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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 7,640

Journal Archives

Understand this

I don't want to get your point(s). You have nothing that I care to learn or that I would respect in relation to any information offered by you.

well, I'll listen to you

but I know what I discussed with those Africans while studying at Boston University. It wasn't all liberation milk and cookies. Yes I know of the support that the USSR provided to different liberation movements around the world, I don't deny that, but racism was alive and well in Russia(old USSR) as it was here. Just what I got from my conversations with the different Africans I met at different parties and functions in the early 70's. But yes I respect your intelligence and forthrightness. Thank you for any help you might afford to my geopolitical blind spots. I don't know it all, I just know what racism looks and smells like and there is plenty to be found in the last day or so. Here and elsewhere.

yes it is

it's human nature as expressed by the racism as applied in this country to minority's by racist whites. It is their human nature. You are living a misguided lie. Always has been, always will be the human nature of the white racist to hate blacks. Period. You can't and are not qualified enough to EVER tell me what drives white racism. You don't have the qualification my "dear misguided"...................your BS is reeking and insulting. I talked to the africans from Nigeria who studied in russia and they were just as put off with the racist nature of white russians as they were put off with the racist nature of a lot of white amerikkkans. You can.....try to fool people with your pseudo intellectual bullshit, but not me. bye bye. Through with you.

yeah he shouldn't have mouthed off to that

superior force called a white racist with a badge. Black people just aren't supposed to do that. I got you. You have a low bar for for a reason to murder someone.

in all of these Ferguson posts

there are a lot of so called progressives and liberals willing to give mcolic and wilson a pass, just like the G J. Is this because Wilson said a demon was going to attack him that's why he shot Michael Brown 11 times?

class, says it all

not shaming the legal profession per se. You should try to be mature yourself. I wouldn't want you in court with me with your obfuscation. More than 1 I don't like or trust. This 'justice system' is corrupt and putrid and the laws biased and applied unequally. You can sound like the victim under the bus, but you're driving a bus that is an accident waiting to happen and lets racist murderers walk free in MANY states. Good luck on your chosen profession.


I wouldn't shame the legal profession or abuse the legal profession. What's wrong with you? geez

wilson at the time

of the 'incident' DID NOT KNOW of the alleged robbery, he said as much. Quit trying to defend the already putrid murderer you're implying is innocent of all charges with a lie.

funny but true

I wouldn't want this coward as a partner.


from wilson. But according to some, the system worked, so on to the next murder, executioner wilson. I am just amazed at the way wilson's defenders are lapping up this scenario. Truly a reflection of the current state of racial relations in amerikkka. Thanks for this.
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