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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 8,590

Journal Archives

yep and I will have to agree,

in principle, to a certain point. I think all this heavy handed killing of civilians such as in Nigeria, Ukraine and Israel has no purpose except to terrorize. We, as a race, the human race , have so far to go in reaching any enlightenment. We are dragging ourselves through the mud, still.

shut it down

I don't need no stinking protection........

what you say is fine and well

yet it doesn't take away from them being openly pro-nazi. You can try to diminish them as a political force, yet cancer always starts with one cell. White supremacist banners and confederate flags(small c intended) flying from toppled Lenin statues and destroying memorials to Ukrainians who died fighting the nazis is NOT benign behavior by a few. Tyahnybok and his Goebbels quoting deputy Mykhalchyshyn. What about Svoboda being linked to an international constellation of neo-fascists through the Alliance of European National Movements? His thugs and the Euromaiden battles? McCain is an idiot along with anyone that supports this thuggish party. These thugs are just playing out the continuing story started in WWII and continued with the Reagan administration being cozy enough with UCCA as to have many in his administration. Diminish all you want, our media is ignoring the huge iceberg right under the surface while pointing to the cute little ice flow on top.

sad but true

I will be holding my nose. But yes, VOTE DEMOCRATIC, It's the only SLIM hope the 99% has. Money in politics, ALEC, gerrymandering caused this, in a HUGE way.

what about

McCain's buddies the Svoboda?

troglobite americans

voted these homo habilis into office, let those who voted for these clowns deal with the consequences. Too bad the rest of us will have to also.


21st century amerikan gestapo.....and it's going to get worse for all.....some already have faced this type of draconian 'justice', apprehension, detention for many, many years. Others like this hapless gentleman will be informed of their non rights very soon. This POS represents the protect and serve mentality NOW. Protect and serve the 1%. I actually don't feel sorry for the uninformed and the willfully misled that gobble up Foxsnooze. They are in for a rude awakening. Well, most anyway.


slowly the human race has been turning, inch by inch, step by step.......... ..........to an earlier time......


mean and vicious culture kids are learning from and living in.

the republicans

have really turned this country into an evolving nightmare and we have many (hours) to go before, if ever, we can wake up. When are our leaders(DEMOCRAT) ever going to really fight back? I feel I'm on a ship of state that is leaderless, rudderless and lost on an ocean of fear of the RW power that has TAKEN OVER this country and the minds of a majority of it's citizens.
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