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Member since: Fri Jan 6, 2012, 09:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,763

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Yeah it is not like you are a FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR

unlike some here.

Posting taunting memes incoherently! Greenwaldarglebargle

we are at defcon-lame-bait-fail-level-3,
where a loyalist posts incoherent taunting memes.

but thanks for the kick! much love babe!

Copy "Reply to this Post" while logged out, paste while logged in!

alternate show names?

"The Authoritarian Apologist Power Hour"
"The Poopiehead Report : SnowGlen Traitors or Worse?"
"The O'Leser Factor"
"Bullethead's Browbeat Hour"

Evil Greenwald and nasty Snowden!111

Is there no end to the villainy from these two treasonous gadflies !?!?!?

Weep, O Ye Patriots for the private contractor system administrators !!!

Pity their poor ballerina girlfriends!

This is Trayvons Last Picture With his Father


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