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Slate: "Bernie Blew It"

Sanders wasn’t going to be the Democratic nominee, but he still held a good amount of leverage in the form of his voters. After a tough primary, they were hesitant to back Clinton, a fact apparent in the polls. Clinton stood ahead of Donald Trump, but not by much: Her lead was weakened by the party’s unbridged divisions. By holding off on a concession and an endorsement, the Vermont senator was keeping this leverage in reserve ahead of the Democratic National Convention. It made sense.

Still, it was a risky move. Whatever influence or leverage Sanders had was tied to his voters. As long as they stuck with him—and didn’t move to Clinton—he could make demands and win concessions on items like the Democratic Party’s platform, a key object of his rhetoric over the past month. But if his voters moved without his endorsement, either pushed by fear of Trump or support from other Democrats, then the value of his support would fall accordingly.

Which is what happened. In his nonconcession speech, Sanders told supporters their “major political task” was to “make certain that Donald Trump is defeated and defeated badly.” It turns out that was the message that landed.

In the most recent poll from ABC News and the Washington Post, Clinton leads Trump 51 percent to 39 percent, expanding her previous lead by 5 points, as Trump has seen a complete collapse in his support. And what’s driving the move toward Clinton? Democrats and independents who supported Bernie Sanders. In May, 20 percent of Sanders supporters said they would back Trump over Clinton in the general election. In June, that number is down to 8 percent. Overall, 81 percent of Sanders backers have rallied to Clinton, surpassing the 74 percent of Clinton supporters in 2008 who fell in behind Barack Obama. By any measure, the Democratic Party is unified.


Shark population off Huntington Beach increases dramatically

“I’ve seen more white sharks this year than I have in the previous 30,” said Lt. Claude Panis of the Huntington Beach Fire Department’s Marine Safety Division.

Prior to 2015, authorities never had to keep the public out of the waters off Huntington Beach because of shark activity. Since then, however, there have been three closures, including one earlier this month after several large sharks were seen in the water about 150 yards off of the coast.
A woman swimming off Newport Beach was bitten by a shark on Memorial Day and survived. While it’s unclear what species bit the woman, Lowe said it was most likely an adult great white over 10 feet long, based on the severity and size of the swimmer’s wounds.


California Election Results - June 7, 2016

(D) 100% precincts reporting
Hillary Clinton  55.8%
Bernie Sanders 43.2%

Full California local and statewide results here:

Kos: Best Hillary vs. Sanders video of the year


This is pretty funny. And hits really close to home. This is basically me and my husband, minus the birdseed.

My Pictures from Hillary's Joyful Westminster CA Rally Yesterday!

I have never attended a political really before. I have been involved politically for decades, attending tons of protests and been an abortion clinic escort, but this is the first time I have gone to a rally just to hear a politician speak. I live in Southern California, national politicians rarely come to a blue state whose voting outcome is usually no mystery, and since I live in red Orange County, if they do come, it is Republicans to fund-raise. But then I heard about Hillary coming to Westminster, CA. It had been announced on short notice Thursday night as an added stop via text message to supporters in the area. I live only 10 minutes away so I decided to skip out of work early and go.

In the parking lot I saw this colorful Hillary supporter with her Hillarymobile:

Everyone was buzzing about her game-changing foreign policy speech the day before that eviscerated Trump. People had lined up for hours in the hot sun, waiting patiently single file. When I got there the line was winding way down the street and as it grew, people feared they'd never get in because it was a small venue, the Westminster Rose Center. Once they opened the doors, it took about an hour to get in because of having to go through bag search and metal detectors. I was happy I finally got in and was enjoying the air conditioning, even though it was standing room only. The crowd was very diverse. This venue was in an area called Little Saigon, with a large Vietnamese-American population.

Before Hillary started to speak, we were entertained by an amazing traditional Vietnamese drum quartet from a local high school, and several celebrities spoke, including gold medal figure skater Michelle Kwan. Sorry about the picture quality, but it was hard to hold my phone steady in all the excitement and moving crowds.

It was surreal seeing Hillary in person. I have never seen Hillary so relaxed and energized. They took away the podium the other speakers had been using so that she had room to move around the stage; all she had was a wireless microphone, no teleprompter or notes. At one point her mic went out and she joked that "I know I shouldn't shout..." (hearkening back when Bernie suggested she was shouting when talking about gun control!) Her Trump U comments ("he is gonna Trump U!") brought a roar of laughter. The crowd was incredibly enthusiastic and repeatedly cheered and clapped. After she finished her speech (she spoke for about 30 minutes) she went down into the audience and shook hands and took selfies for people as the crowd surged forward to all try to get near her. She took a lot of time to do this and looked like she was really enjoying herself. The people loved it, but the Secret Service agents clearly were not happy with this part, as you can see from the pictures. Even though I was about three rows of people back, I reached my hand through their heads (I'm pretty tall with long arms) and shouted her name. Hillary heard me and reached through the heads, smiled at me and shook my hand! So cool!!

