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Member since: Fri Sep 23, 2011, 05:20 PM
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The War on Obamacare: talk radio extremists and their lies

The War on Obamacare -- Local Media Monitor ep.3
KFBM's Mike Slater confesses to total ignorance of bankruptcies due to medical bills during a debate with the host of Local Media Monitor; former good comedian and current bitter angry man Dennis Miller tells the right wing bosses of America to fire employees who have Obama bumper stickers; Roger Hedgecock says Obamacare will "destroy the country...literally" and describes sci-fi scenarios where Obamacare will be used as political extortion: "Do what I say or your children will not get healthcare."

UPDATE Sandyhook was "faked" by "crisis actors":Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero talk show. Contact sponsors

On Weds, Dec. 4th, talk show host Clyde Lewis said on his nationally syndicated show that the newly released recordings of 911 calls during the Sandyhook school shooting in Newtown, CT, shows more evidence of "crisis actors" at the scene that was "manipulated to the point that it was faked." During his show "Ground Zero", he said the recordings show "discrepancies" from the "official story" as part of an "agenda" against "Second Amendment rights." ("Crisis actors" are "professional actors ostensibly deployed by government agencies and/or the mainstream media to delude the public with portrayals of trauma and suffering: specifically, to act as victims or witnesses in staged school shootings or hoax terrorist attacks.")

If you're as sick as I am of these right wing lunatics and their exploitation of the murder of children for their own ratings, contact the sponsors of Ground Zero and let them know. Please be polite. Email addresses and suggested message below.

Dear sponsor Ground Zero radio show,

Are you aware that by running your ads on the "Ground Zero" radio program, your company is being associated with a radio program that says the tragic shooting of children at the Sandyhook grade school was "faked" by "crisis actors" as part of an "agenda"?

It's very possible you purchased your ads as part of a larger package and you are not aware that your company is being associated with such vile and disgusting exploitation of the tragic mass murder of children in Connecticut a year ago. There is nothing lower than suggesting that "crisis actors" were used at Sandyhook as part of some sort of conspiracy. I'm confident your company doesn't support that.

You can hear the disgusting comments here http://youtu.be/...

Thank you for your time,

Advertisers and radio station emails:

clientservice@ovationhair.com, contact@gosolaire.com, sales@gosolaire.com, info@anchorfunding.net, hiddenhealth@msn.com, support@idrive.com, sales@idrive.com, smm@corkyspest.com, customercare@powerswabs.com, info@physiciansmutual.com, dennis@heritagesolar.com, amy.leimbach@alphabroadcasting.com, sales@nwarmory.com, customerservice@drwhitaker.com

bcc me localmediamonitor@gmail.com

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