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Name: Jim
Gender: Male
Member since: Thu Apr 5, 2012, 08:33 PM
Number of posts: 2,562

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If the dems lose the election, who will you blame?

If it comes from a lack of that intangible "enthusiasm", I'll blame all the BHO supporters who've spent the last the last many months insulting all those with concerns about what BHO intends to do with SS, over paperless voting machines, etc, which they've made to feel like traitors to the cause. What kinda "moran" would allow the discusssion of uncertainties between what is largely BHO supporters, to unduly influence them, and moreso than the "thy shall speak no evil" so to speak attitude this represents, the exaggerating to that it represents notwithstanding?

After all, if some potential or otherwise BHO voters can have their enthusiasm and desire to vote so severely undermined by bearing witness to the seeking of discussion and an honest exploration of the facts and perceptions over the aforementioned things, how will they react to the direct and indirect insults coming from those so irrationally fearful of any boat-rocking whatsoever? And this is particualrly true of those leaving the "Our way or the highway!" ways of rightwingnuttery, or those fence-sitters to which such things matter. They've merely discovered that the much vaunted/ballyhooed liberal "tolerance" is a sham.

I've long been convinced that the fear of rightwingnuttery in those disappointed in BHO, indies, and CONverts, far eclipses in importance and will influence their upcoming voting choice far more than anything such discussions could possibly provide in terms of changing that choice. Furthermore, there's absolutely nothing divisive about the expression of concerns, and even if there is, it pales in comparison to the divisiveness of the "sit down and shut up" nature all the whining about it represents. I'd ask why anyone would wanna vote with those who are nothing but dismissive of their concerns, and whose only real argument against them is to charge them with and for things the very act of charging them with it makes them guilty of, with the not so subtle distinction that they choose to insult with claims of divisiveness or not caring about an unshown and unproven dampening of enthusiasm that could result. In other words, those with concerns about this and that having nothing to do with convincing someone to vote Mutt, or to not vote for BHO, are being lectured by those similarly situated with nothing but "concerns", lecturing others in a variety of ways about how they and their concerns are unacceptable. Their guilt of such is nothing but a fabrication by those who have no interest in anything but, and have the mentality of a cheerleader. Where in the rules of the political game is it written that only positive reinforcement is allowed or required, and what does it say about those who think that others are so weak-minded and impressionable that they'd be influenced by it to the extent they sofar, have baselessly claimed. It's almost cult-like thinking, ain't it? I think they are intelligent people who won't be unduly influenced by the insults, dismissiveness, etc, than they will be by the exaggerated negative results/influence the cheerleading claim the expression of their concerns will have, which makes them the smarter of the two groups as well.

And gee, which is more harmful to our collective cause -- people who most likely intend to vote BHO regardless expressing honest concerns about this and that in an allegedly liberal and "tolerant" environment, or those intolerant of such telling them "politely" to sit down and shut up?

I think even a grade schooler could answer that question correctly more often than not.
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