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Member since: Wed Feb 23, 2011, 04:11 PM
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2014 and 2016 may be the last real elections the U.S. ever has.

As I have watched Republicans (and the media) as our demographic future becomes more and more clear and the Republican reaction has become more and more entrenched in hate and more obvious in its racism, I have considered what we might expect in elections in years to come.

Sorry to say, but I believe when they can no longer win elections, they'll fall back on cheating and manipulating the system however they can to make themselves the winners. The voting machines have never been upgraded so they can't be manipulated for a reason - they may be needed to steal elections on a widespread or a selective basis. What we've seen on voting rights could be worse - look for them to break out the "electoral" changes if that seems necessary - or returning the citizen's vote to a congressman.

They will cheat. They will lie. And if they get any more of them on the Supreme Court we can hang it up. As much damage as they have done already, in fact, I don't even know that they need any more.

Don't you wonder how the pricing on Supreme Court Justices runs?

Bound to be pretty pricey, but I'm sure the Koch Brothers can afford it. And since it's Bush/oil country in the State of Texas, there's plenty more oil boys kicking in for the desired decision. The Republican Supremes probably secured their lifetimes financially with the Citizens United case, but of course they have to boost their assets for all the little grandbaby supremes, too, if they choose to.

They really should be seeing to that, since they are leaving such a hateful historical legacy. Ever wonder how this crop of Republicans will justify their undemocratic, discriminating asses to the next generation? Talk about rewriting history. I sure hope the historians nail Roberts with the truth.

The Sheriff of Wall Street is my pick, too!

But as noted, Democrats have dumped him for life. I've never understood why redemption is only for republicans. How many bankers could Eliot have put away by now?!

NEOCONS = PNAC (..... a rose by any other name ..... )

Will we let the government and the media continue this farce? It's driving me crazy that so many are running around wringing their hands like this is a brand new threat or this is the cold war warmed up for old reasons. The same people that brought us Iraq are bringing us this dangerous drama. And they only had to deviate slightly from their old map on their road to empire.

These are the same SOBs who navigated us into Iraq, the deaths of over 4000 servicemen and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. Re-read their defining document “Rebuilding America's Defenses,” written in September of 2000, a full year before the 9/11 attacks, they acknowledged:
“Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor. ...” They named their targets and they have not changed, except that Iraq has already been conquered and ruined.

We have all watched these scumbags parade and pretend to be experts: Wolfowitz, Kristol, Kagan, Cheney, Bolton - the list goes on and on. They grin and preen and roll in their bloody defense money. If there was any justice, they would all be in prison. Instead the little self-congratulatory shits pontificate and pursue their original evil intents. Their original list included Syria, Iran, Turkey, and North Korea and part of their strategy was fighting multiple wars simultaneously. The premise actually dates back to 1992, when "the Wolfowitz Doctrine" was produced for Dick Cheney as Sec. of Defense. That's how old these dreams are.

And now they are doing the same thing with the Ukraine - stirring up fear - goading - leading US citizens to believe military intervention is necessary for the safety of the U.S.

"Though I’m told the Ukraine crisis caught Obama and Putin by surprise, the neocon determination to drive a wedge between the two leaders has been apparent for months, especially after Putin brokered a deal to head off U.S. military strikes against Syria last summer and helped get Iran to negotiate concessions on its nuclear program, both moves upsetting the neocons who had favored heightened confrontations."

Obama knows what he was trying to accomplish by getting an agreement with Putin to help ease us into a peaceful existence with Iran rather than the war the Neocons want. I'd feel better about it if I had any confidence that Kerry was not aiding the neocons. He did vote to go to war in Iraq, and I don't see him supporting Obama here like he should.

Posted by summerschild | Mon Mar 3, 2014, 01:19 PM (0 replies)

If Howard Dean had been in Sebelius's chair I

think the ACA roll out would have worked, or at least been much smoother. And he would have been out front scoring points for the Democrats passing the legislation. Nobody in Obama's cabinet has stepped out to support his agenda since day 1! In the meantime, the GOP grifters are on every Sunday political show, etc... blasting him and everything he tries to do.

I've read that Wall Street and the usual players like the Chamber of Commerce don't have control

of the monster now. Instead, it's Heritage, Jim DeMint the front runner, Koch Brothers, etc, and those types of money bags. That makes it much scarier to me, because they have all the money in the world and they don't even have to be rational about what they do to the country. Look what Adelson was prepared to spend to own his players in the last election. This is a crowd of evil f....rs.

It's mind boggling to think a whole nation full of working schmucks can sit here with everything they have at risk again because of this selfish hate mongering crowd is willing to push us all off the cliff because they hate the black guy. It makes you wonder if they are all wealthy. My story's no worse than any others and better off than many, I'm sure - but I retired after working 43 years - not a big amount of anything, widowed, and straining to try to get my granddaughter through college (daughter is disabled). I'm seventy now and don't have the time, money or strength to start over.

I heard somebody say how many times do the Republicans have to threaten to burn the house down before we know they really ARE arsonists?? I really get upset, then just incredibly blue.

Same crowd that brought us Iraq and Afghanistan. Truth be known, probably 9/11 as well.

PNAC never quit and they never will.

I am so sick of McCain/Graham, Kristol and group. Don't ever turn your back on them because they will never quit trying.

I trust Netanyahu and the Israelis as far as I can throw them.

In Thomas' view that means the state can only consider race "to provide a bulwark against anarchy,

or to prevent violence".

What the hell does that mean?

I guess Martin Luther King's peaceful protests would have had to be bloody riots.

I have no words for this despicable man.

Why don't we save the taxpayers some money?

Put those "Nay" f**kers on the street and set an NRA lobbyist in their chair. Cut out all this middle-man crap.

A spreadsheet error - Really????

FROM Salon article:
The problem is that debt moralists used the study to justify a political belief, and they will not shed that belief now that the study has been shown to be flawed. The idea that debt is just innately bad, and indicative of a sort of national deficiency of character, will persist. It’s not based on data, it’s based on facile analogies to kitchen table checkbook balancing and “common sense” about how it is always necessary to “live within your means.” We already have plenty of evidence that austerity doesn’t boost economies, and no one cares. No one will care about this.”

I looked up Reinhart and Rogoff. Both were appointed to the IMF during Bush’s first term.

Rogoff gained attention in 2002 when he wrote an open letter to Joseph Stiglitz after Stiglitz criticized the IMF in his book, Globalization and Its Discontents. After reading Rogoff’s open letter to Stiglitz, I seriously doubt the “arithmetic” in the Reinhart/Rogoff report was a simple mistake. Take a minute to read the letter, remembering it was written in 2002. They were just insuring the report said what they wanted it to say - - - and it's been inflicted on the world.

Rogoff’s letter: http://www.imf.org/external/np/vc/2002/070202.htm
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