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Profile Information

Name: Andrew
Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Member since: Wed Apr 11, 2012, 10:06 PM
Number of posts: 839

Journal Archives

Keith Ratliff = modern day Dr. Frankenstein!

Keith Ratliff was murdered by the very monster he helped create, the proliferation of weapons of mass death!

Some have questioned my empathy for the man who was murdered by a gun shot, that very person (Keith Ratliff) was a big part of the reason we have more than 11,000 gun deaths every year in America. It's not that I don't have any empathy for a person murdered, rather I have much more empathy for all of the innocent people who were murdered in part because of the actions of Keith Ratliff.

Proliferation of assault weapons leaves our police out-gunned!

Philly police outgunned July 2010;

Time magazine Oct. 2007 "A surge in cop killings";

Beaver County Aug 2008;

Feb 2011;

Sept 2007;

The viewpoint of police;

Oakland April 2009;

Miami Sept 2007;

New Orleans Aug 2012;

Birmingham Dec 2012;

Arkansas May 2010;

There are many many more instances in which police officers are killed or injured by criminals with assault weapons

I still want to see Mitt Romney's god damn tax returns!

Teaparty woman on facebook, said today she will not vote because she can't stand Romney!

And voting for him would be hypocritical of her. This is a person I have spent many many many posts challenging her assertions regarding Obama and Romney. I'm not sure how much effect my posts had on her but I'll accept a no vote from a TeaParty whack-job any day. I'm guessing it is because of the republican war on women, not sure though, as she did not elaborate. I gave her a like for that post!

Tonight after the debate, I'll be donating again to Obama, as a show of support, win or lose.

I don't care whether Obama "wins" the debate or not, I'll be donating again tonight as a show of support!
Who else will show their support tonight?

What happened to Harry Reid and his fullcourt press of Romney's tax returns?

I am disappointed that harry Reid has not kept up his fullcourt press on Romney's tax returns!
This seems to be the one issue which could turn Romney's campaign upside down. If Romney is elected without having to show the American public his tax returns It will be a huge black eye for the American election process.

Harry, if you have the information, now is the time to bring the issue to the forefront of the election cycle.

A high 5 to all DUers and compassionate Americans. Way To Go Joe!

Joe Biden beat up on Ryan so bad, John Boehner is starting to cry!

I'm amazed Ryan didn't mention Ayn Rand in his talk about religion.

Joe Biden is ripping Ryan a new asshole, way to go Joe!

Joe Biden is ripping Ryan up at every lie he tells, he is not letting any bull shit fly by without being corrected. I think we now know the recipe for Obama to attack Rmoney!

Keep it up Joe, great job!
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