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Samantha Bee on the Flint Democratic Debate

Axelrod backtracks on Hillary criticism, says she was on "right side of history" on TARP vote.

Enraging as was the greed and connivery on Wall Street, the collapse of the financial system almost certainly would have ushered in a second Great Depression. Had GM and Chrysler not received support from TARP when they did, they likely would have folded before the Obama administration ever had a chance to meaningfully intervene.

Presidents are often faced with galling, imperfect choices, particularly in these times of deep polarization and divided government.

Hillary was on the right side of history with her vote, even if she crossed the line in her retelling of it. Bernie was wronged in the debate, but his vote raises questions about how a political "revolutionary" would deal with the realities of governing.

I should have made this point, as well.

The character of some arguments simply can't be captured in 140 characters.


Samantha Bee Rips Bernie's Interrupting & Hand Waving!

The whole video is gut busting funny, but she addresses Bernie's interrupting and his finger starting at the 2:00 mark:

And of course, there's this classic bit she put together making fun of his hand waving:

NYT: Who Won the Debate? Hillary Clinton Is Given the Edge

Commentators and pundits shared the opinion that there were no campaign-altering moments, though Mr. Sanders, who was on the attack throughout, occasionally seemed to lose his cool and stumbled a bit when discussing race. Mrs. Clinton managed to stay on her game and stirred excitement by taking some shots at Donald J. Trump. In the end, Democrats were most satisfied that their candidates mustered more decorum than the Republicans.

“I think Hillary Clinton got the better of it tonight. Counterpunched better in key moments. Sanders better on God, fracking and closing statements.” — Dante Atkins, contributing editor to the liberal website Daily Kos

“Clinton came prepared to the CNN debate and more than held her own, preventing Sanders from the clear victory he needs to change the trajectory of the race ahead of Michigan’s primary on Tuesday.” — Alex Seitz-Wald, MSNBC political reporter


In Michigan, Clinton lays out plan to boost American jobs

DETROIT - During a wide-ranging speech on the future of job creation here Friday, Hillary Clinton proposed rescinding federal tax breaks given to American companies who ship jobs abroad.
If you aren't going to invest in us, why should taxpayers invest in you?" Clinton said.

The "clawback" is the third piece of tax reform that Clinton has proposed during her campaign with the goal of repatriating jobs that have shifted overseas. She has also proposed the creation of an exit tax for companies that relocate their headquartersoutside the United States, through what's known as an "inversion," in order to lower their tax burden.

Clinton has put raising American incomes at the center of her campaign.



While the other candidates are busy slinging mud, Hillary is offering intelligent plans to help Americans live better lives.

Krugman: Not long ago, Rubio would have been considered a fringe crank.

<snip>You probably know that Mr. Rubio is proposing big tax cuts, and may know that among other things he proposes completely eliminating taxes on investment income — which would mean, for example, that Mitt Romney would end up owing precisely zero in federal taxes.

What you may not know is that Mr. Rubio’s tax cuts would be almost twice as big as George W. Bush’s as a percentage of gross domestic product — despite the fact that federal debt is much higher than it was 15 years ago, and Republicans have spent the Obama years warning incessantly that budget deficits will destroy America, any day now.
Then there’s Mr. Rubio’s call for a balanced-budget amendment, which, aside from making no sense at the same time he is calling for budget-busting tax cuts, would have been catastrophic during the Great Recession.
So don’t let anyone tell you that the Republican primary is a fight between a crazy guy and someone reasonable. It’s idiosyncratic, self-invented crankery versus establishment-approved crankery, and it’s not at all clear which is worse.


And that's in addition to his crazy "no exceptions" forced birth stance and clueless "no negotiations" foreign policy stance.

Why Sexism at the Office Makes Women Love Hillary Clinton

<snip>That experience starts to change a few more years into the work force. By 35, those same college-educated women are making 15 percent less than their male peers. Women’s earnings peak between ages 35 and 44 and then plateau, while men’s continue to rise.<snip>

“You realize how many women are left standing as you age, and what happens to your brilliant and talented friends and colleagues from your 20s and 30s,” said Heather Boushey, the executive director and chief economist for the Washington Center for Equitable Growth, who has provided advice to the Clinton campaign. “These are tough lessons, and ones that you may not think are as pressing until you actually see them happen to your own friends and cohorts.”<snip>

Many more women over 25 are in the work force than those under, and women over 25 also do about twice as much unpaid domestic work as their younger counterparts.

For the many women who live at the center of that time crush, Mrs. Clinton’s emphasis on the wage gap, paid family leave and universal prekindergarten may be particularly appealing. Mr. Sanders, who also supports paid leave and universal pre-K, takes a different rhetorical tone, usually stressing affordable higher education and universal health care. <snip>


Older women know. They've been through it. Once you've had kids and tried to hold down a job, you realize it really still is a man's world out there. That's why those women favor Hillary. They know Sanders "free college for all," even if it has a chance of passing (which it doesn't), is not going to fix sexism, it will not improve their lives. Only a dedicated feminist champion like Hillary will draw attention to the problem and do something about it.

