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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
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Using this rec of your post 4 as bookmark for link in Salon article

to PA P.L. 333, Act No. 320, PA Election Code prohibiting tRumpfler's Poll Monitors or Watchers from engaging in polling place disruption.

Thanks, bt.

Other pertinent statute links, via a Nation article, one for the entire US, the other is PA law:

The Nation magazine on tRump's poll 'watcher' threats:

There are 2 good links in the article, one is about the '82 Consent Decree, forbidding any republican party officials, organizations, or agents or servants of the same, from engaging in any kind of ballot security or ballot integrity efforts, without prior court consent, especially in any areas where racial or ethnic makeup could be considered a reason for the activities. That's nationwide. The '82 consent decree:

The other one is PA specific, because dRump said that he was going to send the police in to watch the polling places in those (dog whistle) areas where people are voting too many times. He wants to send racist rightwing trump supporting cops to watch Black and Hispanic polls. PA Title 25, Sec 3047 specifically states that the uniformed or plainclothes police aren't allowed within 100' of a polling place, unless voting, or called to preserve the peace. In no event are they to prevent any elector from voting or influence or overawe them or restrain their freedom of choice. PA election law against polling place 'policing':

The League of Women Voters Vote411 site would be a good resource for anyone who is worried they might not be on the eligible voter list, and the 866 OUR VOTE (PFAW, NAACP, etc.) and the 866 MY VOTE 1 (Urban League) numbers should be given to any voter who might need protection, beforehand. In my opinion, it is a key get out the vote mobilizing tool. If you tell people their legal right to vote might be stolen or denied, it makes them more determined to vote. And the more people who are talking about voter protection and voter's rights, the more the bad guys are going to be afraid to steal it. They'll replay in their heads past footage they remember of crooked repug elections officials being perp walked.

Big turnout is key to keeping them from stealing it, but big turnout won't help if there are hours long lines to vote. Big turnouts are only good if the turned out people actually get to vote. Campaigning by giving people those numbers is a way to get them energized, mobilized, and prepared to do something about republican trump rove sproul skulduggery. I'd inform people of Vote411, OURVOTE and MYVOTE1 and tell them to contact all 3 if they have problems.

Is there any Shepard Fairey-style "Grope" memes about tRump floating around here?

That pic of tRump where he's making his smug close eyed Martin Shkreli smirky face would do nicely, for a graphic like that.

If there's any grope memes in existence, please post me a link.

(cross posted to Help)

Is there any Shepard Fairey-style "Grope" memes about tRump floating around here?

That pic of tRump where he's making his smug close eyed Martin Shkreli smirky face would do nicely, for a graphic like that.

If there's any grope memes in existence, please post me a link.

There are a lot of interesting information bits and ideas in your 2 paragraphs.

The inside view of the NY delegation is interesting. Nationally, in terms of moderate gopers, there are a few anomalies where people like McClure, Hoekstra, Frank Murkowski popped up and said something reasonable or moderate, occasionally. Probably they were representing financial interests that are competing with those bad republican ones that they reasonably were attacking. It looks like the last hold outs for moderate republican pols came from the Pacific Northwest and the New England North East. Snowe and Collins got progressively more right wing and unreasonable as time went by, though. Chafee and Jeffords were probably the last high profile gasps of the N.E. moderate Rs. People tried to laud my Sens Specter and Heinz as moderate, but they were so abysmally unreasonably repug, 70% of the time.

In rank and file terms, what's really keeping PA blue in Prez elections is the republican suburbs around Philly and Pgh, while every other "rust belt Dem majority used-to-be reliably blue voting" county -- in the 6 to 9 county west side "underarm" below the low population rural T etched out by red colored counties -- all those old blue counties in my "underarm" end have gone red, in the last 3 prez elections. Like McConnell's Kentucky, we have a strong majority Dem registration in almost all of them. We're losing in all those counties, and only the moderate rank and file suburban Rs are preserving our wins. I don't know why those voters don't switch registration to the Dem party, but at least they're voting "moderately". I believe that we're losing the other Dem counties around here because the region's party officials have been co-opted, but that's just an opinion.

