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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 04:50 PM
Number of posts: 3,029

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He had to ask Prez Obama's Special Presidential Envoy For the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL

(Brett McGurk) to stay on, indefinitely, because he had no appointee to fill the position. He was too busy holding victory rallies and destroying everything the last Admin did, to find someone to head up co-ordinating the anti-ISIS fight with our allies.


So the brainless orange nazi is keeping the appointee of the guy he claimed "founded ISIS", instead of putting his own anti-ISIS chief coordinator.

"Forget all about what we did for the last 8 years, up until yesterday, in fact."

Repugs working on the important issues. Like shutting down those website pages.

So they're too busy to fill positions like Special Presidential Envoy For The Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, or any of the National Security Council positions that combat terrorism, or any of the National Nuclear Safety Administration positions.

There's not enough time to do everything, have to prioritize.

Can't be in DC, will be in Pittsburgh's Sister March event.

We have two, I'm hitting the City County Bldg 11 am - 1 pm one.

It appears there is some kind of pig repug skulduggery, which caused 2 different events to be scheduled for 11 am. The other one is in East Liberty. All the orgs who I'm in the loop with (Moms Rising, The Nation, Voto Latino, etc.) have only the City County site event shown as officially being on the national map, for Pgh. (They show an event in Big Beaver and Indiana, PA, as well.)

Ournsler's group is promoting the East Liberty event, but no other social or political activist group I get info from mentions it. Some sort of organizing fight pitting race and gender against each other occurred, apparently. Typical repug infiltrator bull shit.

It's not too complicated, we all have one big fat bald orange nazi enemy, who wants to attack 99% of America and Americans (and the world.) Everyone else is an ally who is under attack by the same nazi swine. Not too tough to organize an allied march around a propostion as simple as that.

Best wishes for a fantastic day to the DC main March, and all the Sister marches.

Beautiful. Thanks, WERK and DisruptJ20. rec.

On edit, post # 3000!

It was a long time coming, but I'm long winded, occasionally.

First, li'l bush spent years denying actual press members like Helen Thomas access.

Denying actual writers press passes, giving fake writers passes instead, got caught illegally paying shills like Armstrong Williams to write lying positive stories.

Then, right at the beginning of the Obama Admin, Prez O mentioned that Fox was not news, just a repug propaganda outlet:

"...the network’s heavy coverage of some of the more intensely anti-administration activity at town-hall-style meetings on health care and Mr. Beck’s remark that Mr. Obama “has a deep-seated hatred for white people.”

The first real shot from the White House, however, came when aides excluded “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace” — which they had previously treated as distinct from the network — from a round of presidential interviews with Sunday morning news programs in mid-September.

“We simply decided to stop abiding by the fiction, which is aided and abetted by the mainstream press, that Fox is a traditional news organization,” said Dan Pfeiffer, the deputy White House communications director. Later that week, White House officials said, they noticed a column by Clark Hoyt, the public editor of The Times, in which Jill Abramson, one of the paper’s two managing editors, described her newsroom’s “insufficient tuned-in-ness to the issues that are dominating Fox News and talk radio.” The Washington Post’s executive editor, Marcus Brauchli, had already expressed similar concerns about his newsroom.

White House officials said comments like those had focused them on a need to make their case that Fox had an ideological bent undercutting its legitimacy as a news organization. "


If you read the article, you can see how the entire US press establishment jumped all over the Obama Admin and leapt to the defense of poor Fox 'News'. The Times article even notes a 'correction' to their original reporting. They 'accidentally' got the timeline wrong, and said that the Obama admin's objectionable exclusion of Fox occurred on Tuesday, October 20, but the actual date was Thursday, October 22. In other words, the NY Times, with Hoyt and Abramson at the wheel, didn't just think that they should be more tuned in to Fox's issues, they jumped into the fight on Fox's side right away, with a 10/23 article. And lied and pretended that it took 3 days for them to respond to this earth shaking ' unfair attack by the Dem Prez' on a 'servant of the people' 'press organization'.

