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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 9,082

Journal Archives

This clown

is an excellent addition to this car. And just because some on here say he's "moderate" and a "nice guy" because they may know a snyder family member also doesn't make it so. This a a RW idiot like all the other RW idiots vying for the power to put POC "back in their place" asking the master for more and all poor people in the trash bin of their history. To hell with snyder!

just because you say so

doesn't make it true. IF someone that I know and converse with on a regular basis suggests what you have, I will consider it. Period. You can spout all you will, won't sway my opinion as stated in my post. Yes, the original OP had nothing to do with the racist nature of this culture. I know that, yet I WILL NOT delete a word of what I wrote, just because you think I should. That would be me failing my self and beliefs. Have a good day.

why is it always

hyperbole? Whenever the hate, racism and ignorance of a huge portion of the privileged class of the citizenry of this society is pointed out, it's hyperbole, yet when denial of these facts by another segment of this society is pointed out, ohhh all type of insult is inferred and outrage commences. I DO NOT love the continuing and my growing understanding of the hypocrisy that this country truly represents, it makes me want to CRY!!!!!! It definitely makes me ill....

"best show going"

for you.

to those gleefully

pointing out, IN A DIFFERENT OP, black people not getting along in that small town in Missouri, this is still going on and rising in amerikkka. The fact that POC can't agree with each other does not change this FACT of embedded racism in this culture that is causing murder and executions of unarmed black people in this society every 36 hours.

state of affairs

in amerikkka's heartland, westland, southland, eastland and northland. How sad it is that ignorance, hate and stupidity is embedded so deeply in the culture and more importantly minds of americans. Sad indeed. So much for democracy in that town. ON EDIT: Well given the direction amerikkka's society is moving it is EASY to surmise, without reading the article that this was yet another attempt by the privileged class to deny americans of color their rights. BUT not so in this case. Some kind of power struggle of which the details are probably sordid. No racism to be seen in this case does not take away from the FACT that this culture, IF it wasn't something that would destroy the illusion of freedom and democracy in the eyes of this world's population, would pull this every time a POC got elected into some office of 'power'. Just look at how jack shit crazy racist the RWers got and have been with the POTUS the last 6 plus years.

So yeah, all the ones on here so gleefully pointing out the power struggle between POC in this town, so what. This country is still embedded with a racism that this culture's PTB created and use as a tool against all who are not in the 'club'. If the RW gains power in the next general election, this will become reality for all who are not in the 'privileged class' of this racist and classist society.

I'm so glad

this execution is not going away. I hope it stays a thorn in the side of ferguson 'officials', police and otherwise, for as long as the sun rises and sets on that damned town.

who cares about these neanderthals

hell, there were people on the titanic who believed the ship wouldn't sink. I just hope that I'm not here to hear their screams.

Nothing funny here

revealing? Yes. Really a sad state of affairs as exhibited by these very 'lucky' people.


that was quick.....wonder why. Not really.
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