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old man 76

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Member since: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 04:53 PM
Number of posts: 172

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CNN and Fox

I watch both CNN and Fox News. Why because Fox is so far right that it gives you a heads up on what is coming. Both were reporting on the shooting in Orlando. Every other statement refereed to the establishment as a gay bar on Fox. CNN never used the word gay. Fox was laying a little cover for the N.R.A. for the extreme religious right and the gay bashing politicians. The sad part is all those righteous conservatives are going to use what happened to justify their dislike for gays and Muslims. Kind of like killing two birds with one stone. The gays had it coming and we should ban all Muslims.

The weather and LePage

I don't know about everyone else but I have had little sun on the cold side and a lot of precipitation. Probably climate change. I am too old to understand the how and why but I trust the scientists. I have also noticed that the Governor has been at his best in this kind of weather. You know refusing to swear in a duly elected representative. Vetoing a bill supported by a majority on both sides of the isle plus a few other issues I won't go into. I realize that some things thrive in a sun less wet cold environment. I may not understand but like climate change I accept it.

Spring in Maine and Republicans

This is just my own opinion and observation. Spring in Maine and Republican have one thing in common. A lot of MUD.

Only in Maine

From reading the newspaper and listening to the news, we have things happening here in Maine. First, it seems our Governor has reminded people that we have constitutional carry laws now. He suggests, that seeing as everyone can carry a gun, everyone should load up and help him with his war on drug dealers. You know, those black people from out-of-state who come here and impregnate our white young women. Now the Governor says that he is not suggesting a vigilante like action along with a "wink-wink." Well, what are you going to do when you cannot buy a guillotine? Secondly, now our Representative, Bruce Poliquin, has introduced a bill to prevent terrorists from getting welfare benefits. To date, this has never happened. Kind of like, several years ago, the woman who introduced a bill to ban bull fighting in Maine. I wonder if Bruce felt he needed to introduce a bill and Paul put him up to it? Oh well, at least we made the national news.

Thoughts on 2016

At my age I no longer make New Years resolution. However this is an election year so I will keep my head down and a close watch to my right because that is where most of the crap comes flying from. Have a great 2016 fellow Democrats.

On Trump, Conservatives and Muslims

For the last few days I have been hearing the comments from the conservative side on the Muslim situation. They range from the mild to not letting Muslims into the country, putting security on mosques, plus registering all Muslims. The extreme was a nice lady from South Carolina who thought we should bomb their homes and families. If we didnít, they would only keep reproducing. Well bless her little heart. As an old man I have seen the U.S. meddle in foreign affairs a little too much in some cases. We have gone the route of regime change and nation building. Also the notion of taking the land and occupying it for the next hundred years, if necessary, also known as an endless war. Nothing has worked so far and we are not safer. It is hard for conservatives to grasp the notion that around fifty countries are predominantly Muslim and about twenty five percent of the world population is Muslim. It would be quite a job to subjugate that many people. I will leave the solution to better minds then mine. I just hope that it wonít be left to Trump and conservatives to decide a solution.

The state of the state of Maine

Last spring my wife went to the mid-west to attend a graduation . AT O'Hara she meet other people taking the same flight to Portland when they found she lived in Maine the first question was what's with your governor. She sort of slid by the subject and said I won't admit to being a native if I travel again. That was last spring. This morning the front page of the Waterville Sentinel had an article on the governor possibly being reprimanded or even impeached for misuse of power. This little tidbit was followed by a move to subpoena officials at the department of human services. Every day it seems like the governor or his staff has maybe over stepped the line some where. It is really sad when you must explain why your state government is in shambles. What is even harder is to justify why he was elected to a second term.

A day to be thankful for.

Tomorrow we will give thank. I wish that before I die I would see a world with out hunger, sickness, war and hatred. I think this is something we all would be thankful for. May you have a wonderful day with the people you hold dear.

What am I missing?

In the United States it seems we need a much larger military. It also seems we need more police, prosecutors, judges and prisons. We are involved in military action all over the world. We have the largest per capita prison population in the world. But we still need more. Domestic needs except for corporate tax breaks and subsidies are not affordable. Maybe the above mentioned are the only real need but for some reason I canít understand it. Can anyone explain what I am missing.

Still think I am right!

This is something I have been thinking about for over a week. I was watching one of the programs on a news channel and the subject was the Benghazi hearings and Hillary Clinton. Was it a legitimate inquiry or a witch hunt? One woman who was definitely strong right was adamant that four people had been killed and someone must be held accountable. The embassy was in a country not known to be stable and this is not the first time one of our embassies has been attacked. My question to the Republicans is how come people in this country are killed and wounded in schools, colleges, churches and such but no one has to be held accountable? To the Republicans it was an act of God and the best answer they have is more guns. For years this is how I describe a Republican and the older I get the more I am sure I am right, self-centered, self-righteous, egotistical hypercritics.
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