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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 8,477

Journal Archives

these beer drinking, skybox occupying type of people

really have gone off the deep ed. And it's not just Idaho or ascribing this to drunkeness. This type of behavior is widespread in this country now since the RW feels, since Nov 4, 2014 that it has a mandate for it's racism, bigotry and ignorance. This is reprehensible behavior by americans to THE FIRST Americans. But really, what can be expected from people whose ancestors probably took part in the genocide of the First Americans in the first place.


is justice? Redemption? Atonement? Reparative action? 54 years later? That better late than never garbage is getting old. "Gifts", magnanimous gesture by the ruling 'elite'? again? My aren't they nice and enlightened, finally. Never should have happened in the first place. Wouldn't have if this country had not then, as now, practice gross hypocrisy. Voting rights being restricted again. Human rights abuse and street executions by the 'protect and serve people. I could go on and on. No back slapping here for a gross injustice that has happened and is still happening today. Occupy arrests anyone? Oakland pepper spraying anyone? Not impressed with this action at all. Although the 'criminals' did finally get some kind of justice from the good 'masters'.

THESE republicans

prove nothing to me except show me how easy anyone can and will sell their soul to the devil for money, fame or ...............who know what

The only thing

s. palin has shown herself to be these past few years is that she is the perfect spokesperson for the ignorant, racist right wing segment of the american political system that popped from the swamps and woodwork of american culture where they had been hiding for some years. Obama gets elected, the first POTUS of color, and they slither out and they immediately went into overdrive wanting "their WHITE house back". Disgusting amerikhhans like s. palin and her ilk has shown the world just how irredeemably racist and ignorant american culture is and truly ALWAYS has been. And personally I'm glad the sheets are back on and the gloves are off. To hell with palin. And our stupid media gives this clown airtime???!!!! geez

idiots believing

something that is not true, now have caused a disease that has been almost non-existent to reemerge. This is more of the ignorance the RW has stirred up and the lemmings are marching in lockstep off the cliff to drown in the sea, in lockstep!!!!!!!! Sad indeed. Because of certain segments of this society the 'Middle Ages' are returning with all that was WRONG with that era. The people who don't want protection, it's on them. The only ones I feel sorry for are the ones who had no say in this decision not to vaccinate and are ill..

when 'our' leaders start fighting back

with real purpose clowns like that SOTH will be marginalized. We need to start having 'our' representatives in both houses of congress to start kicking some real ass. They have kowtowed to the right for six years=Nov 4, 2014. The weakness of left has also let the RW media cower them into a corner asking "please master, may I have more".

figures,no surprise, no shock

after Trayvon and many more, I just shake my head and hope the murderers receive something of what they gave out one day, one place, one time. Fuck justice in america when it comes to people of color. There never has been justice, fairness or balance when it comes to POC, none. This justice system and the rest of the institutions that make america what it is, was designed to, by and large, provide benefit and protect the privilege of the a certain segment of american society. The POC can really only expect life to be a crap shoot when it comes to hopes of receiving fairness and balance in our justice system and it was designed and intended to be just what it is for POC, nothing to count on or expect benefit from.

religious mysogynists

at it again. All this in the name of male religious dominance. A smart woman is definitely feared by many men on this planet. If she is smart and strong, I like her even more. Between boko harem and these clowns, I just don't like the world any more. Throw in our brand of racist, religious mysogynists and I can't stand it anymore.


the person who had the gun was white, WE WOULD NOT have had a story. Period. I saw the photo of the pig that attacked Mr. Daniels. Puts to rest all the dixiecrats on here that say black open carry or concealed carry people are treated the same as the other race. Period.

No it's not a documentary

it is a movie about a period of our history that is shameful and evil being perpetrated by ignorant and vicious people at the behest of their masters and that has returned big time. It is also a movie about people having the courage to stand against A COMPLETE CULTURAL SYSTEM that is evil and vicious. Being prepared and understanding what's coming your way is much better than no preparation at all. These young kids must understand what they are facing in this the 21st century of our 'democracy'. Small 'd' and always will be. Yeah I was fond, all through high school, of history books and classes, until I found out how many lies were written on so many pages concerning american exceptionalism.

My service in Vietnam started me questioning the veracity of the claims of what america was trying to accomplish. Man did that open a floodgate. Ever turn your students on to Lerone Bennett, Howard Zinn just to name a couple?
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