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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: anywhere, usa
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 10:34 AM
Number of posts: 13,451

Journal Archives

The people who really know why the 'deplorables'

voted for boy-potus puppet are realists about motivations for voting for the boy-potus puppet horror. Why can't you face the facts? They heard and did not ignore his racist, sexist, Islamaphobic dog whistles FOR 15 MONTHS!!!!!!! And according to you their prime motivations for voting for the poy-potus puppet horror is other than agreeing with those dog whistles.

The "common thread" is boy potus puppet tapped into the rather widespread cancerous underbelly of racist ameriKKKan culture that has now, as you make it seem, become normalized that to the point where the apologist(s) for racist trump voters say they "just wanted change". Beautiful. Bullshit!!!!!!!


manipulation is one thing...being in the closet as a deplorable for years then having a boy like the trumpfuhrer comes along and let them out to vent the REAL FEELINGS is another. Then on our side, there is no real fight going on at levels that count...Maxine Waters is the only outspoken fighter I've heard so far along with a couple of other milktoast objections to trumpfuhrer lies and they try to marginalize her because she is too vocal in opposition. Naw all that intellectual crap is worthless to people getting stopped and frisked, shot down, banned, deported and in fear of the Wall.

well we all know

an educated AA, unlike our current boy-potus, could become one of the greatest, classiest Presidents in american history, even with unprecedented RW obstruction. Ohhh wait!!! It already happened.

Who does this pigshit racist think he's helping/??? AmeriKKKas cancer of racism is metastasizing, daily, hourly it seems...it will be fatal.

get this straight in your mind

....slowly...use the words you please at anytime....slowly....I don't have to like your word usage....and I have nothing to admit as "error" in any respect concerning your word usage and my not liking it. I do have rights, you know, to not like any thing written by anyone, anywhere.

I know the excuses for using these type of descriptions of stingy people ect: I don't have to like or accept what you write or how you write it...period.

"sleeper cells"????

these idiots and the idiots that put them there...8 years of real RW obstruction of the functioning of government based on the race of the POTUS and boy potus and the other two prezidents are whining about non existent "sleeper cells"??? This shit is disgusting and dangerous as to what they are trying to create. This country is sick racist, pathologically racist and can't continue to function with a kellyannconjob out there explaining why and how they are setting up their dictatorship and why it will be good for all ameriKKKan people.


really, racism???

Never would have happened in annarbor, birmingham, berkely, ect, ect.....With racism still hanging on since the genocide of the First peoples of this country and the enslavement of the African peoples it seems NOTHING will or can cure the cancer of racism in ameriKKKa, it is metastasizing daily now and will be fatal.

nothing surprises

me about our KKKristian church in ameriKKKa. They have always been racist and hateful...period. Yes I was a devout christian for 20 years as an adult...what an eyeopener that was, especially having a white girlfriend, who almost became my wife. Fuck KKKristianityameriKKKan style.


from the fear and tears of an 11 year old...I wonder with triumvirate fuhrers such as we have now, will the 11 year old see 15? 20 years old? I'm 69, I can't worry about me, the children and the animals, I do. This planet is in great danger now.

frontman, boy-potus puppet

of the two wannabe dictators, prezidents bannon and miller would be given this type of power by these type of people who accused and feared President Barack Hussein Obama of wanting to do this...what's the simple explanation...a white male KKKristian would have this power over all those "other" people instead of an AA. This KKKulture will never, it seems, conquer racial hate outside of a really cosmic paradigm shift of magnificent proportions. It has never gone away, this hate of POC, now ALL outside white male KKKristiandom are hated. Shrinking resources, white population worldwide are just adding fuel to this generations long hatred.

What stupid, stupid people have done here...
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