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Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Feb 19, 2011, 11:17 PM
Number of posts: 32,580

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Things Continue To Get Worse For George Zimmerman


In the interview with Ilia Calderón, Zimmerman reported that he owes his lawyers nearly two million dollars, fears for his life, and can't live a normal life anymore. Here's the full transcript, in Spanish, of the interview. Zimmerman also criticizes Obama, claims a clear conscience, and reveals he wears a bullet-proof vest.
Recently, Zimmerman was also in the news after he was wounded in a shooting-incident while he was driving.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving idiot.

On Tuesday

I have to vote for differing proposals for my area.

I must admit, I am confused.

Local politics are weird. I read the fiscal report and couldn't make heads or tails of it.

I'm pretty sure that I'm one of the only people in my area that even knew a fiscal report existed.

All politics are local, but damn, wading through the expenditures vs. revenue makes my eyeballs want to fall out.

Hillarious video of cat inside vs bobcat outside

Is "SuperPac" a dirty word?

Should it be?

When I hear of "SuperPACs" my immediate thought is billionaires buying candidates.

Your thoughts?

Infrastructure: We know it is decaying

How do we apportion funds and guarantee that they are to the maximum going directly to rebuilding?

We have a two-fold problem. We have those that don't want to fund anything that benefits the general public, then we have to contend with those that are crooks and do not deliver and never intended to do so.

How can we solve this problem going forward?

Tell me I need to finish it.

That video inspired this:


I had to come in here for some sanity

My GOD, GD and GD-P have gotten ridiculous.

I signed up to volunteer on Bernie's campaign, btw.

I love Martin O'Malley, too, but I just think that Bernie has a stronger message.

I think I need to take a shower in Pinesol, though, after stepping foot in GD-P.

Ugliness taken to a high art form.

Let's have a candid conversation about guns.

There are some serious measures we can take to drag gun culture out of the assholery that pervades it, and the assholery that kills people "accidentally".

You have a handgun. Do you:

A: Carry it into your purse in the grocery store and your 2 year old son kills you.

B: Carry it to a wedding, along with family and friends until they are are running for their lives

C: Now are wary of going into movie theaters

D: Church isn't safe places of worship

How about we leave handguns restricted and if we want home protection and the ability to hunt we leave it to long guns?

I've been thinking about our "criminal justice" system

and our media, and how they allow black lives that matter to become essentially vulgarized after their deaths, unarmed, and by cops that get by with a vacation with pay.

I had a horrible thought as a white woman - bear with me - what if police officers start doing that to white people to justify it not being racism?

That right there cites my privilege.

For one moment I was scared that white people might get treated like black people for political (which look up the definition, terrorism reasons.

Intimidation, unlawful abduction, everything else.

I admit I'm kind of sad that my first thought was "Well we have to put a stop to this shit right now, otherwise it will happen to us, too."

And then I facepalmed.

Looking at trees, missed forest.

US is ALL of US.

Gender Identity

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