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Ron Obvious

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Current location: Seattle
Member since: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 10:37 PM
Number of posts: 2,677

About Me

I got the nickname Ron Obvious because -- in addition to being a huge Python fan -- my name really is Ron and I used to start sentences with \"Obviously\" a lot. Obviously, that\'s no longer a problem.

Journal Archives

Fuck you and your fucking Chrome!

I've just had to uninstall Google Chrome for about the 20th time.

I was nagged into upgrading my Flash and must've ignored a checkbox and had Chrome shoved down my throat again. AGAIN. I'm happy with my browser (Opera), thank you very much, and if I wanted another browser I wouldn't chose one that's so closely associated with a company that makes its living by spying on everything I do online.

Do no evil, my arse. If there's one company in a position to do incredible evil, it's fucking Google. Now I hear they want to manage my medical records as well. Do not want!

Sorry, we now return you to your regularly scheduled cat videos. As you were.

Can anyone recommend good password management software?

In the wake of this latest SSL security hole, I'll be changing all my passwords next week and I might as well bite the bullet and use a password manager because I can't really keep up any more (see cartoon below)


Preferably free and open source
Runs on Windows
Easy to use
Must allow logins from multiple computers, but I do NOT want anything cloud or server-based! I want all files local. This would presumably mean sharing a master password file.
Must be flexible wrt different password parameters, e.g. some servers don't allow punctuation or spaces, others require them.
Store PIN codes as well.

I've never used one, so I'm open to all suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

Ralph's Bakshi's Wizards (1977)

Despite its anti-science and technology bias, I've always had a secret fondness for Ralph Bakshi's 1977 animated (and rotoscoped) movie Wizards, and especially its soundtrack. I found out a few days ago that the soundtrack, with its eclectic mix of seventies' funk and small, wistful tunes, was finally released on CD last year.

It came in the post this morning and I've finally been able to enjoy listening to it after all this time.

Made my day!

Shame he made such a mess of LOTR a few years later. Ugh!


Woohoo! Twenty whole megs of RAM! and a hard drive that's about 1/60th the capacity of my postage stamp-sized SD!

And yet, that would still beat having to be around people even today!

Forgive me, I'm in a mood today.

Sometimes I feel like screaming and punching people in the face.

Oh, not for any good reason or anything. I just like screaming and punching people in the face a lot.

What's your browser of choice?

I've been a Firefox man from the beginning but I can't deny that it's become a bit of a memory pig lately. The extensions, I'm running 12 of them, share in the blame I have no doubt. I also don't like their changes and attitude to complains about those changes.

I just recently bought a new laptop and experimented a bit. I thought Chrome was a bit too minimalist for my liking (hey, I like having a refresh button!), but I utterly resent having it install bundled with other packages without my consent (flash, avast, I'm looking at you!), and it's too closely tied to a company that makes money spying on me (google).

Opera is my new browser of choice. I'm running it with just two extensions, Adblock Plus and Ghostery, and it's been a dream. Fast, responsive and it works everywhere. I'm sticking with it.

What's your browser of choice?

Made an ass of myself the other day.

The person ahead of me in line at the bank needed special help, and the teller suggested she needed to see Joe. Trying to catch his attention she shouted "hey Joe!", but Joe was busy with something else.

So everyone in the bank started shouting "hey Joe!", until Joe finally noticed and started walking over to the customer.

I sang "Where you going with that gun in your hand?"

He froze and looked terrified. Everyone in the bank did. The security guard put his hand on his weapon and everyone stared at me with fear and hostility.

Fuck me, hasn't everyone heard of Jimi Hendrix anymore? I feel like I don't belong in this world any longer sometimes.

So don't make jokes about guns in banks, people.

Dispute with a contractor: Am I unreasonable?

Some months ago, as part of a series of jobs, I had a contractor install some outdoor security lights. During this installation, both bathroom floor-heating thermostats got fried (smoked and blackened). We let them install replacement thermostats and everything is working fine now.

When they presented the bill, it merely had two items: parts & labour. I didn't trust them and asked them for a breakdown of the parts, which they finally came up with. Sure enough: they included the thermostats in the bill. I paid them in full, minus the cost of the thermostats, and included a note which said that I thought it was a lot of nerve to ask us to pay for something they broke.

Ever since, I've been getting daily harassments through the phone and email telling us to pay our bill in full. They claim the system was "wired wrong" and that's why the thermostats got fried.

Now, I'm a reasonable person, but I'm just flabbergasted at the unmitigated gall of these people. How could any reasonable person expect us to have to pay? Seriously?

I've complained to the Better Business Bureau, but the company has just changed names. That's another warning sign, in my opinion.

I'm not worried about it. I've stared down bullies before, but I've never been a situation before where I couldn't even begin to understand the other side's point of view.

Any thoughts or recommendations other than slamming them on every review site?

I've failed 5 CAPTCHAs in a row

On my new Lenovo laptop. Clearly I'm non-human or, at the very least, a drooling, senile old half-wit.

Broadband Speedtest redux

Somebody posted a link here to test your internet speed a few weeks ago, and I got disturbingly low 5/5 Mb/s up and down despite all the mails I'd received from Comcast lately claiming they'd upgraded my speed again.

It bugged me enough to investigate and after I determined that my ancient router and cable modem were the problem, I ordered new equipment. It arrived yesterday, and running the same test now I got:

Better than 94% of the country, woohoo!

So, thanks to the person who posted that link here!
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