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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 13,516

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didn't the voters for boy-potus and prezidents bannon and miller declare war on americans? Didn't the underground divide of racist, non-racist? americans present since the civil war, racial segregation, opposition(huge) to integration(of POC) become an abyss on Jan 20, 2017 with war declared on ALL POC, immigrants, muslims and independent women?

he's not brown enough

to raise the ire of someone that way. Maybe some boos(I hope but doubt) we're tooooo nice, whistles like in British politics, I hope someone, anyone with a conscience 'stands up' for us real americans out here living in the streets, villages, towns, cities and 'urban' areas' ameriKKKa.

All I know is

the owners and CEO's of our media in ameriKKKa ARE plutocrats. period. In bed with the very wealthy of ameriKKKa, always have been, and really could give less than a damn about people out here, struggling mightily to survive which became exponentially more difficult Jan 20, 2017. We need a truly free press and truth and exposure of those in the ruling class now....AIN'T GOING TO HAPPEN anytime soon outside some perfunctory outrage at some violation and insult to the sensibilities and 'freedoms' of the american people. We're well on our way to '1984'.

these clowns

ruling now, the terrible triumvirate, along with the rest of the mysogynistic ruling class, that's men and women, want to return to the days of Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver, Donna Reed Show, Father Knows Best. Those who in my day watched those shows saw themselves as able to realize this idealized notion of living in america of the time along with men and women trump voters of today who see themselves as the Ralph Kramden type of 'Honeymooners' fame. Mysogynistic bus driver along with his neighbor Edward 'lillywhite' Norton(actual show name), a sewage worker and their two long suffering wives Alice and Trixie. Donna Reed Show was just soooo white. Beaver, never saw a black on that one either, it was the ICONIC SYMBOL of whitebread ameriKKKa. The boy-potus remembers watching these shows of "idealized suburban american families" and culture of the 20th century, no POC...I would go on but point is made. The terrible triumvirate wants this lie again.

No thanks donnie boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and your puppets masters, prezidents bannon and miller can kiss my royal ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: IT AIN"T GOING TO HAPPEN, no matter how hard you wish it storm:

well, what can be expected

checklist: brown skin
brown eyes
furriner sounding names
terrorist sounding names: over there, show me your papers!!!!!! trumpland

idaho rape case

if anyone has been following the case in Idaho where 3 whites were accused of anally penetrating a developmentally disabled black team mate with coat hangers and racially harassing him for months got 300 hours of community service with probation...it's in today's Guardian. The judge in the case district judge Randy Stoker said it wasn't a rape and that he felt there was no racism involved in the attack...us out here don't understand the case...

every media outlet 'blacklisted'/banned

should really do some serious introspection on their irresponsibility in the last 18 months or so in not pursuing journalism or being journalistic outlets with a mission of truth and exposure, instead being, for the most part, infotainment that kept the infowars citizen enthralled with conspiracy BS that fed his racist excitement at having a white nationalist as 'ruler' of the free world. Now it's getting to be too little, too late for hard questions..

When 100 women came forth with sexual harassment claims, the media stayed on it for the appropriate 'outraged' length of time for the attention span of the average viewer of the now banned media sites. Fox Spews excluded from that group, their viewers have even shorter attention span until Hillery or Obama was mentioned then their "dumbed down" minds mustered the few brain cells they have to be able to shout "Kenyan", "birther", "lock her up", Benghazi".

When his infamous claim of fame involving the grabbing of an unconsenting women in her private body area, news media made light pretty much, laughing behind their mikes when the cameras went to break.

When a 13 year old girl was rumored to have been raped by the now boy-potus, not much traction or investigation. Page ten after that on any flurry of legal activity..it died a death of insignificancy.

When it was verified he would walk in on nude teen beauty pageant contestants because it was "his pageant, his right", there was not much made of the perverted nature one must have to think this way.

The media helped to dumb us down to the danger of a trump prezidency when we were given so many clues as to the upcoming nature and mental state of the boy-potus. DUers were shouting pretty loud, for the most part, when we weren't divided and metaphorically stabbing each other in the back, over Bernie vs HRC many of us were pushed aside if we hollered too loud about the danger, which helped further OUR distraction from the danger. Now our MSM has been shown to have been very irresponsible because of its quest for profits and not truth. Welcome to the dictatorship. But I know all of you MSM, sooner or later, will go groveling at the feet of the KKKtriumvirate ruling now, and you will, with a few(important) concessions that further helps to kill the press in this country, be right back there with the spicerliar, asking softball, inane questions while Rome burns. AmeriKKKan MSM you did it to yourself and sadly us too.

Now we have a known white supremacist and racist as Chief strategist/string puller of the boy-potus, miller is just a racist basket case with a large mean streak pulling strings on the boy-potus also. Damn ameriKKKa, really fucked up this time...bigly, hugely maybe even fatally....

another diversion/distraction

from the conjob/bromance of putin and his boy-potus. As things heat up for the clown in chief, these diversions and distractions will escalate to keep his base either shouting for our blood or too fearful as to where the next nuke will drop?? Yeah, I'm fucking calling it. Marijuana? It'll just go underground, again. And as some poster said yesterday...allow the RW fascists to fill up the for-profit prison system that the KKK-in-chiefs, boy-potus, bannon, miller and their AG klanner chief have said they will keep open even after President Obama had tried to phase them out. And guess who the predominant 'guests' of those prisons will be? GOD!!! This country sucks now...but always told my friends, we were but an election away from this type of RULE. Too much racist hate was underground and now in the open and proudly proclaimed. They laughed at me....a Dr. friend of mine told me...begrudgingly "I guess you were right".


but so true in it's implications

they are trying

but I think while seriously damaged, our form of government will heal in time having learned valuable lessons about the racism in the RW "make ameriKKKa great again" Party, and how deep the cancer of hate has spread that has always been in the culture and fabric of american living.

I will work to try to help it survive, because just like those repubs whining about losing healthcare because of the racist triumvirate they voted into office, I prefer that the children, anti-administration people and animals of the world have a chance at living and not dying at the hands of a madman. Purely selfish reasons just like those who voted for trump. As soon as they get what they need to survive, the will get back to "making ameriKKKa great again". Guaranteed!!!!!! 1 out of 10 MIGHT see the error of their way...maybe. They are so blinded by hate and the specter of white supremacy reigning in ameriKKKa, again.
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