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Bernie Sanders is only presidential candidate who pays his interns

Employers may argue that professional experience gained via an internship pays for itself - which is hopefully the case, as most of the presidential candidates are not prepared to pay you to work for them.

A new study has revealed that only one presidential hopeful out of a total of 16 candidates pays their interns.

Bernie Sanders, Vermont Senator and Democrat, pays his interns $10.10 per hour, as reported by The Washington Post.

* * *

Unpaid internships are also a political issue - there is a racial divide between the median wealth of white households, which is 10 and 13 times more than Hispanic and black households respectively.

In August, Hillary Clinton tweeted out an internship application, asking for a CV and two letters of reference. A few days later, she was asking students to tweet her about how “student loan debt makes you feel.”

Ms Clinton has also come under fire for accepting $675,000 speaking fees from Goldman Sachs, and has earned $153 million in speaking fees alongside her husband since 2001. Mr Sanders has revealed that he made just over $1,800 for three speeches last year and has given all the money to charity.


Nevada Caucus in 10 days: Make predictions here!

Nevada, set for Feb. 20 caucus, has been woefully under-polled. The last poll in Nevada is from Dec. 23-27: H-50, B-27. Fivethirthyeight doesn't even have a forecast.

We know that is widely off the mark at this point.

So, going blind, essentially, what say you? Make your prediction here.

31 pledged delegates are up for grabs. Make you prediction by delegate allocation, or total percentage.

Hillary's handicap: including super delegates in state totals at this point

Desparate to maintain the illusion that Hillary is out front with a formidable lead, the inclusion of unpledged super delegates (especially by state with the pledged delegate totals is akin to a poorly performing bowler needing a handicap. Handicaps in bowling give the poorly performing bowler a number of pins before the game begins to leve the playing field and make it competitive.

Don't fall for it as delegate counts are talked and reported moving forward. The pledged delegates matter. If it is ultimately decided by super delegates, ho boy, watch out. I don't expect that to happen though.

Hillary says she supports campaign finance reform but she thumbs her nose at the current law

She claims she wants campaign finance reform, but not only relies on SuperPACS, she COORDINATES directly with them. This is the most disingenuous of all her many disingenuous positions. It is right there in the voters' faces.

Has any candidate so egregiously given the finger to the law? Has any other candidate openly coordinated with a SuperPAC?

Re: Sanders' attacks. All the shit ya feedin' us is fertilizer!

Love it, keep it coming. It only makes us grow stronger. It shows that we are chipping away at the political establishment.

They are running scared for good reason.

"I'd rather be a match than a paper dollar bill..."

It is time for Sanders Campaign to call out Hillary's coordination with Brock's SuperPAC

She's claiming a high road that she is not on.

Flint gets Democratic presidential debate on March 6 (DNC sanctions 3 new debates, one in CA)

Democratic presidential contenders Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will square off in a debate in Flint on March 6, two days before Michigan Democrats head to the polls.

The Democratic National Committee is sanctioning the televised debate in Flint
, which Clinton wanted in her quest to continue shining a national spotlight on the city’s lead-contaminated water crisis.

The Sanders campaign originally proposed a March 3 debate at an unspecified location in Michigan.

Michigan’s presidential primary is March 8.

The Flint debate is on a Sunday and is one of three new debates approved by the DNC. The exact time and location in Flint wasn’t included in the announcement.

“The first of these new debates is confirmed to take place in Flint, Michigan on March 6th, with the remaining two taking place in April and May with times and locations to be determined,” DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a Wednesday statement. “We will continue to work closely with both campaigns as we finalize the remaining details.”

Sanders said Wednesday on CNN that he and Clinton agreed to additional debates in Michigan and California.

“We didn’t get all the commitments that I wanted,” Sanders said on CNN. “We got California, we got Michigan — and that’s good. I wanted a debate in New York City ... but Secretary Clinton has not agreed to do that.”

Sanders had wanted an April debate in Brooklyn, New York, where he was born and Clinton’s campaign headquarters is located.

After Clinton narrowly edged Sanders in Monday’s Iowa caucuses, the former secretary of state is in a pitched battle with the Vermont U.S. senator in next Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary.

Clinton and Sanders will appear at a televised town hall meeting at 9 p.m. Wednesday in Manchester, New Hampshire, sponsored by CNN.

Then the candidates will square off again Thursday night in a DNC-sanctioned debate at the University of New Hampshire in Durham.

Other DNC-run debates are scheduled for Feb. 11 in Milwaukee and March 9 in Miami.


DNC has sanctioned 3 additional debates one in Flint, MI on March 3. The other two will take place in April and May, one of which will be in California. Bernie still pushing for the last of the three to be in NY.

Unsaid is whether the NH debate is DNC sanctioned, I assume it is? Making four total debates added.

Settle in, everyone, this race is going into May at least.

Sanders gets national polling bump from Iowa; Hillary flat

Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) have gained support since the Iowa caucuses, according to a new national Morning Consult poll released Wednesday.

Support for Sanders increased 4 points to 35 percent in a Morning Consult poll taken Feb. 2-3. In the same poll taken from Jan. 29 to Feb 1, Sanders had garnered 31 percent support.

The Vermont senator finished in a virtual tie with rival Hillary Clinton in Monday’s Iowa caucuses, giving his campaign a jolt of momentum heading into New Hampshire. Clinton was declared the winner in Iowa by the slimmest of margins.

Clinton's support was unchanged in the new poll, staying at 51 percent.


Still a steep hill, but moving the right direction.

Has Thursday's debate been sanctioned by the DNC? Have the campaigns agreed on other debates?

I haven't seen any reports regarding either of these points. Only that Bernie and HIllary will be debating on Thursday.

Has the DNC weighed in? And how about the other four debates, including NY? Has HIllary agreed to those?

Where did FOX News get these Iowa voter results???

I posted a link to this yesterday.

Where did FOX News get these results? They have vote numbers per candidate by county.

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