guilty sentence to send that brown skinned person to for profit prisons, that person had no chance to prove their innocence. Just ask Michael Brown if he was proven innocent until proven guilty. Oh wait, Michael can't answer that and neither can the thousands who show up in our 'justice system and are brown skinned who are guilty until proven innocent. Just ask the administrators of Ferguson's justice system how they make the many, many dollars for their city coffers.

The ability of people to make a statement such as that "innocent until proven guilty" one amazes me in it's callous disregard of the reality(s) of the american justice system when it comes to the poor and minorities. Just amazes me.

and 99.9 percent

DO look the other way. FACT.

but, but, but

pigs can sing. That is insulting to slyly call me a pig. Yet this site has taught me, among other things, the art of obfuscating, deflection and hypocrite spotting. Thanks.

god bless america

and all the people who ride into the sunset on a white horse with their mate sitting in front of them, white picket fence behind them. Gawd bless em.......and no I don't relate to your brother and the things he chooses to believe, that is your opinion, only, about what I sound like. You have your own 'sound' and it is like a lot of people in this country...... Scream about needing proof of something staring them in the face that is 1000ft tall and growing. The murder of black males and the general harassment of black people male and female is becoming more apparent everyday with the proof of that statement in personal cameras people are carrying around in their 'smart' phones. This type of activity by white police officers against black males and females( I remember that horrendous beating of the woman in California, in public, by that CHP 'peace officer') usually unarmed is RAMPANT. Been going on all the time, just now we're able to watch the lynchings, with the dead laying in the streets for hours to send a message to 'those people'.

People can deny and distract all they want with screams of needing proof of racism and murder. I know the murder of young black people(male threats) usually by white state sanctioned executioners is on going. I am really glad to see the proof I need to stand by that statement is readily available, and with that availability I can see the body count is growing everyday. Proof is everywhere. Here, there, everywhere around our society. That is fact. I'm finished with this discussion. You have a good one watching the sunset.

I would have to see it for myself

as is the case of Michael Brown going for the murderers gun and Trayvon Martin attacking the zimpig. To name a couple in addition to Myers. Then I would believe it. You can relate, evidently, to the people shooting down these men. I can't.

the evidence is everywhere

just have to be able to understand it and my response(s) have nothing to do with the POTUS. I believe he's an american and capable unlike so many. You are entitled to believe what you want and you can think what you will about me. I could care less. It doesn't change the facts of police behavior toward minorities in the new Jim Crow Era black people are experiencing today.

I just got one hidden

for telling one of the 'elite' on here that I didn't owe him/her a response about something I said, ever. 4-3. Hurt their feelings I guess. I meant it and still do. Stand by it!

what's the purpose

of having dialog when it's always one sided. I mean most of the people who we would have to dialog with want to maintain the racial status quo.

last sentence

so true. It probably is true about the personal media being so much more prevalent in recording these 'lynchings'. Damn sure has been happening all the time, every since Reconstruction. Thank god for the cameras that are present in our society. The more people see the truth, the more that will be able to say, "NO MORE" to the state sanctioned murderers.
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