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Name: Aerows
Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Feb 19, 2011, 11:17 PM
Number of posts: 36,618

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Anybody that touts their agreement with Kissinger

isn't going to vote Democratic anyway, so if Hillary doesn't see that as shooting herself in the foot ... I'll just stand over here and wait for her to ask for a ride to the hospital. I'll drive, I'm magnanimous like that.

Chrisie and Fiorina suspend campaigns.


Johnny Depp as Donald Trump



I believe that the majority of DUers are

reasonable and civil.

You don't click on GD-P and become a stark raving lunatic unless you were one before you clicked on it.

We *DO* need to be more kind to each other.

That is something that I think we need to remind each other of - we aren't enemies just because we have a difference of opinion on candidates. I trust that most DUers are decent people that have strong opinions, and would give you the shirt off of their back if necessary.

This is a fine community of people.

Can we please start respecting each other as members of this little corner of the internet, and be grateful that we have fun and intelligent folks that have goals and dreams that are similar to our own?

If we all agreed on a candidate, this place would be boring as hell. That does not mean we can't be more respectful of each other.

The Daily Show

I'm striving to like Trevor Noah, but John Oliver was much better and no one holds a candle to Jon Stewart.

Noah is failing the Daily Show, and I have to speak up. When we lost Jon Stewart when he retired, we lost a valuable, credible and necessary voice in American politics.

It's so damn sad to see the Daily Show collapse like this, and a moment when we needed it the most.

What in the name of God is Cruz raving about?

He's been booed and laughed at already!

Good grief, Marco Rubio is a blithering idiot.

He repeats the same smears against President Obama, and Cruz is a smarmy jackass.

I know this isn't exactly news, I just needed to vent.

This is incredibly late to announce this - Register in MS today to vote in the Primary

I fell down on the job, guys, but if you are in MS, get thee to the town hall and register if you are not registered.

Cut off is TODAY.

If you are in Gulf Coast MS, be aware of Mardi Gras parade schedules - you might want to go to a more northern office.

I locked the thread by OS

due to the fact that it was a complaint that we were upset about providing material and financial support to a person that was convicted on child pornography charges.

Anyone in the hosts or group here is welcome to discuss whether it should have been locked, and I'll take my lumps if you disagree with the lock.


Legal/LEO experts, what charges will the Bundy Bunch face?

They were arrested on conspiracy to intimidate LEOs, or something of that nature.

What kind of sentences can they expect along with additional charges, and punitive fees?
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