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Member since: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 10:36 PM
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It's in the SSA archive. The argument for the social safety net and justice.

Those men didn't look at the slogans or just the symptoms. They looked to the cause of why the world is like it is or was. And what it would take to make it better.

I remember the saying, "Look not for what your fathers passed on to you, look for what they were searching for."

Check the Dittohead on the youtube comments:

Fascist just simply means a shadow government.

That shadow government is obviously hidden because those behind it know its not popular and since they dont have complete control over a nation they choose to remain hidden.

The reason its not popular is because it infringes on freedom and liberty and therefore it falls into the category of "the left", i.e. socialism, communism, etc.

Since the Koch Bros. are capitalists, you cant hardly call them fascists (and be credible at least).

megamaniac76 2 hours ago

See? All that money did its job! He's an idiot!

That she has been visiting Glennbeckistan shows who'd paying her:

Nothing new has happened with the USA and the Islamic world, and Obama isn't itching to wipe Iran off the face of the Earth. These wack jobs want to force the Second Coming like Ahmadinejad and the Christofascists here with a global nuclear holocaust to cleanse the planet of unbelievers.

If not that because of Bachmann's Dominionist views, it is because Obama is hurting Romney with Bain. Why was Rush going nuts this week? Because of Bain.

Why are the rest of them inflaming the wingnuts? Because some of the wing nuts were realizing that Romney/Bain was screwing them.

Then we have an outbreak of killings at the same movie that Rush and the rest have been going after as attacking Romney and Bain? Is it all just a coincidence that O'Reilly is blaming the parents of the children killed for their deaths?

If this wasn't real life, you couldn't make up a more disgusting horror flick.

Perfect traitor to introduce the Mittster!

I found their attention spans are short and they can only regurgitate what's repeated...

After they get their fix, they'll be back to puke the next day's meme. It's pretty consistent on RW boards. They'd post right after they had listened to the swill and got their guts in a uproar, and could never provide links to their 'facts,' accusations and claims.

If pressed, they'd scream 'It's common knowledge!" That's the Rush, O'Reilly, Beck method, 'You know I'm right and this is what everyone thinks.. ' except the evil ones (insert category of human being that should be eliminated here).

Because they didn't have any links, at least not until they go full Borg and can download those audio files in their brains to the net. And by that time, their echolalia will kick in again and you'll know the next time they heard something.

I've had to try to talk to people in RL who were so upset and screaming in outrage about whatever Rush, Hannity, Beck or some other shill had to say and nothing works. You either agree with them, grunting and barking the same tune, or they start name calling.

They don't want to come off of that adrenaline high and high fiving their common meme. Try to find common ground or get between them and their drug of choice and they'll kill you. Yeah, they don't call it 'programs' and 'programming' for nothing. Garbage in, garbage out.

The zombie apocalypse, or the mob mentality. The IQ of a group is divided by the number in it.

In other words, take what I consider to be a normal IQ would be 150+. I know that's not what IQ is, but work with me here, as most of my family are.

Put two of these people together and as combined efforts reduce the need for mental capacity, lowering it to 75. At a certain point, all the finer ideas reduce to the physical, like teams and symbols. They wear black, we wear blue, they are stupid and we are too.

Put three individuals at work on something in the hot sun and cut the IQ to 50. Put ten and you are looking a group that is literally drooling at the mouth and reacting to anything of interest, like a pack of dogs looking for someone to chew on.

This is how I see the masses listening to Rush, etc. They always create the programs to appear that an army of Dittoheads have all agree with Rush's addle pated, twisted logic. So they surrender and give up thinking, because, see, everyone else says it's the right thing to do.

Was mankind destined to be turned into nothing more than slobbering animals and turning on each other?

I don't know, but it disgusts me and makes we suspect TPTB know us much better than we know ourselves.

Couldn't happen to a dumber bunch! They won't understand the reference, though.

I guess saying, 'Haha, you just fucked yourself' is something they might understand.

But then they'd start a rant against masturbation...

Believe me, I've tried to make the fundies understand the peril of their ways.

But did they listen, Noooo...

I suspected it was a reference to grammar, thanks for the example. But from a wingnut?

Is that designed to be a legal defense? Or is the whole thing a hoax?

Like the guy that made obscene phone calls and death threats against a Democratic senator...

Guy thought that putting his Caller ID on anonymous meant they couldn't find where he was. He's the one who was listening to Beck all day long, sitting in his house all day drawing Social Security and Medicare, and thought he'd lose his healthcare because of the ACA.

His sister said she used to listen to Beck with him, but realized she was going nuts, storing food and afraid all the time so she quit and asked him too. He didn't stop, but now he gets his health care in the state prison. So it was another happy ending.

What do they mean by 'passive voice'? Like pacifist? Is it a grammatical term? I don't get it.

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