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Profile Information

Name: Harvey the Rabbit
Gender: Male
Hometown: New England
Home country: USA
Current location: Hollywood
Member since: Wed Aug 3, 2011, 01:52 PM
Number of posts: 6,441

About Me

Nixon was a fucking crook. As a teenager I marched on the UN in 1982 with a million other people demanding we get rid of the threat of nuclear weapons hanging over our heads. Since then I've worked to get Democrats elected like John Aristotle Phillips, known as the A-Bomb Kid when he ran for Congress against Stuart McKinney in CT in the 80's (we lost twice) through the Obama campaign in 2008 and 2012. I want to legalize cannabis, reform our prison for profit system, cut our military budget, get out of Afghanistan and push solar energy panels into every building in the USA.

Journal Archives

Thanks to Rand Paul I've lost all the investor funding for my Hellfire Missile Cafe chain.

If Rand Paul were President he'd be happy to use drone strikes against American citizens on US soil.

Rand's got a list of people he hates...
Just my humble opinion.

The Roberts/Scalia Supreme Court would vote 5-4 to re-institute slavery if they could....

the things they are saying today are fascist scary.

Bad economic news today: Pope unemployment now at at 100%

If the GOP filabusters Hagel does that mean we get a Democrat as SecDef? and who?


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Saturday that there’s a chance Republicans will filibuster former Nebraska senator Chuck Hagel’s nomination as secretary of defense.

“Sen. Hagel did not do a very good job before the Armed Services committee,” McConnell told Kentucky reporters. (Hagel struggled in the Senate committee hearing, appearing unprepared for aggressive questions about Iran, Israel and nuclear weapons.) “I think the opposition to him is intensifying. Whether that means he will end up having to achieve 60 votes or 51 is not clear yet.” McConnell did not say how he planned to vote.

A filibuster against Hagel would be unprecedented. A Cabinet nominee has never been defeated by filibuster, although nominees have been voted down by a majority (John Tower was the first in three decades) or pulled over scandal or opposition (Tom Daschle, Bernard Kerik).....

When did this become The Puritan Underground.com?

I would expect all this Beyonce sexy outfit bashing at conservative websites but not here.
I thought we were more accepting of people and their choices in this community.
Just shocked we have so many who want to fight the "sins of the modern world" here.
This feels more like an argument for foxnews or one the freepers would rail about IMHO.

Watch the first episode of Kevin Spacey's House of Cards here even if you don't have Netflix

They are giving us our first taste free...
The pilot is here.
Kevin Spacey, Politics.....


Hagel gets berated and interrupted non-stop so HE'S being called unprepared by pundits

on MSNBC right now?
Pundit please.

John McCain likes being an asshole plain and simple

That's the only explanation for the way he acted while interrogating Hagel during his confirmation.

Want to have more sex? Survey says: stop helping with the chores

Let's run those numbers again.
I need to see your work and double check your math on this.


"Want to have more sex? Survey says: stop helping with the chores
No good deed goes unpunished.

That famous phrase from Clare Booth Luce apparently applies to married men, according to a new study that finds men who help with the housework tend to have less sex.

The University of Washington research, published Wednesday in the American Sociological Review, suggests that heterosexual couples have more “sexual encounters” when each partner takes on traditional gender roles.

“Where the male is doing the male tasks and the female is doing the female tasks, those are the couples (who) are having more sex,” UW Associate Professor of Sociology and study co-author Julia Brines said in an interview with the Toronto Star.

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