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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,297

Journal Archives

NJ Republicans Want Cuts But Can't Name Any

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Which do you hate more: extremely easy or extremely hard games?

Who else here thinks this guy should take a chill pill?

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Why Republicans don't play the blame game

A-Z: People and Things You Hate

All-State commercials

What originally sparked your interest in politics?

Here are my main reasons for me wanting to get involved:

Do you think there should be a liberal equivalent of the CPAC?

4000 Millionaires in Willard's 47%

Link: http://money.cnn.com/2012/09/18/pf/taxes/romney-income-taxes-millionaires/index.html?hpt=hp_t1

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Nobody's really talking about this slice of the pie, but Mitt Romney's "47%" who pay no federal income tax include several thousand of the highest-income households in the country.

The Tax Policy Center estimates that 4,000 households with incomes over $1 million ended up with zero federal income tax liability in 2011. Another 14,000 made between $500,000 and $1 million.

Combined, those households represented just 0.025% of the more than 76 million who did not pay.

But their presence in the No Tax Club underlines the fact that the tax code is chock full of tax breaks and exceptions benefiting people up and down the income scale.

There are various reasons why a household booking more than $1 million in income could owe nothing in federal income tax, experts note.

Related: 6 of the richest owed no income tax in 2009

Among them, people who live off their investment income and report large investment losses in a given year may be able to offset the taxes owed on their investment gains.

Or they may have gotten a lot of their income from tax-free investments, such as municipal bonds.

Limbaugh's Shame

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Why Daylight Saving Time is pointless

More: http://gizmodo.com/5892438/why-daylight-saving-time-is-pointless

Ugh. You're up an hour early, your body hates you for it, and even a gallon of coffee can't get your day on track. Daylight savings sucks. But you know the worst part? It doesn't have to be like this.
Daylight savings isn't as old as you think it is. First suggested by Benjamin Franklin, in 1784, it was at the time shot down by many very sensible people as being pointless. Then, in the First World War, it was introduced—first by the Germans—to save coal during war time.

Somehow in that age of austerity, the concept soon caught on and everyone started doing it. Sadly, nobody's really thought to change back. Except Arizona, and it hasn't fallen off the face of the planet as a result.
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