Mondale, Dukakis, and Kerry all lacked fiery surrogates, though I backed them all. We have a lot of good ones, this time around.

Gingrich may very well have the ability to think and analyze political realities lucidly. But he's not only completely, criminally without ethics and morals, he's also often gone off into some insane sci-fi orbit, mentally. Talking about zero g sex, or saying that inner city people would all become entrepeneurs and rise economically via high tech, tech boom computer activities, either part of the information economy, or by using computer connectivity to sell their ''wares". He's a nasty, socially darwinistic space case, and was on the government dole his whole life, until he switched over to the campaigning flim-flam industry.

Poppy bush was always a very immoral, hard right oil-energy-banking-intel flunky. Poppy giving pro-Rev Moon speeches puts him in the category of dangerous rightie nutjob, even if he didn't believe what he was saying. The moonies' cartoon-reality fascism is matched exactly by that of the current repug party-dominating birchers. It is interesting to see the apparent division between old line connecticut nazis like bush and Buckley, and extremist bircher repugs. To me, the bottom line regarding that division is three part:

1) Murdoch is a creation of US intel, his far right propagandic media empire has Aussie organized crime connections, and that organized crime got its massive boost and trajectory from US intel Golden Triangle drug money laundering operations in Australia, as exhibited by the Nugan Hand bank. That Murdoch tabloid/Fox kind of far right propaganda drove the popularization of both today's bircher dominated repug party and Poppy/Buckley's political ideas. There's no schism or fight there.

2) Poppy and Buckley were both intel people from far-right oil interests, just like the bircher Hunt family and Koch brothers. Both George and Bill lied publicly about their intel membership for decades. Both Buckley's Young Americans for Freedom and gop Senate candidate Poppy were rubbing elbows and bumping uglies with the extemist bircher elements swirling around Dallas and inveighing against Kennedy up until his November '63 visit. No friction existed between the old connecticut right and the new crazy zany spacecase bircher right. You should check out the different groups that YAF alums have spawned. Unsurprisingly, the bircher Koch brother-promoted ALEC was founded by a former YAFer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Young_Americans_for_Freedom

3)The birchers are just a rebranding effort for pre-WWII era nazi-backing repug party dead enders; "can't say we love hitler anymore, but we can push his ideas". Of course, poppy's dad was intimately involved with the nazis. The far right part of our intel existed before the big post war developmental boom of our Intel apparatus; the Birchers first emerged in the late '50's, but were named after some religious rightie who got executed as an intel agent, by China. The righties in our intel represent regressive money and power interests, who say they deserve, and who receive, a seat at the table in controlling some aspects of our intel apparatus. The birchers were founded by right regressive money and power interests, and promote the exact same philosophies and goals that rightie intel does, even if they do it in a Murdoch / National Enquirer style. (Wanna take a guess about who founded the Enquirer?) Did intel found the birchers, or did the big money righties, who founded and control the right wing part of our intel, found the birchers? Same results, in the end. The same discussion could be had regarding the crazy bircher-oriented fundy christian political movement, post-Watergate.

The only beef I see between old line types like Poppy and Buckley and new fangled open bircher righties is that the former group says "we're the pros, who are these wacky amateurs?", though after all both groups are servant class. But the former group has used the latter, often, as tools, and both serve the same interests, and there is no daylight between the 2 groups in philosophy and policy goals. (Though they may disagree about lizard aliens, fluoridation, Moon is Jesus, etc.) The split seems to only be around the old guard whining that "we're not crazy, we should be the servants in charge of carrying out the exact same crazy concrete nazi policies we agree with the birchers on. Though we've used the birchers' craziness ourselves, to advance the goals we share in common with them. We never believed all that zany stuff they believe, that we held a candle to."

What the old guard Poppys and Buckleys should realize is that they can't really have that argument with the kooky deranged cavemen birchers, who are the ascendant servant class of the same interests the old guard serves. Because the counter argument is just "Ug. Og smash with rock."

