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it is that time of the year again. looking for volunteer gift wrappers in North east NJ

I volunteer for a 501c3 charity and need some help wrapping presents in Barnes and Noble in exchange for donation to the charity, we usually earn a nice amount that helps the programs. If anyone has time, please send me a message and I can send you the dates and times. The locations I am working this year is Clifton, Paramus and Woodland Park. The selling point is that I can give community service hours for volunteering for an easy peasy job. wrapping mostly square gifts.

Thanks for considering it.


never forget from the VFW web site

But as encouraging as the pending legislation is came three no votes from Republican Sens. Bob Corker (Tenn.), Ron Johnson (Wis.) and Jeff Sessions (Ala.), because they put dollars and cents above the interests of the nation’s veterans.

“There is a cost of going to war that includes taking care of those who come home wounded, ill and injured, and if these three senators have determined that we can’t afford to properly care for our veterans, then they should seek employment elsewhere!” exclaimed VFW National Commander William A. Thien.

Just a moment of remembrance for the democrats who ran and lost

they begged people for money
they may have not been the most experienced politicians and were not perfect in every thing they said, They put their lives on hold to run for office, put hours of unpaid work in (as did their friends and family), they lived good lives that were torn apart with insidious insults flung out by their opponents and he secret whisper campaigns that are impossible to fight against. And they lost.

Then they get to be torn apart by fellow democrats telling them about all their mistakes and seeing their imperfection as character flaws and jumping to conclusions blaming them for things they did not do but others accused them of doing. Then the next election people will wonder why you can't get good candidates. They were out there and they lost because of all the money they had to fight against. Some times even at the school board level, you would be surprised at the money spent against them.

The only way to survive in the future, is not to be so quickly to tear our own candidates down, and live in a country where people care enough to vote and realize there will never be a perfect candidate for them,

whoo hoo - I have been investing in the wrong thing

I am making more money off my dishes than I ever made from stock Now I am regretting giving some things away as presents.

There used to be a Noritake outlet store near me, and I bought a lot of pieces I liked from there. and used them for years, now I am cleaning house because I have too much stuff and I am making money from selling this stuff off to replacements Inc. I can't believe that a set of dishes I bought and then never used is bringing me almost 1000. I spent a lot less on it, but I did tend to buy closeouts a recently retired things and they are in demand - who knew?

It helps that I visit my sister in North Caorlina , so can drive the items down there and not worry about shipping, but ccertainly worth doing!

Playboy's guide to catcalling is actually really great

it is pretty great, who knew

or to go back to the original - http://www.playboy.com/articles/should-you-catcall-her-flowchart

the Republicans wanted the 50's back but the police in some cities seem to

want to recreate the police segregation riots.

as a child I had highly politicized parents. Dad marched with Walter Reuther and when I was 4 they made me watch the McCarthy hearings when I wanted to watch cartoons - they said it was history and I would thank them - actually all I remember is wanting to watch cartoons.
But I watched the news with them and saw the KKK marching down the streets as if they owned them. Sure they were immune for any prosecution, the police turning fire hoses on marchers. Yep, I remember something about cops not showing their badges. It went on through the 50's and 60's and seemed to go under ground or coded later in the 70's when the laws change, Heck when I started working in NYC in the end of the 60's it was still legal to discriminate by color in jobs and in housing. How young and liberal and righteous the country seemed then. Now it is back to the dark ages where my brother can tell me he hates black people and unions to my face (my father was a local union president and desegregated the local union and the local Elks. All I could say was that Dad would be so disappointed in him. My closest relative and I don't talk much. And he has young children.
every thing old is new again - has the tea party won?

here is the conundrum for me about Israel, Palestinians, the US and appropriate behavior.

WHile people are complaining about how Israel is treating Palestinians, and I admit to have done thatt now and in the past, how do we have the right to criticize (besides footing a part of the bill)?

We had 9/11 and used that to invade Iraq - a group of people who had nothing to do with 9/11. I cried when people cheered at shock and awe - they treated it like a fireworks show, and all I could think about was the hospitals, schools, museums and apartment buildings below, It was certainly not a targeted hit, we hit a lot of hospitals. We destroyed infrastructure so they could not bounce back and could never rebuild that same infrastructure, we left cities with little power and fresh water.

