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old man 76

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Member since: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 03:53 PM
Number of posts: 114

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Welcome Spring

Welcome to the first day of spring. I was greeted with about ten inches of new snow this morning and the weather forecast said I could expect a few more inches before it was over. Now the people in the north east pride themselves on being a hardy lot. Most of us wouldnít give up the forest, rivers, lakes and streams or the sunrise over the ocean. We will be here next winter and enjoy the new snow and crisp air. However, to be honest, on at least one morning when it was about twenty below or a foot or more of snow to dig out of, have you said to yourself what am I doing in this frozen forsaken place?

The Ukraine

I have been reading the Republican thoughts on the Ukraine. Of course the first thing they do is blame the president that is a given. What I laugh about is the Republican notion that all we need to do is scream, holler and threaten a country we don't agree with and that country will back down. Bush's two war prove that is not effective. How ever this is what the Republicans do in government. Scream, holler and threaten but in reality accomplish nothing. The only thing sadder is the conservatives who believe them.

Not in America

I watched a report this morning on children from Syria receiving medical care in a refugee camp. I also read a report on people including children living with out food or shelter. This situation has been happening different places all over the world it is sad to say. In America we have always condemned such conditioned.
We have no people in government who would want to deny people, food, shelter or medical treatment or do we?

The squirrel and I thank you

The squirrel and I thank you for viewing our post. Yes the squirrel is real and no he doesnít talk. Watching him eat did make me think. As much as the Republican would want people to think the reason for food stamps, reduced housing, Medicaid and other social safety nets is because people are lazy and donít want to work. It is not so. Any living thing will do what they must to keep from starving, freezing or suffering. They donít just say it is too much effort, I would rather sit here and die.

The world has changed and we canít go back. Populations have increased, resources have shrunk and globalization, automation and technology have changed the employment needs. This country must change with the times. The idea that we need to get back to the good old days is a conservative fantasy. If the Republican machine has its way they will say the United States is the best place in the world to live if you have wealth, position and power. They will also say, with pride, in poverty and human suffering we are proud to say we have caught up and expect to exceed the countries we used to condemn for the treatment of their people.

Conversation with a squirrel

It was very cold this morning and when I went out to where I feed the birds and other critters there was this big grey squirrel eating cracked corn. I asked if he was hungry and he said I am almost starved. I said generally you are down in the rich folks neighborhood they put out some pretty good food don't they. The squirrel said they have stopped feeding us. It seems they feel they pay to much in taxes so they can't afford us any more. One lady said she barely had enough for her new spring wardrobe. I said its not fancy but your welcome to what is here. The squirrel said thank you and could he ask a personal question. I told him ask away. He looked at me and said are you by any chance a Democrat.

GOP Charm School

Read in the paper this morning where the GOP is sending some congressional candidates to charm school. Shane Osborn, of Nebraska, Matt Whitaker, of Iowa, and Terri Lynn Land, of Michigan for starters. They will go to GOPís Senate campaign headquarters in Washington to learn, in part, what not to say and how not to say it. As the old saying goes you canít make a silk purse out of a sowís ear and the best they can hope for is a better snake oil salesman. The Republican's end game is the same, they just want to be better liars.

Pete Seeger

It always is a loss when a person of principal and good conscience is gone. Let us remember his work and sacrifice and all try a little harder to make our country a better place.

A Christmas Thought from the Old Man

I have been listening and following the thoughts and actions of the new Pope. I am not Catholic but this Pope would make most people of good conscience feel humble. My wish for the coming year is that our political representatives, both left and right, would embrace some of the Pope's doctrine and work for the betterment of all people.

The President's handshake

Yesterday the president attended a funeral. He exchanged required formalities with other world leaders and did shake hands with the president of Cuba. Fox news and the republican were all over it. Now there is a time and place for everything and in some situations one must be a true person of dignity, honor and culture such as the funeral of one of the most respected person in our time. This was not the time for political posturing or debate. The President did the appropriate greeting for the occasion. I would be a democrat if only not to be associated with people who seem to be ignorant, crude and have no sense of dignity or honor.

Commissioner Mayhew

The Waterville Morning Sentinel had some harsh words for DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew handling of some issues such as outsource of transportation of people to medical appointments. The paper also cited the moving of the Portland office to a more remote location. The implication was she was not doing a good job and refused to own up to it. They were wrong because the commissioner does not work for the people of the state of Maine she works for Governor Le Page and his agenda. If you check with the Governor she is doing a great job and deserves a raise.
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