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Member since: Wed Dec 14, 2011, 04:53 PM
Number of posts: 11,360

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Why do I post on DU? To help change history. To join with others to make bad things go away and change the political course of this country.

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Yes, Bernie is taking over the Party

And, Yes, it will become a much more leftist party which improves upon and strengthens the socialism on which this country thrives.

The party's powers that be, are quite disturbed, and are becoming increasingly upset with the Bernie supporters who have little regard for them and the elites' corrupt ways.

It is a new day for the Democratic Party, and soon to be seen in the results from the New Hampshire break out. The Iowa results, where Bernie came from 50 points down, was quite alarming to the elites and they see what's coming.

They are truly Feeling the Bern!

Bernie done ruined everything

Imagine no Bernie campaign. Imagine there was no real choice in this primary and that all there was was a vote for Hillary.

Well, that's what the Democratic Party elites were hoping it would come down to. They were hoping they wouldn't have to do anything but sit back and watch as Hillary got what was coming to her.

But Bernie decided to run, and when he did, his campaign focused on several things the party elites had established to keep their kingdoms humming along. One of those was the big money super-PACS that made bribery common place.

Ol' Bernie has put a hurtin' on the old same politics and for that the elites hate him. He exposes their shenanigans on a daily basis and appeals to a wide spectrum of potential voters whose participation in the political process is seen as a threat to the establishment.

Given Bernie's proclamations and promises that he will make real changes if he is seated in office, the establishment has fought him and his campaign. For they know their days are numbered and the old ways of politics are about to be cast out of DC as a new wave of real democracy washes up the Potomac like a Tsunami.

Here it comes!

Been a long time coming

A year ago we on DU began to get cranked up over the primaries.

At the time there was but one Democratic Party candidate and that was Hillary.

Many here, seeking the feelings of good times when Hope and Change was on the agenda from Obama's election were dissatisfied with the Hillary choice seeing her as a return to before Obama's triumphant victory. We wanted to make progress, not to allow regress.

One person, Elizabeth Warren, was our choice to get Hope and Change cranked up again. When finally she decided not to run we were all feeling a bit let down.

That's when Bernie Sanders came on the scene. Here was an old white guy who didn't stand a chance against the Clinton prowess, we were told. That was nine months ago, and this day seemed as if it would never come. But here we are.

24 hours from now, after the first fruits of the campaign have ripened and been plucked, we will have our first solid rewards from all our efforts to beat back the "He can't win" prognostications from so many of our fellow Democrats.

Today, ensconced in the "He can win" awakening of those we have worked to educate and inform, we look back to those days of nine months ago as if those days never even existed.

But it happened and we overcame. We now are a part of history which the future rides on and we aim to make the most of it and get the man who could not be elected, elected.

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives of a "Future We Can Believe In".

What's nice is

Bernie snuck up on them. How many times were we told people liked Bernie but he didn't stand a chance?

So now, the polls are screaming that Bernie will win NH and may just take Iowa.

Bernie's opposition was counting their chickens before they hatched and just let H commit political suicide before they realized we were sneaking up on them.

Except we weren't sneaking... we've been out loud for 9 months, they just refused to hear us.

Here's a thread of mine from 9 months ago

Bernie: He's not an Obama. He's the Real Deal

Does Clinton Suggest Grabbing Guns? You Decide


Hillary Clinton Says A National Gun Buyback Program Is 'Worth Considering'
Source: Huffington Post

It's "worth considering" whether the United States should emulate Australia by instituting a national gun buyback program, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Friday at a town hall in New Hampshire.

A man in the audience asked Clinton whether she thought it would be possible for the U.S. to enact such a program, and if not, why. Gun buybacks have happened at the metropolitan level in the U.S., but any effort at the national level would be sure to run into intense political opposition.

Democrats Drop Names Of Slave-Owning Presidents From Fundraising Dinner

Source: Courant

HARTFORD Prompted by the national controversy over the Confederate flag, the state Democratic Party voted unanimously Wednesday night to change the name of its annual fundraising dinner and strip the names of two slave-owning American presidents.

For the past 67 years, the dinner has contained the names of Democratic presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. In later years, Democrats included famed former party boss John Bailey, and the annual event became widely known as the Jefferson-Jackson-Bailey Dinner.


"Let's work together to show the rest of the state exactly what it means to be a Connecticut Democrat,'' party Chairman Nicholas Balletto said before introducing the resolution.

In part, the resolution said, "As members of the Democratic Party, we are proud of our history as the party of inclusion. Democrats have led the way on civil rights, LGBT equality and equal rights for women. It is only fitting that the name of the party's most visible annual event reflects our dedication to diversity and forward-looking vision.''

Read more: http://www.courant.com/politics/hc-democratic-dinner-name-change-0723-20150722-story.html

Day or so ago I posted this OP in GD...P about how the Party should change the names of these fundraising dinners.


Lets be clear about Bernie vs Hillary

Most of us have been political junkies for a long long time.

Some of us proudly voted for McGovern!

So we have been watching the scene go down for a long time.

We have watched the Clintons for going on 25 years now, most of us voted for Bill, twice.

Through all of these years we have watched as the system ate up and discarded good progressive, liberal, loving candidates who we knew, if given a seat of power, could change the system. We supported and voted for Obama because we had hope he could change the system, and in some ways he did.

But now we have Bernie. A politician who has been through the grinder, and he still stands. Indeed, he stands tall and has a real chance to wield our greatest aspirations for our country and our planet as POTUS.

Hillary is plan B for us. Plan B, because we see her as a fixture of the system, and if we have to, we will support her. But we have Bernie and therefore we have real hope to use him to change the system.

So......... if anyone continues to disrespect Bernie, expect a backlash. A backlash that comes from the pent-up frustrations of 30+ years of seeing our best hopes be trashed by the RW and even supposed friends.

We are sick of it.... we have a real champion in Bernie this time and we are ready and willing to fight. Do not be surprised by the reaction if you get in our way and show disrespect for us and our champion.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Bernie: He's not an Obama. He's the Real Deal

We have a real Hope for Change in voting for Bernie.

Obama was pretty much an unknown. Bernie Sanders has a long history of fighting for Change and Hope for everyman.

He is in it to win, and win we will.

For anti-nuke, pro-environment posts

The website ENEnews.com is the place to go.

Almost daily is posted a new, properly linked mainstream news report about Fukushima, and the environment of the North Pacific.

Then posters, such as yourself, are encouraged to make comments. There is an amazing cadre of educated and informed and aware members there. And an occasional pro-nuke person logs in to debate the old time posters there and losses badly. But it does make for interesting reading as those pro-nuke people do draw out pertinent information from those debating him/her.

A word of caution: The news about Fukushima and the Pacific is not good news.


Ronald the asshole reagan took solar panels off the White House.

Jimmy Carter, a man who was familiar with nuke power, is the man who put them there.

34 years later, the country has just recently put solar back on our White House.

Carter also was the man who put coffin nails to nuclear power and the asshole who replaced him opened up that casket and let that vampire loose.

30 years later, on DU, I proposed that nuke power radiation was killing birds. It really pissed off some DUers, and ever since they have gone from claiming nukes were safe and radiation was not dangerous to what you see here, tonight, on this thread.

It has been one hell of a trip, and now, because of Fukushima and that fact that Fukushima can't be hidden like TMI and Chernobyl was, the pro-nuke people are relegated to a few measly posts on DU.

I have been called all kinds of names by the pro-nukes, and yet here I stand, still here, still telling the truth, 35 years after that damned asshole reagan diverted the course Carter set the country on.

Hey, one does what one can do, eh?
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