Now, the repugs are coming into power again. Time to let the Prez attack the press, all the time. He has his flunkies threaten the press, he attacks them from the stage at events, encourages his more deranged followers to get really mad at the press, denies any press he doesn't like access. His people death threaten journalists like Ioffe and Eichenwald.

But now the dominant paradigm from the right is "He's our president, and can do what he wants. Treasonous press."

And the piece de resistance for the whole issue is how the righties are trying to screw reality's head on backwards on this issue. Trying to find the Times coverage, of the 'Obama attacks press Freedoms' issue, brings up a ton of rightie fake news sites screaming and crying about how "Obama did it, and got away with it, and nobody complained. Dem propaganda. Dems attack press freedom. It wasn't reported by Librul Media!"

Obama's admin was right when they attempted to call out Fox for its blatant repuglinazi propaganda. "Unbiased" sources like Hoyt's Times, Tapper at ABC, and Brauchli's Post forced Obama to recant right away, and pretend that Fox isn't just swinish far right repuglinazi propaganda. Now the jaded Mandarin is doing to the press exactly what the repugs lyingly said Prez Obama did to the press.

And the repuglinazis get to pretend that Obama got away with it, and that anyone who mentions dRumpfenfuhrer's nazi attacks on the press is a hypocrite. "The repugs and the truth are the real victims here, and so is repug freedom of the press."

So they get to commit the crime, and simultaneously project the guilt for committing the crime onto the people who they're committing the crime against.

They're not geniuses, they're actually not even very fucking smart. They just have a ton of money, and a ton of access to and control over the media.

Add some more nazi connections to dRumpfenfuhrer's already heaping, overflowing pile. nt

dRumpf repugs have it all backwards. HE needs the press, to get his nazi messaging out.

If all the non-nazi press in the country takes his new ground rules in stride, and then just reports truthfully about him, with no input allowed from his flacks, his little anti-press vendetta will be destroyed.

He's pretending the press needs HIM, needs access to him. HE needs the press, needs access to the THEM. This move is his typical losing hand 'deal maker' strategy. Buffalo the opposition with nothing, and hope they crack.

His most controversial, insane, high profile, smash mouth tweets get 50 k likes and 16 k retweets, while there are over 300 million people in the country. Sure, his pitifully small handful of zealots will tune in to get his message from bircher Jones tv and breitbart, but that's a tiny drop in the bucket, in terms of number of citizens he needs to reach with his message. His Jones/Bannon audience is nowhere near the 'hitler's magic 10% of the population' that he needs to get his nazi agenda pushed forward.

All the press has to do is say, "Oh, you don't want to talk to us or answer questions? Fine. Here's the story we're running about you, of course it's 100% negative, because we're telling the truth about you. We'll add "no comment from dRumpfenfuhrer" to the story."

And, I'd like to add, all video media that has any of his flacks on should set the ground rules that the flacks are not allowed to sit at the desk with the interviewer, the flack has to sit in a sound booth. And as soon as the flack starts to filibuster and run on ad nauseum, as soon as they veer away from the topic or deflect, as soon as they interrupt the inteviewer or opposition guest, their mike gets cut. They can sit there gibbering away silently, making funny faces on the split screen. I saw Don Lemon do that with one of dRumpf's flunky Black 'pastors' a few months back.

Media could whip the dRumpf repugs right the fuck into line, if they really wanted to, if they saw the need for it, if they understood it's a matter of survival of the free press and America's Democracy.

Re that pic, the wan, haggard, grizzly, slaveringly evil, jaded visage which she exhibits

shows that her physical appearance is catching up with her supremely horrible inner being.

She should check the Dorian Gray-like portrait she keeps in her attic, for damage.

Maybe they're just signalling to their nazi froggie posting allies in the West, just a little shout-

out to their pals. And maybe also laughing at the rest of the people who'd already noted the pepe post-ers' nazi pro-dRumpf activities this election.
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