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Member since: Wed Dec 14, 2011, 04:53 PM
Number of posts: 8,061

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Robert Earl is my name. Well, part of it. I live in the Great Smokies of NC. Aldo Leopold was a most influential writer to me. These days i do Occupy and work local politics trying to get good Democratic Party members elected. Watch my footprint on this blue-ball and check out chicks since i am quite single and available.

Journal Archives

Fukishima News

The news is not better. It could be better, but not much has changed.

Three cores are melted and leaking out the top and out the bottom.

Only one of four reactor buildings looks the same as it did before the earthquake. #1 which blew first has a skirt wrapped around it. The top of it blew off and the covered it up.

Reactor 3 blew sky-high and is now just rubble.

Reactor 4 is turning into rubble slowly. It has the "World's Worst Fuel Pool" and it could, they say, dump its radioactive load at any time or catch on fire again.

Not much has happened to control the problems except pump water onto all that heat producing material. The excess water pretty much flows into the Pacific being there is little containment of water or radiation.

My theory is that when the three reactors melted, the corium (reactor core material) burned through all containment and is burning into the ground. Which is in a way a containment. Surely had the corium spread out flat it would have much more surface area and be burning directly in the atmosphere which would pretty much mean it would all be over.

So, that is the good news. It could be worse.

Discouraging, I know

Looking at the world's situation with open and honest vision is heartbreaking.

Teetering in Japan is a nuclear bomb that has the potential of making millions of square miles poisoned for centuries. It is, this Spent Fuel Pool #4, a metaphor in a way of the situation of nearly all of our complicated modern society.

Propped up, just as the economy as a whole is, it is a veritable house of cards sold to us by the "Don't worry, we know what we are doing" crowd.

The collapsing economy and this spent fuel pool are two examples of the lies told in the chase by our leaders to see who can "die with the most toys".

But it is warm out, flowers are blooming and so far, the air is safe. So there is hope, eh?

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