How is that civilized? or better or what? I am trying to put it in perspective and I can't.

David Wildstein met with federal prosecutors in Christie Bridge Probe

Source: Main Justice

can't copy.

Read more: http://www.mainjustice.com/2014/04/06/david-wildstein-meets-with-prosecutors-in-christie-bridge-probe/

I can't copy from the original article, b ut here is a report on the article
David Wildstein met for several days with federal prosecutors in Newark, report says
Shit meet fan,
David Wildstein, the former Port Authority official at the center of the George Washington Bridge lane-closings scandal, spent several days meeting with federal prosecutors in Newark last week, according to a report posted online by a Washington-based publication that says it covers “insider news” about the U.S. Department of Justice.

The publication, called “Main Justice,” is also reporting that Charlie McKenna, former chief legal counsel to Gov. Chris Christie, met secretly in mid-January with investigators in the office of New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman.
The Main Justice report says Fishman’s group of prosecutors working the bridge-scandal case has grown beyond its original three. Fishman had assigned senior litigator J. Fortier Imbert and federal prosecutors Lee Cortes and Vikas Khanna, leaving for himself the job of making final decisions in the case, the report says. Fishman will consult with Thomas Eicher, head of his office's Criminal Division, first assistant William Fitzpatrick, executive assistant Sabrina Comizzoli and counsel John Fietkiewicz, the report says.

The hearing of grand-jury testimony in the bridge scandal is considered a major development. What began as a preliminary inquiry when U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman announced in January that he would try to determine whether any federal laws have been “implicated” has now morphed into a deepening criminal probe to decide whether federal laws have been broken.

Report: 95 Percent of the ATMs in the World Still Run Windows XP

Report: 95 Percent of the ATMs in the World Still Run Windows XP
Right now, 95 percent of the 2.2 million ATMs in the world run Windows XP, according to a report by Reuters. Furthermore, Microsoft ends support for the 13-year-old operating system on April 8, only a third of the ATMs currently running XP will have been upgraded to something newer.
But unlike your home PC, which will be on its own after April 8, ATMs will still get security updates and other necessary operating system maintenance—so long as they pay up.

Britain’s five biggest banks—all five of them—are unprepared and are negotiating agreements with Microsoft so the company will continue support. As Reuters reports, it will cost each bank about $100 million total to both maintain support and also get the system upgraded.

Meanwhile, most of the roughly 440,000 ATMs in the United States will also keep running XP for a while after Microsoft officially ends support. They will be on extended contracts, and many will use the switch as an impetus to upgrade their ATMs with microchip readers, increased data encryption, and/or other improvements.

I refuse to accept an ATM card from any bank. Don't need them. Cash, check and credit cards make up the difference.

Holey Moley would Christie be that dumb? to take a helicopter ride

over Fort Lee during the traffic jam?
I was listening to the news and they say that the helicopter rides of Christie are being checked to see if he and Wildstein took a ride over the city during the closed lane dates! I wonder if that was meant by there is proof Christie knew?

That would be extremely dumb - so no, Chrisite, you may be a crook, but you are not smart enough to be president.
Bridgegate probers will look at Christie helicopter rides
The New Jersey legislative committee investigating the Bridgegate scandal will probe records of helicopter rides Gov. Chris Christie took to see if he flew near Fort Lee while lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge were closed, sources told The Post.
Lawmakers also want to know if the New Jersey governor took a ride with then-Port Authority exec David Wildstein, who allegedly orchestrated the lane closures on the order of a Christie aide.
The committee, which meets in Trenton on Monday, is interested in any conversations the governor may have had with Wildstein last Sept. 11 after pictures surfaced of the two together that day.
Two of three lanes leading to the bridge were closed from Sept. 9 through 13.
Sources in the governor’s office said that Christie took a ferry to Ground Zero from Jersey City on the 9/11 anniversary and then flew back to Trenton, but that Wildstein was not on board.
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