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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 11,961

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if you say so

I am just not so sure. HRC has the women's vote I presume, but with the "let it bleed" media looking for $$$$$, the truth does not matter anymore, as has been always in this country, only ratings count. This sub standard 'media' we have providing our 'news' is a shameful reflection of our substandard culture driven by hate of all typesthat has been here ALWAYS but is being refreshed and revitalized by the like of Trump and his surrogates like Lepage of Maine ect.. Even with being a retiree, I am out in this society everyday, yes everyday for between 4 hours to longer, doing a public service job. Americans are angry, spoiled with a mentality that is narcissistic, privileged and selfish, these days. This election season is creating more angry, violent idiots that I even saw with Nixon and Atwaters machinations of the electorate in my first voting election.

thank you for your information

on slavery-serfdom, Europe and other places. FYI I do not watch any "if it bleeds" MSM. Just don't because of who, for the most part, are able to slant the news to be important to those that wish to remain fearful and uninformed. My knowleddge comes from years of private study that started in college. One such resource I have relied upon, 'The Destruction of Black Civilization: Great Issues of Race from 4500 BC to 2000 CE. is among many I still refer too. Lerone Bennett has a series that was/is important in my understanding of american slavery and trade and that I still rely upon.

I understand human nature in regard to how warfare and dominance has played a prominent role in the fits and start progress of the human race in both intra race and inter race warfares of dominance and greed. Therein lies my basis for knowing who and what has been responsible for the many millenia's of hate, warfare and destruction of whole civilizations and cultures over the history of human existence. All have been responsible, no race is without taint.

Allies come and go. Those that stay, in my experience, are not driven by any real loyalty to the AA, just by an ethical and principled standard that all should try to attain to achieve a real discernable movement toward equality that won't takre another 6000 years to attain. Those who leave never were allies. Period.

I appreciate this discourse. I have a need to understand the viewpoint of those like you because it helps me to feel there is a glimmer of hope that truly good people can change this world in positive ways, one day.


its just that all the women screaming with hate etched in their faces at his rallies give me some concern. I just hope enough of us liberals and progrssive can sink the hateful ship of the trumpenfuhrer.

I know that half of american voters ARE conservative VOTERS

that is the major reason for racism STILL being so entrenched and embedded in this society and its culture since the first slave was freed. When the first slave ship, The Good ship Jesus arrived in Jamestown, a British 700 ton, no one at that time had an inkling of what horror, degredation, murder andd rape that would last for centuries right up to our modern times it held in its hellish hold.. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

I am 68 years old and have been voting since 1972. I have since watched in disdain as this country has slowly drifted toward the extreme RW conservative abyss that it is looking into now with this election choice that the conservatives have nominated as their candidate. What mockery, what insult to all black and white patriots who have died fighting for equality for all in this society. Minorities in this country should not still in 2016 be fighting to vote. Young blacks should not have to deal with fear every time he or she sees a police officer as they walk or drive in our 'free' society. From Trayvon Martin to Tamir Rice and Sandra Bland the reason for this fear is murderously clear and it is despicable in its stinking hypocrisy.

Minorities are americans ready to give their life for this country. I am a man who has always been classified by the early american apartheid system as a minority volunteered for Vietnam asnd the Army. Misguided loyalty but true and served honorably, ETA as Sgt E-5 after 2 years 7 months active duty, 13 months in Vietnam. I came home and was still classified as negro, a word with negative connotation and worse. The worse word still used frequently in this society to prejudge a certain type of citizen of america. Don't misunderstand me, religion, fear and the hate fear creates has kept racist white people hateful and always potentially murderous.

It's the conservatives shooting and killing young, unarmed AA men, women and children. Not progressives or liberals. Conservatives have made themselves a hated group in my experience with them. You can intimate that I am racist or bigoted because I see the hate of bigotry and racism when some whites interact with AA. I see and hear it every day in the job I do. Whites try to bait me with talk of section 8 housing and robberies that are perpetrated by AA. I never take the bait except to say whites do the same thing. Rob, kill, rape and destroy whole cultures and countries.

