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USDA's Greenlighting of 'Agent Orange' Crops Sparks Condemnation

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's decision this week to approve two new genetically engineered crops is being denounced by watchdog groups as a false solution to herbicide-resistant weeds and threatens human and environment safety alike.

The crops are Dow AgroSciences' Enlist corn and soybeans, engineered to be resistant to its Duo herbicide, which contains 2,4-D, a component of the notorious Agent Orange. 2,4-D has been linked to Parkinson's, birth defects, reproductive problems, and endocrine disruption. Dow states that the new system will address the problem of weeds that have become resistant to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's widely-used Roundup.


Naomi Klein: 'Our Economic Model Is at War with Life on Earth'

The book's title is not elusive: 'This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate'

Due for release in September, the anticipated new work by Canadian journalist, activist and public intellectual Naomi Klein has now been previewed in a video trailer that appears to lay out its main themes and central argument.


Corporate Victory Will 'Screw' Local Farmers as Amendment Passes in Missouri

Agribusiness giants scored a victory in Missouri on Tuesday when voters narrowly approved a corporate-backed state constitutional amendment that critics say will threaten animal rights, remove checks and balances around food safety, and make it more difficult to regulate industrial farming practices.

The ballot question, which was supported by big-ag players like Monsanto and Cargill, asked: "Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to ensure that the right of Missouri citizens to engage in agricultural and ranching practices shall not be infringed?" With all precincts reporting, the measure passed 498,751 to 496,223 — a margin of just 2,528 votes, or less than one percentage point.

This makes Missouri the second state in the nation, after North Dakota, to adopt such a provision. The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been promoting similar legislation in state capitols for almost two decades.


Detroit water workers denounce demands for concessions

By Kevin Martinez
30 July 2014
Workers from the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) voted on a contract Tuesday that would open the door to privatization and mass layoffs as well as the elimination of basic job protections and benefits. The attack on DWSD workers occurs as tens of thousands of working class and poor households are facing the shut off of water service.
The attacks on workers are part of the overall plan to bankrupt the city of Detroit under unelected manager Kevyn Orr on behalf of the banks and corporations. Orr has the direct support of Republican Governor Rick Snyder and Democratic President Barack Obama who insist that workers pay with their pensions, health benefits, and jobs for the bankruptcy that they did not create. It is estimated that 81 percent of the workers at the DWSD will lose their jobs under the current schemes.


Brazil Farmers Say GMO Corn No Longer Resistant to Bugs

Brazilian farmers say their GMO corn is no longer resistant to pests, Reuters reported Monday.

The Association of Soybean and Corn Producers of the Mato Grosso region said farmers first noticed in March that their genetically modified corn crops were less resistant to the destructive caterpillars that "Bt corn" — which has been genetically modified to produce a toxin that repels certain pests — is supposed to protect against. In turn, farmers have been forced to apply extra coats of insecticides, racking up additional environmental and financial costs.


Sad cat diary (four letter word warning). Humor.


How much can you play before you have to get exposed to PvP?
I like the feel of it.

Capitalism's Deeper Problem by Richard Wolff

Recent press reports refer to troubling price increases for such assets as real estate, government bonds, companies targeted for acquisition and artwork. A New York Times front-page headline read “The Everything Boom, or Maybe the Everything Bubble.”

Western Europe, North America and Japan are stuck in a longer, deeper crisis than almost anyone expected. Millions have left the labor force. Wages, benefits and job security are declining; the so-called “middle classes” are evaporating.
Yet while asset prices soar, the production of goods and services, employment and workers’ incomes are not recovering and resuming growth. Instead, Western Europe, North America and Japan are stuck in a longer, deeper crisis than almost anyone expected. Millions have left the labor force. Wages, benefits and job security are declining; the so-called “middle classes” are evaporating. Having promised “recoveries,” desperate governments inject massive new quantities of money into their economies. What they accomplish most are fast-rising asset prices.


Why Big Business Loves Desperate Workers

And how a strong social safety net can make us all more free
by Stephen Pimpare

We don’t think enough about the economic functions of social welfare policy, or about the relationship between the safety net and labor markets, and this hinders our ability to make sense of why some people fight so hard against programs that aid poor and low-income people: We mistake them for anti-welfare ideologues, and dismiss them as cruel or ignorant, but there’s an economic logic to their activism, one that’s revealed if we look at the relationship between welfare and work from both the employee’s and the employer’s perspective. Let me explain.


Basically he is saying the only way capitalism works is with lots of patches. I couldn't agree more.

Stephanie Miller eviscerates GOPer: Your medieval history degree is ‘handy’ defending Republicans

Source: The Raw Story

Liberal radio host Stephanie Miller on Sunday explained to former Republican U.S. Senate candidate Carly Fiorina that her study of medieval history would “come in handy” after the Supreme Court ruled that corporations like Hobby Lobby could deny birth control coverage to women for religious reasons.

“A lot women including me are sick of the ‘war on women’, and we saw it in spades on Monday after the Hobby Lobby case,” Fiorina told a CNN panel. “Somehow this is the long arm of business and the Republican Party reaching into the body of women. It’s ridiculous.”

“The war on women is shameless, baseless propaganda, there’s no fact to it, and it’s worked because it’s scared women to death,” she insisted. “Enough. Enough.”

Read more: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/07/06/stephanie-miller-eviscerates-goper-your-medieval-history-degree-is-handy-defending-republicans/
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