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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 1,811

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He's running on a 'jobs campaign'. Naturally, he goes to a depressed rustbelt area and talks about

foreign policy, instead. Because he is promising those ignorant yahoo fans of his exactly zero on jobs.

And the line 'while we can't choose our friends' is a great starting point for a repug foreign policy pronouncement. Sounds vaguely folksy, like an old Mark Twain saying or something. Then you look at it for two more seconds and think 'that's the stupidest f--ing statement I ever heard. Mind numbingly stupid.' And transparently false. He's picking his friends -- Putin's Russia, Russian and Chinese communist state capitalists, wiseguys and white supremacists in the US -- and choosing to un-friend NATO.

Thanks for the info, Marc.

I liked seeing 'warrior' Paladino's performance during the Vietnam war--3 months active duty at Ft. Bliss, TX, 9 years as a weekend warrior, after graduating from ROTC in '68.


I just saw Manafort on CNN denying that he's even seen or heard anything about N.Y. Trump campaign manager Paladino attacking the Gold Star family again. The reporter on 'State of the Union' pushed back by finishing the interview with telling Manafort 'your NY Trump campaign manager is attacking a Gold Star family.' Like he was saying 'oh, you don't know? Well, now you know.'

dRumpf's campaign performance reminds me of the Bismarck.

Getting pounded on all sides, shells and torpedoes hitting it, burning and exploding all over, the klaxons alarms going off, sirens whoop whooping as it lists to the side, rudderless, capsizing. We've got to keep pounding it until it sinks.

I am sorry about what happened to the enemy sailors on the actual Bismarck. But they should have emigrated to dodge the draft, like l'il donnie dRumpf's grand dad did.

His response to George's follow up question 'But you said you might recognize that (taking Crimea)'

was 'I'm going ta take a LOOK at it, but you know the people there, from what I heard, would rather be with Russia than where they were (part of Ukraine).' The same thing that Putin's Politburo is saying.

'Obama's horrible. He let the Russians into the Ukraine. Which I think is great. And so does Putin, who I think is great. And I don't know him.'

Did he earn his purple heart at the Battle of Harrisburg?

The McCain repugs pulled the same kind of tone-deaf gambit in '08 in Pittsburgh. They had Ashley Todd pretend to get pole-axed by a scary Black guy, in a strongly Italian neighborhood. They thought the right wing would rally around the white 'victim' against the 'criminal Black', the 'prejudiced' Italians in the neighborhood would get furious at Black people and the Black Prez candidate.

Instead, the neighborhood got furious at the idea that they had a dangerous neighborhood where crimes like that could occur, right on the main drag. dRumpf is making the same bad move, it's just a question of whether his Harrisburg area yahoo followers get to hear that he dumped on their city.

The anti-gay hack pol uses an anti-gay massacre as an excuse to run for office again,

and then campaigns, where the anti-gay massacre occurred, alongside of virulent anti-gay activists.

Doubling down. Jamming the massively contradictory cognitive-dissonance exhibition into the public's face. Acting proud about something they should be ashamed of.

'Captain Khan was a hero', says Pence for the dRumpf campaign,

while dRumpf campaign proxy Roger Stone simultaneously says Khan and his family are Muslim Brotherhood.

'Nobody cares about and supports our troops and vets like dRumpf', Pence says, in order to support the guy who badmouthed POWs, used a fake one member astro-turf group called 'Veterans for a Strong America' to skip out of a debate, and did everything he could to not donate one cent to that fake fundraiser for the vets, until WaPo caught him on it in late May. And who wants to privatize the VA.

Hmmm. A reich wing repug threatening civil war.

How strange. Most unusual. etc.

Hey Roger, how is Jerry DeLemus doing lately? You may get a chance to get together and chew the fat with him, real soon.

That's not a new style repug candidate they're running, there. He's exactly the same as all of them

Nixon, Raygun, Poppy, l'il bush, and now dRumpf all claim that 'overzealous underlings did it', 'we weren't involved or in the loop', 'mistakes were made (that just happened to benefit their cronies and their political ideologues)'. They're all in the know enough to understand that things are going exactly like they want them to go, and they have plausible deniability in case their side gets caught stealing and breaking the law.

They're packaging this orange hitler like he's a wildly different break from tradition breath of fresh air. He's the same exact lazy ass, hands off, head up his hindquarters boss that all the rest of the gop's felony laden leaders have been. (O.K. I'll admit that Nixon, Poppy, and dick Cheney weren't lazy, they were just extra evil to make up for not being lazy.) The flunkies do all the dirty work he wants done while he looks the other way and whistles up into the air. But he's disguised as 'not your standard politician', and he's faking like he's a tough no nonsense micromanager who knows and keeps track of everything and tells any underling that doesn't do exactly what he wants 'you're fired.' Until he gets caught, then he has nothing to do with it, and knows nothing.

Here's a post from Kpete, from March 2:


It was China, at least at that time.

And by the way, before he switched hat production to a company called 'cali-fame', (which uses Hispanic labor and has been caught lying in it's claims that it uses American parts, fabric and materials,) he used another company, Ace Specialties:

"Mr. Trump spent $114,000 to stage an enormous rally in September in Dallas, even though Texas does not hold its primary until March. He spent about $2 million on hats, T-shirts and other merchandise, roughly half of it going to a Louisiana-based company, Ace Specialties, owned by a board member of Mr. Trumpís sonís charitable foundation. During the last half of 2015, Mr. Trumpís campaign spent more on renting stages and audiovisual equipment ($1.4 million) than on voter lists, field offices and collecting signatures to get onto ballots ($1.2 million.)"

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