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Name: hans
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: midwest
Home country: us
Current location: minn
Member since: Thu Jun 14, 2012, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 9,465

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for what they allegedly did

they did not deserve to die like this. A murder at the hands all these criminals in blue, hiding behind a badge. So fucking predictable in this day and age. Black and don't do a turn signal, you got 62 police cars after you. Black and unarmed, over a hundred rounds shot at you, with many entering the body. Black and walk in the streets and don't immediately obey a white cop, you're dead. Be looking at a toy gun in a Walmart for a family member and some mean spirited white person calls that you are armed, dead. Sell loose unlicensed cigarettes on the streets of New York, dead. Be a 12 year old child playing, 'probably cops and robbers' in the park with a toy gun, dead. Scared of a white police officer tazing you and runaway, dead, shot 8 fucking times in the back. If a cop stops you for nothing, dead, spine broken in 8 places and trachea crushed. Be a teen walking home from the store with skittles and tea and a wanna be cop tells you to stop and approaches you, you fight back, dead at the hands of white privilege. All of these executions were of unarmed human beings and no threat to an armed executioner of the state. I should also mention that in this time of executions, say since Trayvon Martin, many unarmed black women and a child of 7 years old have been slaughtered by executioners of the state.

Since Amadou Diallo, this travesty of justice and humans rights abuse has been ongoing. If you are black and/or depressed or mentally ill and murdering police officer is white, 9 out of ten times, they will walk free on some bullshit technicality or with an out and out racist decision by more white officials. Keep showing the world what you're made of authorities and privileged citizens in this land of the free and home of the brave

wow, sad

the human potential being wasted. One of these women could find a cure for cancer, end racism, sexism, homophobia. Could become POTUS and do all these things. Religion is not good. Faith in something is good. But not at the expense of hating others who are not believers such as them.

very, very interesting

I was devout and all that stuff at one time until I saw how racists used religion to be 'better' than black christians who are fooled into acting just like the racists by being bigoted against people who loved each other but were not up to the 'standards' of the church. This cult is despicable and evil. How christianity has been used as a control tool, of women today, slaves at one time, is amazing. I'm glad I found the truth and got out of a very racist church. It really is a long story, but yours is very interesting and helpful in understanding this Quiverfull movement and this family of note, the duggers. thanks.

sad part about this young woman is

if she just get's lies that's all she can regurgitate. Really when you get down to it all american education requires is, take my information, from whatever source, change the words around and regurgitate. Not find the possible flaw(s)(critical thinking) and offer positive alternatives(more critical thinking needed). I am not trying to offend any enlightened teacher who encourages thinking "outside the box".

I had an english teacher(high school) and a sociology instructor(oh, we battled)(college) whom I respect to this very day. But ingest, regurgitate, all I see and hear today, still.

on edit: at least there is spirited debate going on, that's hopeful. Maybe on day she will hear a truth that will make her turn off foxsnooze or know that her peers and possibly parents are wrong. Hope.

thank you for the link

and this article of truth.....


yet it is also obvious the GWB and the PNAC crew made it possible, recently, in historical context, by formenting disunity and providing arms and personnel(Bremer III and his 'firing' the Iraqi army ect; ect, in a very large way, for the the fermenting hatreds of which you allude to be able to gain the violent and tragic momentum these groups have achieved today. That's all I'm interested in. The age old animosities, mean just that the area was ripe, with the right set off circumstances and political vacuums, Iraqi Wars I and II, to erupt again. YES, Georgieboy and Darth made this happen, this time.

Jeffries is

THE MAN!!!!! Sheriff Clark is the 'man'. No comparison.

I've gained a new awareness about

some so called liberals and progressives because of this site mainly, but also by listening to people when they discussed the shootings of unarmed POC and the aftermaths. What little idealism I had left has been flushed just like a lot of the excreta I have read here. Not so liberal and not so progressive. The social battles for equality of 60's and 70's showed me one thing that has remained true, truth is always diminished or watered down(to slow social progress and equality)by those with the most to lose. How do I know? 200 years and still battling to be perceived as worth just as much as those who perceive they have too much to lose to accept this premise.

Obama and Holder are doing as much as they can, I feel, given the number of enemies(in a racist perspective)they have to battle against in the quagmire of D.C. and lack of 'real' support from our Party.

the human race is stuck

and we're stuck at the barbarian stage, have been since Cain allegedly slew Able. Whether these animals of ISIS are killing and maiming innocents in their lust for power and control over others or whether it's the shooting of unarmed people by 'authorities, we're stuck at barbarians. Greedy barbarians, because as we kill each other with impunity, we/they the 1% barbarians are killing our habitat and it's living entity, the mother earth, that we reside on. There's always hope we will wake up and demand a turn around in numbers that cannot be ignored by the 1% barbarians and pseudo religious barbarians, but that hope along with the hope we'll all get along with each other one day is fading fast.

remind me again

when did all this start and how and why did ISIS come into being? Probably Obama's fault........
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