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Gender: Male
Hometown: St Paul MN
Home country: USA
Current location: Here
Member since: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 10:41 PM
Number of posts: 4,748

Journal Archives

Denmark could face attack if joins NATO shield: Russian ambassador

Copenhagen (AFP) - Russia's ambassador to Denmark said Saturday that the NATO country's navy could be targeted by nuclear missiles if it joins the Western alliance's anti-missile shield.

The threat made by Ambassador Mikhail Vanin in an opinion piece he wrote for the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten sparked an angry reaction and came amid an increasingly Cold War-style standoff between Moscow and the West.

"I do not think that the Danes fully understand the consequences of what happens if Denmark joins the US-led missile defence," Ambassador Mikhail Vanin wrote in the daily.

"If this happens Danish warships become targets for Russian nuclear missiles."

Quick Question... Why should people hate people?

Why judge individuals based on a cherry picked group?
I'm willing to bet every color of the human rainbow has had some individuals who have been paragons of virtue and some who were down right evil.

Rather than creating categories to lump people into shouldn't we focus on institutions, laws, customs and mores that promote any group over another?

We can judge individuals as we meet them. Their actions will define them more than their color.

Science finds the best place to hide from zombies

Farmhouses, fenced-in compounds, even the thick concrete of a penitentiary. Post-apocalyptic zombie fiction has taught us that these are good options for hiding out to protect your delicious brains from the undead, but eventually the zombies typically overrun the walls.

Fortunately, science has now provided a better long-term strategy for surviving the walking dead: Head for the hills. Specifically, you should probably get familiar now with the general location of Glacier National Park so that when it all goes down, you can start heading in that direction.

A team of researchers at Cornell University was inspired by the book "World War Z"by Max Brooks, as well as by a statistical-mechanics class, to model how an actual zombie outbreak might unfold. They will present their findings, meant to be an overview of modern epidemiology modeling, at a meeting of the American Physical Society on Thursday in San Antonio, Texas.

"Modeling zombies takes you through a lot of the techniques used to model real diseases, albeit in a fun context," Cornell graduate student Alex Alemi said in a release.

Still good advice

Video- Black man attacked at Walmart

Other customers help attacker

On stopping a legal activity

Is it ever acceptable to use force to stop a person who is doing something legal- even if it is disruptive, offensive or has some potential of danger to person or property?

Man shopping for coffee creamer at Walmart attacked by vigilante for carrying gun he was legally per

Source: Tampa Bay Times

BRANDON ó Clarence Daniels had just crossed the threshold of Walmart's front doors on Tuesday, in search of coffee creamer for his wife, when the gun in hip holster gave a well-intentioned vigilante the idea he was up to something more sinister.

From the Walmart parking lot at 11110 Causeway Boulevard, Michael Foster, 43, of Lithia had watched Daniels, 62, take from his car the handgun ó for which he holds a concealed carry permit ó and place it on his hip underneath his coat, Hillsborough sheriff's deputies reported.

As Daniels entered the store, a label for the coffee creamer in his pocket in case he forgot the brand, Foster tackled him to the ground and placed him in a choke hold, sheriff's spokesman Larry McKinnon said.

"He's got a gun!" deputies said Foster shouted

Read more: http://www.tampabay.com/news/publicsafety/man-shopping-for-coffee-creamer-at-walmart-attacked-by-vigilante-for/2214432

"a well-intentioned vigilante"

Man sentenced for attempted murder

A man who broke into a Pocatello apartment with a machete and was shot was sentenced for attempted murder on Thursday.

On Thursday morning 6th District Court Judge Robert Naftz sentenced Twain Thomas, 54, to a five-year fixed sentence in the state penitentiary, and 10 years indeterminate on several counts of aggravated assault and attempted murder in the second degree.

On Feb. 22, police were called to the 200 block of South Garfield, where Thomas had been threatening neighbors that apartment complex with a machete.

When Thomas broke into the downstairs apartment of James Cvengros and his girlfriend Kaila Gearhart, Cvengros shot Thomas.


Does anyone think this could have ended differently?
Video of assault-

I carry a gun every day

it was pointed out I did not cover the counter opinion to the article I criticized here http://www.democraticunderground.com/1172159159
I shall correct that oversight,
Every day I get up and put on a gun. Itís part of my daily routine. No different from making coffee or feeding the dogs before I leave for work.

