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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 6,819

Journal Archives

happened once before

it is no stretch to imagine it happening again. The MIC is the real power behind the throne. I don't care whether you believe it or not. And even with knowing how corrupt our system of 'democracy' is, yes, I'm going to vote on principle and nothing else. This 'democracy' is verging on a banana republic. SCOTUS corrupt, police departments nationwide filled with corrupt murderers, in our vaunted Congress money determines the laws that are passed or not. At one time americans had a chance to change the direction of this country and we tried. Then BAM!!!! Reagan and nancy ascended the throne and we were done as a democracy. You can pretend to not see the writing on the wall, yet realize not everyone tries escape or deny the reality of what this country stands for now.

Per your last description of a scenario describing this country. No, they don't get rounded up and carted away in the night here, they are just shot down in the street and left there for hours for walking in that street or they are slapped on the wrist for a "melee" involving looting and rioting at some 'pumpkin festival'. Just to name a couple of examples, recently. Your choice.

I live in the real world and have been all my life. Good luck.


I have had my eyes opened about some who call themselves 'progressives and liberals', on this site, every since Trayvon Martin was murdered by the zimpg.

That bigots

are able to continue their generational bigotry at that age with the acquiescence of parents is reflective the the systemic, institutionalized and culturally driven nature of amerikkkan racism. Until the parent stop infecting their kids with racial hate, incidents like this shall continue to happen. And good teachers such as Ms. Aister shall continue to be the scapegoats of cowards like those on this school board. I applaud that brave teacher.

he did not LIE

BS. You would not know the truth if it was standing, 100 feet tall, in front of you.

american racism

killed this man. All others who are white have been treated with that experimental drug. Just pure american racism is at the bottom of this unnecessary tragedy.


day by day, this type of overt hate is becoming more the standard than not. They aren't the right color for that genteel sport of kings and queens. It gets infuriating really.

Well mr. prez

if you were in Iceland you might be right, but here, IF he jailed any bankers of note or tried, he would be where Jack Kennedy ended up, with a fucking bullet in his head. Go tell your garbage to someone who can change this system and stop complaining about a POTUS who's done a lot for a lot of people. No, he couldn't live up to all the promises he made, NO politician in this system ever has or ever will. They are limited by this system and when you add a bunch of hateful people grinding against him, both R and D, he never stood a chance. Wake up and look at reality and the american system. Money rules, not principle, ethics or promises. MONEY!!!! Obama and NO POTUS, will ever change that.

I'd be willing to bet if a republican was in office, those items you're paying more for now than in september would be double that .75cents.


if you say so, but I can't get past your agenda to believe you.


The 'blue dogs' kept that majority from being effective. Just ask Pelosie and Reid. They stabbed Obama in the back just as regularly as the rethugs stabbed him from the front. All this selective memory stuff is old, tired and worn.

given the makeup

of our political system that has ALWAYS been bought and paid for by the 1%ers, Barack Obama has done some good things regardless of your, he's done nothing BS. No POTUS has a chance to be a Roosevelt or a Lincoln anymore. Money is too much a part of who gets elected and what that elected person can accomplish. He or she really tries, in this system, they are marginalized or assassinated. The sooner the idealist come out of the clouds and walk on solid ground, the better off all of us(D's) will be.
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