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Member since: Wed Dec 14, 2011, 04:53 PM
Number of posts: 7,859

About Me

Robert Earl is my name. Well, part of it. I live in the Great Smokies of NC. Aldo Leopold was a most influential writer to me. These days i do Occupy and work local politics trying to get good Democratic Party members elected. Watch my footprint on this blue-ball and check out chicks since i am quite single and available.

Journal Archives

There you go again

Telling me what i should do....

And making up ideas that i never expressed and trying to pin those ideas on me.

Frankly, like i tell trotsky below, you too remind me of the religious freaks and how they go about trying to control everyone.

Edited to add: This was my 1,000th post on DU. And i am proud of the fact that i have identified the other side of the same coin. Meaning the religious freaks and how they try to control everyone and the anti-religious freaks who do the same.
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