There is so much misinformation about who that makes me. Iím a ďgun nut.Ē Iím one of ďthose right-wing Second Amendment people.Ē Iím the scourge of the earth to some.

Funny how that works.

They donít even know me but they are worried that Iím whatís wrong with this country, this state and this city I call home. I walk among them and they donít even know it. Iím the guy in the jeans and Under Armour shirt, the guy in the $200 sport coat and $125 shoes, the guy in Nike pants and a hoodie, and some days Iím the guy with dirty hands from working in the yard, but most of all Iím the guy they never see.

First off- I despise the wolf-sheep-sheepdog analogy. We are all humans, some good, some bad most of us a mix of both trying to be better. If foe the sake of debate we wish to use the analogy- I'm no sheepdog. It is the sheepdog's job to protect the flock- that isn't my job anymore. I'm just an old ram- if I see a wolf I will bleat a warning and if confronted will fight back.

Second, this author needs a life... I do keep up on issues of terrorism and insurgency as it was my job for a long time and it truly interests me. Occasionally an old friend might contact me for my thoughts on a real or imagined scenario but it is more a bull session than professional analysis. Those topics do overlap with general crime so I do watch some videos of crime and defense but I don't stay up at night looking for them or watching self-defense expert videos; Xbox is too much fun.

Lastly, I am aware of people around me and what they are doing, as I alluded in the other OP. I call it living life. I get a smile from the antics of children, notice a pretty lady (ok- they all are in one way or another), see a gentleman who could use a hand carrying something... and sometime a person acting out of the ordinary. I'm not going to approach them, give them the eye or act all sheepdoggie- just note it and continue about my business. Some of my attention will remain on the person and 99.99% of the time it is nothing. .01% of the time it is something to bring to the attention of someone else- be it a store manager or a call to police.

I am not the Lone Ranger preparing for the day I need to save the day. The author of the article has confused taking simple measures to avoid be a victim of a crime with some duty to be a community protector.

Why your gun makes me nervous

Thereís a mantra quickly repeating in my head: ďPlease have a badge. Please have a badge. Please have a badge.Ē Itís a steady heartbeat as I begin a conversation with a shop clerk and reposition myself so I can peer over her shoulder.

Iíve already seen the bulge in his jacket, and itís clear from the size and shape that he has a holstered gun. Now my eyes are quickly scanning, hoping to find a law enforcement badge clipped to his belt.

Iím in a local bookstore and thereís a sticker near the door asking patrons not to carry weapons on the premises. My two children scurried off the moment we entered, each in search of their own treasures.

The man with the weapon is as interested with the bookstore patrons as he is with the books on display. Iíve watched him watch others. The way he tracks them is unnerving.

The answer seems to be- because it exists, even if only in the writer's mind. At no point does she actually view any portion of this gun/holster- she just knows.

If that man's actions make her unnerved I would likely make her manic. When out I always look at my fellow shoppers. I make eye contact and sometimes *gasp* greet them with a hello. I am neither a fugitive, a drug dealer, a rapist nor the owner of a sporting goods store.

Documents: Girl, 15, Who Shot Brother, 16, Suffered Abuse

Documents: Girl, 15, Who Shot Brother, 16, Suffered Abuse
WHITE SPRINGS, Fla. ó Jan 7, 2015, 8:17 PM ET
By JASON DEAREN Associated Press

A 15-year-old girl who fatally shot her 16-year-old brother suffered years of abuse, including being locked in a room for weeks at a time with only a blanket and a bucket to use the bathroom, according to police reports and interviews.

The shooting at a small white house off a dirt road in rural north Florida happened Monday while the children's parents were away for work. The father, a truck driver, and his wife, who often goes with him, left the 16-year-old boy to watch over the 15-year-old, her 11-year-old sister and their 3-year-old sister, police said. The parents left Sunday and were due back Tuesday.

Sometime Monday, the 15-year-old girl was locked in her room by her brother, police said. After the boy fell asleep, she talked her 11-year-old sister into unlocking her door.

The older girl knew her parents kept a pistol in their room, but they had locked their door. So the girl went outside and used a knife to remove an air conditioner from her parents' bedroom window. She climbed in while her 11-year-old sister kept watch and grabbed the gun out of a pink bag and loaded it, police said.
So much wrong in this story...
While murdering the brother was unacceptable, it seems the abuse is not really being taken into account by the DA.
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