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Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2011, 09:36 AM
Number of posts: 8,674

Journal Archives

My thanks for the hearts.

You're beautiful, people.

-- Mal

The Walt Whitman of Wasilla

Raising satire to a new level. Warning: do not read while drinking unless you want to buy a new keyboard.


-- Mal

Pure speculation: will the other shoe ever drop?

As the title says, just a little speculation:

Does Donald Trump really want the job of President of the U.S., or is he running some con and will drop out sooner or later? If the latter, how might he engineer it to get the most strokes for his invincible narcissism? He may have given a hint earlier, when he demanded four million dollars to participate in the debates. Will he demand a HUUUUGE pay increase to take the job, and then take his ball and bat and play elsewhere when he doesn't get it? It's hard to see how a personality like his could willfully put an end to sopping up all the slobbering adulation and attention he's getting, but does he at some point realize he's signing up for what is potentially a really, really hard job? Or is he so psychotic that he actually thinks he can do the job if elected? Does the other shoe ever drop? Or does he really hope to wear them all the way to the White House?

-- Mal

Stand during Hallelujah: yes or no?

I was just watching a YT of "Messiah," performed by King's College in 2009, and the audience did not stand during the "Hallelujah" chorus. I'm not sure I approve. When did this go out of style? Of course the odd dissenter always refused to stand during the chorus, but I've never seen a whole audience (in a church, no less) refrain from standing.

-- Mal

Just a simple brush dance...

Oh, to be that brush.

-- Mal

Nothing more disgruntling...

... than writing a blistering retort to someone, only to find that the post has been locked before you finished. Serves me right for communicating in complete paragraphs.

Which leads me to the burning question: what's "gruntled?" I mean, does anybody walk around gruntled all day? "Hi, Mal, how are you today?" "Oh, I'm gruntled."

-- Mal

Must be a slow news day.

Just heard on my local TV: a guy stopped two people on the street, flashed a fake cop badge, and made off with 14 whole dollars from the second person. The first one ran away and the miscreant got nothing.

They're calling it a "crime spree."

-- Mal

Some classic paintings modernized:


I don't know how to hotlink examples, but there are some nice pix here.

-- Mal

It's California Peggy's Birthday!

-- Mal

It's the Fiftieth Anniversary already!

Well, of the crime, not the song:

And Arlo has already been interviewed by the Daily Beast: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/11/26/arlo-guthrie-on-stupid-politicians-and-50-years-of-thanksgiving-classic-alice-s-restaurant.html

-- Mal
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