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arely staircase

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Member since: Sun Dec 11, 2011, 05:54 PM
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Snowden and the Chinese

Edward Snowden shared classified US intelligence secrets with the Chinese. Regardless of your thoughts on the rightness of his actions in leaking the NSA, FISA court warrant, should he be prosecuted for giving that info to the Chinese?

Posted by arely staircase | Mon Jul 1, 2013, 09:48 PM (41 replies)

Web of Lies

In his opening statement, prosecutor John Guy said that the most damning evidence against Zimmerman would be the web of lies that came from his own mouth. Today we got to hear some of it.

George Zimmerman trial: jury hears his own words

He originally told police he was not following Trayvon, that he got out of his truck because he was trying to find a street sign to pass along better location information. But in an interview three days later, Zimmerman said something different and was challenged: "I wasn't following. I was just going in the same direction." "That's following, man," said the case's lead detective, then-Investigator Chris Serino of the Sanford Police Department.


Zimmerman also told police that after he shot Trayvon, the two changed positions, that Zimmerman climbed on top of him, spread his arms and pinned them to the ground. But the first person on the scene, neighbor Jonathan Manalo, and the first officer on the scene, Tim Smith, both testified that Trayvon's hands were beneath his body.


Zimmerman also described a very short exchange of words with Trayvon before the fight started, something that does not match the accounts of several neighbors, who testified that they heard a confrontation that stretched over several minutes.


And let's not forget that Zimmerman first said it didn't sound like him on the tape screaming. But then later said it was, even though supposedly Martin was covering his mouth (and somehow also slamming his head in the ground.) He also changed his stories about what Martin said to him - all of it sounding like it came out of a bad Hollywood screenplay as the sentinel story points out. The detective also said he didn't believe Zimmerman was knocked to the ground with one punch because his injuries just weren't severe enough.
Posted by arely staircase | Mon Jul 1, 2013, 09:07 PM (0 replies)

right now begins the evidence that lays the groundwork for a conviction at least of neg. hom

he told the police officer on the stand right now, during their interview that Martin took off running, he got out of his truck, then Martin circled back around and attacked him.

Problem is, the tape with the non-emergency operator has him getting out of his car and admitting he is following.

It was during another interview with other cops, which we will hear later, when he realizes he has stepped on his dick and says "i wasn't following, I was just walking in the same direction."
Posted by arely staircase | Mon Jul 1, 2013, 11:52 AM (4 replies)

"individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is"

If you analyze it I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism. I think conservatism is really a misnomer just as liberalism is a misnomer for the liberals–if we were back in the days of the Revolution, so-called conservatives today would be the Liberals and the liberals would be the Tories. The basis of conservatism is a desire for less government interference or less centralized authority or more individual freedom and this is a pretty general description also of what libertarianism is.
Ronald Reagan


So if you think libertarians are all about freedom and you are falling for the Ron/Rand Paul BS. Well the Gipper dug them too. Because they agreed that freedom meant sticking it to those "welfare queens" and those "strapping young bucks" on foodstamps

Posted by arely staircase | Mon Jul 1, 2013, 05:46 AM (18 replies)

The NSA, Snowden, Obama etc. The bottom line IMO

Regardless of whether what you think about Snowden (I think he is a traitor for giving info to the Chinese). Regardless of what you think about Obama (I am very glad that he is my president.) Here is what this come down to in my mind..

It is time to repeal the Patriot Act. That, to borrow a line from Scalia, is the diseased root from which all this grows.

Posted by arely staircase | Sun Jun 30, 2013, 09:22 PM (2 replies)

Any DU Black Sabbath fans?

What do you think of the new album? I think it is cool but don't like the Rick Rueben production. They should have stripped that fucker down like it was 1968 and made a real Black Sabbath album. But it has some decent songs. I'd like to go see them, though they seem, after 100 years, to still be fighting over money - Bill Ward the drummer has dropped out. What a shame.
Posted by arely staircase | Fri Jun 28, 2013, 11:11 PM (6 replies)

Anybody else going to the Houston Pride parade tomorrow?

given recent current events, should be particularly gay - in the antiquated sense of the word.
Posted by arely staircase | Fri Jun 28, 2013, 11:03 PM (2 replies)

The Tipping Point (Texas) The Alamo and Sen. Davis

I worked in the Texas Leg. and Texas politics at the (or at least close to) nadir of Democratic power. The Rove plan to divide people, especially when it came to civil rights for gay Texans was not at its nadir but its apex. The tide has turned. Even Rove understands the hate monster he created is turning on its master. As Texas becomes more brown it becomes purple, then blue. This is something that has been happening for years, slowly, for too long I became disolussioned with Texas politics.

Now I am back in the game. We all are! I will still go to swing states to work for Democrats on the national level. But I see a Democratic Party in Texas that is a real political force, one that can change things!

Perry's anti-woman bill will still get through his new special session - and then die in a federal court. But his type's days are numbered, just like the dictator Santa Anna's days were numbered after his victory at the Alamo. Sam Houston fell back waited, waited and then he took the tyrant down at San Jacinto, his troops, white, brown, shouting "remember the Alamo!"

While Perry the tyrant will win his battle of the Alamo, he, and his reactionary army will meet their San Jacinto! That is Texan (Tejano!) for Waterloo.

We are coming to get you, Rick.



Posted by arely staircase | Fri Jun 28, 2013, 02:44 AM (6 replies)

My dear DU friends of all stripes

I am afraid of what is happening. I think you are about to be asked to chose between the elected, constitutional, and often very wrong civilian leadership of this country and very powerful men that you were never given a chance to vote for but who are in positions of great power. Civilian control of the military is essential to the survival of our Republic. Don't be a sucker, don't get behind some powerful general who seems to be on your side at whatever given time. That is why we have elections. Our founders knew we should put those generals under the control of our Elected President (Art. 2, US Constitution). For all our problems THAT is what separates us from tyranny, civilian control of the most powerful military ever. Look within your hearts. Don't be on the wrong side of history, I beg you.

Posted by arely staircase | Thu Jun 27, 2013, 11:10 PM (35 replies)

WTF? so I searched AL Quaeda on youtube looking for a BBC documentary and...

got the latest new dance craze from Ghana.

Posted by arely staircase | Thu Jun 27, 2013, 04:51 PM (14 replies)
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