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These fucking Republicans and "their" goddamned taxes. . . .

I ALREADY have very, very little patience with people who piss, bitch and moan about their income taxes. I live in California, a high cost state in the very, very high cost city of San Francisco. Yes, I pay a hefty chunk of my income in state and federal taxes every year. The safety net California provides, while far, far, far from perfect, exceeds the very best in ALL the red states.

Now, for my rant, and this has been marinating all day after seeing some tRump-supporting FOOL bitch about his taxes on television this morning.

I was curious, as I have always heard that red states are the "taker" states (I apologize to all my left wing friends in red states) while blue states are usually the "giver" states.
Well, lo and behold. . . . .


Those hypocritical pig fuckers!


It gets worse. . . . . These rural red states like Wyoming and Montana get an exponential "bang for their buck"

. . .. "As a result each of Wyoming's three electoral votes corresponds to 177,556 people. Understood in one way, these people have 3.18 times as much clout in the Electoral College as an average American, or 318%". . .

This is some fucked up shit. We pay more taxes for those goddamned, worthless Republican states, YET our votes don't carry the same wallop that those of the pig fuckers do.

I am really disgusted--not at the fact that we pay taxes--but that we are underrepresented (fuck the electoral college) and that we have to subsidize those neanderthals and indirectly pay for their care after they fall down drunk in the goddamned outhouse.

So, I saw GWB "abstained" from voting for president?

There is always the risk of fake news, but it was linked on Huffingtonpost (NOT that this makes it true!). If true, what a startling example of a spineless pathetic PIECE OF SHIT. But what else could be expected from the "other" candidate who squatted in the WH for 8 years after losing the popular vote. Not voting is utter bullshit. And for someone who, himself (illegally, of course, but still) took the oath to defend the constitution has a certain RESPONSIBILITY to defend the country from the likes of this stinking, putrid, piece of shit.

I am thoroughly disgusted with all of them. I would prefer to be called ANY insult before being called a Republican. I really can't think of anything worse to say about somebody else than that they're Republican.

It's like watching a slow motion video of the country being sold to the thieves, courtesy of the ignorant fucking hordes in this country who have NO goddamned clue about what is REALLY taking place.

I saw some shit this evening (maybe another OP?) about Republicans TRULY believing there were 3 million fraudulent votes in California, ". . .because California allows it!" All the true-believing morons sitting around this paragon of virtue and intelligence just nodded with their slack-jawed, ignorant, bovine way and then spit up some more bile about Dems and other bullshit that demonstrated their total lack of knowledge of well. . . . anything.

And it's this abyss. Really. These fucking people are going to be in the drivers seat. Good God.

I wonder if any of these protesters voted for Trump?


So, Just What If?

I don't have ANY faith that this recount or audit will change a thing. Nonetheless, just out of PURE curiosity, WHAT would happen should widespread fraud be found? How would it be handled, and who would do it?

May I please rant a moment?

Goddamnit. If I hear one more fucking person say that "we are all to blame" for this shitty situation we find ourselves in, I am going to. . . . I don't know. . . what?

In any case, let's place the blame squarely where it belongs: the idiotic hordes who voted for It. There is a PRIME example of this idiocy in today's NYT.

There is a small picture of a woman with Crohn's Disease who voted for It. Her quote? "I hope everything stays the same." (i.e. ACA). . . .

I'm too tired to point fingers, but let's not forget how much we warned them, and THEY wouldn't listen.

Thank you for listening. I woke up in a really ugly mood--out of coffee and then THIS!

Muslim Ban?

So, our Fuhrer and his Gestapo are planning on some form of a "Muslim ban"?

How in the FUCK can this even be discussed?

What's next? Are they going to deport all these people out to the western part of the country to gas them?

Senator Jeff Sessions--Trump's pick for Justice Department?

It just gets worse and worse.

Notwithstanding that he's already been proven to be a racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic demagogue, he hasn't been held accountable for these vile views. No, he has been and is being rewarded for them.

Oh yes, and he has a problem with marijuana too. In the NYT today was a quote from Senator Sessions from April 2016:
"Good people don't smoke marijuana."

I read that quote and thought. . . "Hmmm. Ok. So good people DO 'grab women by the pussy' or good people cheat others out of their hard earned money for a fake university? Or good people make fun of and ridicule the parents of a dead soldier? Oh yes, and I suppose the good people are the ones who come waving their Confederate flags, screaming at Muslims and anybody who isn't white and Christian."

WTF. And to think a MAJORITY of people in this country voted for the other candidate. This is FUCKED way beyond belief. I can IMAGINE the outrage had the pigs lost ONE election based on the electoral college. They would have done everything to delegitimize the winning candidate at any cost.

I hope there are still at least SOME brakes that can be applied, however ineffectual. This is going to get really ugly, and I'm a bit afraid for the first time.

This is not a postmortem, as we all know the unfortunate results.

I haven't been able to post other than a random response to an OP here and there.

However, I DO want to say that I have already started a "grudge list", and I'm placing EVERY vulgar, lying, hypocritical, motherfucking Repig on it in principle, but for space, I'm reserving it for those who deserve a special place in hell.

I'm going to start with:
Ted Cruz
Tom Cotton

Are they the "worst"? The bar is so fucking low now, who can say? I mean seriously. . . . We have an orange sheister coming to the WH with his porn-star wife whose "pussy" (excuse me, but I didn't START this conversation about "pussies") graces countless internet pages.

It's like a bad goddamned dream but we can't wake up. So-- going forward to face the unbearable. We have no fucking choice. We have to swallow the awful, awful pill and fight back. Oh fuck, I am so SICK of these people. I was so hoping they would be GONE after the election, but they are worse than ever.

What can we do about fuckheads who call Michelle Obama an "ape in high heels" on FB? I am not inciting violence or anything like that, but couldn't we "suggest" that "everybody" msg their disapproval to that THING who had the nerve to hurl such an ugly epithet at our lovely first lady

I am more than outraged over all the ugliness that just came out of the woodwork. My grandmother escaped Nazis decades ago, and she always said before she died that when fascists come to power and people can be fascist with no shame, you can NEVER be certain how these people will be behave. She said the "nicest" people turned out to be "thieves" and anti-Semites. A mob mentality. When I see these repigs (yes an ugly term for them, but it fits), I think of a howling, ugly mob, and it's scary.

My ONLY comfort about this country is the fact that more people voted for HRC than they did that shit-colored Orangutan.

Disgusting but NOT surprising.

Just spotted this on Huffingtonpost. I can assure everybody that Governor Deal DEFINITELY uses the 'n' word at home.

He only uses the 'polite' term, "colored people" when he's speaking in public. . . .

Just when you think our national elevator has hit bottom, we continue to go lower still. . .


Paid Speeches? Would anybody like to say just WHO all has been paid for speeches?

Wasn't Saint Ronald Reagan paid big bucks post-presidency? I know there are many, many more.
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