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Member since: Thu Feb 17, 2011, 12:43 PM
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Three way tie in the race to destroy civilization...

"The Glenn Beck Program is the nation's third highest-rated radio show, behind The Rush Limbaugh Show and The Sean Hannity Show."

ugh. Where's Col. Kurtz when you need him?

This happened in Austin as well,

for the city council/mayoral race they had moved the polling location (without any kind of prior written warning) and provided the INCORRECT ADDRESS and Location Name on the flier for the new location (but the Google map was correct). I had voted early, so I didn't run into this problem. My wife knew that the new address was incorrect and called the elections board (or precinct commissioner?) to complain.

When I voted (early again) in the Democratic Primary, I suddenly realized that our District had indeed changed and Lloyd Doggett was no longer a possible choice to be my Representative. I'm suddenly in Lamar Smith's district. I'm furious.

The redistricting maps have been have been changed multiple times, which is part of the reason that our Primaries were delayed. Trying to find the accurate map online was a challenge, and I kind of know where to look, and have been paying attention to this issue. Most people won't even notice, and by the time they do, there is nothing to be done.

the fix is in.

As most in this thread have deduced, I'm fairly positive that ALEC is quickly renaming itself and calculating methods of improved secrecy.

More war on Women (KLBJ News Radio, Austin)

Hi Everybody, I was driving around today and switched over to KLBJ 590 while the TODD & DON show was in progress. They were in the process of riffing on Team Obama's "Julia" story, and in no uncertain terms said that single mothers and women who have sex out of wedlock are WHORES and HOOKERS. Please help me spread this info, and let's launch a BOYCOTT against any advertisers. This station is incredibly offensive, completely one-sided, and they still carry Limbaugh as well.


KLBJ News Radio AM 590
KLBJ News Radio FM 99.7


Thanks for the clarification.

I know the importance of losing your idols. It is necessary to discover your own voice.

"I'm not like the others."

I'm not sure I understand

your comment or the writer's assertion. You have to be a raging asshole to appreciate Thompson's writing? Being judgmental is not being nasty? Am I "gonzo folk" if I have a Thompson avatar?

I'm pretty sure "due process" has been erradicated

in the most recent rounds of Patriot Act expansion/reinforcement. Anyone can be permanently eliminated without trial if they are believed to be a threat to "National Security", or if they are an "enemy combatant", domestic or foreign. It's our double-standard law structure selectively hard at work.

I had a nightmare the other night

that I was living with my family inside a concentration camp. Then I woke up and realized that it was true. It's well disguised for many of us, and if you have your TV on, it is easier to be oblivious, but we're all in a giant prison, throttled and controlled economically.

I recently went to BB

to purchase a BluRay/DVD set, because they had the best retail price. At check out, they offered a "replacement program" for the disc for $2 in case the disc got scratched. I'm pretty sure that I laughed out loud. They have been working overtime to alienate their customer base over the years, reducing inventory of cds/dvds, over-complicating their "rewards", lack of knowledge from the employees, etc.

YOU can take control of that.

I did, and now I hardly receive any. Look closely at the mailers and contact those responsible for mailing it out. Tell them to remove your address from their system, even if it is addressed to "Resident". Credit card offers (which I used to receive daily) can also be stopped, look closely at the details of one of the offers for instructions. It's not the fault of the Post Office, they only deliver what is being sent.
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