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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 03:42 AM
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So how many of us would get fired if we just blew off 7 weeks of work and expected to get paid?

MSNBC said congress just recessed early.

Anybody know what happened when McD, Burger King and others sent Franchise owners to congress to beg

them to "crush" the min wage increase movement?

Business for $10.10


When you’re hungry, there are many stickers in restaurant windows that may help guide your decision over where to eat: a Zagat rating, a “People love us on Yelp” decal, or even a “1% for the planet” decal. Now you can add another sticker to guide you: one showing that the business supports a higher federal minimum wage.

Business For a Fair Minimum Wage, a coalition of businesses and business groups that support raising the wage to $10.10 an hour, has launched new decals that members can put up in their windows. The stickers proclaim, “This business supports $10.10 federal minimum wage” with the words “Good for business, customers and our economy.” Owners can also order poster-sized signs with a more in-depth message.


My wife and I will be looking for this sticker.

Radical Jonathan Swift idea to the Min Wage....

My friend and I where talking about the min wage issue and well my friend said. Let them win.

I was understandably shocked and angry someone would say that but I heard my friend out:

He said part of the new Deal reforms came into being because of the Great Depression and how bad things had gotten.

So if our country's collective memory as a whole has forgotten why we had better wages in the past medical benefits etc... Let's give ourselves another wake up call. Let them have their way and get rid of the min wage and let's watch corporations decrease hourly pay down to 80 cents a days.

The rich scream that a raise in min wage would effect small business owners--so how is 80 cents a day going to effect the small business owner when they have to close up shop and lay off the small work force they employed because no one can afford to buy.

I know rich people won't mind that to much in reality BUT let's let it progress longer in the U.S. to 18 months or 2 years...

What will we see? Who else would be effected? How about let's say McDonalds and Burger King who may have success in other countries BUT a half dozen stores in England won't generate the business that say 5 stores in a city like Pittsburgh would bring in dollars. So with no min wage no one is buying the "value meal" OR even their Dollar menu. so how much money is lining the pockets of the owners of McDonalds corporate.

What about Walmart... those Waltons must be make a killing right? Well if a loaf of Bread cost the same it does today and we have 80 cents paid a day. Will the Walmarts be effected too?

I wish someone would make a cartoon out of this and put it up on you tube... just so people can really see why min wage should be increase and WHY it is important.

HELP! My wife needs to brush up on Word, Excel and learn the basics of powerpoints quickly

Anyone know of a free online site that can help her do this?

She got surprised by getting a call for a protential job BUT it requires her to show basic knowledge and she wants to brush up.

We get paid on Friday and she needs to take the test tomorrow.

SyFy fans... Wil Weaton Fans... My Wife found out that The Will Weaton Project will not be renewed..

My wife loved the series.

I didn't think it was that bad.

Would you boycott the NFL season because of recent issues?

My wife and I are talking about this issue now.

She asked me to suggest on this board a boycott of all NFL games until Roger Goodall is removed and all players who have charges of child and domestic violence are removed or suspended as well.

(Now please note my wife and I live in the heart of Steeler territory. She has been raised to enjoy and love the sport. She does watch games and knows what it is happening.)

Right now my wife is about to to start boycotting all football games on and off TV. She will Boycott all charters and corporations that still aline themselves with the NFL while this whole mess is happening.

I respect my wife and understand her views BUT my view is that the 30 other teams should not be punished for the actions of a few douchbags.

PUNISH Roger and the players but not the whole sport.

Side note: my wife just told me Radisson hotels has pulled all connection with the Vikings

Are we seeing the devolving of America?

My wife posed this question to a group of friends and myself and she gave the following as an argument:

Just this weekend we had a Pro-football player who physically abused his son (regardless of how old the child is) and yet his employer the Vikings are going to allow him to play because they got their (a$$) handed to them on Sunday's game. So therefore someone so skilled at entertaining people and generating millions of dollars for a team is going to get a pass by the employer;YET, we have fast food workers or restaurant servers getting fired for complaining about a bad day at work or bad customer treatment. They are fired because that complaint "Looks bad for the company's image."

We have a Beautiful African American actress being cited as a prostitute because she dares kisses her boyfriend in public...A boyfriend who happens to be white. No money was exchanged yet a kiss now indicates someone is a prostitute.

(My wife said she wasn't going to go into the Ferguson and Zimmerman issue other to say: ) We have a serious problem with racist that is being ignored for years... political correctness placed a pretty band-aid on a wound that should have been treated and fixed but instead has been allowed to festered and now is causing the "patient to lose an arm".

We have GOP candidates and politicians having some Americans believing they are being "forced" to want to go to college. That if you are lower class you should be happy to settle into a low paying job and that politics are too complicated for the average citizen to understand....

We have Corporations controlling our government and are basically using the employees that work for them as either political props during elections OR just as cheap labor and we are seeing people being misused in the work place.

We have senators and congresspeople who would rather listen to a lobbyist than listen citizen in his or her own state.

We have at least 2 generations who see unions as complete evil things and not the employee advocates they are.

We also have people who don't understand or even know/remember the struggle of past generations who fought for our 40 hour work week and child labor protection. They either haven't learned about the Triangle waist coat factory or company towns.

We see fundamental christians who want to destroy science and GOPers like that idea because as science falls so does history.

Our country should be leading the world in Min wage and vacation time and work hour innovation but we see Western Europe taking that lead.

The newsroom opener was right: We aren't the greatest country in the world. We need to accept that fact and eat a huge piece of humble pie.

But my wife wonders if we have fallen so far down the "devolving whole" or can we stop this and climb back to the greatness we had before America got a big head and placed itself on the pedestal it placed itself upon.

So call it being bored on a Monday evening but I bring this debate to DU.


I do apologize for the smiley face that appeared during the Zimmerman/Ferguson paragraph. I was doing a : ) but put the ) too close which must have resulted in the smile... So sorry.

My cousin is having real issues with her employer...

My cousin has been working for a "for profit" group home company.

my cousin has been begging and hoping for a transfer for 2 months before she got hurt. She has been off close to a month with the injury (no dislocation or anything ) just a REALLY BAD strain /pulled shoulder muscle.

my cousin saw the doctor and he has extended her being off an additional 2 weeks and more therapy. She went back to the office as she was instructed to do. The officer person she reported too has always been snotty since my cousin's injury. This time the person said: "oh this won't due. Your light duty work was only suppose to be 30 days. After Friday your done with that. I don't know what we will do but you can only be light duty for 30 days. I will have to talk (the person named the persons who are the top of the company.) and they would have to call my cousin when they "figure something out" (that is if they do call)

But this company is planning on putting my cousin back at that house she got hurt in.

If the company does that after the doctor ( who is pissed they are sending my cousin back to that house) releases her back to full duty.. would that be considered a hostile work environment?

She is seriously wondering if they ever considered transferring her to another house.

Why is it employers in the health care field treat there workers like crap especially when you have people like my wife and cousin who ( I am told by others) Have a way with mentally challenge people.

My cousin who got injured at work just found out she will be placed back in the home she got hurt at

Forget the fact that she has been requesting a transfer for 2 months in fear she would get hurt or that working with the client she might unintentionally hurt the client...

Forget the fact that her house manger was fired for gross incompetence and that her 30 day evaluation of my cousin as well as writing up my cousin ( which this manager gloated about.)

Now she finds out that the company has plans to place her back in the home she got hurt working with the same client.

The client wasn't violent but my cousin is short and unlike other client's she has worked with in the past she is having issues turning the client and dressing her in the morning.

My client knows they are trying to push her hand in a sense and make her quit.
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