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old man 76

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Member since: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 03:53 PM
Number of posts: 149

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The Governor's perfect State

Good day every one. I have noticed that since the election everyone has been very quiet. Has anyone looked at the governorís new budget? Now Le Page is as smart as they come. Low income tax sounds great but here is what we get. An increase in property tax. Higher sales tax with an increase in items taxed. A tax on hospitals that will increase medical cost. There are undoubtedly other items he will use to make up for lost revenue. Maine has the oldest population in the country as well as many people with low incomes. In my opinion the governorís end game is to drive out poor, the old who are not well to do or in other words, if you are not well to do, leave. Remember the comment ďI will buy them a one way ticket to MassachusettsĒ. I guess the boy who grew up on the street and pulled himself up to the highest office in Maine should be commended for the accomplishment and maybe now doesnít want to remember how it was then. I think he wants a state made up of only the wealthy and well to do. Good luck governor, smarter men then you have tried to establish everything from the perfect race to the perfect society. To my knowledge all have failed.

To everyone.

With the New Year upon us I wonder. Will there be less division and more thought to the welfare of this country? Will we see more compassion and understanding? Will all people rich and poor strive to make a better world? Only time will tell. May everyone have a safe happy holiday and great wonderful year to come.

Safe travel

Everyone in the north east be safe traveling in the coming storm and have a warm happy Thanksgiving.

Maybe this is what happened.

After reading the paper, lessoning to the news and reading the comments on D U it sounds like Democrats are still trying to figure out what happened. I live in Somerset county and it happens to be one of the poorer counties in the state. Yet before the election every lawn had a Le Page sign. Half these people were receiving some form of assistance yet they just couldn't connect or understand it was their head on the chopping block. No they just knew it was the other people who should be cut from assistance. My father used to tell me there is nothing more dangerous then a fools who thinks they are smart.

On Democrats and Bears

A week and a day a go I had a post entitled a week from today. I listed three thoughts I hoped people would consider on how they voted. I also said I doubted it would happen. Democrats and bears did not fare well in this election. There was a comment by Senator Bernie Sanders on the D U a few days ago stating we were headed to being a third world country and I tend to agree with him. If and when it happens the people who refused to consider the thoughts I noted in my other post will also be too stupid to figure out why we are a third world country.


This morning I watched Hannity on Fox News. Every progressive should watch Fox a few times a week just to see what they are up to. His theme for today was how the Democrats are dividing the country. How we are pitting African Americans and Hispanics against conservatives. How we are turning women against Republicans who have the best interest of the other sex fore front in their minds. How we are pitting the poor against the rich for no good reason. He also had other examples but these were the high points. If being opposed to gerrymandering districts and voter suppression is divisive then I am guilty. If believing in equal pay for equal work, the right to health care and the right to personal choice for women is dividing the country I admit to it. If the division between rich and poor is unsustainable as the Fed has said, or if I feel that Paul Ryanís budget is the blue print for a third world country, and Hannity feels this is being divisive then I am guilty as charged. But for the record I am damn proud of it.

A week from today

A week from today people will have the opportunity to vote if they have not already done so. I would hope they would consider three things before they cast their ballot. First consider the country and world as it is now and will be in the future. Take into consideration population change. The availability of resources and how automation plus technology are changing life. Look to elect people who have a vision for the future and not trying to return to the past. Second look past one issue. There may be one item such as abortion, climate change, gun rights to name a few that you have very strong feelings about. Look at your candidateís position on all issues because you will get the complete package. If you find other things you object to you will live with them also. Third remember the people you elect will make the laws, rules and regulations you live by. They are not for the other person but for everyone. This includes your parents, children, relatives and your best friend. You donít get to pick and choose who they apply to. This is what I would hope people base their vote on but I donít expect it will. If they make a choice and receive what they donít like, they will not admit it but continue to blame someone else.

Republican Dynasty

I keep reading and hearing about redistricting and changes in voter laws by the Republicans. They say it is to prevent fraud and better representation. My guess it is more to end democracy and establish a Republican dynasty. This is however just the way I see it.

Alot of pain and no gain

Just read a few of the comments about the situation in Ferguson which is probably the situation in many parts of this country. The white establishment has always been in control and fears the coming diversification. I am an old person and may not understand all the changes but change is inevitable. As the saying go's you can't hold back time and tide. It will be much better when people accept that change is normal and has been if one looks back at history. Until this happens all this country will have is pain, misery and unrest.

Where is his mind.

Waterville Morning Sentinel today page A4. Governor Le Page considers Medicare and Social Security welfare pure and simple. I guess the governor would like to create a state of only wealthy influential people. He has a problem he lacks the class or humility to fit in the group he seem to worship.
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