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Member since: Wed Oct 12, 2011, 07:02 AM
Number of posts: 4,559

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anything I say is most likely my opinion. I am not obligated to find proof for you as I know you can google it your own damn self.

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I believe that is the anger directed at the poor homophobes

You, know like the "God hates gays" church group. I believe Clinton has been telling people who don't like that clan and tries to stop them from protesting funerals to "just cut it out"

Not sure though.

The clot starts in the leg

Breaks off and moves along until it becomes stuck. When that hsppens in the brain or lung it can be life threatening. You can google and see that her father dies of a stroke and I think a brother has some type of heart disease.

Yeah that is the big concern

They are quick to make up any excuse to say the Bernie supporters are going to give the republicans the win but refuse to look at this very real posibility of Hillary causing a massive landslide in the republican favor with this or the next scandal the republicans have not yet revealed. And there is still the very high risk factor other health.

lol. The grammar police always crack me up

It's as if they can't figure out the message if there are errors or shortcuts. I wonder if they struggle with texting since it has it's own style.
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