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Roger Hedgecock goes full race baiter: "hatred of white people an epidemic", blames Obama

Roger Hedgecock, former San Diego mayor and current right wing talk show host, equated teaching about race with "hatred of white people", claimed "hatred of white people has now become an epidemic in this country", that the California public school curriculum was "anti-white" while blaming President Obama for "racial tensions" that "are at an all-time high in my lifetime." Hedgecock made these comments on Feb. 4, 2013, on San Diego station KFMB-AM, which features white talk show hosts for 100% of their programming, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hedgecock started out by resurrecting a story from 2012 about a Portland school principal, Verenice Gutierrez, who was involved in programs to help educators understand white privilege in order to "change their teaching practices to boost their minority students' performance." Hedgecock called this "hatred of white people."

"It will boost minorities performance to teach them, in essence, hatred of white people, which is basically what she said," is how Hedgecock characterized it.

Hedgecock then presented what was supposed to be a scary list of the "hatred of white people" training for teachers involving Gutierrez, including an exercise "to examine a news article and discuss the white privilege it conveys... A week-long seminar called 'coaching for educational equity'...that focuses on race and how it affects life... She also serves on an administrative committee that focuses on 'systemic racism.'

"...This stuff is going on in every school, every public school," Hedgecock warned.

After relating a news story about a deranged murderer who said his shooting spree was prompted by his racist attitudes toward white people, beliefs he developed while an anthropology major in college, Hedgecock said, "Where do people get these notions? They get them in taxpayer-supported schools. Hatred of white people has now become an epidemic in this country.

"It is now informing polical decisions that are made. When President Obama told the editorial staff at the San Francisco Chronicle during the 2008 campaign that the bitter clingers, people in Pennsylvania, and he was talking about white people, who cling to their guns and their bible, were the problem he was having.

"No one has more racially divided this country since John C. Calhoun, than Barack Obama...

"No one in this country believes that we are better off in race relations, that there is less racial tension in this country today, because of Barack Obama's election. Racial tensions are at an all-time high in my lifetime and I lived through the 50s...

"I lived through Rosa Parks, I lived through Martin Luther King, Jr. The consensus was at that time among white people that those civil rights efforts were in the noblest tradition in the American republic...

"Do you have a feeling that all this stuff in the schools, teaching hatred of white privilege, is bringing us closer together? Is bringing us past racism?

Referring to a story about a review of the school system in Texas, Hedgecock concluded, "You should see the curriculum we have. It is as anti-American, anti-West and anti-white as you could imagine."

Roger Hedgecock complains of "smear" then blocks Twitter account

Links to all articles and sources in text at http://www.dailykos.com/blog/WCWatch

Hate-talk show host Roger Hedgecock, in a Feb.1 Twitter exchange concerning his charge that the San Diego police chief wants to "disarm Americans within a generation", acknowledged the ongoing campaign on Daily Kos to hold him and other local talk show hosts accountable, labeling it a "smear". Soon after, Hedgecock blocked the campaign's Twitter account, causing it to be briefly suspended. As it turns out, the "disarm" story was written by a discredited right-wing journalist; it was debunked by Hedgecock's own radio station about the same time he was defending it. (The exchange is reprinted below and in a screenshot).

For most of the week, Hedgecock and other right wing pro-gun advocates have been charging San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne with seeking to "disarm Americans within a generation." After Hedgecock tweeted the charge again, I asked him to cite the source. Hedgecock instead asked for me to do the same, so I pointed out that no source has Lansdowne saying "disarm."

The origin of this faux-scandal is worth noting. The disreputable Breitbart.com is the source for that provocative word choice, and they cite a story in a new fake-news website called the Washington Guardian, in which Lansdowne never says "disarm" and is not even quoted directly: "Lansdowne said in the interview it may take a generation, but guns will eventually be taken off the streets through new laws." Incidentally, all articles to be found, whether on the "Washington Guardian", the jokey Examiner.com, or the local news station Sandiego6.com, are versions of the same article written by a certain Kimberly Dvorak. Dvorak has been accused of plagiarism and other fabrications while penning right wing pieces in conjuction with the anti-immigration extremists the San Diego Minutemen. And about the same time that Hedgecock was tweeting his defense of the story, his own station was debunking it (with Lansdowne clarifying that he was referring to assault weapons).