Thank you BootinUp for finding the full video of the rally! http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1107&pid=154313 (Hillary does her hilarious Trump U bit at about 19:30)

Clinton: ‘It Took A Reporter To Shame’ Trump Into Coughing Up Donation To Vets

Hillary Clinton dismissed her Republican opponent’s “stunt” to raise money for veterans in a Tuesday CNN interview, saying it proves “the difference between what Donald Trump says and what Donald Trump does.”

“He's bragged for months about raising $6 million for veterans and donating a million dollars himself,” Clinton told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “But it took a reporter to shame him into actually making his contribution and getting the money to veterans. So look, I'm glad he finally did but I don't know that he should get much credit for that.”

Trump skipped out on a January GOP debate in order to raise money for veterans’ charities but never announced how much the fundraiser took in or where the funds were going until The Washington Post published a story questioning his claims last week. The Associated Press reported that about half of the 41 organizations to which Trump’s campaign donated received checks in the past week, typically dated May 24, the day the Post’s story was published.


The strange saga of the Sanders-Trump debate that was, then wasn't

With everyone trying to move on to the Big Show in November, the Bernie Sanders campaign is desperate for any gimmick that will earn them attention. And if they get free airtime out of it, so much the better! (And it’s working, look, I’m writing about it!)

So Bernie über-supporter Cenk Uygur was the first to suggest the gimmick to end all gimmicks. ... Jill Stein wanted in! Because if this horror show was going to happen, every fringe candidate needed to be in on it. 

But alas, Sanders fell into the trap everyone falls into (and I mean everyone) when they assume that Trump means anything he says. Remember, the stuff out of his mouth are just “suggestions.” So when he said “I’ve been saying that should happen,” he actually didn’t mean that he’d been saying that it should happen. He was merely suggesting that he’d been saying that. Because today, Sanders’ hopes and dreams were dashed. 

But given that his entire campaign at this point is “get the superdelegates to undemocratically nullify the will of the Democratic primary electorate, because fuck democracy,” let’s take stock of how many superdelegates were impressed by this stunt:



CNN: In Trump attacks, Clinton finds her voice

As she has trudged toward the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton has struggled to find a message that could impassion her Democratic voters the way her rival Bernie Sanders has.

But that changed this week in California when she turned her full attention to Donald Trump. With the brash real estate magnate as her full-time foil, Clinton finally seemed to find her voice.
In speech after speech across the Golden State, Clinton delivered a fiery, point-by-point takedown of the real estate magnate, casting him as a greedy bully who was eager to profit from the financial woes of the middle class Americans who lost homes and jobs in the 2008 economic crash.
Why on earth would we elect somebody president who actually rooted for the collapse of the market?" she said with indignation in Riverside as the crowd roared their approval and chanted her name. "The fact is Donald Trump thought he could make money off of people's misery."


Go Hillary!!

Great Piece in the Sacramento Bee About Sanders' Playing the Victim

Bernie Sanders is No Victim of a ‘Rigged’ System

Bernie Sanders was supposed to be above the usual pettiness of politics. So much for that.

In the past few of weeks, Sanders has gone from someone seemingly capable of walking on water to someone diving headfirst into the political muck. His campaign has engaged in one ego-stroking, victim-baiting, politically calculated act after another – none of which serve the greater good of uniting the Democratic Party long enough to defeat Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump.
There’s a real danger in Sanders casting himself, his campaign and, by extension, his legion of mostly white supporters as victims.

People who falsely believe they are victims get caught up in their victimhood. They lose track of who the real victims are and often end up fighting for themselves instead. Politics at its finest.
Anyone who is really a victim of a rigged system – black people who get chewed up and spit out by the criminal justice system, women still fighting for equal pay – wouldn’t dare threaten to stay home in November if Clinton gets the nomination. They wouldn’t dare let Trump take the presidency.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/erika-d-smith/article79432037.html#storylink=cpy

Sure looks to me like California is not feeling the Bern.

In CA swing, Bill Clinton tells voters to ‘just relax’ about Hillary’s chances

A Brown spokesman said the governor and Clinton discussed foreign and domestic politics, including the presidential campaign. They met in the same room at the governor’s mansion in Sacramento where John F. Kennedy and Brown’s father, then-Gov. Edmund G. “Pat” Brown, met ahead of the 1960 election, Brown’s office said.

Clinton’s remarks Monday, without citing polling worrisome to many Democrats, served to counter Sanders’ argument that he is the better candidate to oppose Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. Clinton said his wife has faced opposition from Republicans for years and that her campaign will “get a new shot when the general election starts.”

“Just relax,” Clinton told about 800 supporters at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in Stockton. “In the end, the American people are fundamentally fair-minded.”

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article79418852.html#storylink=cpy
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