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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 11,817

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this is our future

if the New Nazi Party of America wins in November.

your logic

is flawed. The Republican Party is the New Nazi Party of America. Racist, hateful and anti-what america is supposed to stand for, in this world. Very flawed logic and Hitler-Trump would be and is proud of that blond, blue eyed NAZI.

now I can understand why

these vets who become police officers are so willing to shoot unarmed people, AA mainly, and get away scott free to do it again or end up with a gofundme account that has a few hundred thousand dollars in it contributed by members of the New Nazi Party of America. Then they retire to a beach in Costa Rica becoming a racist 'expat' damning n******, liberals and just about anything with brown american skin.

With the election of Barack Obama I had hope that brown people had a chance to shake off history's shackles of hate based on race and finally be accepted as a full 100% american citizen with all rights to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I know this is a pipe dream after the last just say two years of extra judicial executions by shooting and hanging of unarmed men, women and CHILDREN that has culminated, for me, last evening with the hate speech of the new RW Fuhrer who promisied only one thing, to make america a white paradise once again. I know if this nazi is elected the rights for minorities will be totally abrogated because the new RW Fuhrer wants all others to live in fearful subservience to the whims of ALL white people IF they don't have a skill like Dr. Carsons. Then they will be allowed to happily steppin fetchit.

America, I WILL NOT EVER LIVE IN FEAR OF white people. You tried once to solve this american race/class problem with a Civil War, in which a horrenddous amount of killing, and that has never ended, was a temporary solution. Civil and Voting Rights legislation were other temporary solutuions. Now I will wait and see what our nominee HRC has to offer to try to heal the ills of the social structure or whether she will even address what is going on in this country with the slow takeover of the New Nazi Party of America.

One more Convention, then the die will be cast, America will either turn to the decent people among us who will vote the NNPA back under their rock or reap what racial hate has sown for generations..........

If we don't quit we will probably cause a trainwreck......

Elizabeth Warren would be a fine pick for VP, I feel, yet we must be about defeating the nazi first. Then we can hold HRC's feet to the fire IF she becomes someone not for the common working person as Elizabeth Warren really seems to be for, US, WE.


anything you say.................about this nazi.....


she walks the walk and talks the talk no matter what people might think, feel or say. In saying that I'm not saying what I agree with or disagree with in her statement. I respect her.



many at my AA elks lodge

are and support the republican party, especially our leadership. One of the reasons I stay there with my foot in their a**, metaphorically speaking of course


this is a set-up piece, right? Not real, right?

white privilege

CNN, MSNBC FOX NEWS are going to make her a fucking hero to the reichwing. This election season is truly disgusting with the Reichmarshall and his wife vying for the White House. Truly disgusting, abhorrent, offensive and distasteful people. America how low can you go?
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