In the end, when asked if it was irresponsible to smear a police chief with such accusations without any proof, Hedgecock turned around and tweeted "you smear talk hosts all the time and fail to evidence it. Regards to Kos." Our campaign was then blocked from Hedgecock and other KFMB right wing hate-talk show hosts on Twitter and the account temporarily suspended.

The "fail to evidence" part is a laugh, of course. We use his own podcasts in our documentation of his hateful rhetoric and wild accusations.

San Diego Chief of Police: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation http://www.ijreview.com/2013/01/33133-san-diego-chief-of-police-we-can-disarm-americans-within-a-generation/ San Diegans BEWARE @RogerHedgecock

HEDGECOCK: @ksdvm86 yes huge story, covered it a couple days ago!
5h Lou Kermonet Lou Kermonet ?@LouKermonet

ME: @ksdvm86 @RogerHedgecock you're wrong. Landsdowne never said "disarm Americans" he said "guns off the street", i.e. street crimes
2h RogerHedgecock RogerHedgecock ?@RogerHedgecock

HEDGECOCK @LouKermonet @ksdvm86 false
1h Lou Kermonet Lou Kermonet ?@LouKermonet

ME: @RogerHedgecock @ksdvm86 "False"? Can you cite exact quote?
48m RogerHedgecock RogerHedgecock ?@RogerHedgecock

HEDGECOCK @LouKermonet can you provide a quote
37m Lou Kermonet Lou Kermonet ?@LouKermonet

ME: @RogerHedgecock I looked but no record of Lansdowne saying that. most original source is on ch.6: http://tinyurl.com/b5tnjc8 it's fake news echo
30m RogerHedgecock RogerHedgecock ?@RogerHedgecock

HEDGECOCK: @LouKermonet nice try.
25m Lou Kermonet Lou Kermonet ?@LouKermonet

ME: @RogerHedgecock You smear our police chief and can't even cite a link that he said anything like that. Don't you think that's irresponsible?
8m RogerHedgecock RogerHedgecock ?@RogerHedgecock

HEDGECOCK: @LouKermonet you smear talk hosts all the time and fail to evidence it. Regards to Kos..

Entertaining wingnut email response to our campaign against hate-talk shows


I thought I'd share a wingnut email response apparently from one of the businesses that we contacted. This was sent out from multiple fake email accounts. Notice the irony that this writer sent the same exact email out several times but says "Since each of you has sent almost the exact same email, obviously you are blindly following someones instructions. Talk about lemmings." And by the way, we all signed our emails, but this person didn't even have the courage to do that. Oh, and notice he even misspelled the name of the hate-talk host (Roger Hedgecock) he's defending.

Dear non-KFMB listeners,

I can't help but wonder if you are aware that this is a free country and that not everyone is required to share your point of view. You don't have to agree but you have no right to try to force YOUR opinions on others who may not share it. This is what I despise about people like you. Not your specific point of view (I may even share it), but that you feel compelled to try to force it down everyone elses throat. Anyone with a different opinion is evil and therefore must be converted.

In this country we are all free to have our own opinion.
Since each of you has sent almost the exact same email, obviously you are blindly following someones instructions. Talk about lemmings.

Here's a newsflash for you.This is the UNITED STATES where people have the FREEDOM to have their own opinions. Roger Hedgcock has a right to his opinions just as you have a right to YOURS. You do not have to like them or agree, but he is entitled to his as much as you are to yours. And guess what? A host is not on the air because companies advertise. Companies advertise where people are listening. You have it backwards.

The beautiful thing is that there are many radio stations for you to listen to. In this country we are not all required to have the same opinion or say the same thing. If you do not like what someone has to say on one station then turn it off! Turn the dial and listen to someone you agree with. How simple is that. You have a choice.

Why do you feel you must force YOUR point of view down other peoples throats.

