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Profile Information

Name: Peter
Gender: Male
Hometown: New South Wales
Home country: Australia
Member since: Thu Feb 2, 2012, 02:10 AM
Number of posts: 68

About Me

I run the local Volunteer Community Radio Station,.I also hold the license for it.It havs been going for 4 1/2 years and has 5 volunteer announcers,a full strength committee and is going places.I am also involved with the local Rural Fire Sevice and also the local State Emergency Service (CD) I have had a stink with WICEN (Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Net and all in all,besided my disability I get on with life. I enjoy what I do,and I am looking forward to taking my wife on a trip around Australia within the next 12 months

Journal Archives

Abbott has priorities up his BUTT

Firstly we are told to tighten our belt by the Treasurer,we are then told that the Aged Pension is going to be 'trimmed' to meet the life extension of ALL Aussies,and then the PM goes and spends AUD$12b on some aircraft that will never get off the ground.
This Government are so out of touch that its time that Labor & the Minor Parties 'stopped' supply and forced Rabbitt and the Libs to another election,so that we can dispose of these MORONS.......

Tony Rabbitt and his STUFFED UP GANG

Well after 130 days this MORON has become the Australian Secretive Party,they have NO idea how to act on the big stage and their females are so Liberal thats its as clear as the nose on your face....I dont believe that they will last 3 years and I believe that Malcolm Turnbull will challenge Abbott or the Greens,Independants,and the ALP will vote down Supply

Obama to be impeached

Just had an arguement (verbal) with the propietor of the caravan park that I am staying at and he recons that the FBI and the NRA want to have Barack Obama impeached...since when can an assocciation like the NRA have a President impeached and also how can the USA impeach some one that 66million voted for.....
Either the FBI or the NRA are morons or the world is off on a bad leg
The proprietor of the park would believe anything that he read and 1/2 what he hears.................

Tony Rabbitt

Sorry to start this,BUT Tony Rabbitt is just that and he has NO ideas on what he is doing.Here he is trying to tell everyoone that he is going to drop the carbon tax,and yet he is going to introduce the Emmissions Trading Scheme in 2014...You know what the other name for Carbon Tax is ETS.
I also notice that also Julie Bishop has 'no balls' to challenge Tony Rabbitt,or she must be a pawn in the Liberal Party and has no idea what she is doiung there,OR probably thinks that she will be a 'shoein' as the Libs deputy leader come September......
All in all they are all a bunch of no hopers..........................

We are now on our trip and heading off from Narrabri tomorrow heading for Dalby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Opinion polls............

I notice with interest that with the election being called for September that all the 'polls' are coming out with all their "figures"
The latest Galaxy who tell us that more women prefer Mr.Rabbit,BUT they dont tell you that there are as many uncommitted as those who want Mr.Rabbit,then we have News Poll who tell us something totally different,then another poll who tells us something else.
How the hell can 1014 people that are polled be the verdict of 5 million voters on the day,and yet the Media make a Mountain out of a Molehill....its time that newspapers and TV news stations looked elsewhere for their news.
The two worst for this caper is Sky News and also Daily Telegraph

Abbott running around Australia,trying to 'muster' the troops

I notice that Mr.Rabbitt is running around Australia telling us what he intends to do when and if he becomes PM at the end of the year.
I notice that he is only visiting the Liberal Faithful instead of just popping up in some town to preach to the Australian people.He has also got a 'white paper' which he has decided to distribute to the 'Liberal Faithful on what he intends to do if he gets into parliament.
Give us all strength if he even made it to the lodge.He would make a TOP Naval operator/........he's gunna do this.he is gunna do that,he will be gunna stoop this and that,so what will be left of Australia....not a whole lot.
If Mr.Rabbitt and Mr.Donkey were to win at the end of the year we as Australia would be broke in 6 months,Rabbitt will re introduce the 'Work Choices' of the Howard era,he would cut back the public service,he would disband the 'Carbon Tax' (pigs might fly) and he reckons that he will do many other things.

Mr.Rabbitt instead of telling your Liberal friends,why don't you get out into Australia and see what sort of reception you get
You would go back to Sydney/Canberra with your tail between your legs.......WE DON'T WANT YOU OUT HERE

instead of just talking do something about it

Well its a month since all the kids were killed at the New Town Elementary school and what has changed.STUFF ALL.
Its time that the NGL (national Gun Lobby) got their act together and supported gun laws instead of rebelling against them.Its time that the leader of the Gun Lobby woke up to himself and though seriously about what he is doing or saying.I bet that if he or any member of his family was shot by one of these guns that he would be the first to cry 'WOLF' so why dosnt he wake up to himself.
Ban certain guns and amend the 2nd ammendment.

John Kerry as the new Secretary of State

I have noted that John Kerry just may be the Secretary of State,to replace Hillary Clinton.
Top choice and hope that its passed by Congress.

another 28 dead...when will it STOP

Well its happened again,so 'sick' misfit,gone on the rampage and shot innocent kids as well as adults.
Its time that Pres Obama and BUGGER the gun lobby of USA,put his foot down and did the only decent thing that John Howard did in his reign and stopped and gained gun control.
The Gun Lobby of USA,as big as they maybe are still stupid enough and ugly enough to topple and I am sure that Pres.Obama would like to do something about it.
The major problem here is that the 'allowed to bare arms' is part of the US constitution,BUT these laws can be changed with a pen stroke from Congress.
Its time that this happened,is it not??????
Lets see what happens after the next and the next and the next killings in USA

Terrible thing the two announcers,BUT who is to blame??????

I am surprised that a thread hasnt been opened,so here goes.
I am afraid that I dont believe that the two kids from 2DAYFM are at fault.Being in the industry myself,that sort of things goes thru many pairs of hands before being allowed to go to air,so my questions are
Why did management of 2DAYFM let it go to air.
Why didnt the hospital acknowledge that 2DAYFM had inquired on 5 different occasions to get permission.
Why did it go ahead.
Why didnt the woman who answered the call just hang up on them and forget all about it/why did she put the two thru to another ward.
Why did the woman take her own life.
Why isnt the hospital showing abit more care towards the womans family and why it this left up to the radio station to do something,
Why is it that the British media are making such a BIG thing out of something that happens on radio every day and why is the British media trying to make it look like that these two kids are to blame.
What is/was going thru the mind of the woman and why did she take her own life.

Now before anyone gets onto their high horses and has a go at me,I would like to remind you,that being in the industry and having a committee to get permission to do things,that SouthernCross Media Austereo should know better and it up to THEIR management to sort this out.
We at our radio station arent allowed to operate a talk back system as we have 'skype' and we cant allocate both so we stick with Skype.
It is time that both parties laid their cards on the table,the Daily Mirror in UK along with other members of the media the hospital where the woman worked,and there is more to this than we know,and also the management of 2DAYFM.

Lets get some sort of closure on this god forsaken rubbish
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