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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 10,203

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that the north was just as racist as the south, no doubt he would have been found not guilty by a jury of his............peers

white privilege

at it's starkest hatefulness. What a joke texas is but hell didn't a majority vote for cruz? What can be expected. The kids will continue to be ignorant of truth, therefore can't challenge lies and they'll learn Orwellian think-speak.

Don't care what I'm taken as

by people living in a privileged area of amerikkkan reality. I really could care less about what or who people take seriously or not. I'm serious about the ongoing racial hate and economic disparity in the american hypocrisy called democracy. Yes, all my life I've been serious about injustice. Spray painting a statue, good start. Now tie a rope around it and pull it down so it breaks into a million pieces. Serious about that. Burn all the confederate rag-flags that I can find. Yep, serious about that. You have a good one...


the junkies for white supremacist power tried to take over during that 'civil war', they failed and have been pissed every since. From Presidents all the way down to the everyday person, male and female, just pissed. I know it's hypocrisy, just my play on the american lie of democracy for all, here and abroad.

they fought to

defend the right of slave holders to keep people in forced bondage because of something called white supremacy. Still around today by the way, dylaan roof is a perfect example of the hate generated by their southern heritage and pride. What would you do if you have been called a n***** all your life, both surreptitiously and overtly, by people who stand up for that rag called a confederate flag. That's hate. I would have executed Jeff Davis and Lee. POC understand and are reminded of what's fair and what's not fair, everyday.

I have everything

against any treasonous soldier who fought under that rag of hate. And the fact that a whole county of adult white males, who were treasonous by the way, got wiped out? SO!. "Peoples loyalties were to their state", yeah, their color of skin also......very important fact that is left out in all discussions such as this. I lived down the road from the Chickamauga battlefield for years, history is something I know, from the genocide of the red man to the shooting in the back of unarmed POC running away. Southern pride and heritage stinks in it's racist hypocrisy.

and when you

take your fingers out of your ears while screaming I can't hear you, understand this. The r-word...that racism, is a very important word to have in a speech about police brutality and the concurrent social racism that makes it possible. Not money, not jobs, both of which are denied because of racism. What can't the privileged of this forum understand about that??????? RACISM is one huge problem. This cherry picking bullshit means zilch, nada ZERO. I don't care if he marched 50 years ago, TODAY counts with me and many others. Try to understand that.....geez

well I see a problem

with them waving that flag-rag of hate in my face. But you can't understand that I see. So be it for the privileged as has been always in our great land.......

Hey! Late breaking news

it's been a nightmare for POC in this hypocracy since it's inception. Red, black, brown, yellow for a while. Alice Cooper is part of the privileged class and never really liked it's music either. You don't know your history of racism, I've had to live it......geez

in my world

I've been picketing since the 60's. Haven't done a damn bit of good. In your privileged world, their is 'no fear' because you don't have to worry about being hung, shot while running away or worshiping. Damn that 'property'!!!!!!!!!!!! Go try your privileged logic on someone else in your world, won't work with me, ever.
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