I don't hate all white peopler, just the ones that hate me based on their superficial and ignorant criteria, my skin color. Yes I DO return hate for hate just as I do for love and kindness. Turn the other cheek in not in my vocabulary and never will be. American liberal and non racist conservatives, if such an animal exists among whites, need to GROW UP and tell their racist counterparts to cease and desist their ignorant and antiquated ideal that white skin is supreme and start working, TRUELY, with all citizens of this nation to finally make it the great nation it has the potenial of being.


don't these closet david dukes know that we know what's going on with their hate. They just don't care and see the poorAND minorites as expendable. Same thing going on where I live, all R&D and other work in the far suburbs and no public transportation for people lucky enough to be hired. It's a fucking shame we have all these racists in leadership positions voted in by a racist base that walks among us silently smirking inside knowing that they are trying to destroy "those people".

I don't think

all trump supporters are nazis, for sure, just 99.8% of them. I have a neighbor that is not a nazi, unless he is a closeted one yet when I point out the bigotry and hate spewed by their fuhrer and all the david duke types he has not disavowed, in this, he says, he does not agree with his fuhrer, but says its really all hyperbole to gin up the vote. Yet according to him, "trump is a self made man and not beholdden to anyone". I ask what about manafort and the russian connection plus the rumblings some of trumps war chest funds came from putin, he blows it off as liberal press bias and lies. Just can't breach their walls of ignorance. That's what's depressing. Just how awful their level of awareness is concerning their fuhrers real motives and pathology. That young man in the store is a ben carson the younger I imagine. I really can't see him as getting paid by trump to say what he was saying as a ben carson or any other AA on his campaign does, so that makes their inability to face reality about their leader all the more depressing to me.

Yet I know that all who cheered on hitlers rise in the beginning were not nazis, yet look where their support got them. That precedent worries me, period.


I was in a store yesterday

and ended up walking out quite depressed and disgusted. A youngish AA male, was on his phone talking about the person running as nominee for the New Nazi Party of America. He was impressed by the nazi and was unashamed to talk openly about his support. He disparaged Hillary on the 'corporate spokesperson' meme. He disparaged her on the Benghazi meme, and kept on with those Foxsnooze talking points. I turned around and looked directly into his eyes and shook my head in disgust. He continued with a glowing account, quieter, of how he sees the fuhrer as '"different" because he is real and not the typical politician like HRC and even Bernie was used.. My self serve register opened I turned to him and said "no" quietly, he ignored me and did not meet my eyes and thankfully my register was far enough away that I was not subject to any more insult to my reason.

This is the danger of trump, as I sense it, a culture has been since reagan in dumbdown the youth mode that has sufficiently done its work. Every word for many is taken at face value and inquiring minds are rare in disputing gained information from lying demogogues. With education and history of america redefined and many important parts totally obliterated about how demagogues get their start with lies that appeal to low information individuals who have spent all their time on 'pokemon' and 'Furious' genre type movies it is no wonder to me how quickly a racist, bigoted, individual such as trump could get a foothold in the minds of those who ignore the truth about trump or just don't care to know. The zombies running amok in a lot of the modern movies also appeal to these individuals also in the sense of the nazis appeal to their fears of coming apocalypse caused by rational human beings such as populate, so far, the majority of american voting public.

I am wondering just how many 'hiddden' votes are out there like this young man?

hey, not just racist

say stupid shit like that. OP is correct, this culture has come up with a litany of excuses ready made for white transgressors of the law, and just a couple for percieved 'thugs' who are brown skinned. I stoppedd being fooled about equality of races when it comes to american culture and attitudes of the dying majority a long time ago.

it proves OP's point

one example based in a reality that white kids and idiots like lockte get a pass, with words like "mistake", ect ect when he is actually a thug.

lockte and others

are thugs and exhibited suburban thug mentality toward Brazillians. They should lose their medals and be sent home in shame.
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