Hillary Clinton is the president we need: Nicholas Burns

Sanders, in many ways, is everything Trump is not — a man of decency, intelligence and purpose. In his long career in public service in Vermont and the Congress, however, he has demonstrated little interest in global politics, and it shows in the debates. His foreign-policy focus seems cast backwards almost exclusively on the Iraq War. But he has not developed a coherent strategy for what we should do about Iraq in 2016. When he has made specific policy suggestions, they tend to betray a lack of sophisticated insight about the countries and leaders the president has to deal with. One telling example was his recent suggestion that the way to defeat the Islamic State terror group is for Iran and Saudi Arabia, implacable foes, to join other Muslim nations in a military coalition.

Sanders’ most serious deficiency, however, could be in his capacity to lead as commander in chief in a dangerous 21st century world. It is difficult to imagine he'd have the confidence of our military, or understand how to use America’s Foreign Service effectively during a crisis. I fear electing him would be a risky roll of the dice on the most basic responsibility for any president, keeping the country safe in a hostile world.
Of the remaining candidates, Republicans Jeb Bush and John Kasich have both run large state governments, have been active in national politics and have, by experience and interest, a good grasp of America’s place in the world.

But neither has the specific and deeply rooted experience Clinton earned as secretary of State, senator from New York and first lady in her extraordinary, indeed unique, service to our country. That is one of the many reasons I am supporting her and advising her campaign. She has broad and in-depth knowledge of global politics and economics, and has advocated for a strong national defense. Based on her time as a highly effective secretary of State, she is deeply respected by other world leaders for her intelligence and drive, and her reliability and integrity. These are vital qualities for a successful American president.  She also has both the temperament to build coalitions with our friends and allies, and the toughness to deal firmly with our adversaries. In my view, she is by far the best prepared of all the candidates to lead our country at this difficult and dangerous time overseas.


Hillary Had My Back

Hillary Had My Back
By Joseph C. Wilson
The administration promised that it would seek explicit UN support prior to any military action. Meanwhile, every top official, including Secretary of State Colin Powell, assured senators that Saddam did indeed have WMD. It was in that context that the congressional vote for the Authorization for the Use of Military Force took place. Hillary has acknowledged in retrospect that her vote was an error. I agree. The error, however, was to believe an administration that has since been exposed as having serially lied to Congress, the American people and the world at the United Nations. We should never forget the extent to which the Bush administration betrayed our trust. The rest of the world doesn't.

During the U.S. occupation of Iraq, Hillary emerged as one of the administration's toughest critics. She traveled frequently to Iraq to observe the facts on the ground for herself and to speak directly to military commanders and U.S. officials. And she used her position as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee to harshly question the disastrous Bush policy. She never flinched in her criticism. Not to acknowledge the full story of Hillary's record is to distort it.

Valerie's and my support for Hillary is owed as much to her character as to the issues. When I challenged the Bush administration on the truth of its case for war in a New York Times opinion piece in 2003, its reaction was to betray Valerie's identity as a covert CIA officer. The subsequent vicious attack on us by Republican partisans, designed to shift the focus from their crime was withering and unrelenting. Hillary repeatedly reached out to us with counsel and empathy as we navigated the shark infested waters. Speaking from her own personal experience, she reminded us of the importance of the good fight, however difficult it might be. Those who were attacking us, like those who had attacked her over the years, wanted to destroy people doing the right thing in order to discourage others from venturing into the public square. If they can't win on the facts, they invent smears to attack the characters of their critics. With Hillary's moral support, we stood up to the bullies. We could not give them that victory. She was right and we were vindicated.


Chris Hayes apologizes for editing Bill Clinton clip to make it sound like he was attacking Obama.

I just saw Chris Hayes apologize on his show tonight, saying "we shouldn’t have done that" in editing a Bill Clinton clip. Mediate ripped Hayes over the edited clip, which aired Friday night:

Busted: MSNBC Butchers Bill Clinton Mid-Quote to Make Him ‘Slam’ Obama

by Tommy Christopher | 3:27 pm, February 13th, 2016

Hayes: If that’s Clinton’s winning strategy, she might want to make sure her husband is in the loop. Bill seemed to go a bit off-message last night in Tennessee while campaigning for his wife.

Clinton: She’s always making something good happen. She’s the best change maker I’ve ever known. A lot of people say, you don’t understand. It’s different now. It’s rigged. Yeah, it’s rigged because you don’t have a president who is a change maker.(clip stops)

Hayes: (knowing glance)
The “slam,” in case you missed it, is that by extension, President Clinton must be saying that Barack Obama is not a change-maker. He must be. Mustn’t he be? I mean, it can’t be that MSNBC cut him off in mid-sentence right before he was about to get the crowd to deliver a huge ovation for President Obama, could it? Not in mid sentence!

(Full Clinton statement:

She’s always making something good happen. She’s the best change maker I’ve ever known. A lot of people say, you don’t understand. It’s different now. It’s rigged. Yeah, it’s rigged because you don’t have a president who is a change maker with a Congress who will work with him. But the president has done a better job than he has gotten credit for. And don’t you forget it!

(Applause so huge Bill has to wait for it to die down, then continue talking because it won’t)

Don’t you forget it! Don’t you forget it! I’ve been there, and we shared the same feeling. We only had a Democratic Congress for two years. And then we lost it. And yet some of the loudest voices in my party said, it’s unbelievable, said “Well the only reason we had it for two years is that President Obama isn’t liberal enough!”

Is there one soul in this crowd that believes that?


The bold text is what Hayes cut off, completely changing the meaning of the sentence. Unfuckingbelievable. Nice to see Hayes apologize, but what a hack job. And there are still folks who insist MSNBC is in the tank for Hillary!
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