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Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 1,081

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All 600,000 Texans should

Get in line to vote and make them tell you to your face, "You can't vote." Let them know that if you are going to mess with me, it's my turn to return the favor. If they can't vote, tangle up the process. How dare America fight wars to impose democracy on other countries while denying Americans their right to vote. We should all be mortified.

Does the President have to wait for

World peace to go on vacation? He is after all, the President. The man who is responsible for EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE. If a fight breaks out on my corner, the President has to stay at his desk and resolve it.

He's golfing and people are dying. When are people NOT dying? He's in Martha's Vineyard rubbing elbows with the rich and famous while racial injustice is rampant. When is racial injustice Not rampant? He made a moving speech about the murders in Ferguson and Iraq . . . Then, he went back to playing golf.

What the fuck do people want him to do?! He has to do everything with no help from Congress, and what he does do is never enough, or he thinks he's a king. He's not dressed properly too. I voted for him twice, and now I just want him to survive the next two years to pass the gauntlet onto a President more to America's liking. One who never takes a vacation, solves all of the world's problems, and knows how to dress properly.

Officer fired at Mike Brown while running away.

Police confirm officer fired at Mike while he was running away, but he missed. Right out of the Bill Clinton book of lies, "I puffed but did not inhale".


CNN seems to be working overtime

Convincing America that the video had an effect on the murder. "There's nothing wrong with the pace of this case." "Because of all of the attention they are being careful. They would be handling it this way in any other shooting."

Bullshit! They are manipulating the evidence. Do these people think this is NEW? Really? If Michael had injured that cop, they would have plastered his injuries all over t.v. , and Michael's ass would be in a cell recuperating from the major ass whipping they put on him . . . Or mysteriously dead. Bullshit!

Yahoo photo of disappearing Ferguson officer


They gave him an award six months ago. His proud father posted the photos.

Anybody buying what Gov. Nixon is selling?

Most of his rhetoric is replete with "uh", "um" followed by stuff I could have said about any situation.

Steve King translator needed.

WTF is this moron saying?

If the Obama's vacation at Martha's Vineyard is

high end; where did the other Presidents vacation? In an assortment low rent districts? Alleys?

They talked the same crap about Hawaii. The fact that it is the president's home was not relevant at all. Sickening.

Politicians avoiding party affiliation.

Am I the only one receiving lots of donation requests from politicians not in my state? The ads don't mention what party they represent. I google them and their webpage doesn't clear it up. A lot of what they stand for, but nothing about who they stand with. Has party affiliations become taboo?

Will someone please escort Pop Pop McCain to his room!

This man is not responsible for what he's saying. He has to be senile. Why they keep putting that damned microphone and those cameras on his crazy ass is beyond me. I have had more than enough of him and his sister from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham.

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