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old man 76

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Member since: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 03:53 PM
Number of posts: 185

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The Republican Policy

I am an old man. Over the years, I have lived border to border and coast to coast. No matter the location, the core Republican policy has never changed, take care of the money and everything else can take care of itself. This means an end to Social Security, Medicare, public education, welfare safety nets and all regulations unless they benefit capitalistic interest. They are supported by people who donít want government telling them what to do. Of course, these people will use these programs in many ways and never connect the fact that they are being helped by the government. I cannot decide if they are stupid or just hard headed. Even sadder is they will suffer from loss of these programs and allow the wealthy people and corporations to become stronger at their expense. Every time someone tells them I have a plan that will make times great again, trust me, the good conservatives will vote for that person. Remember the X Files? I want to believe that is the conservative reasoning. It always has been that way, is now and, I guess, it always will be. Have a great holiday season and we will hit it again next year.

Progress never stops.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Be thankful that no matter how bleak a situation seems progress never stops no matter how some try to stop it.

A simple description of gridlock

According to Merriam-Webster a conservative one who adheres to traditional methods or views. Webster describes a liberal as generous, not narrow in opinion or judgment, tolerant and progressive. This is the reason for gridlock in our country. One side wants to roll time back years while the other wants to move ahead. Well here is a news flash for conservatives. time dose not stand still let alone move back. You can't go home again. Look to the future or crawl back into a hole and let this country progress.

Maine's great team.

Maine department of human services sets on one hundred and fifty five million while eighteen thousand children are in extreme poverty. Spokeswoman for D.H.H.S. said they had built a large reserve in the TANF but it would be gradually depleted in other areas. Paul and Mary make a great team don't you think?

A vote for a dictatorship

Trump is saying he will jail Hillary if he becomes president.Now LePage feels those who oppose him should be in prison. The sad part is the conservatives agree because they are incapable of seeing where this could lead. How do the leaders of most dictatorships keep in office? They simply imprison or execute people who oppose their views. The statements of Trump and LePage say what they would do if they ever gained enough power. A vote for them is like supporting a government like Russia, China or north Korea.

My last thought on the LePage situation.

I have a feeling that if I got into an argument with someone, called them all sorts of names or threatened to kill them, I would expect to be arrested and taken to jail. I would probably be brought up on numerous charges such as harassment, terrorizing and threatening to kill someone. I have a strong feeling that this is what would happen to me. However, I am just an old man, not a governor.

Why do so many people admire Paul.

This morning channel 5 W A B I out of Bangor had the results of yesterdays poll whether Le Page Should resigned. Out of over three thousand people that responded forty nine percent said no. Any one want to comment on why?

I want to share an embarrassing moment.

With Labor Day weekend approaching, we have a lot of summer tourists. I was working at a Community Dinner and a nice out-of-state lady said "I cannot believe what I heard on the news about your Governor." She continued to express her sadness for the people of Maine. A man, who I assume was probably her husband, walked up and said "How can you be sad for the people, they were the idiots that elected him twice." Now, the man had a point. It was a majority of the citizens of Maine that elected him twice. I could not come up with any response so I just kept my mouth shut and disappeared into the crowd.

Just wondering

Just wondering if the Donald paid Michelle royalty so Melania could copy her speech. How ever maybe Michelle was charitable.

CNN and Fox

I watch both CNN and Fox News. Why because Fox is so far right that it gives you a heads up on what is coming. Both were reporting on the shooting in Orlando. Every other statement refereed to the establishment as a gay bar on Fox. CNN never used the word gay. Fox was laying a little cover for the N.R.A. for the extreme religious right and the gay bashing politicians. The sad part is all those righteous conservatives are going to use what happened to justify their dislike for gays and Muslims. Kind of like killing two birds with one stone. The gays had it coming and we should ban all Muslims.
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