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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 03:42 AM
Number of posts: 2,120

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Okay...My wife was offered the job today.

She honestly thought she didn't get it but the staffing company did call today and said the company wanted to offer her the job.

Now she did accept it. She thought it was a perament job but it is a 5-9 month placement.
At least she will get experience and maybe if she does a good enough job they might ask her to stay. She is just grateful to get out of the health care industry right now.

My wife want to thank you all for your support, encouragement and good vibes.

My wife is Pissed: Poor Nina Pham is trapped in a hospital and CNN is talking about destroying her


"What the hell kind of fucked up society have we become where our fuckin' media can't have compassion enough for a sick woman NOT to talk about if her pet should be destroyed." --my wife.

The argument is probably happening behind some close doors Why does it need to be a public one?

Looks like my wife didn't get the job. She never heard back after the phone interview

and the guy was making his choice within an hour of speaking to my wife.

However it seems like a game of telephone...Regional office calls corporate...Corporate office calls staffing company corporate office who calls regional office... She might hear something Monday but she is going on the idea she didn't get it.

HOWEVER She was shocked to hear from the at&t call center in West Virginia. past their pre-employment test but they had hired everyone they needed. She got a text message and e-mail requesting she re-apply for the customer service specialist again.

The place is about 30 mins away from Washington PA and would start her at $13.00/hr. + benefits.

UPDATE:Company has requested a phone interview with my wife today at 1:30 EST HELP

She has never done a phone interview. Any suggestions or pointers?

She also wants to thank you all for the support and encouragement you have shown her.

UPDATE-- My Wife's Job Testing.... No news and my wife is going insane.

Okay. I encouraged my wife to quit the job she was at because of two factors

1- She was being overworked and they didn't seem to care about putting her in a situation that she could have been harm.

2- She heard--which she wasn't meant to know... That the company --not willing to fire her would NEVER give her a positive reference or recommendation to anyone.

We are incredibly lucky that we where able to buy our house out right. We have no mortgage and no loans for cars or anything. IT would be tight... no extra spending. But I can pay all our utilities, buy groceries and even pay for cable for my mom ( my wife gave it as a gift to my mom) and keep our head above water.

My wife does want to work the one draw back here seems to be that almost every place is going through a staffing company of some sort.

So my wife called the one staffing company... THEY HAVE NOT heard anything from the company she tested for.

The person giving the test said the third party coming sends her the results back within 2 hours. So my wife waited all day yesterday. last night she could not sleep. today she has an upset stomach she is nervous. I think she is giving herself heart burn.

I think part of the reason is that my wife subconsciously can't get over the fact we are in such a good spot. Her family has always struggled with her mom being a single parent with little help from her dad. Plus during our 12 years of marriage we have had some bad financial spots... both of us working and still not able to make ends meet.

So now she is stressing out wondering how she could be the only one to show up for the test and she could be denied a job not because she didn't interview well or because she did bad on a relevant skills test but because a "personality test..."

Any suggestion on helping my wife? No she does not drink tea so chamomile is out of the question.

Well my wife is back from her testing... IT only took an hour. SHE was the only testee to show up

The test was about customer service when the job she is basically testing for in primarily data entry.

My wife like to think she did good BUT the test questions where in her mind mostly subjective. I mean some where right or wrong.

But then again it was a scale Strong Disagree to Strong agree.

She is hoping to get this job. She like to think she will be asked to stay on pass the temp assignment and eventually move up.

My wife has a job interview...well she is going for 2 hour testing. the job is a DATA ENTRY/

RECEPTIONIST for a construction company and she is concern nervous.

any words of advise or suggestion on how to find some good practice test online.

Test is tomorrow.

should she take are resume just in case?

She is working with a staffing company trying to find a better position.

BTW after she and my cousin worked with a certain group home/company MY wife wants nothing more to do Home Care field or working with physically challenged individuals and it isn't so much a client's action IT was in fact the head office.

An oldie but it needs to be heard every few months...

Maybe we should send this to EVERY police department... Or would that be viewed as a terrorist act/assult on a cop?

Cat Owers (or Cat subjects) Does your overlord/mistress play with your cell phone or lays on it?

Of our 2 remaining cats one will bat at the cell phone while the other seems to lay on top of it.

A question about Thomas Duncan and his care. I don't mean to cause trouble but this question has

been on my mind.

If Mr. Duncan had been white and gone to the hospital that first day telling hospital staff he had been expose to ebola would the ball had been dropped?

Is it that I am seeing so many other racists or race driven events from the Martin/Zimmerman to Ferguson to that poor guy in South Carolina who got shot for basically minding his own business... ( I still don't understand why that cop even stop when he was parked in a gas station getting out of his park car.)

So am I seeing something not there or is it time to ask the question?
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