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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 13,013

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the new fuhrer let it be known who he is coming after first with all his bullshit dog whistles about "carnage and gangs" almost in the same breath. Get ready for many more innocent and unarmed men, women and children of color being shot down in the streets. Hell this fuhrer might even allow lynch mobs again, on a national scale. He has always been the enemy from when he refused to rent to blacks in the 70's all the way up to today's inaugural speech written by he and the arch racist steve bannon. Get ready for real hard times folks, this POS potus is not kidding. He hates blacks especially, muslims and latinos. Funny asians haven't been included in his 'lineup' yet. Probably on the way if shit hits the fan with China.


what hypocrisy this is....while President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama represent civility and integrity...those other two have none. I quit....wearing a black arm band today and everyday the fuhrer and his Eva Braun are in office.....sad, sad day

in the resistance mode

today I plan on wearing a black arm band.....and I will wear it everyday the fuhrer reigns...after that....violence is an act of desperation by desperate men and women intent on holding onto power over others as we saw at Jackson State College in Mississippi and Kent State in the 70's....I am afraid that we must wait for their violence to have a proper response....WE MUST NOT INITIATE. Black arm bands to create awareness among the unaware who are made aware by republican measures to take from the citizen and local meetings of concerned anti-fuhrer groups to discuss resistance to every draconian measure coming our way. We must think...not just react. Too late to stop the fuhrer from taking power, but millions resisting peacefully will keep our displeasure with our fuhrer in the worlds view...it's a start...the black arm band....for me. I'm open to non-violent suggestions of open resistance by individuals...... at this time .

To all interested

I will be wearing a black arm band today and everyday that the new fuhrer reigns.

money means

all must bow to the power of its holder. 700 acres....sounds fucking greedy to me...but wait...he's, he's a super-uber rich american... so never mind its okay...been doing this type of stuff since the 'Trail of Tears' and before. Now its not a POTUS demanding the land just some rich asshole doing it. When's enough, enough????????????????

these type of people

just do not realize, as people who have to experience this type of constant assault, how racism is so intertwined in the subconscious daily lives of the people who feel entitled to say and think anyway they please and when something like this occurs always try to end up the aggrieved party while always denying wrong thinking about another human being with different skin color. After all these generations, this type of thinking is too fixed and implanted to the point I think it's hereditary now. Trump and his deplorables proves this widespread racist type thinking with action and consequence of their ignorance and stupidity to be widely experienced shortly by ALL americans.

Oh, I have looked

at the lies, hypocrisy and read, listened and just end up shaking my head at the known obfuscation and BS people have to believe to grab hold of lies about the racism, ignorance and stupidity of certain segments and sub-cultures of ameriKKKan society and how it impacts PoC in the streets of ameriKKKa. Believe what you must. I do have the truth on my side and you will never, never have such.

And with the last 8 years of AA's men, women and CHILDREN being assaulted and killed in the numbers that are relevant to the truth of my words, by the likes of a zimmerman pig to the killing of an 11 year old in cleveland to the suspicious hanging of a AA woman professional in a texas jail....with the ascension of THE racist-in-chief friday to POTUS, this country will just show, to the world, how ignorant and lowlife and RACIST ameriKKKan people can be.

Nothing you believe will change the truth I have lived and seen. bye...

american purists

who have denied racism, inequality both cultural, social and economic just so things go on as they always have for generations in this country..... This country will be in serious distress after 20th of January especially when trumpfuhrer brownshirts, both civilian and under badge and weapon, take to the streets "to make ameriKKKa great again".

We are in a

race/class war, with trumpfuhrer claiming a lot of the struggling yet racially hateful working class who blame the ills of this society on AA, immigrants doing jobs their feelings of white entitlement won't allow them to do and of course different religious and culturally obvious people.

We are at the start of the 2nd American Civil War and this time it really will be for the soul of this country, for real social and racial equality, and for a good long look at the economic inequality inherent in american capitalism. We are at war now. After the 20th of this month I expect that racial and bigoted incidents that are happening already with trumfuhrer brownshirts being openly racist, but these incidents not making the into the MSM will happen to a point where ameriKKKan racism cannot be hidden or overlooked any longer.

AmeriKKKans are going to show us what has been under the surface of that huge scab for generations.

truly disgusting and pathetic

liar, con and all round pitiful and a wretched person to boot.
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