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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 12,738

Journal Archives

everyone who voted for trumpfuhrer

is the coward in this scene. The missiles have a good chance of flying this time around, both out and in. I will not fear this fuck, I will hate him and who he stands for till the end of my time on this FUBAR planet.

deplorable Alex Jones radio show

listener. And jones is a personal friend of the trumpfuhrer. Imagine that..................


he IS potusfuhrer-in-waiting now....I'd say he had his finger on the pulse of racist, misogynistic ameriKKKa and he cut off the oxygen while fingering that pulse, long enough to guide the fingers of those oxygen starved racists to the trumpfuhrer vote button.

for better or worse?

they have the nerve to ask that? This normalization of racist scoundrels is going to get old real soon. I will NEVER accept the POS as a POTUS. president of the racist(s) states and people, that's it. The rest of us can only resist until or dying of hunger or lack of essential medication or abortion services. Goodbye Roe v Wade. Good by Civil and Voting Rights Acts. Completely this time. They have been dismantling every since the nixon-atwater 'Southern Strategy'. POS of the Year is more like it.

off my chest

I sat this morning wondering how to frame this query. So I'm just going to put it out here.

AA are going to lose valuable progress in racial relations and gaining a stronger foothold on equality of life in a racist culture, yet 8% voted for the incoming white supremacist(s) and this immediately after 8 years of an AA POTUS who worked wonders with an unprecedented willfully, strongly obstructive, House, Senate, Tea Party, Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the racists. David Duke and the KKK was not disavowed as supporters of the incoming fuhrer.

30% Latinos voted for the wall builder white nationalist(s).

29% of Jewish voters gave the nod to a man with two known anti-semites in his personal circle of friends and administration. Well known, openly anti-semites Steve Bannon and Alec Jones.

51% of white females voted for someone and a Party who will try to take a women's right to make decisions concerning her own body and throw that choice out with the dishwater.

This election has put some individuals into the WH that are known to lie, cheat, grab...well you know what...con, deny black folks a place to live based on their skin color all in the name of the bullshit excuse of needing "new blood" in the ever growing, not draining swamp of D.C. We have an arch conspiracy theorist who has the ear of the incoming potusfuhrer-in-waiting, white racist/supremacist/nationalist(s) roaming the hall of the WH. A white privileged family that will get even richer playing with the influence granted them by the potusfuhrer-in-waiting. Ivanka sit in anyone-japanese prime minister meeting sit in while she is actively seeking business dealings with that country.

Why are the hate filled ameriKKKans so hard to eradicate when it is obvious that color of the skin is ALL that counts to 99% of them. NOTHING ELSE. Rust belt crybabies, AA, immigrants didn't send your manufacturing out of this country, high union wages and CEO's whose only god is the bottom line, did. This liar-in-chief WILL NOT return high paying jobs to america. The whiners just need to gird up, take some classes on the changing technology and pull themselves up by their bootstraps
The rich people, hell they know that in their little safe enclaves they can enjoy the show of all of us at each others throats fighting for the crumbs that the massa, wall builder, male supremacist(S) are going to THROW at us all, women, AA, Latinos.

What is wrong with americans that they hate each other so badly. Slavery? Segregation? 64-65 Voting and Civil Rights Acts, immediate response to those Acts from white people with 'Southern Strategy' all the way to Reagan, Bush I, Bush II and now our real enemy in the WH, Trumpfuhrer? American of color and the rest of the liberal/progressive Left have been slowly pushed into the RW toilet, now that it is full, I am just waiting for the trumpfuhrer to flush and create dangerous, hungry times for millions, black and white and especially seniors depending on Medicare and Social Security.

Is there a way out of this morass? 2018 is not promised, I mean now!!!!!!

yep, 100% fascist pig

the solace I have is they will end up suffering, like everyone else. Before it's over they will be shouting,LOCK HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!

but, but

what about morals? She was and always will be associated with the porn industry. Her husband will destroy this nation, guaranteed. These people are rich lowlifes. Voted in by lowlifes.

well we are going from

the height of class and intelligence to the dregs of society, voted in by people who are mostly dregs of society. Steve Bannon and Alec Jones among the top dregs along with our porn star first lady to the fuhrer-in-waiting.

Yeah I was a union steward

for years. I had to fight management and union hypocrites like the "union officer". They can be very racist also, under the cover of union official. Big problem in some unions, for years.
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