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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: brooklyn
Home country: usa
Current location: Right here!
Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2012, 10:24 PM
Number of posts: 33,547

About Me

Episcopalian, Democrat, Met\'s fan, and native Brooklynite.

Journal Archives

New popular vote totals have the president with just under a 5 million vote win.

NY state was the last to have outstanding votes. NY still has not certified the vote yet so there may be more votes out.

On edit I do not know why 2 links popped up, but they go to the same place.

I was wrong about Eugene Jones. I am sorry.

In my defense of him I implied some of you were bullies, I was wrong to do that. In my defense I did not think he was a troll/Zombie/bad person, and I saw people attacking him so I defended him. I particularly wish to apologize to Yardwork, Boston Bean, and Violet Crumble for being disagreeable with them. You were correct about him being a former member.

I have no anger at Eugene Jones and I wish him well. I formed a liking to him and still have it. I was not apart of any group that was trying to pull a fast one on Meta, and i wish that I knew he was a former member before I went out on a limb to defend him. I do not regret standing up for him but I should have been less combative. I will continue to defend people who I believe are being targeted unfairly, but I shall choose my battles more carefully the next time.

I know I will get many replies to me on this. I am sorry if I offended you in anyway, and If you want a personal apology for something I said to you I will give it.

On Edit I want to make clear I still care for Eugene as a friend. I wish he could have stayed and made peace with people, but i understand how difficult that would be at this time. I have no ill will for him, or anyone else I talked about him to. I think DU to be a great place that I am glad to be apart of. I hope one day he can come back to be our friend. I will welcome that day.

Popular vote update.

NY is now starting to report some of our Absentee ballots but it is a slow process.

New popular vote totals.

Total vote 127,826,343
Only 17 states have their final numbers. NY has not reported their absentee ballot vote yet. In OH the presidents margin has gone up to 165,000 vote victory margin. That is up from 100,000 on election night.

I am sure this is a dumb question, but does anyone have a problem with me welcoming new people?

I like to welcome them.

My only hidden post was a joke on prison sex.

Lets just say I never made that mistake again. You anger at the jury is correct IMO.

We have been told that here in southern Brooklyn that we will get 8-12 foot storm surge.

I am not in a flood zone but 3 blocks away they are leaving their homes because of the high surge expected. The supermarket were a mad house, and the shelves are going bare. People are taking this serious here in NY. People are scared because we are expecting a direct hit. I hope it is not as bad as they say, but the surge of water is what worries me. I think we will get through, but I ask for your good thoughts.

As a christian I have to tell you most christians do not know their faith well.

God does not decide who lives, gets sick, gets rich, or who dies. God has left that to the laws of nature and us. We pray to God for strength to get through this life and the grace to get to the next.

Thank God.

It is about time rich liberals start to fight fire with fire.

I am reading the bible.http://www.democraticunderground.com/emoticons/wink.gif

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