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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 04:50 PM
Number of posts: 3,023

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So, change the date, replace "Honorable Harry Reid" with

"Jawless Nazi Weasel", replace "Dear Harry" with "Hey Fuckhead", & alter the signature as necessary.

Et voila, the perfect letter to the repug senate leader.

Quelle surprise.

Gotta hand it to Vlad. He zeroed right in on America's weak point, 5th columnist repug traitors who will do anything to get power.

Great info, thanks Denzil.

Makes the case easier to understand for non-tech-savvy people like me.

Everything dRumpf says about the hacks is projective. When he talks about a 400 lb guy on a bed somewhere, tt's because that's how HE always does the cyber, when he tweets, and he's feeling fat that day.

When he talks about a 14 year old doing it, that's because some respectable newssource just said he has the maturity of a grade school kid.

In the dRumpfenfuhrer's 4th reich, when you see the initials "SS", it stands for "Safe Space".

Right, Mr. Precedent?

Another "RaHoWahhhhh!" from the repuglinazis.

Her face when she said that

was exactly the same as the scene from The Devil's Advocate, when one of the demon women hit on Charlize Theron in the locker room.

dRumpf domestic "Enemies" count: 65.85 million

and rising.

Repugs ARE treasonous nazi creeps. You're right.

And it IS hilarious how treasonous they are, always.

Maddow's 12/20/16 show recently covered the Shroedinger's cat angle on dRumpf's incoming admin.

So the repuglinazis are using the same tactic to govern as they used to run for office.

dRumpf Treasury Sec. pick Mnuchin announced "we got to get Fannie and Freddie out of governmental ownership", and immediately their stock prices took a huge jump, a 50% increase in value. One appointee "says something, and the stock takes off like a rocket."

"If you're president elect, you could make a LOT of money if you sent your people out to make pronouncements like that, while you held investments that could benefit from the impact of their words."

"dRumpf's financial disclosure statement he filed (instead of releasing his tax returns) shows that he has between 3 and 15 million dollars invested in a hedge fund that has bet heavily on the expected privatization of Fannie and Freddie."

"Now that we know dRumpf may have gotten a huge personal financial boost from his Treasury nominee's public pronouncement, the Prez elect is not commenting about whether he still holds that investment. The NYT (Matt Goldstein and Alexandra Stevenson, 12/19) asked the transition team about it, and dRumpf flack Jason Miller said "We're not sharing any additional information at this time." "

"Maybe the prez elect sold that stock months ago, or maybe he made a TON of money when his Treasury nominee said that. We don't know, we're not allowed to know."

(All quotes from Maddow.)

Of course, over sharing info by using public pronouncements is how the incoming admin made the stock situation occur. Now that they created the situation with their big mouths, the dRumpf admin has decided they're not going to share any info, at all.

That's 2 Shroedinger's cat moves in one incident.

So many of the reality tv shows I've seen any part of,

big brother, survivor, apprentice, etc., have always struck me as fascist propaganda. People sticking it to each other, doing each other down, there can only be one winner, everyone else has to be defeated, beaten. People tune in to hope someone they don't like, who they're rooting against, will be eliminated. Players making alliances that both sides know will end in betrayal. Horrible crappy nazi b.s., horrible Un American sentiments. But the big corporate tv networks think they're fantastic, wonderful, entertaining.

The violent attack and rape dRumpf committed on Ivana and the non-retraction retraction by her definitely said so much about that nazi pig.

He couldn't take the idea that he was going bald. He's so superficial, so immature, so vain. So she recommended a plastic surgeon. He was very dissatisfied and unhappy with the surgery's results, and he was in pain from the surgery. He blamed her, like somehow she did this to him, with malice. Or he was just in pain, and couldn't deal with feeling pain. So he lashed out like an unthinking lesser evolved life form on autopilot, purely on instinct, a person who is used to denying themselves absolutely nothing, a person who always acts on whatever whim or fleeting impulse they have. Whatever he feels like doing, he does, every time, everywhere. He attacked her, tore out chunks of her hair, and raped her. He can feel better if he can spread his misery and pain to others. It didn't make his pain decrease physically one iota, but in his diseased mind, as long as she was in terrible pain and humiliated, he could be happier.

(Of course, that fake alpha male animal self-conception he holds is one that he's shown himself capable of conveniently shelving when it comes to him ever putting himself in any situation that presents even the tiniest bit of danger or pain to his precious self. Like any other average run of the mill little bully. Alpha male drumpfenfuhrer run away from the draft during wartime, but he's so hawkish and warlike now. And David Cay Johnston reported that whenever dRumpf had to do business with the extremely dangerous and violent Scarfo family, he never went himself to negotiate. He always sent subordinates. He never took even the smallest chance that there would be risk of harm to himself. But he struts around talking like he's a made man, all the time, now.)

Ivana's retraction was such that she didn't retract a word of her report of the incident, she just said she did not mean to imply he raped her in the criminal sense of the word, she didn't want to press any actual criminal charge of rape against him.

I don't think I'm telling you any particular specific info, here, Hek. Just typing it out to make sense of it myself.
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