If you don't like this station then there is plenty of competition. Go listen to them. Support their sponsors. KFMB has a highly educated listener base who knows how to form their very own opinions.

I hope that all of the recipients of your spam will copy and past this exact same email and send it right back to each of you so you too can share the experience recieving multiple spam emails with exactly the same content.

I also hope whoever thinks this is such a clever idea will rethink the wisdom of trying to get private citizens to become spammers. Beware as the spammers become the spammed.


An Annoyed Business Owner. (who will probably increase our budget for Roger Hegcock advertising)

Roger Hedgecock says destruction of Hiroshima & Chernobyl not so bad after all, was just "hysteria"

During his talk show on Jan.29, 2013 on KFMB AM in San Diego, the right wing commentator Roger Hedgecock said that the grave reports of nuclear destruction of Hiroshima in World War 2, as well as the meltdown and explosion of the Cernobyl nuclear power plant in 1988, were exaggerated due to "hysteria" from "anti-nuke folks". He suggested the areas have been improved by the disasters.

Hedgecock said he visited Hiroshima and rather than being "nuclear wasteland, unfit for habitation for a thousand years...devoid of life for tens of thousands of year" as predicted by "anti-war, anti-nuke folks," instead "Hiroshima is one of the most modern cities because it had an instant redevelopment plan" which he laughingly mentions "destroyed the whole city". He said Hiroshima was previously "a rabbit warren of mideval streets" but "it now has broad avenues, magnificent highrises" with "four or five times the population it had in 1945."

Hedgecock went on to say that this improvement by nuclear destruction "has happened again" in Chernobyl, Ukraine, the site of a nuclear power plant meltdown and explosion in 1986. The Chernobyl area now has a "surge in wildlife" with no mutations like "giant wolves or three-headed deer," Hedgecock said. "The dirtiest radioactive site in Europe has become the continent's biggest animal sanctuary. So much for the hysteria."

Roger Hedgecock advocates for guns on airplanes as good solution

Roger Hedgecock, right wing talk show host and ex-mayor of San Diego, says there should be more guns on airplanes.

On his U-T TV show of Jan.21, 2013, Hedgecock interviewed Larry Pratt, the extremist leader of Gun Owners of America. At one point Pratt said that more guns in the schools would have prevented the school massacre in Newtown, CT: "A lot of Americans now are thinking, wait a minute, if there'd been somebody with a gun at Newtown, surely it might've involved fewer than 20 people being murdered."

Hedgecock added, "And we know that's true in airplanes, it's true in the Aurora movie theater, it's true everywhere. In Columbine it would've been true as well."

Roger Hedgecock responds to Newtown, CT tragedy: Blames liberals, "political correctness"

Guns don't kill people, but signs that say "gun free zone" do kill people.

On Dec. 17, 2012, Roger Hedgecock, conservative talk radio host and former mayor of San Diego, California, responded to the Newtown, CT shooting tragedy that killed 20 children and 6 adults by blaming "liberals", political correctness, and added a comparison of President Obama to Hitler.

"Funny how all of these school massacres occur...in blue states."

"I am so tired of this politically correct society, it is producing these killers. I want to say that as clearly as I can. I think this politically correct society, after 50, 60 years of this stuff, is producing these killers. It is the product of political correctness."

On the Newtown, CT shooting again: "Liberals, you own this. Your gun-free zone has killed people...Liberals, you have caused these people to die. "

On Hitler: "In 1932 the man was simply bringing hope and change to Germany."

Hedgecock reads from Iranian propaganda to say Obama supports Al Qaeda

On Dec.14 of 2012, right wing talk show host Roger Hedgecock of KFMB in San Diego, CA reported the "remarkable news" that the Obama administration had "secretly" sent 3000 US troops back into Iraq and 17,000 "are about to go in." Hedgecock never named his source, referring only to "the press report" and "this press account", but what he read was verbatim from a report by the Iranian state media outlet Press TV, which is the only source to be found for the supposed troop movement. Hedgecock used the Iranian state media report to charge that Obama plans to invade Syria in order to install a pro-Al Qaeda government as part of his charge that Obama has "switched sides" in the war on terror.

