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Member since: Fri Sep 23, 2011, 05:20 PM
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The War on Obamacare: talk radio extremists and their lies

The War on Obamacare -- Local Media Monitor ep.3
KFBM's Mike Slater confesses to total ignorance of bankruptcies due to medical bills during a debate with the host of Local Media Monitor; former good comedian and current bitter angry man Dennis Miller tells the right wing bosses of America to fire employees who have Obama bumper stickers; Roger Hedgecock says Obamacare will "destroy the country...literally" and describes sci-fi scenarios where Obamacare will be used as political extortion: "Do what I say or your children will not get healthcare."

UPDATE Sandyhook was "faked" by "crisis actors":Clyde Lewis, Ground Zero talk show. Contact sponsors

On Weds, Dec. 4th, talk show host Clyde Lewis said on his nationally syndicated show that the newly released recordings of 911 calls during the Sandyhook school shooting in Newtown, CT, shows more evidence of "crisis actors" at the scene that was "manipulated to the point that it was faked." During his show "Ground Zero", he said the recordings show "discrepancies" from the "official story" as part of an "agenda" against "Second Amendment rights." ("Crisis actors" are "professional actors ostensibly deployed by government agencies and/or the mainstream media to delude the public with portrayals of trauma and suffering: specifically, to act as victims or witnesses in staged school shootings or hoax terrorist attacks.")

If you're as sick as I am of these right wing lunatics and their exploitation of the murder of children for their own ratings, contact the sponsors of Ground Zero and let them know. Please be polite. Email addresses and suggested message below.

Dear sponsor Ground Zero radio show,

Are you aware that by running your ads on the "Ground Zero" radio program, your company is being associated with a radio program that says the tragic shooting of children at the Sandyhook grade school was "faked" by "crisis actors" as part of an "agenda"?

It's very possible you purchased your ads as part of a larger package and you are not aware that your company is being associated with such vile and disgusting exploitation of the tragic mass murder of children in Connecticut a year ago. There is nothing lower than suggesting that "crisis actors" were used at Sandyhook as part of some sort of conspiracy. I'm confident your company doesn't support that.

You can hear the disgusting comments here http://youtu.be/...

Thank you for your time,

Advertisers and radio station emails:

clientservice@ovationhair.com, contact@gosolaire.com, sales@gosolaire.com, info@anchorfunding.net, hiddenhealth@msn.com, support@idrive.com, sales@idrive.com, smm@corkyspest.com, customercare@powerswabs.com, info@physiciansmutual.com, dennis@heritagesolar.com, amy.leimbach@alphabroadcasting.com, sales@nwarmory.com, customerservice@drwhitaker.com

bcc me localmediamonitor@gmail.com

New Podcast: Local Media Monitor of RW Talk Shows, KNSJ FM in San Diego

Local Media Monitor is a radio show dedicated to exposing other radio shows — the right wing talk programs that flood the AM with lies, hate and propaganda. Conservative corporations have bought up the majority of radio stations in America so they flood the airwaves with constant message that ranges from deranged anti-Obama rants to bitter race-baiting, from free market worship to phony horror stories about the Affordable Care Act. Local Media Monitor calls them out on their mean-spirited falsehoods, their dishonest tactics, their race-baiting and their shilling for think tanks.

Broadcasts on KNSJ 89.1 FM Thursdays at 5pm and repeating Fridays 4am & 9am and Sundays 11am. Podcasts at http://lmmpodcast.blogspot.com

You can participate. If you hear something on the radio that needs attention, contact the show at localmediamonitor@gmail.com

http://knsj.org/music-and-speech/local-media-monitor/, https://twitter.com/FactCheckmate

The meltdown of Ben Shapiro. What’s in Breitbart kid’s ‘closet’?

