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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 3,606

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Love the Sid B. quote assessing dRUmpf's associations, btw.

“What he represents, above all, is the triumph of an underworld of predators, hustlers, mobsters, clubhouse politicians and tabloid sleaze that festered in a corner of New York City, a vindication of his mentor, the Mafia lawyer Roy Cohn, a figure unknown to the vast majority of enthusiasts who jammed Trump’s rallies and hailed him as the authentic voice of the people.” - Sidney Blumenthal

He's such an unflushed toilet bowl of a man.

So petty, so small, such a candy ass, pretending to be such a tough guy.

He's a half a wiseguy, his daddy bought him his button.

I bet Warren could beat his ass in a fist fight.

So much that is moving on this board right now

has to do with the fact that dRUmpfenfuhrer has zero intel or national security knowledge or connections. He knows nothing, and is trying to hold a coalition together of virulent anti-semitic birchers and Jewish organized criminals who are sops to Netanyahu's Likud Mossad righties.

The national security / intel connections that he could bring to the table for a 'winning' 'combination' are 2 diametrically opposed groups. He brings right wing Jewish wiseguys, russian Mafiya organized crime, his dad's klan connections, his love for hitler speeches, and his PePe followers to the table.

He had to take a super anti-semitic bircher nutjob like Flynn onto his team for intel credibility. He had to take a Southern 'concerned citizen' in as head of Justice. He had to take a Jewish Goldman Sachs guy on for Treasury, and an oil Nazi lackey of Putin's on for State. He had to take a bircher VP onto his team.

Watching Randi Rhode's coverage of Fox's Chris Wallace interview of bircher Pence, it was interesting to see Pence's answer to the second question 'Were there any contacts during the campaign between dRumpf's associates and russian operatives about hacking?' Because what bircher Pence did was bring up false allegations that 'Michael Cohen was accused of having a meeting in Prague (with Russian operatives), and a news organization finally did some checking and it was false.'

Sure, bircher Pence was blowing smoke, trying to distract. But what he did was throw the long term dRumpf business associate Jewish mob lawyer under the bus, while wanting to take credit for 'not throwing him under the bus but really just exonerating him.'

Bannon is an extreme nazi anti semite, who works for an org that got it's start from Jewish propaganda people like Breitbart and Berman. He's a navy intel guy who worked for Goldman Sachs. Bannon is either Opus Dei or a bircher, his specialty is propaganda not intel, but he's sitting in on NSC intel meetings.

He pushed for a strongly antagonistic stance against China (US and Russia aligned to split control), that's getting suddenly reversed now, with a reversion to the "One China" policy.

The dRumpf foreign policy whizzes pushed for Jerusalem to be recognized as Israel's capitol, a sop to the Likud right, but reversed themselves to bad mouth settlements.

Bircher Flynn was on top of the world, in dRumpf intel terms, suddenly running into big problems about his pro dRumpf and Russia treason. Conway's side bested klansman Sessions buddy Chuck Cooper in the Solicitor General fight, suddenly she's fending off an ethics investigation from Chaffetz and a blowback from blatant lying on terror attacks. Those terror attacks help her explain the Moslem ban, which the admin 'abandoned at 5 pm today, then took up again at 6 pm.

All the flip flop reversals are a struggle between the 2 disparate factions dRumpf is trying to bring together to get a foreign policy national security apparatus in place, that works and is acceptable to the interests he has to satisfy.

Page, Manafort,

Roger Stone
Felix Sater
Boris Epshteyn
Rex Tillerson
Wendy Deng Murdoch

Shhhh! Pipe down and pay attention, everyone. The repuglinazis have something to whine about,

that's really really upsetting them.

It's their party and they'll cry if they want to. Rahowaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

Lazy, stupid, DEMANDS to be pampered (WHILE pretending to be a tough guy).

President Candy Ass needs a higher thread count on the hand towels. It's a national emergency.

I love that animated artwork. journal book marked, thanks, nt.

O.K., here's my problem with the polls, in a nutshell:

On this site, we had a Quinn poll reported on 1/27, that showed dRumpf's approval slid from ~45% at inauguration, down to 36%.
There are a bunch of posts in the archive, but here's one from Miles A:

Then, after an especially busy, sucky, controversial weekend of team dRumpf 'work', Gallup reported a poll saying that it 'slid' further, dropping from 36% way 'down' to 42% on 1/30. There are a bunch of archive posts, here's one from rivers:

Now, after a bunch more nazi moves, controversies, f**k ups that are typical of repug governance, repeatedly getting caught in lies, this Politico poll has him 'dropping' some more, all the way 'down' to 47% approval.

No criticism meant of your reporting this, hpd. But that orange hemarrhoid only had 47% of the voters, backing him, to start with. Now the different polling companies are taking turns reporting their polls, trotting out their new results one at a time, a half week or a week apart, in succession. They're all supposed to be legit polls, with proper sampling, correct methodologies, etc.

Those polls keep saying the bottom line is that twitler's divisive, draconian, alienating power plays are turning more and more Americans against him, those moves are getting massive coverage and the results are negative for his favorability. But every time they update their polls, he keeps falling UPWARD in officially tallied numbers.

If he keeps dropping like this, we're going to get reports of 100% approval ratings in no time, as long as he stays the course and keeps doing things like attacking the rights of every single non-nazi American, and threatening all our allies and neighbors like Australia, Canada, and Mexico whilst puckering up for Putin.

The Ministry of Truth reported that the chocolate rations would be dropped, from 40 grammes down to 20. Then later, they reported that the chocolate rations were going to be doubled, all the way up to 20 grammes.

The last repug let some massive attacks occur here, and let thousands die.

Then for 8 years, the Dem Prez kept any large scale attack from occurring here, without trying to shred the Constitution, with the repugs tying his hands behind his back, and with the repugs screaming lies about what a 'tyrant' he was.

Now this orange asshole 'isn't able' to keep an attack from occurring, unless he has complete dictator's power. If he can't destroy the constitution, it 'isn't' his fault when a massive attack occurs. (All the good targets are in strongly Dem areas, all the best national symbols, all the most populated areas.)

He's getting rid of tons of career anti-terror intel people, won't even nominate people to fill the positions, wiped out the nuclear materials security staff, publicly attacks our intel people, ignores his intel briefings.

It was already his m.o. to blame underlings for everything, nothing is ever his fault, though he's in charge. But now he's setting it up to blame his political enemies if his sterling leadership leads to another massive attack on US soil. He 'foresees' another massive attack, and he's already taking political advantage of it.

Sorry, il Douche A, if you're the second repug 'strongman' in a row to let the US get attacked, I foresee a trip to the nearest Esso station for you, in your immediate post-attack future. Up the long ladder and down the short rope. Pitchforks and torches.

No reichstag fire or new pearl harbor this time, you tubby blubber-full nazi fuck up.

When you want the truth about something, no better place to go

than an interview of donnie drumpf, conducted by Judith Miller.

That's what I always say.
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