The press report from Press TV, the Iranian state media outlet, is here: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/12/09/277127/3000-us-troops-secretly-return-to-iraq/

Full text:
"...Today, the remarkable news, that troops of the US military have, and I'll quote from the press report, secretly entered Iraq. ... Troops include US Army officers and 17,000 more are set to secretly return to Iraq via the same route, that is, through Kuwait."

"So what is going on? 3000 troops in Iraq, 17,000 more, this press account says, are about to go in. Well, what's going on is, we're going to get into another war, in Syria.

"But this time we're going to be on the right side! We're going to be on the side of Al Qaeda, the winning side! (Laughs) I have to somehow joke and laugh about this because how tragic is this?"
"What about it, folks on the left? What about it, anti-war left, what about it, academics, uh, war for oil, uh, war for, whatever. Your president is gearing up for what looks like, hope I'm wrong, a new war in Syria.

"Unless they can get Assad out of there quickly, and get Al Qaeda in power quickly, like they did with the Muslim Brotherhood. Get Mubarek out so we don't have to send in our troops.

"Put the Muslim Brotherhood in power, so they can fulfill their dream, first stated in the 1920s, of reestablishing the caliphate, um, the caliph leading a united Muslim nation dedicated to the overthrow of all other governments and the extension of the realm of Allah to the entire globe, and the imposition of Sharia law on all people. That's the side we're on now.

"And yesterday I posited all that to Congressman Duncan Hunter. I said, listing all these things, does it sound to you, have we switched sides in this war on terror? And he said, yes we have. Just like that, he said yes we have.

Video: Roger Hedgecock says Obamacare means "You old people, hurry up and die"

During his Jan.23, 2013 talk show on KFMB AM, Roger Hedgecock, the right wing ex-mayor of San Diego, said that the recent controversial comments by Japan's finance minister about end-of-life medical care proves that Obamacare means "You old people, hurry up and die."

Hedgecock said that because Japan has universal healthcare, and because their finance minister made controversial remarks about the costs and value of keeping elderly, dying patients indefinitely on life support, this shows the intent of Obamacare and "the final government end of the road for all of these promises about medical care. When they can't afford their promises, you old people, hurry up and die."

Hedgecock charged that Obama said to old people, "take your pill, go home, because we're not going to care for you, that's it, you're done, you're gone." After not being able to find a clip of Obama actually saying these things, Hedgecock went on to advertise a "listener trip" to Canada -- which, of course, has universal healthcare.
Join campaign to contact Hedgecock's advertisers: localmediamonitor@gmail.com

video: Roger Hedgecock blames shark attacks on liberals

Contact localmediamonitor@gmail.com to join campaign to make right wing talk show hosts accountable (emailing sponsors, etc.)

"The response of the crazy environmentalist mentality that runs this state has been to gin up some studies that show the Great White should be placed on the endangered species list because we need to protect them, there's not that many. Now so far, I dont know of anybody that's killed a Great White, though it is said some fishermen take the small sharks. Um, and I don't know that we need them protected against us when in the eight attacks it was the human being that was the victim. Now the CA Fish and Game Commission will consider on February 6th whether to declare the Great White Sharks a candidate for protection and recommend to the federal government that they get protection and at the same time under the California Endangered Species Act as well.

"Now here's what's actually happening. The sharks used to be fished when they did show up and not many of them did but when they did show up they were fished. Shark boats went out at night and took care of the sharks. Sharks, of course, avoided this area because they knew they were being hunted here. They're not dumb. Now that they're not being hunted here because there's a new rule in California it's like the gun-free zone. We now have a shark-free zone. As a consequence we've had eight shark attacks in one year, where before that the last one was in 1959. So now we have a great-white free zone."

please subscribe to / forward my new work exposing hate-talk show hosts

I will be posting here, at Daily Kos, and on youtube. Working together, we can get some of these guys off the air.


Starting with the wingnut, Roger Hedgecock: Guns don't kill people, signs that say "gun free zone" kill people (plus liberals and political correctness)!

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