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old man 76

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Member since: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 03:53 PM
Number of posts: 161

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Do you ever get the feeling?

Do you ever get the feeling that Donald Trump, Chris Christie or our own Governor LePage would rather than be called Governor or President (if one got to be) be called "Supreme Leader?"

Would like a few opions.

I have read that there have been a high number of motorcycle accidents in Maine this year. A number have resulted in deaths. I road a bike back in the very early sixties on the west coast and I know they are unforgiving. I live on a rural road with a lake a mile away and there is a lot of traffic in the summer. I see many bike riders with only a pair of short and sandals ride by. I know that helmets, boots, gloves and leathers greatly improve the odds of survival from past experience. We have mandatory laws for seat belts for cars so why not a few of the basics for motorcycles? You folks who ride might give me some insight.


Trump continues to draw a large audiences and the angry electorate love him. If you dislike emigrants, welfare, gay people, women's rights or some government rules and regulations then he's your man. The pathetic reality is these people lack the ability to look past what they think they want right now and what the effect will be. I doubt they even comprehend that for every decision there is a consequence and that you will live with the situation you created.

Bic Lighters and People

I have watched, read and listened to the Republican presidential hopefuls for a month or two. The only conclusion I have reached is freewheeling capitalism. Dump all social programs. End all rules and regulations that might inconvenience businesses regardless of the consequences. Wage war anywhere in the world where money is too be made. The common person is no more valuable than a Bic lighter. Get whatever you can out of them then toss them in the garbage.

Best tool for a gardener.

I have been working on my vegetable garden the last few days. It is what used to be called a kitchen garden just for fresh produce during the summer. I also have ten perennial flower beds. As I stopped for lunch I looked in my garden shed I have rows of tools and at times they are very handy. However I still think the most important tool for a gardener are their two hand. Any one else feel the same way?

What would a child choose.

Yesterday while waiting for a doctor appointment, a woman with a wee one in one of those car cradles you carry came in. The little one was wrapped up in a number of blankets and the woman unwrapped him once out of the cold. The little one wiggled around as babies will do and soon managed to pull off his sock and with his foot touching his chin he studied his toes intently. Now with nearly an eighty year age difference between the baby and myself, what was easy for him was impossible for me. I was looking at the future and if I looked in a mirror about all I would see was the past.
Upon returning home I was reading the Republican budget outline for 2016 and how a balanced budget was for our grandchildren. I thought about the baby and wondered which he would choose. A balanced budget or food, shelter, health care, education plus clean air and water. He has no voice in the matter.

Graham's Plan

Lindsey Graham said if he were president he would send the military to force congress to increase the military budget. He seems to feel we need a much more powerful military. Cotton and fellow Republican senators sent a letter to Iran saying no deal, no way. Israel wants the United States to use military action and no negotiations. Remember, Cheney and Romney sold the notion to George that they could nation-build seven countries in five years with military force. The Middle East would just love to be Christian right wing democracies. The notion didnít work even if George did land on a carrier and proclaim mission accomplished. Here we are over ten years later with even more unrest in the Middle East than there was. The Republicans just canít let the idea of controlling the world go. This is just my opinion, but if Graham would use the military to control Congress than why canít the President send in the troops to clean out the obstructionist Republicans.

The Governor's perfect State

Good day every one. I have noticed that since the election everyone has been very quiet. Has anyone looked at the governorís new budget? Now Le Page is as smart as they come. Low income tax sounds great but here is what we get. An increase in property tax. Higher sales tax with an increase in items taxed. A tax on hospitals that will increase medical cost. There are undoubtedly other items he will use to make up for lost revenue. Maine has the oldest population in the country as well as many people with low incomes. In my opinion the governorís end game is to drive out poor, the old who are not well to do or in other words, if you are not well to do, leave. Remember the comment ďI will buy them a one way ticket to MassachusettsĒ. I guess the boy who grew up on the street and pulled himself up to the highest office in Maine should be commended for the accomplishment and maybe now doesnít want to remember how it was then. I think he wants a state made up of only the wealthy and well to do. Good luck governor, smarter men then you have tried to establish everything from the perfect race to the perfect society. To my knowledge all have failed.

To everyone.

With the New Year upon us I wonder. Will there be less division and more thought to the welfare of this country? Will we see more compassion and understanding? Will all people rich and poor strive to make a better world? Only time will tell. May everyone have a safe happy holiday and great wonderful year to come.

Safe travel

Everyone in the north east be safe traveling in the coming storm and have a warm happy Thanksgiving.
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