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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,177

Journal Archives

"Marshawn Lynch accuser charged with making false statement"

More: http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/lynch-accuser-charged-with-making-false-statement/ar-BB8KUhI

The woman who accused Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch of assault and property damage in August was charged with making a false statement to a public servant, according to the Seattle Times.

Jammie Lynn Ficarelli, 31, of Everett, Wash., was charged Thursday in King County District Court. Ficarelli claimed that Lynch assaulted her in a Bellevue apartment and damaged her purse on Aug. 10.

Bellevue police recommended that Ficarelli be charged with making a false or misleading statement after finding out that Lynch was at a hotel about a mile away from where the incident occurred.

Two witnesses also told investigators that Ficarelli's injuries were caused by a fall.

"Viacom Blocks SuddenLink Broadband Customers from Online TV Shows"

More: http://variety.com/2014/digital/news/viacom-blocks-suddenlink-broadband-customers-from-online-tv-shows-1201318647/

Viacom, engaged in a contract dispute with Suddenlink Communications, is preventing the midsize cable operator’s broadband customers from accessing its online properties — a tactic the programmer has used in past carriage fights.

As of midnight Tuesday, Suddenlink’s TV subscribers no longer had access to Viacom’s cable nets, including MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, after the parties were unable to reach terms on a new agreement.

Viacom subsequently blocked access for Suddenlink’s Internet customers to Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” (pictured above), as well as episodes on MTV.com, Nick.com, CC.com and VH1.com. The blockade affects all of the MSO’s broadband customers, including those who don’t subscribe to TV service.

Similarly, in 2012, Viacom pulled dozens of free, full-length eps from its websites during a carriage battle with DirecTV, a move that affected all Internet users. Other programmers have done the same thing: During the war between CBS and Time Warner Cable last year, the Eye retaliated by blocking all TW Cable broadband customers from accessing full episodes of shows on CBS.com and mobile apps.

This is what happens when you let the market police itself. It's unfortunate from my POV as someone who has SuddenLink and has watched MTV and Comedy Central.

Be on the Lookout


"7 Things Americans Find Weird in Russia"

"The Nature of Ambition" comic

It's Rude to Stare


"High School Student Suspended For Telling Another Classmate"Bless You"After Sneezing"


"New York: Bank didn't lend to blacks in Buffalo"

More: http://news.msn.com/crime-justice/new-york-bank-didnt-lend-to-blacks-in-buffalo#tscptme

Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court on Tuesday alleging accusing Evans Bank of intentionally excluding predominantly African-American neighborhoods on the city's east side from its lending area.

In a statement, bank President David Nasca says Evans will "vigorously" defend itself against meritless accusations.

Schneiderman says the lawsuit is part of a wider investigation by his office into the illegal practice of redlining, in which a lender denies access to mortgages or charges more in certain neighborhoods based on race.

The lawsuit alleges that more than 75 percent of Buffalo's African-American population was denied access to the bank's mortgage products.

"Oklahoma cop accused of raping black women finds supporters on social media"

More: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/09/01/oklahoma-cop-accused-of-raping-black-women-finds-supporters-on-social-media/

Supporters of an Oklahoma City police officer who was charged with raping or sexually abusing eight black women have raised more than $7,000 for the 27-year-old cop.

Daniel Holtzclaw was arrested in August on charges of rape, forcible oral sodomy, sexual battery, and indecent exposure for allegedly sexually assaulting women while on patrol. He is being held on $5 million bond.

Friends and family of the three-year veteran of the Oklahoma City Police Department have created a Facebook page called “Justice for Daniel Holtzclaw.” They insist the criminal allegations against him are false, and have been using the page to try to sell shirts that read, “Free the Claw” and “#JusticeForDanielHoltzclaw.”

More than 500 people have “liked” the Facebook page.

Disgusting, but not surprising...

"Online Superheroes: Battle for the Internet"

Link: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1ufYmd/157B-5qlx:jnJ$fk2S/www.visualnews.com/2011/12/31/online-superheroes-battle-for-the-internet/

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