Borowitz -- Chen Guangcheng on the Kardashians:

May 22, 2012 ... Blind Chinese Dissident Already Sick of Kardashians. ... The Borowitz Report:

"In his first interview since arriving in America, blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng told reporters today that he is grateful to ..." "Who are these Kardashians?" Chen asked. "They seem to be everywhere." "It almost feels as though I have traded one kind of tyranny for another," he said.

Listen Ivana, he was really busy being a business genius and thinking up that tax write off strategy

... Oh wait, that was Mr. Mitnik, that's right. But who figured out how to HIRE Mr. Mitnik? Oh wait, that was poppa Friedrich, that's right.

Hey, at least he told little 4 year old donnie Jr not to smoke drink or do drugs, when sending him off to school. Plus, he gave his kid that great advice "don't trust your father, loser."

You can't buy that kind of parenting, for any amount of money, no matter how rich you are.

So there.

My take away from drumpfenfuhrer is

"I didn't say that stuff on tape, Bill Clinton did. Bill Clinton did it. And worse.

When Bill did it, it was kind of like his wife did it. Hillary Clinton did it.

Then she bankrupted 3 casinos and got an orange furball stapled to her head.

I'm a winner, the hugest winner, and don't ever forget it."

The Bell Tel bust up made a corporate entity hydra.

The people up top of those different entities have been trying to stick it to both the unionized workers and the increasing number of non-union employees.

I got to see a real strong beef exposed, between Verizon (Bell Atlantic)'s landline Executive people and the top Verizon Wireless's management, on a job last year. I got to see Verizon tell CWAs "you have to move to another state", or stay here as a non-union tech for a different company.

Looking at rural connectivity is the key, here. Those rural red area dwelling citizens are going to be cut off, or their copper lines have to stay exactly how they are. Because the telecoms are never going to string fiber out to all those remote areas that are currently connected via copper. They're never going to set up and power wireless stations for those thousands of square mile sized regions with negligibly small populations of US citizens. So those people have to stay hooked up just as is, or will lose their service connections with the rest of the country. We paid for all the lines going out to those remote areas, all the way back to the dense webs of copper lines in all the high population blue areas. Copper connectivity is an American Infrastructure issue.

We taxpayers paid for everything, because it was a public utility. That's all that copper that's been strung up, everywhere. As the business becomes more profitable, it becomes less profitable for employees, and offers less services to the taxpayers that subsidized it. All that wireless data lands someplace where wires take it up, trunk line, exchange station, PBX, whatever. It can't stay up there forever. And we paid for all that infrastructure. Everything I did in wireless work, as an electrician, hooks into hard copper phone data transmission lines.

They're doing the exact same thing with the Post Office. The workers are taxpayers who paid for the facilities, now the repug big money people want to peel off and privatize the lucrative high population density areas, and leave the rural areas to fend for themselves. And they're doing the same thing to Public Transit in my area. It reduces traffic, reduces energy consumption and pollution, keeps the price of parking down, gives millions of employees a way to get to work, doing millions of jobs we all need done. It's publicly subsidized infrastructure.

In every case, the workers are taxpayers who paid for the infrastructure. We never asked that the government own and run the phones, post, and transit system. We use it, some of us work for it. Somehow, it's too much to ask that those jobs are stable and provide a decent living wage, though there are tons of profits to be had in those taxpayer created and supported infrastructural industries.

Another tRump repug Russian connection. Quelle surprise.

Usually, the Birchers would be along, about now, screaming and crying about how "None Dare Call It Treason".

I guess as long as it's their top guys in bed with the top commie, they aren't worried about the "international communist conspiracy" that much.

Maddow: CIS' Founder Is Associated With "White Supremacist Circles

And Eugenics Groups" And "Will Distribute Essays From Holocaust Deniers Every Now And Again"


Probably a more concise way to describe der dRumpfenfuhrer's buddies in the CIS would be to say they are "Nazis".
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