Ben Shapiro, the editor-at-large wunderkind at Breitbart.com, guest-hosted for the Hugh Hewitt radio show on the day of the Chuck Hagel’s confirmation as defense secretary in late February. The Hagel news really tipped the teeter-totter for Shapiro, burning a few more cards out of a deck that was already missing several face cards. This video distills eight minutes from the three hour program, eight minutes of prime frustration, projection, hectoring, complaining, accusation and moral posturing, all delivered in Shapiro’s rapid-fire nasal whine.

Shapiro suggested that Hamas was “handing out candy in Gaza” to celebrate the Hagel nomination, bluntly tried to smear Hagel as “an open anti-Semitic guy,” a “defense secretary for Islamists,” an “anti-Semite” who is “the worst nominee…in American history” and, for good measure, bleated that Obama is a “jerk,” “bully” and “morally deficient human being” who has “come out of the closet” in terms of pretending to care about people. Meanwhile, in Shapiro’s world, “Mitt Romney…is legitimately one of the most honorable men, maybe the most honorable man, ever to run for high office in this country” and Noam Chomsky “is not really Jewish,” is “Jewish in name only.” He simultaneously accuses everyone but the man in the mirror of being “whiny” and doing “smear jobs.”

In the middle of the tirade, Shapiro’s self-awareness bloats to the point where he can ask “How can (Obama) possibly say this with a straight face?” and to end with this: “Democrats, they live in a world of unreality. They live in magic unicorn land…They don’t deal with reality. It’s up to us to deal with reality.”

Shapiro’s high-energy angst, his fevered finger-pointing at “moral deficiency” and other faults of those who “don’t deal with reality” is eerily reminiscent of the long line of disgraced fire-and-brimstone evangelists, from Jimmy Swaggart romping with prostitutes to Ted Haggard doing meth with his gay masseuse, who work so hard to hide the fact that they are guilty of all the sins they preach against. How long until Shapiro cracks?

Tea Partier & accused fraudster still robocalling in CA Senate bid; DHS investigating diploma mill

Yesterday I got a robocall promoting Xanthi Gionis, a candidate for CA's 40th state senate district in the special election this week, and so decided to check her out. Though the call boasted that she was the only candidate with an "A rating by the NRA," Gionis's story was much worse than I expected. This Tea Party affiliate:
-has recently been accused of fraud for running a diploma-mill fake university ripping off third-world students,
-has had her "Aristotle University" shut down by the state,
-is under investigation by Homeland Security,
-has had at least one ex-teacher go on-camera to say Gionis borrowed money for the campaign (for my robocall?) and won't pay it back,
-threatened her students with deportation if they didn't pay their tuition on time,
-is running around saying all of the above are "personal attacks" likes she's the victim, and
-couldn't even get the endorsement of the Republican party this time; she's running as an independent.

It's really hard to watch the plaintive testimony of one of her students, who came all the way from Ghana and lost his life savings, without thinking that Xanthi Gionis is a major-league scumbag; hopefully she'll soon be a convicted felon and/or the target of a major lawsuit, too; I can't see any way that charges won't be brought against her or that her ex-students don't have an open-and-shut case. Her website falsely claimed the school was accredited, it showed a large modern building as the "university" when in fact the whole school was a one-room office, the instruction was often limited to sitting around and watching videos, and now it's been shut down for not even having a license.

Links for all the facts in the above text at:

DU this poll: sponsor wants feedback on right wing hate-talk host

This link http://www.srvy.net/x/1.p?21204084252656790296 with the smiling wingnut:

brings you to a feedback survey by Lifelock, a company that likes to advertise on the most extreme right wing talk shows, and it asks for your opinions of the host Roger Hedgecock, who in the last few months has blamed the Newtown, CT shooting on "liberals" and "political correctness", said public schools are "anti-white" and "teach hatred of white people", and accused President Obama of being a traitor by "switching sides in the war on terror". (Oh, he also blamed shark attacks on liberals.) This is a great chance to tell an advertiser what's what--they are literally asking for it! Let's do this!

For more info on Hedgecock, see my DU Journal, this blog or this list of videos.

