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Member since: Mon Dec 26, 2011, 12:31 PM
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Speculative Creation

Statement of Purpose

Discuss conspiracy theories and other highly-speculative topics. Free-thinkers and skeptics are both welcome. When posting, please be mindful of the DU Terms of Service.

May I state purposefully a speculative creation, not of my own imagination, but the reality of human life on this swiftly tilting planet: all things are interconnected.

It is not crazy to notice this. Rather arguably, it's crazy not to.

We as a "civilized" species are disconnected from the nature of our host biosphere and from our own.

Some of us look Up.

We notice weather, wind patterns, sun and moon and stars circling, recurrent cycles and flight paths of aircraft as well established in the sky as the movement of the moon and sun. We notice when patterns converge in the sky that are completely and inexpicably foreign to that long term, regularly structured order.

Not too many look up; when and if they do, they choose to see what they want to see.

Not everyone has the benefit of good education and nutrition, but most recognize what an advantage and - as it turns out - privilege it is to have these throughout one's lifetime. The simple things - shelter, safety, nutrition - shape us as humans. A connection with others in community and love, plus a connection with nature, provide potential emotional health.

These seem obvious. Yet when the patterns are disturbed or disrupted, the resulting distortions of awareness or behavior are argued about endlessly. It's not speculation to state that there is a connection between health, nutrition, education, spiritual development, emotional health, of the individual and that of the collective group.

The mediator, media, serves as lifeblood for the organism to nurture or harm itself. So many of these interconnected influences matter vitally to the social and political and economic solutions DU is interested in.

Not all of them are the same, nor should they be treated the same. Conspiracy is in the eye of the beholder.

Some questions are more sane asked than not asked:

How did those planes make it through protected airspace for hours with no intervention?

Why do some airplanes on regular paths contrails dissipate and those on criss cross patterns expand instead?

Why is the astral plane a joke?

How plain does something have to be before people see it?

Why is everyone afraid of offending advertisers?

Not everyone has the benefit of a clear sky or vantage point to look up and notice the sky, the patterns, visit nature in all its glory or obstinance, poking a dandelion through cracks in the sidewalk, suggesting:

Look up.

The Iowa caucus are an irrelevancy wrapped in insignificance surrounded by vast inconsequence.

"The Iowa caucus are an irrelevancy wrapped in insignificance surrounded by vast inconsequence."

Tweeteth Robert Reich

Maybe Blind Allegiance In A Perfect Storm is Not The Best Position

We have a new year and new laws. We have an incumbent President who needs our votes and a SCOTUS that decides our votes don't count. Republicans have no viable candidate; only blind allegiance will give them votes.

More empty homes than there are homeless. State law allowing illegal immigrants to apply for college grants. Families who can't put food on the table if there is one. Everyone's hurting, everything's tight, very close to brother against brother, in a time of global economic war.

Men and women returning from bogus wars brain-damaged and worse.

OWS. Election year. Burst bubbles. Incumbent president. Rodent republicans. Global unrest. Online news sources. New creative communities.

A perfect storm?

Maybe NOW is the time to constructively criticize our political leaders, guide them, pressure them, give them the cover they need. The people lead; the leaders follow.

Or the day comes when constructively criticizing leaders makes you a "terrorist."

What changed in your life this year?

Hopefully, you and yours are well, safe, reasonably happy.

How has the Depression and/or depression changed your life?

Any bright spots?

New ideas? New attitudes about who and what is important in your life? How you spend your time?

New ways to survive the "downturn;" share with others; build community?

Please share your ideas and discoveries.

May your new year be full of creative awakenings and joyful connections.

Mitt/Newt/Ron/Rick/Rick don't count. Citizens United does.


"In January 2010, five justices of the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporations have a First Amendment right to spend unlimited funds promoting or attacking candidates in local, state and federal elections. This radical decision rolls back a century of political tradition and more than 60 years of legal precedent prohibiting direct corporate involvement in elections. The First Amendment was never intended to let nonhuman business corporations spend unlimited corporate cash to influence our elections."

2 + 2 = 5

"Corporations were already spending considerable amounts of money to influence elections, but Citizens United v. FEC allows CEOs to dip into corporate treasuries and spend as much as they want to buy pro-corporate lawmakers and punish those who stand up for the public interest. To make matters worse, most of this new spending will be hidden from the public. Corporate front groups will sponsor cynical advertisements supporting industry-friendly candidates and attacking public servants who stand up to corporations; the public will not know who is funding the ads.

"Corporations are not people. They do not vote, and they should not be allowed to have such an overwhelming influence on elections. Public Citizen is pursuing several legislative responses and a constitutional amendment to reclaim the First Amendment for its original purpose."


A Modest Proposal

Between the holidays, we have some space perhaps to breathe, to share what we have, to enjoy peace and quiet with loved ones, to reflect ... while preparing gifts and meals and parties and paying bills, if possible.

On the brink of 2012 "the end of the world," The End of Capitalism As We Know It, an election year when corporate persons with gobs of money decide how -- or if -- our votes count.

What have we learned?

In the rise of Occupy and public awareness and in the downturn of the American economy, what is next?

Do you see examples around you of people finding new and creative solutions to ... survive?

Are there any benefits to the demands being put on people and families, communities and organizations?

Do you have sources for good alternatives or ideas of your own?

Please share!

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