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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 11,657

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21st century

and still no respect for the Native-american culture(s) or religious concerns. More cultural genocide in the making by profit hungry, greedy people. I hope the Great Sioux Nation will, legally, find away to stop these people from destroying what is a sacred place.

black people should care about black on black

intraracial crime in our communities, but the repubs don't want us to realize race relations got worse because of Obama'a color, not policies. Race relations got a very bad kick in the pants that first Inaugural Ball with the likes of o'connel and ryan et al plotting the destruction of our POTUS and his legacy. Bullshit republicans don't want us to thinking to deeply and realize who is really responsible for the worsening race relations and MURDERS of unarmed, innocent black men, women and CHILDREN. To hell with white republican rushbots.

well here's another

section of our living environment just waiting to be destroyed by a profit greedy corp. Good bye Tanzania, hello envoronmental destruction, probably disaster.

elections? Trump as POTUS ? Yeah we'll see, okay, but does this

also have anything to do with the rise of China's renminbi to world currency status, rivaling, seriously, the dollar, pound and even the euro along with a host of others?

If not, okay....but the quiet machinations behind the current world financial drama playing out because of the China world currency bid which has been granted.....in conjuction with AIIB who touts a 40 nation signatory list....Britain, Germany and Australia on that list in favor of the conversion of the yuan, leads me to see it this way.

yeah right

IF this chump ends up the repub candidate to sit his ass down in the Oval Oficce come January, it will be because the extreme ignorance being shown by his followers allows the media to gin up his 'popular' numbers. This will cause the oligarchs 'capitulation' to the media driven lie of 'popular will' by agitating and manipulating the numbers, the chump will be installed and our 'democracy' will finally be done, for 4-8-years maybe forever. In 2000 there was a coup d'etat by ROVE-CHENEY-HARRIS and company this will keep us at each others throats for a long, long time racially and 'culturally', the precedent has been set.

Just the spectre is frightening. Even the high school students in the so-called liberal enclave/bubble I live in are writng in chalk all around their school, "build the wall, make it tall". It is being done, it was found out, by the baseball team en masse with a few holdouts who are catching peer and teamate hell. Another generation of ignorance and stupidity on the way to spread hate. The world is awash in blood and misery, the fascist elements of the dictatorial leaning Rightwing are surging....I pray we have the numbersin the upcoming GE, in this country, that are so overwhelming that any manipulation of the winners numbers in our POTUS horserace can be contested. I doubt that it would given the precedent set by 2000 but there's always hope...isn't there.. 1933......

it is situations like this

that leave me shaking my head. We need to stop killing each other. The ignorance and just plain self-hate, along with MANY other dynamics, is appaling in how it stays a driving force for black on black crime. We must stop.

this guys mercurial temperment

disappoints sometimes.......


institutional, power driven racism is a white construct. Has been from the beginning. Eveerything in OP is truth. I know it hurts you to think you can be the object of bigotry and maybe you just don't want to admit an historical truth because racism is a purely white american construct in this context. I can be bigoted toward you, yet I have not the means to segregate your race along economic, educational and civil/voting rights lines. I do not have the ability to stop your right to vote as many black people are being denied even in our 'free' democracy in many states in this 21st century. No your objections lack merit because they are based on an emotional response with NOTHING to prove that black people are playing on a level field and therefore have the power to back up and even kill based on race as many whites have and are doing under the authority of the state and it's institutions. Everthing in this country has provided the white race with all the opportunies to succeed, all they have to do is claim their due based on white privilege. There is no black privilege in america. American institutions both educational and civil have ALWAYS been able and still are able to deny a black family that can afford it housing in white neighborhoods with group racism. Some states are denying affirmative action as a redress of generations long racism in the educational area that only impacts worthy and striving POC. Black people don't have white privilege, you do based on the institutional and civil racism that is as american as apple pie and still quite a tool always handy to the white race in america.

I can be a bigot but since I cannot apply any institution against you to deny your dreams as white privilege allows you, white racial policies have done to AA for many generations everything I used as examples to deny equal footing in america. I cannot be a racist. This bullshit about black people practicing reverse racism is just that, bullshit.

one of the groups that are organized

the rest will come from the general population and they are a legion waiting on their man to make their fantasies of making america the white supremacists wet dream again a reality.

common defense

and the ability of a POC to defend themselves has always struck fear into the hearts of racists in particular. A black person with a gun makes all people equal. In Vietnam no one called me n***** to my face. Why? If they wanted to start something, we started out on equal footing. May the best man in the end still be standing and yes there were racial problems between the white racist and black men who just weren't going to be cowed any longer, there and here.

My grandfather was hated in our part of Georgia because he saved his money from his army days and got hold of some acreage. A black man with a thriving chicken/vegetable farm had envious people in the disguise of the klan ride down on him one night. These white sheeted cowards planted their cross of white supremacy and hate and lit it. My grandfather, grandmother, uncle and two neighbors stepped out of the house, armed. Someone shot and the round hit my grandmother, not fatally and according to grandfather those scoundrels took off because my family members fired back. They hit someone because there was blood on the lawn the next morning. Not another peep came from the white citizens. He was left in peace and I went many summers to work and build a work ethic on our farm that I am proud of to this day. That fact of an armed POC fighting back against racism still to this day rankles white racists. And to disarm POC all manner of lies are put forth as to the propensity of POC to cause problems because they are armed which is a lie. All races and cultures in this society have their lawbreakers. Period. Tis the human condidtion. But POC are singled out because there are forces in AMERICA THAT WANT TO KEEP US IN FEAR of the white supremacy lie and it just ain't happening.

The only armed rebellion in these days come from the white racists or disgruntled and confused domestic terrorist with assault weapons.

Lot of pertinent information is in responses here if one wishes to research it.

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