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Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 01:17 PM
Number of posts: 1,025

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Will someone please escort Pop Pop McCain to his room!

This man is not responsible for what he's saying. He has to be senile. Why they keep putting that damned microphone and those cameras on his crazy ass is beyond me. I have had more than enough of him and his sister from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham.


If McDaniel found 8,300 illegal votes . . .

For real, why would he hold off until July 16th to make a statement? Could it all be . . . Bullshit?

Anybody else tired of Obama complaints?

The Imperial President, the lazy President, the Lying President, the Muslim President, the anti-American President and on and on and on. If the President eats a hearty meal and uses a toothpick without permission from a Congress that hates him he will be censored or impeached. A Toothpick Committee will be established immediately. They will, of course, be given subpoena power.

I am trying real hard not to curse, but this shit is ridiculous. He brought home a soldier. Anybody happy? Fuck no! To make their point, other soldiers who served with him say he's a worthless deserter. He walked away. Why would any American soldier in his right mind walk away from his patrol in the middle of a war in Afghanistan? Why? Could he have had a nervous breakdown, like so many others who have returned? Everybody yelling about how they got him back would be singing a different song if it was their kid, or God forbid, one of them.

The Black President did not ask for permission to kill Bin Laden, now he didn't ask permission to bring home a p.o.w.. You want to know why he didn't ask for permission? There would have been a fucking stampede for the cameras to tell the whole fucking world so that it would fail! He's not the President of the United States! He's the President of Damned if I do and Damned if I don't!

Hey! Did I miss something?

Boner was on msnbc (recorded statement) saying, "The Republicans have kept their promises and provided a new way forward." When did that happen? What was new? Bring me up to speed please.

Why stand in front of U.S. Flag

if you don't acknowledge the existence of the Federal government? Someone here is extremely confused. Now, he says he's (Bundy) not a racist after "wondering" if Negroes were not better off as slaves. They live on government subsidies from the government he does not recognize. He gets tax breaks (subsidies) from the same government too. Oh, but he won't pay the greatly subsidized grazing fees that all of the other farmers pay to use federal land.

Ok. Again I ask, why the U.S. Flag?

Bet you can't guess who's responsible for Ft. Hood shooting.

If you said, "President Obama", you can have a fattening treat today. Why do the nuts blame him for fucking everything? Nutball Allen (who dragged his crazy ass out of the closet) West has today's honor.

I'm really getting to the point where I feel sorry for these people. There is something wrong with them. For real. Is there a study in search of a cure for whatever the hell Republicans/Tea Party/the Rand Paul Groupie Syndrome have? If not, there just ought to be.
Posted by madashelltoo | Thu Apr 3, 2014, 10:33 AM (7 replies)

Christie radio interview on Lawrence O right now.

If you missed it on Rachel.

Both Dunn and Zimmerman initiated

contact with Martin and Davis. Both young men were doing what teenagers in America do. They were minding their own business. Their presence didn't seem to distract anyone from what they were doing except Dunn and Zimmerman, whose only issues were, "Why the hell are these 'black boys' occupying the same space I am? Who gave them permission to breathe the same air I am? How dare they act as if they belong here?"

Martin and Davis's existence was so distracting to Zimmerman and Dunn that they could not resist initiating a confrontation with them. After all, they both had guns to protect themselves "when" the black boys did not respond with the proper respect for their obvious betters. Keeping blacks in their place was a position relegated to Dunn and Zimmerman by the Potato God no one hears but them. We understand this because the Son of Sam had a dog who told him to kill people who were minding their business too.

Well, Mr. Zimmerman (I am homeless, unemployed, broke and afraid) and Mr. Dunn (I can't believe I am in prison for shooting at three black boys who simply existed and not for killing an imaginary hostile black boy), welcome to what has been a large part of the African American experience. Hell might have been a figment of your imagination before, but. . . now it's your reality.

Why is Alex Wagner sounding defeated?

I loved her at noon with a panel where she was the moderator. Today she's talking about democrats losing the house, the senate or both. Delivering Msnbc's apology to Rinse P. Did I miss something other than the rich folks are trying to buy the country? Running pathetic commercials filled with lies? Everything they've been doing. Why so down in the mouth?

P.S. The tweeter was fired today too. How many msnbc bodies will be sacrificed on the altar when Fox fires none?

Voting in half an hour gave Boner

A real case of indigestion. He didn't look good at all.
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