Hate-talk Hedgecock: Who we "allow to procreate" is "scientific explanation for lower info voter"

Roger Hedgecock, disgraced ex-mayor of San Diego and current right wing talk show host, announced on his Feb. 19 syndicated program that the "scientific explanation for the lower info voter" is "we continue to support and allow to procreate people who are...clearly not the best" and his ideas about the decline of humanity started "in 2008."

Citing an article in a scientific journal by Stanford geneticist Gerald Crabtree, Hedgecock presented his own interpretation of the article like this: "Now his theory has to do with genetic mutations and the application, now get this, haven't I said this 10,000 times on this program?--the application of Darwinian theory to the liberal welfare state. If we continue to support and allow to procreate people who are, you know, fill in the blank, and clearly not the best, then you are going to wind up with an average dumber and dumber population over time."

For the record, Crabtree's article mentions nothing about any "liberal welfare state." Hedgecock might have been reading related texts from the right wing chat-website Free Republic (www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/2970157/posts). Hedgecock ends his rant by saying that previously he thought that "we've been on an arc going up. Since 2008 I'm not as sure."

During this same hour of his program when he mentioned a "dumber and dumber population," Hedgecock
-incorrectly suggested that Obama lost every state that had voter ID laws (a viral email conspiracy theory),
-read an article about an Obama-loving short-sale scam artist that also originated as a viral email, debunked by Snopes.com in September of 2012, and
-read from a "handwritten note" he had received to assert that Homeland Security was stockpiling assault weapons to prepare for a revolution "to control the people."

For links see http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/02/21/1188648/-Hate-talk-Hedgecock-Who-we-allow-to-procreate-is-scientific-explanation-for-lower-info-voter

Idiot watch: Roger Hedgecock blames high school food fight on Obama

San Diego's ex-mayor Roger Hedgecock claims that a high school food fight in Minneapolis proves that "race relations have gone way downhill since Barack Obama became president."

Two weeks after gaining notoriety for charging that "hatred of white people has now become an epidemic" and "racial tensions...are at an all-time high in my lifetime" because of President Obama, the right wing talk show host Hedgecock returned to the theme on Feb. 15 on station KFMB in San Diego.

"Turns out this just wasn't any food fight," Hedgecock said. "What it really was about was a riot between Muslims students and the black students... Whites weren't even involved. They weren't even invited to this riot."

The Muslims students allegedly involved are from Somalia. Hedgecock apparently does not realize that the Somalis are also "black people" like the African Americans.

Hedgecock said this incident is just one of many, "with an example every day, like the one from Minneapolis that I just cited, that race relations have gone way downhill, way downhill, since Barack Obama became president..."

"You can't go through a day of news without seeing something, again, that 15 or 20 years ago, you could not have seen."

Hedgecock went on to expound on his belief mentioned on Feb. 4 that President Obama intentionally worsens "racial tensions" which "are at an all-time high in my lifetime."

"With his background with the Ayers people, with the Rules for Radicals...It's been drilled into him," Hedgecock said of Obama, "that dividing people is a source of power."

Hedgecock is "very afraid" of "drone strike within the US," of Obama "dictatorship"

On Feb 12, 2013, Roger Hedgecock, right wing talk show host and ex-mayor of San Diego, warned his listeners about a "drone strike of an American citizen within the United States" and that "it's time to be very afraid." He then promoted a "nationwide rally to challenge the Obama usurpation, to challenge the dictatorship, to demand the restitution of a Constitutional republic." The "Day of Resistance" rally on Feb. 23 is being organized through the website theteaparty.net.

Roger Hedgecock's nuclear fear-mongering: North Korea can now nuke the USA. (Wrong)

In response to a North Korean nuclear test, the right wing ex-mayor of San Diego, Roger Hedgecock, breathlessly announced on his February 12th talk show that North Korea now has the capability of striking the West Coast of the USA with a nuclear missile. The only problem is, they don't. Nuclear experts say this test might bring North Korea one step closer to that goal, but at this point they are nowhere near having that capability.

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