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arely staircase

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Member since: Sun Dec 11, 2011, 06:54 PM
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cesspool of greed and reactionary politics began with nixon's southern strategy

then came Reagan and his welfare queen lies, all of this while forming a coalition with the Religious Right. This coalition is now coming apart at the seems. Clinton did retarded their advance but really only slowed it down.

now, after being beaten twice by the "socialist kenyan" they are in full circular firing squad formation.
Posted by arely staircase | Sun Mar 17, 2013, 07:56 PM (1 replies)

Greek soccer player banned from national team after Nazi salute goal celebration

The growing sentiment of neo-fascism in Greece appears to have spread to the beautiful game, as AEK Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis "pulled a Di Canio" by apparently giving a Nazi salute after scoring in his side's 2-1 victory over Veria on Saturday.

For the gesture, the tattooed 20-year-old has been handed a life ban from the Greek National team, whom he once captained at U-19 level. Katidis, however, will not join Di Canio and Christian Abbiati in the pantheon of proud football fascists, as he has denied knowing what the gesture meant on Twitter.


what is greek for teabag?
Posted by arely staircase | Sun Mar 17, 2013, 05:46 PM (2 replies)

i hold doors open for everyone

since this is now the benevolent sexism underground, i thought i'd get on the record. now the rest of you can too.

My door opening policy can best be described as (and the poll is based on the assumption that we are talking about men opening doors for women, it would have taken too many questions to get women's policy regarding opening doors for others, though it would be interesting, so feel free to comment):

Posted by arely staircase | Sat Mar 16, 2013, 07:13 PM (104 replies)

CPAC Event On Racial Tolerance Turns To Chaos As ‘Disenfranchised’ Whites Arrive

A CPAC session sponsored by Tea Party Patriots and billed as a primer on teaching activists how to court black voters devolved into a shouting match as some attendees demanded justice for white voters and others shouted down a black woman who reacted in horror.

The session, entitled “Trump The Race Card: Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Called A Racist When You Know You’re Not One?” was led by K. Carl Smith, a black conservative who mostly urged attendees to deflect racism charges by calling themselves “Frederick Douglass Republicans.”

Disruptions began when he started accusing Democrats of still being the party of the Confederacy — a common talking point on the right.


oh, boy
Posted by arely staircase | Sat Mar 16, 2013, 06:53 PM (3 replies)

male and female we ordain them.

Top 10 Reasons to be an Episcopalian
(from the comedian Robin Williams, who is an Episcopalian, on a recent HBO special)

10. No snake handling.

9. You can believe in dinosaurs.

8. Male and female God created them; male and female we ordain them.

7. You don't have to check your brains at the door.

6. Pew aerobics.

5. Church year is color-coded.

4. Free wine on Sunday.

3. All of the pageantry - none of the guilt.

2. You don't have to know how to swim to get baptized.

And the Number One reason to be an Episcopalian:

1. No matter what you believe, there's bound to be at least one other Episcopalian who agrees with you.


Posted by arely staircase | Wed Mar 13, 2013, 08:01 PM (7 replies)

these people are either a threat because they have become marginalized or

they are marginalized to the point of presenting no real danger to public order and safety.

the right-wing christian radio station was playing one of the Focus on the Family related shows today in which the subject at hand was Americans entering one of the service branches had to sign a paper saying they were willing to fire on "peaceful civilians." Obviously this is bullshit; the only thing close i can imagine is the oath to defend the constitution against "enemies foreign and domestic." and as we know, this is nothing new and from time to time american soldiers have been called on to defend the const. against domestic enemies.

but the point is, these people have gone off the european-style neo-fascist cliff. they were rolling gun control up in the whole thing and basically preparing their listeners for hostile action against the united states government - all in self-defense, of course, to hear them tell it. crazy, crazy shit, i tell you.

i think if the economy continues to grow these types saying such things in broad daylight will marginalize themselves to the point of there being no need for worry. if things start heading in the crappy direction again, these loons will have just enough support to cause trouble. granted it is a trouble i hesitate to define in advance, and it won't be civil war; but it will be trouble.
Posted by arely staircase | Wed Mar 13, 2013, 06:23 PM (2 replies)

argentina is as european as it gets without literally being on the european cont.

it is whiter than the us. they killed all the indigonous peple and it is all people of spanish, italian and german decent. they basically picked an italian pope. exotic to the extent he is argentine italian. but that is all they did. it is cool for latin america. people are exited.
Posted by arely staircase | Wed Mar 13, 2013, 04:55 PM (1 replies)

what is art, really?

it takes some sort of medium, i have to make something different out of materials available. but that thing, if it is a song, and i never right it down and i play it once for myself and nobody but me ever reacts to it out of love, hate or even indifference, is that art? is a spray painted hate message on a wall art? it takes existing mediums and creates something to be experienced by others. inow, most definitions i find lacking. what makes art? not just good art vs. bad art, but art vs. not art.
Posted by arely staircase | Tue Mar 12, 2013, 06:21 PM (58 replies)

Something I find troubling in the rape prevention discussion at DU

On the one hand, I certainly believe that we need to start educating young men and boys about the fact that 'no' means 'no.' If there are no rapists there is no rape.

However, there is an odd idea that seems to inform some opinions on the subject - and that is the notion that any amount of of common sensical advice on how to stay safe is blaming victims. Apparently if I don't tell my teenage niece to sleep with her doors unlocked and her windows open I am perpetuating a rape culture. I don't blame anyone but rapists for rape. I don't blame anyone but car thieves for car theft but I take my keys out of the ignition and lock the doors. Should I stop that? Am I blaming victims of car theft by doing that and encouraging others to do so? I think not. And so when I tell my niece to park in well lit areas I am not perpetuating rape culture, I am simply giving good advice, and hopefully help perpetuate her continued well-being.

So what do you think?

Encouraging potential victims to take crime prevention measures is:

Posted by arely staircase | Tue Mar 12, 2013, 11:29 AM (173 replies)

bush's war of aggression against iraq

was the most tragic and far-reaching consequence of the scotus stopping the state of florida from following its constitution and counting its votes accordingly.

this country and the world changed, for the worse, because of all that.

jesus wept
Posted by arely staircase | Fri Mar 8, 2013, 06:29 PM (0 replies)
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