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Member since: Mon Feb 27, 2012, 04:19 PM
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on a day when we honor the war dead, let us not forget Jeff Sessions

who would hurry some service people to qualify,
he is the one who said that the living US veterans felt they were 'entitled" to medical care after their service and we could not afford it, yet he is champing for a new war
GOP Senator Jeff Sessions thinks providing healthcare to veterans is an “entitlement” we cannot afford
But, for some Republicans, that support for our men and women in uniform ends the day they return home and are in need of healthcare services. That faux support was never more clear than yesterday when Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions said we just can’t afford a bill to help out veterans dealing with the tragedy of unnecessarily long waiting periods to get treated at VA hospitals:


The Senate on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan measure aimed at easing healthcare delays for veterans by giving them more access to private care and allowing the Department of Veterans Affairs to open more clinics and hire more medical staff.
The 93-3 vote in the Democratic-led Senate followed unanimous passage on Tuesday in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives of a similar bill to address a crisis that has embarrassed the Obama administration and prompted Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki to quit.

I feel strongly we’ve got to do the right thing for our veterans. But I don’t think we should create a blank check, an unlimited entitlement program, now.

I bet he is out giving speeches and shaking hands today and talking abut how he supports the military.

I finally understand what Republicans mean by small government.

they want to shrink government to it can climb up thru a vagina and set up home in a uterus.
And then set up armaments in that uterus and conduct its wars from there - or it is wars on there?

face the nation: white male to replace white male

who says we don't have diversity in the news reflecting life.
John Dickerson to replace Bob Schieffer

Snow removal funding would be cut in half under Christie budget plan

Snow removal funding would be cut in half under Christie budget plan
While the snow continues to pile up this winter, and memories of last year's heavy accumulations still haven't melted away, the new 2016 state budget proposal unveiled by Gov. Chris Christie last week cuts snow removal funding for the coming winter in half.

Highlights of the governors' $33.8 billion proposed spending plan for Fiscal 2016 include a $44 million reduction in "winter operations/snow removal," a 49.3 percent reduction from the current fiscal year.

The reduction in snow removal spending is part of a broader reduction of $118 million, or 8.4 percent in the state Department of Transportation's overall budget, from $1.41 billion to $1.29 billion -- the steepest departmental budget cut in the state government under the governor's proposed spending plan, which would raise overall state spending by 3.1 percent.

Because this man makes up numbers to fit his fake story about a balanced budget instead of say... basing them on historical figures or new technology.
Love how he is cutting all dept of transportation as our roads and bridges are failing. How many people had their cars damaged by a pot hole on the turnpike this week? 50 was it?

ok already sick of Thomas Roberts- bring on the captured on video

Seriously Donald Trump a genius? gag reflex seriously tested - smarter than Hillary - he had scum bag smarts and sneaky con man deceptiveness, but that is about it.

Krispy Kreme’s ‘KKK Wednesdays’ promotion backfires, obviously

welL. apparently not obvious in the UK

Note to marketers: Google hate groups before committing to campaign
A United Kingdom branch of Krispy Kreme has officially apologized after advertising their short-lived “KKK Wednesdays” promotion for their Hull location. Apparently, people outside the U.S. — including the representatives from Krispy Kreme’s British headquarters who approved the promotion — are unfamiliar with the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist organization known for grotesque violence primarily against black people.

“Krispy Kreme apologizes unreservedly for the inappropriate name of a customer promotion at one of our stores,” said a Krispy Kreme spokesperson in a statement. “The promotion was never intended to cause offense. All material has been withdrawn and an internal investigation is currently underway.”
The promotion has scheduled events including “Colouring Tuesday” and “Face Painting Thursday.”

one of the commentators wanted to know if that face painting was black or white face?

ETA forgot link

aww, Maggie Simpson at the end of the Simpson was waving a flag and

it said Je sui Charley - so appropriate for a cartoon.

Republicans: The largest majority since 1928? Hmmm

anyone remember what happened in 1929?

"happy holidays" outrage

Yesterday I was wrapping presents for charity donations, I had just served an ex-Muslim getting Christmas and Hanukkah presents for his friends, I wished him a happy Holidays and the woman next in line Screamed at me that I should be saying Merry Christmas because it is an insult to the lord.
1. I do not like people screaming at me
2. I like making money for the charity in this store so I could not be rude
SO I simply assured the woman I would not wish her a happy holiday. That made her smile that self satisfied smile. Like she won. But in reality in silence of my mind I wished her a holiday ans happy as she deserved which should have been pretty bad. Thanks FOX news for making more people unhappy around the country for your stupidity.

I laughed when she said I was a good person after that - little did she know the evil I wished her.

subject: slandering my state

Last night I was doing a charity thing. I guess some people just think older people are stupid or something, I must look really old because this one woman kept repeating about "they" because it looked like she thought I did not understand, Oh I understood.

I was doing some charity work and you can see the disappointment in people's faces when they realize that you kind of would like a donation for providing a service to them. One of the people who comes up to wrap said she was moving from NJ to North Carolina when her older husband retires next year, So I asked where she was going to retire. She said the North Carolina Beach, so I snorted - not that it is not beautiful there, but I still remember how the state government made a law to ignore rising tides and for developers and city codes to go by the tide estimates of previous decades - so I just said she should make sure she was on on the ocean front. because of the laws of the state - and she asked where I lived and then told me to move because "they" were coming up the road to invade my town, They are coming from Newark she said, they are coming to take over your town. I said Alien invaders, trying to lighten it up, but she looked at me and said - do you know what I mean? Yeah , sure, I said - still think asking her or money was not the time to get into a race discussion, I said I knew, but she looked at me again and said I was going to lose my town. And then she mentioned my high taxes, well for my high taxes, I get a lot of services, 25% of the land is park land, my dog and I can take off in a lot of directions and hit one of 5 different parks in less than a mile, We have zoning laws, Santa visited our town at 3 different free events, there are all kind of things, a free senior bus, various health services (free bone scan, free blood pressure checks and help to gauge your own machine, free rabies shots for dogs, concerts in the summer, good schools, etc. lots of free things) Anyway a few more "they"s and she was done.

Which goes to what my sister says. the worst problem her state was from old NJ people moving to her state and not wanting to pay school taxes and being racist. This woman was so concerned about the cost of living up here, wait until she finds up one mayor in NC was walked to Washington because the state refused to expand ACA and hospitals are closing because of that. North Carolina is a beautiful state led by idiots now wanting to ruin it, but I would rather stay with NJ where I can walk places and do things even if I could not drive. May not be perfect, but it is good for me. And can hardly wait until all the people worried by "They" leave.
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