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Profile Information

Name: Harvey the Rabbit
Gender: Male
Hometown: New England
Home country: USA
Current location: Hollywood
Member since: Wed Aug 3, 2011, 01:52 PM
Number of posts: 10,533

About Me

Nixon was a fucking crook. As a teenager I marched on the UN in 1982 with a million other people demanding we get rid of the threat of nuclear weapons hanging over our heads. Since then I've worked to get Democrats elected like John Aristotle Phillips, known as the A-Bomb Kid when he ran for Congress against Stuart McKinney in CT in the 80's (we lost twice) through the Obama campaign in 2008 and 2012. I want to legalize cannabis, reform our prison for profit system, cut our military budget, get out of Afghanistan and push solar energy panels into every building in the USA.

Journal Archives

Trump says he knows the tax code better than any candidate for President ever. Okay. So...

Let's ask him about it at the next debate.
Have him explain how he does his taxes.
What loopholes does he use that should be eliminated?
How does he get away with it?
Tell us Donny if you're so smart.
Because you don't know do you?
You have tax lawyers and accountants who do it all for you right?
You have no clue.
Tell us how you manipulate the rigged system, please.
It will be like watching Walter White cook meth.

I wonder how much Donald will charge his campaign for the product placement he gave his DC

hotel tonight?
90 second TV spot.
I'm pretty sure that's a billable expense in Trumpland.

I don't know what new color this red-orange is that Trump has turned but Crayola should hop

on it ASAP.

"I have a better temperment than she does" cue audience laughter.

Hillary just said details, a bunch of names and places in the Middle East, that Donald Trump

will never remember or know.

Discriminating against African-American renters? "Just one of those things."

Thanks for letting us know how you really feel.

Holy cow the birth certificate thing just rattled Trump BIG TIME

Does Donald Trump love your city if he doesn't have an investment there?

Trump is coming across as a rude, condescending, interrupting, mansplaining asshole.

Or is it just me?
Will America see it?

Lester Holt didn't lose control of this debate. He never had it from the start.

I think he's ghosting this gig.
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